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Sam Parr and Shaan Puri brainstorm new business ideas based on trends & opportunities they see in the market. Sometimes they bring on famous guests to brainstorm with them.



Date Title Status
10/31/23 How I’ve Sold $1 Billion In Products Online (A Marketing Masterclass) Transcribed
10/30/23 My $0 to $1 Million Guide - How I Would Start Over in 2024 Transcribed
10/26/23 Codie Sanchez Reveals 4 Profitable Business Ideas Men Are Sleeping On Transcribed
10/24/23 Scott Galloway Tells All - $100M Net Worth, $4 Trillion Business Opp & Career Advice Transcribed
10/20/23 Wait, My Intern Became a 21-Year-Old Millionaire?? Transcribed
10/19/23 This Hedge Fund Manager Got Away With Insider Trading… Then Made Billions Transcribed
10/17/23 Our 2020 Predictions For OpenAI Came True… Here’s What’s Next Transcribed
10/13/23 Metaverse IRL, Bollywood Protein Powder & AI Gadgets That Suck Transcribed
10/12/23 10 AI Business Ideas in 43 Minutes Transcribed
10/10/23 CEO Lessons: Bulls**t Mission Statements, Firing People & Saying ‘NO' Transcribed
10/5/23 Jesse Itzler's Exact Playbook For Creating HIT AFTER HIT Transcribed
10/3/23 How A Viral Meme App Launched My +$1M YouTube Empire | Cody Ko Transcribed
9/29/23 How I Live On $25,000/Month In New York City Transcribed
9/28/23 How Blockworks Bootstrapped To A +$20M/yr Crypto Empire Transcribed
9/26/23 This $3B Founder Is The Next Elon Musk Transcribed
9/22/23 Favorite Finds: From McDonald's to Twitter Famous, Pelosi's Finances & How To Close A Deal Transcribed
9/21/23 Breaking Down Two +$1B Companies Hidden In Plain Sight Transcribed
9/19/23 3 Niche Business Ideas: AI Psychics, Creator-Owned VPNs & Guns with Soylent co-Founder John Coogan Transcribed
9/14/23 How This Billionaire Founder Finds +$20B Business Ideas Transcribed
9/12/23 Derek From More Plates More Dates: His +$100M Business Empire, Bryan Johnson & TRT Transcribed
9/11/23 Emmett Shear: Life After Twitch, Jeff Bezos Lessons & AI Doomsday Odds Transcribed
9/7/23 How To Grow An Audience Without Being Consistent Transcribed
9/5/23 Business Brainstorm: Ozempic Hotline, Klout 2.0 & Failed Churches Transcribed
9/4/23 Samir Chaudry: Nerding Out on Creating Content Transcribed
8/31/23 3 Crazy Billionaire Stories Transcribed
8/29/23 Mark Manson TELLS ALL: Money, Dating, & The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck Transcribed
8/24/23 Why Is Andrew Wilkinson Monetizing His Twitter Followers? Transcribed
8/22/23 Meet The Man Behind Conor McGregor’s +$650M Empire Transcribed
8/17/23 Asking My Friend How He Went From $0 To +$100M Before Age 30 Transcribed
8/15/23 The Secret Founders Of +$1,000,000,000 Brands Transcribed
8/10/23 Connor & Breanna Price: The Viral Formula to Make Millions on Spotify Transcribed
8/9/23 Laird Hamilton: The Big Wave Surfer Who Built a +$10 Million Business Empire Transcribed
8/8/23 Newsletter Schemes, Copywriting Scams and Chaotic Singles Transcribed
8/4/23 The 5 Part Process to Networking Effectively - From the Archive Transcribed
8/3/23 Shaan Goes to LA, The Number 2 Guy Network and Getting Bucked Up Transcribed
8/1/23 One-Chart Businesses, The Lice Lady and Having A Micro-Hustle Mentality Transcribed
7/28/23 A Guide to Asking Better Questions - From the Archive Transcribed
7/27/23 My 6-Step Process To Find +$1,000,000 Business Ideas Transcribed
7/25/23 3 Unconventional Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Transcribed
7/21/23 The Decision Register, Newsletter Woes and An Audience of One Transcribed
7/20/23 Sam’s +$10 Million Portfolio, Shaan's Money Philosophy and The Spending vs. Saving Paradox Transcribed
7/18/23 Reed Duchscher: Inside Feastables, Night Media and Niche Creator Businesses Transcribed
7/13/23 Tech All-Star Game, Milk Road Pro and Big Box Strategies Transcribed
7/11/23 Threads vs Twitter & Millionaire Sam Ovens Doesn't Believe In A.I. Hype Transcribed
7/6/23 Tiny Desk Awards: 13 Companies Making $1M+ With 0 Employees Transcribed
7/4/23 Masterclass: Money Wisdom from Shaan Transcribed
6/29/23 Jack Smith: Selling A Company For $800M At 29, Million Dollar Businesses that Can Be Started Just From Reading a Manual, and More Transcribed
6/27/23 Long-Lasting Companies, Pandemic Monitoring & Deepfake Businesses Transcribed
6/23/23 The Man Month, Shaan's Feud with Jason Calacanis & Elon vs Zuckerberg Fight Transcribed
6/22/23 Jack Smith on How r/WallStreetBets is Beating Wall Street - From the Archive Transcribed
6/20/23 Joe Rogan Offers $100,000 To Vaccine Expert For A Debate, MJ Sells NC Hornets For Billions & More Transcribed
6/19/23 Shaan's Masterclass: How To Sell A Business For Millions Transcribed
6/15/23 Rob Dyrdek Tells All: Net Worth, Houses, His Investment Portfolio & Health Transcribed
6/13/23 The Reddit Revolt, Turpentine, & Shaan's Latest Business Venture Transcribed
6/8/23 The Total Man Lifestyle Explained & Two Of The Best NBA Players' Backstories Transcribed
6/6/23 Alex Hormozi: Why He's Trying To Make More Money & How He's Doing It Transcribed
6/1/23 Business Breakdown Duel & The Story of Nike's Sonny Vaccaro Transcribed
5/30/23 AI-Planned Dinner with Billionaires, NVIDIA Stock Bump & Billion $ Panda Express Transcribed
5/25/23 Steph Smith: Jobs of the Future, Fractional Real Estate, Mouth Tape and More Transcribed
5/23/23 AI Body Doubles, Conor McGregor, $15M Podcast, Rich People & Health Transcribed
5/18/23 From Quirkiest Biz Ideas to Favorite "Creatorpreneurs" - MFM Q&A Transcribed
5/16/23 Doug DeMuro: How A YouTube Car Reviewer Sold His Company For $40M Transcribed
5/12/23 My First Million Live Event With Andrew Wilkinson (Austin, Texas) (Part 1) Transcribed
5/12/23 Live Q&A With My First Million + Andrew Wilkinson (Austin Live Event) (Part 2) Transcribed
5/9/23 Startup Ideas For Developers, Rebranding Elizabeth Holmes & Billy Of The Week Transcribed
5/8/23 Dani Austin & Jordan Ramirez: How They Got To $40 Million+ A Year As Influencers Transcribed
5/4/23 AI Santa and Four Other Simple Business Ideas (+ Vice Goes Bankrupt!) Transcribed
5/2/23 Recap Live Event, The Art Of Hosting, Obsession With Time & More Transcribed
4/29/23 Stanford Students Pitch Us Their Startups For $3500 In Prize Money Transcribed
4/27/23 David Senra: Podcasts With Billion-Dollar Potential, What Separates Good From Great, and More Transcribed
4/25/23 Rich People's Tax Credit Scheme, Harvard's Healthy Finances & My9 Transcribed
4/24/23 Ramit Sethi: His New Netflix Show, How To Stand Out & Spend Your Money Transcribed
4/20/23 Martin Shkreli Reveals How He Made His First $100M Transcribed
4/18/23 AI Self-Finishing To-Do List, Podcast Kayfabe & War With Kara Swisher Transcribed
4/17/23 Scott Harrison: From Nightclub Promoter to Charity Water Founder Transcribed
4/13/23 Brendan Schaub: From Football Player & UFC Fighter To Comedian & Podcaster Transcribed
4/11/23 Billion $ TV Empires, Dating Business Ideas, And More Elon Transcribed
4/6/23 The Acquired Podcast Hosts: The Company They Would Like To Own & The CEO Not To Compete Against Transcribed
4/4/23 A Masterclass On Flipping DTC Brands For Million With Mehtab Bhogal Transcribed
3/30/23 Brainstorming ChatGPT Business Ideas With Billionaire Dharmesh Shah Transcribed
3/28/23 Sam Reveals The Company He's Worked On For The Last 8 Month Transcribed
3/24/23 Shaan's Masterclass On Pitching That Has Raised Millions From Investors Transcribed
3/23/23 Million $ Quilting Empire, Babyville, USA, And Rapid Fire Business Ideas Transcribed
3/21/23 Part 2: Pomp On His Businesses, Young Rock Star Employees, And The Internet Entrepreneur Hero Transcribed
3/21/23 Part 1: Pomp On Balaji's 90 Day Bitcoin Bet, Digital Catastrophes, And Failing Banks Transcribed
3/17/23 Boys React: GPT-4, Billion $ Mint Mobile Sale, Original iPhone Sale, Bay Area Storms Transcribed
3/16/23 BREAKING: Twitch Founder/CEO Resigns - What I Learned From Him Transcribed
3/16/23 Nick Huber: Powerful Sales Trick, Traits Of An Entrepreneur, & When To Sell A Business Transcribed
3/14/23 SVB Collapse Explained, D2C Brands That May Fail, And Suli's Next Venture Transcribed
3/10/23 Boys React: Elon's Troubles, Happiness & Money Study, TikTok Ban, And Power Slap League Transcribed
3/9/23 How Dave Ramsey Built His $300M Empire, Trademarkia, And MFM Rip-Offs Transcribed
3/7/23 Top Marathoner, Ken Rideout, On Making Money, Dealing With Addiction, And Mental Toughness Transcribed
3/3/23 The Boys React: Andrew Tate's 3rd Month in Prison, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, & Covid Lab Leak Theory Transcribed
3/2/23 The Richest Man In The World, A New D2C Biz Idea, And Working With People You've Never Met Transcribed
2/28/23 Greatest Business Of All Time, Psy-Ops As A Service, Work Harder Not Smarter Hack Transcribed
2/23/23 Blue Collar Side Hustles, Covid Businesses, and Going Viral On TikTok For An "A" Transcribed
2/21/23 Kim Dotcom's Millions From Megaupload, Million $ Panic Attack App, and Million $ Waterproof Shoes Transcribed
2/17/23 The Unusual Story Of Death Row Records Co-Founder Michael Harris Transcribed
2/16/23 Nick Huber: How to Make Millions from Content Without Selling Ads Transcribed
2/14/23 Crumbl Cookie Making A Billy A Year, AI In Sports, and Underutilized Assets Create Businesses Transcribed
2/10/23 The Boys React: Facebook Stock Surges, Jack Butcher's NFT Makes Millions & Moonwalker Shoes Transcribed
2/9/23 The Super Bowl Special Transcribed
2/7/23 Apology To MrBeast, What Startup Should I Start Answered, and Steven Bartlett Explained Transcribed
2/3/23 The Boys React: Tech Layoffs, IG Founder Starts A New Company & More Tech News Transcribed
2/2/23 How To Grow A Small Agency Into A Billion Dollar Company, Shaan's $15M Miss, And More Transcribed
1/31/23 Data-Based Businesses, Executive Briefings, and Spotting Scams with Anand Sanwal Transcribed
1/27/23 From the Vaults: How Suleman Ali Made His First Million Transcribed
1/26/23 WHOOP Founder Will Ahmed: How I Built A $3.6 BILLION Company Transcribed
1/24/23 Rapid Fire Business Ideas, How to Buy a Public Company, and Mastering Your LinkedIn Profile Transcribed
1/20/23 The Boys React to the News: The New Theranos Scam, Crypto Rally, and Gas App Sells to Discord Transcribed
1/19/23 Creators Who Have Made $50M+, Multi-Million Car Businesses, and Sam Altman Transcribed
1/17/23 Business of Trend Forecasting, Pickleball, And The Lucrative Virtual Gaming World Transcribed
1/13/23 Miracle Drugs, Sam's Secret Strategies, Good Storytelling, and More Transcribed
1/10/23 MFM Mini-Camp, Lessons from Selling a Company, and Storytelling Wins Transcribed
1/5/23 Binge On Business Ideas For 2023 Transcribed
1/3/23 Announcing This Year's Episode of the Year: Camp MFM Recap Transcribed
12/31/22 Top 5 Interviews of 2022 Transcribed
12/29/22 The Annual Milly Awards: The Winners, The Losers And Everything In Between With Andrew Wilkinson Transcribed
12/27/22 TikTokers Making A TV Shows For $5,000 With Millions Of Views And Other Ways To Make $ Online Transcribed
12/22/22 Billy McFarland: Fyre Festival Convict Talks About Lessons Learned And His Comeback Transcribed
12/20/22 Austin Rief: Building & Selling The Morning Brew For Millions In 5 Years, Side Hustle Ideas, & More Transcribed
12/16/22 BREAKING: Shaan Sells the Milk Road - A Conversation With the Buyers Transcribed
12/16/22 University of Michigan Students Pitch Us Their Startups For $5000 Prize Money Transcribed
12/13/22 Lessons Learned from Interviewing Tim Ferriss, SaaS Business Ideas for OnlyFans, and More Transcribed
12/9/22 Paul English: How He Built And Sold 6 Companies And Why He Believes Irritation Becomes Inspiration Transcribed
12/8/22 Unpopular Truths From The Pod, Gourmet Gifts, and 4 Side Hustles Transcribed
12/6/22 Controversies, Disrupting High End Real Estate, And The Best Way To Use Twitter Transcribed
12/1/22 Mind-Blowing AI Tools, 2023 Goals, & Money Making Arbitrage Schemes Transcribed
11/29/22 The Business of Strip Clubs, Black Friday Boycott, and Three Twitter Scenarios Transcribed
11/24/22 Five Ways To Make Money, Vice Businesses, Fan Fiction And More Transcribed
11/22/22 Bryan Johnson: How He Is Getting Biologically Younger, Selling His Company for $800 Million, and More Transcribed
11/18/22 Framework Friday: Easy Choices, Hard Life. Hard Choices, Easy Life. Transcribed
11/17/22 Andrew Wilkinson: The Hardest And Easiest Businesses To Start Transcribed
11/15/22 Reaction To The Collapse of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried Transcribed
11/10/22 Sahil Bloom: Left Private Equity To Make Millions As A Content Creator And 3 Profitable Businesses To Start Now Transcribed
11/8/22 Amouranth: How This OnlyFans Model Built A $40 Million Business Empire Transcribed
11/6/22 October's Funniest MFM Moments Transcribed
11/3/22 Kevin Rose: His $100M/Year Watch Blog, Money From, & Web3 Business Transcribed
11/1/22 The Inside Story Of The Fake Twitter Employees Who Trolled The Media and 8 Profitable Side Hustles For Halloween & Christmas Transcribed
10/28/22 Framework Friday: The Secret to Being Lucky Transcribed
10/27/22 Sara's List Hostile Takeover and The App that Made $1M In Ten Days Transcribed
10/25/22 Oculus & Anduril Founder Palmer Luckey: From Flipping iPhones On Ebay To Selling For $2Bn To Facebook Transcribed
10/20/22 Shaan's Story: How I Made My First $1,000,000 By Age 31 Transcribed
10/18/22 9 Business Ideas To Profit From The 2022 A.I. Gold Rush (Using Dall-E & GPT3) Transcribed
10/14/22 One Question Friday: How Do I Keep Relationships Healthy When I Work Long Hours? Transcribed
10/13/22 Steph Smith On Anti-Cheat Businesses, Ethical Hackers, and 5 Business Ideas With High Demand & Low Supply Transcribed
10/12/22 How To Get Started With Building An Audience in 2022 Transcribed
10/11/22 From $0 to Billionaire By Starting A Toy Factory In China - Billy Of The Week Transcribed
10/6/22 Asking Billionaire Investor - Andrew Wilkinson - How To Prepare For The Economic Collapse Transcribed
10/4/22 Ryan Holiday Reveals How Much Best Selling Authors Make, Crazy Peter Thiel Stories & More Transcribed
9/30/22 Controversial Business Lessons From Napoleon, Edison & Hitler Transcribed
9/29/22 Behind The Scenes Of The Pod Transcribed
9/27/22 How Roger Federer Became A Billionaire, Betting On Yourself, And The Figma Seed-Stage Pitch Transcribed
9/23/22 The Body Stack Episode: What Sam and Shaan Do To Get Healthy And How Much They Spend Doing It Transcribed
9/22/22 "Sara's List" Update: 12 Startups Where Stock Grants Will Make You A Millionaire Transcribed
9/20/22 Lunch With A Billionaire, Fierce Nerds, And D2C IQ Tests Transcribed
9/16/22 One Question Friday: What Does It Take To Be An Ace Public Speaker? Transcribed
9/15/22 The Startup Sins Of Uber, Why Scaling Is Overrated, and More Transcribed
9/13/22 3rd Richest Man In The World, Team Zuck, and MrBeast's Best Biz Transcribed
9/9/22 One Question Friday: What Random Things Are You Into Right Now? Transcribed
9/8/22 Robot Businesses That Will Take Over The Fast Food Industry And Showmanship Transcribed
9/6/22 The Future of AI Art Generation And How Production Companies Are So Profitable Transcribed
9/1/22 Frame Breaking Businesses: From Pomegranate Juice to VPNs Transcribed
8/31/22 We Hosted A "Shark Tank" For Tech Startups | My First Million Demo Day Transcribed
8/30/22 Camp MFM Recap: The Real MrBeast, Kamikaze Commitment and More Transcribed
8/29/22 Al Doan: $100M+ Quilt Mogul Who Bought Two Towns Transcribed
8/26/22 One Question Friday: What Does It Mean To "Test Your Business Ideas"? Transcribed
8/25/22 MrBeast: 'I Obsess Every Second of Every Day Until I Have a Mental Breakdown' - With Hasan Minhaj Transcribed
8/23/22 Drunk Ideas: Only Fans For Therapy, A Secret Bookcase for your Phone, and More Transcribed
8/19/22 One Question Friday: What Questions Do You Ask Your Customers When Starting A Business? Transcribed
8/18/22 The New WeWork, How to Make $10M In 3 Months, and More Transcribed
8/16/22 Big Fish In A Small Pond, LIV Golf, And Financial Freedom Transcribed
8/11/22 Virtual Study Halls, Absurd $ For Speeches, And Pushing the Boulder Uphill Transcribed
8/9/22 Using Shame & Rage When Setting Goals, Octopus For Breakfast Story, and Flipping Disadvantages Transcribed
8/5/22 One Question Friday: How Will You Teach Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurial? Transcribed
8/4/22 Four Ideas For AI, Twitter Empires, and Billion $ Thiel Fellowship Success Stories Transcribed
8/2/22 Lessons From Billion $ Founders, The Nelk Boys, & More Transcribed
8/1/22 Best of July Transcribed
7/29/22 One Question Friday: What’s The Fastest Way You've Had Your Life Changed By Money? Transcribed
7/28/22 The Easiest Way To Make $10,000/Month, PassionFlix, & More Transcribed
7/26/22 Buying A $50M Egg Carton Biz For $0 Down + How Much Obama And Oprah Make From A Speaking Gig Transcribed
7/22/22 One Question Friday: How Do You Make Your Podcast Standout? Transcribed
7/21/22 Viral Tweets as a Service, Toastmasters of the Future, and Other Business Ideas Transcribed
7/20/22 Rich Roll: How A Vegan Ultra-endurance Athlete Created A Business On Personal Transformation Transcribed
7/19/22 Producer Ben Had A 90-Minute Phone Call With Mr. Beast, Hypnosis and More Transcribed
7/15/22 One Question Friday: Where Did You Succeed Where Others Did Not? Transcribed
7/14/22 Pieter Levels: Making $2.7M A Year With No Employees Transcribed
7/12/22 Billion Dollar Business Philosophies With Hubspot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah Transcribed
7/8/22 One Question Friday: How Do You Keep Your Imagination Alive? Transcribed
7/7/22 Patrick Campbell: The Billion $ Quilting Industry And Using Spy Secrets To Gain A Competitive Edge Transcribed
7/5/22 How to Reverse Engineer Any Business - From the Archive Transcribed
6/30/22 Flying First Class, Grant Cardone, and How Sam Enraged Goldman Sachs Transcribed
6/28/22 Michael Girdley: Why Fireworks Are A Cash Cow and How to Operate a Holdco Worth $100 Million Transcribed
6/21/22 How FTX Scaled A $30 Billion Company With Only 30 Engineers! Transcribed
6/16/22 Shaan Loses $700k In Crypto Crash And The Mentality of A Downturn Transcribed
6/14/22 Colin & Samir: How To Make $1M+ On YouTube Transcribed
6/9/22 MFM Demo Day: 5 Startups Pitch Sam & Shaan and Raise $1.7M Transcribed
6/7/22 Lessons From Sam's New Business Venture, High Stakes Gambling, and More Transcribed
5/31/22 Michael Sonnenfeldt: The Most Successful Real Estate Deal of All Time and Building a Community of Billionaires Transcribed
5/27/22 One Question Friday: How To Start A Lead Gen Business Transcribed
5/26/22 Work Like Ocean's 11, Sam Bankman-Fried, and the Deepfake Dilemma Transcribed
5/24/22 "The Real Life Ted Lasso," Martin Shkreli, Liver King, and Other Cult Leaders Transcribed
5/23/22 Shaan's 9 Unorthodox Management Tips Transcribed
5/19/22 From the Vault: These Are the Frameworks Every Entrepreneur Should Learn Transcribed
5/17/22 Selling Deodorant for $100M and How to Find Your Best Competitive Advantage with Moiz Ali Transcribed
5/13/22 One Question Friday: Hiring Your First Employee Transcribed
5/12/22 The Billion Dollar Community Propelling Women To The Top - Carolyn Childers of Transcribed
5/10/22 From Blogger To $100 Million Business With Neil Patel Transcribed
5/6/22 One Question Friday: Someone Stole My NFTs Transcribed
5/5/22 How Content Creators Make Millions Transcribed
5/3/22 Billion Dollar Ad Arbitrage: Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight Transcribed
4/29/22 One Question Friday: How Do You Scale A Ghost Kitchen Business? Transcribed
4/28/22 Elon Musk, Mobile Minorities, and How to Overcome Fear Transcribed
4/26/22 My First Million's Origin Story, How to Find Winners, and More Transcribed
4/22/22 One Question Friday: To Raise or Not To Raise? Transcribed
4/21/22 How to Interact with Famous People, The In-Person Event Playbook, and More Transcribed
4/19/22 How to Get Famous on Twitter and Other Listener Questions Transcribed
4/14/22 EMERGENCY POD: ELON BUYING TWITTER - Our Reaction and Explanation (Hilarious) Transcribed
4/14/22 From Coder to Cartel Boss - The Jeff Bezos of Organized Crime Transcribed
4/12/22 Getting Rich Quick Sucks - Andrew Wilkinson Teaches You How to Get Rich Slow Transcribed
4/6/22 Announcement: Marketing Against the Grain Transcribed
4/5/22 Writing Your Way to Millions with Neville Medhora Transcribed
3/31/22 5 Big Ideas for a Business with Greg Isenberg Transcribed
3/30/22 Courses That Are Making 7 Digits with Amy Porterfield Transcribed
3/29/22 5 Questions that Will Change Your Life Transcribed
3/24/22 Two Side Hustle Ideas, The Top Trait of Successful Entrepreneurs, Building a Compound with your Friends, and More Transcribed
3/22/22 Finding Profitable Business Ideas By Studying Trends, Hood Rat Stuff, and More Transcribed
3/18/22 Best of This Week: March 18th Transcribed
3/17/22 Hire 1 to Hire 10, Sam Gets Hacked, Shaan Buys a $200K NFT, and More with Andrew Wilkinson Transcribed
3/16/22 The Kanye Episode Transcribed
3/15/22 Recapping the Mr Beast Joe Rogan Interview, The Billionaire Who Owns the Sports Jersey Market, Betting on Yourself, and More Transcribed
3/11/22 Best of This Week: March 11th Transcribed
3/10/22 3 Profitable Business Ideas You Should Start in 2022, Dog Food Billionaires, and Focusing on the Next Step with Steph Smith Transcribed
3/9/22 Is Time Out a Billion Dollar Business? - Plus Russian Stocks, Right-Wing Media Sites, and More Transcribed
3/8/22 Drunk Business Ideas That Could Make You Millions Transcribed
3/4/22 Best of This Week: March 4th Transcribed
3/3/22 EXTRA: Russian Oligarchs, Putin, and Sam and Shaan's Thoughts on Ukraine Transcribed
3/3/22 How to Think Big with David Friedberg, Founder of Cana Transcribed
3/2/22 How Raoul Pal 10X-ed His Money with Crypto and Retired to the Beach Transcribed
3/1/22 John Lee Dumas On How He Saved $1,000,000 In Taxes By Moving To Puerto Rico, How He Makes His Money, and More Transcribed
2/23/22 Why "Desperation Induced Focus" Is the Key to Success, Plus Listener Questions Transcribed
2/21/22 Billy of the Week: Chris Aker Transcribed
2/18/22 Best of This Week: Feb 14th Transcribed
2/17/22 Are the Olympics a Waste of Time?, The Tinder Swindler, Paper Cut Companies, Money Therapy, and More Transcribed
2/16/22 Asking The Founder Of Grammarly How He Built A $13 Billion Company Transcribed
2/15/22 Ideation Bootcamp, Bitcoin Thieves Steal Billions,, and More Transcribed
2/10/22 From Sleeping on Gym Floors to $100M with Alex Hormozi Transcribed
2/8/22 Wordle Copycat Loses It All, Introducing Milk Road, and Guru Shaan on Finding Your Next Project Transcribed
2/4/22 Best of This Week: Feb 4th Transcribed
2/3/22 Ryan Holiday on The Economics of Book Writing, Why You’re Monetizing Your Media Business All Wrong, His Split with Tucker Max, and More Transcribed
2/2/22 How to Become A Billion Dollar Creator with Nathan Barry, Founder of ConvertKit Transcribed
2/1/22 Did This Man Just Expose the Silicon Vally Tech Mafia? - Ryan Breslow, Founder of Bolt Transcribed
1/31/22 SPECIAL: Walt Disney (Part 1) Transcribed
1/31/22 Billy of the Week: Alex Hormozi Transcribed
1/28/22 Best of This Week: Jan 28th Transcribed
1/27/22 Is The Rock Going to Make $1B+ From Tequila? + Placebo Water, STR Update, and More Transcribed
1/26/22 $1M By 19, $100M+ By 35 -- Here's How He Did It Transcribed
1/25/22 Someone Paying Our Producer $100K for Advice? - Here's the Story Transcribed
1/20/22 Tech Startup Ideas for the Farmer Economy Transcribed
1/18/22 Brainstorming The Best Business Ideas To Start In 2022 with Noah Kagan Transcribed
1/14/22 Greatest Hits of 2021 (Vol. 2) Transcribed
1/11/22 Saas Companies that Anyone Can Start with Rob Walling Transcribed
1/7/22 Greatest Hits of 2021 (Vol. 1) Transcribed
1/6/22 Sam and Shaan's New Year's Resolutions Transcribed
1/6/22 Doomer Optimism, The Economics of Book Publishing, and More Transcribed
1/4/22 MFM Goes Viral on TikTok, Solana Billionaires, Right to Be Forgotten, and More Transcribed
12/30/21 The 2021 Milly Awards Transcribed
12/28/21 The Story of Black Market Kingpin Ross Ulbricht + Sam Does an AMA Transcribed
12/23/21 Billy of the Week: Tyler Perry Transcribed
12/23/21 Companies of One that Make Millions with Steph Smith Transcribed
12/21/21 This Year's Best Twitter Accounts to Follow Transcribed
12/17/21 SPECIAL: Steve Jobs (Part 2) Transcribed
12/17/21 SPECIAL: Steve Jobs (Part 1) Transcribed
12/16/21 Half-Baked TV Show Ideas, Miss Excel Making Millions, The Adventure Challenge, and More Transcribed
12/14/21 The Company You Would Build If You Had the Time, the $5M Question, VR Therapy, and More Transcribed
12/13/21 Hasan Minhaj - Comedy, Netflix, Haters, & Money Transcribed
12/10/21 EMERGENCY POD: Shaan Reacts to CEO Firing 900 Employees Transcribed
12/9/21 Fitness Hotels, Steel-Manning, and Why the Creator Economy is Overhyped Transcribed
12/7/21 How Mr Beast Got 100M Views in Less Than 4 Days, The $25M Chrome Extension, QVC for Mobile, and More Transcribed
12/2/21 Noah Kagan: Notes From Meeting Peter Thiel and Books that Helped Him Make Millions Transcribed
11/30/21 SPECIAL: The Rothschilds (Part 2) Transcribed
11/30/21 SPECIAL: The Rothschilds (Part 1) Transcribed
11/25/21 Thanksgiving Special: Great Finds (Products, Apps, Media) Transcribed
11/24/21 Unbundling Disney, Why CNN is Just Like the WWE, YouTube Creator Camps, and More Transcribed
11/23/21 How to Have an Early Adopter Mindset, ConstitutionDAO, Optimizing Twitter Bios, and More Transcribed
11/18/21 Dave Portnoy vs The World, Extreme Body Monitoring, The Future of Apparel Retail, "How Much is Pomp Worth?", and More Transcribed
11/16/21 Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Path to Fame, Money, and Total Human Optimization Transcribed
11/11/21 How To Get the Most Out of Every Event, Surprisingly Successful Keto Businesses, and the World Premier of Southern Sam’s Sticky Icky Transcribed
11/9/21 Why Everyone Is Wrong About the Metaverse, Gaingels, Companies that Don't Advertise, and More Transcribed
11/4/21 Shaan Challenges Sam to Ignore His Limits, Michael Rubin is the Billy of the Week, and More Transcribed
11/2/21 The Next Big Social Media Network Will Be On the Blockchain. Nader Al-Naji Tells Us Why. Transcribed
10/28/21 Ariel Helwani Is Building His Own ESPN. He Already Has 1m+ Followers. He Tells Us How. Transcribed
10/26/21 MFM Goes to Jail - Plus Startup Cities, Prospera, Julian Shapiro Building a Ranch, Testing Out Big Purchases, and More Transcribed
10/21/21 From $300k to $35M+ Selling Dog Ramps with Ramon Van Meer, CEO & Founder at Alpha Paw Transcribed
10/19/21 Dopamine Fasts, Cruise Ship Investing, and Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos Feuds with Andrew Wilkinson, Co-Founder of Tiny Transcribed
10/14/21 Near Death Accidents, Hitting $1B ARR, and Selling Like the Grateful Dead with Brian Halligan, Founder & Executive Chairman of HubSpot Transcribed
10/12/21 How Brumate Made $20M with 0 Employees, Why Carpet Cleaning is the Perfect Teenager Side Hustle, How to Do an Energy Audit, Shahid Khan is t... Transcribed
10/7/21 3 Patterns for Great Business Ideas with Jack Abraham, Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic Transcribed
10/5/21 #224 - How Tracking Every Second of His Life Took Rob Dyrdek from 0 to $405M in Exits Transcribed
10/1/21 #223 - Sam & Shaan Bet $500, Ozy Media Scam, Why Google is Dying, and More Transcribed
9/29/21 SPECIAL: Peter Diamandis on the Longevity Opportunity, Bitcoin’s Bull Case and Musk vs. Bezos Transcribed
9/24/21 #222 - How to Get a Slice of Harvard's Billion Dollar Case Study Industry Transcribed
9/22/21 #221 - How to Make Millions With a Modern Day Infomercial Transcribed
9/18/21 SPECIAL: Thomas Edison (Part 3) Transcribed
9/18/21 SPECIAL: Thomas Edison (Part 2) Transcribed
9/18/21 SPECIAL: Thomas Edison (Part 1) Transcribed
9/17/21 ANNOUNCEMENT: A Special Series Drops Tomorrow Transcribed
9/17/21 #220 - 12 Startups That Can Make You a Millionaire (Sara's List) Transcribed
9/15/21 #219 - How to Make Billions with a Niche DTC Clothing Line Transcribed
9/10/21 #218 - Why You Should Take a Think Week Like Bill Gates Transcribed
9/8/21 #217 - Why Direct-to-Consumer Companies Are Awesome to Own Transcribed
9/3/21 #216 - Why Today Is the Day to Ask For a Raise Transcribed
9/1/21 #215 - What Venture Capital Will Look Like in the Future Transcribed
8/31/21 SPECIAL: The Tools in the Solo Creator Toolbox Transcribed
8/27/21 #214 with Ramit Sethi - Why You Should Have a Diversified Investment Portfolio Transcribed
8/25/21 #213 - How to Build a Community Transcribed
8/23/21 #212 - Why You Shouldn't Be A Slave to a 40 Hour Work Week Transcribed
8/20/21 #211 with Julian Shapiro - The 3 Cheat Codes Startups Use to Print Cash Transcribed
8/18/21 #210 - How Celebrities Have Made Billions off Their Names Transcribed
8/13/21 #209 with Gary Vaynerchuk - Why NFTS Are the Future Transcribed
8/11/21 #208 with Steph Smith - Why You Need a Chief Automation Officer Transcribed
8/6/21 #207 - How to Make Millions by Unbundling Etsy Transcribed
8/4/21 #206 with Brianne Kimmel - How Venture Capitalists Make Money Transcribed
8/1/21 MFM Mini - 5 Hacks to Landing Your Dream Job Transcribed
7/30/21 #205 - How to Stop Your Tech Addiction Transcribed
7/28/21 #204 - Behind-the-Scenes of Shaan's Power Writing Course Transcribed
7/26/21 SPECIAL: The Little Known World of FatFIRE Transcribed
7/25/21 MFM Mini - How Ben & Jerry’s Turned Misfortune Into Fortune Transcribed
7/23/21 #203 - Why Dunder Mifflin Should Be a Real Paper Company & An Inside Look Into MicroAcquire With Andrew Gazdecki Transcribed
7/21/21 #202 - A Breakdown of Trendy New Businesses & Boring 9 Figure Businesses Transcribed
7/19/21 SPECIAL: The Key Question to Reframe an Argument Transcribed
7/18/21 MFM Mini - The 5 Part Process to Networking Effectively Transcribed
7/16/21 #201 - Why You Should Spend 5x Your Budget on an Engagement Ring Transcribed
7/14/21 #200 - When to Go All In, Teenage Side Hustles, & the Crypto Exchange That Could Have Been Transcribed
7/12/21 #199 - The Secret to Being Great Transcribed
7/11/21 MFM Mini - A Guide to Asking Better Questions Transcribed
7/9/21 #198 - How to Build a Unicorn Around the NCAA Reg Changes Transcribed
7/7/21 #197 with Dharmesh Shah - Frameworks for Becoming a Billionaire (From a Billionaire's Perspective) Transcribed
7/5/21 Greatest Hits #7 - Revisiting The Idea Episode with Product Genius Scott Belsky Transcribed
7/4/21 MFM Mini - Shaan's 15 Minutes with the CEO of Alibaba Transcribed
7/2/21 #196 with Dan Held - Who Really Created Bitcoin & Other Crypto Startup Ideas Transcribed
6/30/21 #195 - A Discussion on Sam & Shaan's Recent Investments Transcribed
6/28/21 SPECIAL: A Breakdown On Why Most Startups Take Longer Than You Think To Build (with examples) Transcribed
6/27/21 MFM Mini - The Burrito Trick: How I Got My First 20 Customers Transcribed
6/25/21 #194 with Justin Mares - The 4 Types of Side Hustles and how to launch a $100M DTC brand Transcribed
6/23/21 #193 - How a $25 Million a Year Sweepstakes Business Works and Shaan Predicts the Future Transcribed
6/21/21 Greatest Hits #6 - Sam Tells All, Again - Selling for 10s of Millions after Making Millions with an Email Newsletter Transcribed
6/20/21 MFM Mini - Stop Living Hour-to-Hour Transcribed
6/18/21 #192 - Making Billions with Greeting Cards, How the FBI Took Down Thousands of Criminals, & Rich People (not) Paying Taxes Transcribed
6/16/21 #191 with Mike Maples - 4 Big Trends and $0 to $1 Billion Startup Idea Frameworks Transcribed
6/14/21 Greatest Hits #5 - The 1-800-GOT-JUNK Story Transcribed
6/13/21 MFM Mini - The Way To Be Confident Transcribed
6/11/21 #190 - Making Billions in Coworking, the Dark Side of Confidence, and the Future of Sports Recovery Transcribed
6/9/21 #189 - Second-hand E-commerce, Door-to-door Sales, and Live Show Recaps Transcribed
6/4/21 #188 - What It's Like to Be Rich, How to Respond to Growth Plateaus, & the New Neighborhood 7/11 Transcribed
6/2/21 Why I Got Sober (for entrepreneurs) Transcribed
6/1/21 Greatest Hits #4 - How To Sell Your Company for $750M - Meet Vungle's Jack Smith Transcribed
5/30/21 MFM Mini - How to Turn Any Bad Experience into a Good One Transcribed
5/28/21 #187 - How Vending Machines are Generating Millions, The Next Big Social App & Ghost Kitchens For Gifts Transcribed
5/27/21 Stanley Druckenmiller on What Makes a Great Investor, Bitcoin & His Biggest Trades Transcribed
5/26/21 #186 with Marc Lore - Brainstorming with Billionaire Marc Lore on What He Would Build Today and the Future of Ecommerce Transcribed
5/25/21 #185 with Andrew Wilkinson - The Secretive Billionaire Who Acquired Burger King, Creating Better Babies & How Much Money is Enough? Transcribed
5/21/21 #184 - Making Millions Improving Mobility, How to Beat Linkedin & Why You're Early Even When You're Late Transcribed
5/19/21 Emergency Podcast - I Just Lost $500k This Morning: Here's a Framework for Dealing With a Crisis Transcribed
5/19/21 #183 - How Course Businesses Work, How Irish Pubs as a Service is Making Millions & Profiting From Vacant Office Spaces Transcribed
5/17/21 Greatest Hits #3 - Selling a Blog For $9m with Ramon van Meer Transcribed
5/14/21 #182 - How an Astrology App Makes $10m+, Why a Boxing Announcer is Worth $400m & Creating a Personal Monopoly Transcribed
5/13/21 #181 - How Virtual Horses are Making Millions, A Potential 9-Figure Company & How to Bet on Anything Transcribed
5/12/21 #180 with Furqan Rydhan - What it's Like Co-founding a $20B Company, Hardware for Mind Control & Vertical Farming Transcribed
5/10/21 Greatest Hits #2 - How to Build a $100 Million Deodorant Business Starting With Only $1,000 Transcribed
5/7/21 #179 - How the UFC Became a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand, No-loss Lotteries Explained & How to Save on Your Taxes Transcribed
5/5/21 #178 with Balaji - Balaji on How to Fix the Media, Cloud Communities & Crypto Transcribed
5/3/21 Greatest Hits #1 - Turning it Around: From Failure to a $100m+ Success Transcribed
4/30/21 #177 - How a City Tour is Making Millions, Selling Manhood & the Barstool for Tech Transcribed
4/28/21 #176 with Codie Sanchez - Buying Distressed Assets, Real Estate for Cheap & How to Network Like a Pro Transcribed
4/26/21 #175 - Brainstorming Million Dollar Ideas with Elaine Zelby Transcribed
4/23/21 #174 with Andrew Wilkinson - How to Network with Billionaires, Andrew and Sam's Recent Investments, & A Better Investor Than Buffett Transcribed
4/21/21 #173 - How Beachbody Makes Money, 75 Hard Explained, & Brainstorming "HackerNews for X" Transcribed
4/19/21 #172 - Indie Businesses Making Millions, Advice to Young Entrepreneurs & How to Grow a Podcast Transcribed
4/16/21 #171 - How to Generate Millions from Paid Events (Bootstrapped) Transcribed
4/14/21 #170 with Jake Paul - Why Jake Paul Thinks He's Worth Billions Transcribed
4/9/21 #169 - How One Man Started 5, Billion Dollar Companies, Dan Gilbert's Empire, & Talking With Warren Buffett Transcribed
4/7/21 #168 - How to Reverse Engineer Businesses, The Indonesian King of Coal & the Story of Adida‪s‬ Transcribed
4/5/21 #167 - Answering Your Questions On Investments, Businesses and Life Transcribed
4/2/21 #166 - Why a Sudoku Company Sold for $640m, "Opendoor for X" & Franchising Tech Companies Transcribed
3/31/21 #165 with Jack Butcher - Selling a $76m NFT, How to Research Wealthy People & How BitClout Went Viral Transcribed
3/26/21 #164 with Ryan Begelman - BitClout Explained, How To Successfully Angel Invest & A Police Sting? Transcribed
3/24/21 #163 - Plugins Making Millions, Gumroad's Crazy Valuation & Why a Studying App is Going Viral Transcribed
3/19/21 #162 - Why Clubhouse Will Fail Transcribed
3/17/21 #161 with Michael Saylor - Why Michael Saylor Believes Bitcoin is Hope Transcribed
3/12/21 #160 - Paid Communities Making $20m+ (and How to Build One), Fighting Inertia & An Interview With Dave Selinger of Deep Sentinel Transcribed
3/10/21 #159 - Update on Michael Jordan's House, a Nine Figure Sex Toy Company & the Man with a Million Acres Transcribed
3/5/21 #158 - Buying Michael Jordan's House (and Making a Profit), Investing in Athletes & Successful Startup-Studios Transcribed
3/3/21 #157 - Instagram Food Drops Making $200k a Week, Chrome Extensions That are Crushing It & Open Salaries Transcribed
2/26/21 #156 - David Segal Talks Building a 9-Figure Tea Business, Decommoditizing Boring Products & The Future of Retail Transcribed
2/24/21 #155 - NFTs Explained: How Digital Art Is Being Sold For Millions and What the Opportunities Are Transcribed
2/22/21 MFM x Trends - Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt Breaks Down the Biggest Opportunities He Sees Transcribed
2/19/21 #154 - Making Millions Anonymously, How Pornstars Clean Search Results, & What is Gayburgers? Transcribed
2/12/21 #153 - Selling The Hustle for Millions: How The Hustle & Hubspot Deal Happened Transcribed
2/10/21 #152 with Trung Phan - Sam Talks About the Hubspot Deal & Ideas With Trung Phan Transcribed
2/5/21 #151 - How To Go Viral, Grow Your Following & Tons of Ideas with Lambda School's Trevor McKendrick Transcribed
2/3/21 #150 - Jason Calacanis Joins The Brainstorm To Talk Robinhood, Gambling and the Opportunities He's Investing In Transcribed
1/29/21 #149 - The Craziness of r/WallStreetBets, an $100k Bet, and Startup Ideas with Mercury Banks Founder Transcribed
1/27/21 #148 with Jack Smith - How r/WallStreetBets is Beating Wall Street, Taboola's Billion-dollar Payday, and How Grayscale is Printing Money Transcribed
1/22/21 #147 - How Sam Hacked Amazon's Book Rankings, A $600m Exit, And Crypto with Brother Aaaron Transcribed
1/20/21 #146 with Suleman "Suli" Ali - Voluntarily Selling Our Data, Creating The New Religion and A Fund Making Millions Shorting Pharma Companies Transcribed
1/15/21 #145 with Reed Duchscher - MrBeast's Manager Joins the Brainstorm Transcribed
1/13/21 #144 - Shaan's Giving Away A Company, A Mysterious, Anonymous New App and The Most Gimmicky Marketing Thing The Guys Have Done Transcribed
1/8/21 #143 with Jeremy Cai of Italic - Influencer Coffee Making Millions, What Cold Chain Is and Why It's Booming, And Tons of Ideas Transcribed
1/6/21 #142 - Digital Meet and Greets, A Little Known $30m Empire, And Shaan's Twitter Controversy Transcribed
12/30/20 #141 - The 2020 MFM Award Show (with Andrew Wilkinson) Transcribed
12/25/20 #140 - How Much Do VCs Make?, A Booming Startup Replacing Fridges, and A Board Game Making $5m A Month Transcribed
12/23/20 #139 - The Rise of "Clout" Kitchens, Why Martin Shkreli is a Rockstar, and a $100m Acquisition Transcribed
12/18/20 #138 - How A Big Bitcoin Bet Paid Off, How To Best Learn From Billionaires, And Should Engineers Have Managers? Transcribed
12/16/20 #137 - The Aftermath of The Combine Idea, The Next Trillion Dollar Industry, Crypto Art Selling For Millions Transcribed
12/11/20 #136 with Jack Smith - Trading Cards and Collectables: A Deep Dive Into The Opportunities In The Space Transcribed
12/9/20 #135 with Rahul Vohra (Superhuman Founder) - Why He Started Superhuman and The Ideas He'd Like To See Built Transcribed
12/8/20 MFM x Trends - How Johnny Boufarhat Took Hopin from 0 to $1b+ in Less Than A Year Transcribed
12/4/20 #134 - Why the Collectables Market is Booming, Ecommerce 3.0, and "Time Billionaire" Explained Transcribed
12/2/20 #133 - Sam's Black Friday Email Results, Lean Media Businesses That Make Millions, and Celebrity Death Match for Tik-Tok Transcribed
11/27/20 #132 - A Simple Email Hack That Generated Millions, The World's Cheapest Billionaire, and A Simple Startup Idea No One Has Done Transcribed
11/25/20 #131 - The Companies We Would Buy and Fix and A Multi-Million Dollar Rapper Snack Business Transcribed
11/20/20 #130 - How Solopreneurs are Making $1m+, Why Lists Suck, and The 5 Minute City Transcribed
11/18/20 #129 - Why Elon Musk Is the Greatest Dropshipper and A Low Key Company Making Millions From Politics Transcribed
11/17/20 MFM x Trends - The Fundamentals of a ~$60m Newsletter Exit With Ryan Begelman Transcribed
11/13/20 #128 - Open Startups, A Mysterious Bag Lady, and Gamifying Facebook Ads Transcribed
11/11/20 #127 with Nick Huber - Building a $10m Self-Storage Business and the Opportunities in "Sweaty Startups" Transcribed
11/9/20 MFM x Trends - How Jack Butcher Used Twitter to Generate $1m in 18 months (From Scratch) Transcribed
11/6/20 #126 - A Nonexistant Influencer Pulling in Over $10m and The Big Opportunities With Hyperlocal Franchises Transcribed
11/4/20 #125 - What is the Buy, Borrow, Die Process? Transcribed
10/30/20 #124 - From Fantasy Stock Betting to Milk Bombs: Generating Ideas with Elaine Zelby Transcribed
10/28/20 #123 - The Big Business of Buying Amazon Routes, and a COVID-proof Franchise Transcribed
10/23/20 #122 - Not Getting These Jobs Cost Us Millions Transcribed
10/21/20 #121 - So You Made $100m...Now What? Transcribed
10/16/20 #120 - These Are the Frameworks Every Entrepreneur Should Learn Transcribed
10/15/20 MFM x Trends: How to Hire a CEO to Run Your Company with Andrew Wilkinson Transcribed
10/14/20 #119 with Josh Elman - How To Get The Benefits of Entrepreneurship Without Starting a Company Transcribed
10/9/20 #118 with Harley Finkelstein (Shopify's President) - Why You Should Drop Out Of School and Start a Shopify Store Transcribed
10/7/20 #117 Austen Allred - Lambda School's Founder Brings His Best Ideas Transcribed
10/2/20 #116 with Kelly Erb - Tax Expert Breaks Down Trump Taxes and Big Businesses Ran by Few People Transcribed
9/30/20 #115 - Selling An Erotic Newsletter and AI That Leaves Us Speechless Transcribed
9/25/20 #114 with Steph Smith - The Head of Trends Talks Insider Trading and The Gen-Z Mafia Transcribed
9/23/20 #113 - From Furniture Store to Water Delivery: The Millions in Boring Businesses Transcribed
9/18/20 #112 - Why Buying Businesses Is Better Than Starting Them and The Mad Genius of Kanye West Transcribed
9/16/20 #111 - Sam Parr Returns: The Scheme King is Back Transcribed
9/11/20 #110 with Kat Cole - Ideas From the Head of a $4B+ Business Transcribed
9/9/20 #109 with Jonathon Barkl - The Founder of AirGarage Jams Out on Ideas Transcribed
9/7/20 #108 with Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal - Brainstorming with the Acquired Podcast Transcribed
9/4/20 #107 with Chris Bakke - This Serial Entrepreneur is an Idea Machine Transcribed
9/2/20 #106 - The Q&A Special: We Answer Your Questions Live Transcribed
8/28/20 #105 with Avlok Kohli and Xavier Helgesen - Leading AngelList Ventures and Buying Businesses Like Berkshire Hathaway Transcribed
8/26/20 #104 - Why You Should Be Studying MLMs Transcribed
8/21/20 #103 with Tai Lopez - Tai Lopez Opens Up About His Past and Addresses Critics Transcribed
8/19/20 #102 - Why a Handful of Meme Accounts Sold for Nearly $100m Transcribed
8/14/20 #101 with Ryan Begelman - How to Succeed Applying Private Equity Structure to Startups Transcribed
8/12/20 #100 with Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano - The "Export Framework" to Business Creation Transcribed
8/7/20 #99 - Creating the WeWork for Warehouses Transcribed
8/5/20 #98 with Ryan Begelman - How to Bootstrap Buying a Mountain Transcribed
7/31/20 #97 with Andrew Wilkinson - The Warren Buffett of the Internet Returns Transcribed
7/29/20 #96 - The Entrepreneur Betting Billions On American Passenger Trains Transcribed
7/24/20 #95 with Craig Clemens of Golden Hippo - The 9-Figure Business You've Never Heard Of Transcribed
7/22/20 #94 - Is GPT-3 the Next Big Thing? Transcribed
7/17/20 #93 - Why Tai Lopez Bought Pier One Transcribed
7/15/20 #92 - A Three Month Old Company Profiting $90,000 A Day Transcribed
7/10/20 #91 with Ben Askren - The UFC Star Turned Crypto Investor Transcribed
7/8/20 #90 - How a Newsletter Generates $2m With Only 5,000 Subscribers Transcribed
7/5/20 #89 - The Man Who Gamed Uber Transcribed
7/3/20 #88 with Greg Isenberg (part 2) - Why Plugins Are Big Business Transcribed
7/1/20 #87 with Greg Isenberg - The Millions to be Made Unbundling Reddit Transcribed
6/26/20 #86 - Why Every Business Should Have an Enemy Transcribed
6/24/20 #85 - Why Privacy is Big Business and the Multi-Million Dollar Ideas Hidden in Plain Sight Transcribed
6/19/20 #84 with Noah Kagan - How the Founder of AppSumo Walked Away From $100m Transcribed
6/12/20 #83 - How the Koch Brothers Got Rich, Human IPOs and Why Snapchat Might be the Future Transcribed
6/10/20 #82 - My Angel Investing Strategy Transcribed
6/5/20 #81 with Mike Cessario - The Genius Way Liquid Death Sells Canned Water Transcribed
6/3/20 #80 - The Guide on Generating Startup Ideas Transcribed
5/29/20 #79 with Alexa von Tobel - From Dropping Out of Business School to a $375M Exit Transcribed
5/27/20 #78 - 10 Startup Ideas I Had This Year Transcribed
5/22/20 #77 with Greg Isenberg - WeWork's Head of Product is an Idea Machine Transcribed
5/20/20 #76 with James Altucher - Making and Losing Millions Over and Over Again Transcribed
5/16/20 #75 with Randy Hetrick - Navy SEAL To $50M TRX Transcribed
5/13/20 #74 - The $72B Chinese startup you’ve never heard of, a mysterious billionaire and the guide to post-corona opportunities Transcribed
5/8/20 #73 - On-Demand Appliance Technicians, Credible Authority Businesses & Homesick Food Delivery Transcribed
5/6/20 #72 with Sophia Amoruso - GIRLBOSS Transcribed
5/1/20 #71 with Nick Bare - Monthly vs Annual Subscription Billing, Fitness Events Post-COVID & Making Content To Build $10M+ Biz Transcribed
4/28/20 #70 - Making Money In 48 Hours, Fat FIRE & How To Collect $2M Transcribed
4/25/20 #69 - Paid News, Burning Money & Solving Climate Change Transcribed
4/22/20 #68 - It's Time To Build, Founder Dating, MBA As A Service Transcribed
4/18/20 #67 - A Very Random Episode Transcribed
4/15/20 #66 - Life Coins, Amazon FBA Rollups & Going Back In Time Transcribed
4/15/20 #65 - Q&A with Andrew Wilkinson, Co-founder of Tiny Transcribed
4/13/20 #64 - Trapped Data Creating Unicorns, Billionaire Punches Punk Kid & Missing Out on $5M Transcribed
4/8/20 #63 with Andrew Wilkinson - Buying cash-flowing internet companies, starting job boards and building no code projects Transcribed
4/4/20 #62 - Lambda School for Secretaries, Billionaire of The Week, Deepfakes & More Transcribed
4/1/20 #61 - How to Buy, Manage and Grow Cash-Flow Positive Businesses + Corona Virus Impact on the Economy Transcribed
3/30/20 #60 - YC Demo Day Startups #2, Importing Foreign Innovations & Collaborative Copywriting Transcribed
3/25/20 #59 - YC Demo Day Startups, Airbnb Survival & Teachable Acquisition Transcribed
3/24/20 #58 - How To Navigate The Upcoming Depression Transcribed
3/20/20 #57 - Corona Business Ideas, Stock Buybacks & Recession Proof Businesses Transcribed
3/15/20 #56 - The Recession Proof Skill Sets Transcribed
3/7/20 #55 - Lead Gen Businesses, Islamic Finance & COVID-19 Virality Transcribed
3/6/20 #54 - Atrium Closing Down, B2B Gifting & Curly Girl Hair Transcribed
3/3/20 #53 - Nicotine Gum, Dating Apps For The Elderly & Tax on Vested Shares Transcribed
3/1/20 #52 - AI Teachers, Deskless Workforce & The Passion Economy with Zak Kukoff Transcribed
2/29/20 #51 - Coronavirus, Being on Shark Tank & At-Home Testing Kits with Julia Cheek Transcribed
2/28/20 #50 - Digital Tithing, Influencer Based Cloud Kitchens & Uber Driver Revenue Streams with Stu Iverson Transcribed
2/23/20 #49 - Meeting Bitcoin's Billionaire Kingpin, Boy Scouts Files for Bankruptcy & Branded Canned Water Transcribed
2/22/20 #48 - NSFW Tech, HQ Trivia & Auctions Transcribed
2/20/20 #47 - Robot Lawyers, Pay to Lose Weight & Prudent vs. Wild Card Managers Transcribed
2/15/20 #46 - Corporate Universities, Hotel Experiences & New Credit Cards with Lance Armstrong Transcribed
2/14/20 #45 - Drones Washing Windows, Airpod Guided Tours & Mario Kart VR with Furqan Rydhan Transcribed
2/10/20 #44 - New e-mail clients, Sharing the craigslist office & How to keep your star players Transcribed
2/8/20 #43 - Getting your team to take big risks, Turning office workers into remote, Quiet founders making big money Transcribed
2/7/20 #42 - Wall Street Bets & Tesla Shorts, Curating Job Boards & Executive Recruitment Firms Transcribed
2/5/20 #41 - Dating app that has an admissions process like Harvard Transcribed
1/31/20 #40 - Paid Courses with Tom Wang, Barstool Acquisition & New Startup Hubs Transcribed
1/29/20 #39 - Getting a Billion People Working From Home Transcribed
1/26/20 #38 - Truth about ad agencies with Brendan Gahan + Brainstorming with Daniel Gross Transcribed
1/22/20 #37 - Mastering Amazon FBA Transcribed
1/18/20 #36 - Data Privacy Tools, Food Franchises & Silicon Valley Mistruths Transcribed
1/15/20 #35 - King of Kickstarter Transcribed
1/12/20 #34 - CES Highlights, Cloning US Startups & Compliance Education Transcribed
1/8/20 #33 - Pioneering The No-Code Movement Transcribed
12/25/19 #32 - Product Genius: Scott Belsky Transcribed
12/18/19 #31 - The Wild Wild West of Mineral Real Estate Transcribed
12/11/19 #30 - Reinventing the Energy Drink Transcribed
12/4/19 #29 - Powder Diets, Instagrammable Experiences & Distribution First Transcribed
11/27/19 #28 - Building Big Ass Fans For Big Ass Money Transcribed
11/20/19 #27 - 10 Million Reasons Why He Plays Poker Transcribed
11/15/19 #26 - Shopify Spy Tool, Apartment Plants & Lucrative Content Sites Transcribed
11/13/19 #25 - Mission Driven: Bringing Solar Power to 1M People in Africa Transcribed
11/10/19 #24 - Unicorn Signals, Alternative Milk & Movie Incubators Transcribed
11/6/19 #23 - Disney for Dogs Transcribed
11/1/19 #22 - Cloud Kitchens, Kava Bars & Religious Products Transcribed
10/30/19 #21 - How To Value, Sell and Buy Online Businesses Transcribed
10/23/19 #20 - Reinventing The Autograph Transcribed
10/20/19 #19 - Drone Light Shows, No Code Movement & Plugin Empires Transcribed
10/16/19 #18 - The Big Business of Wacky Domains Transcribed
10/14/19 #17 - Keto Ceral, Specialized Job Boards, Digital AA Meetings Transcribed
10/9/19 #16 - TRT Subscriptions, Cord Blood Banking, Digital Museums Transcribed
10/2/19 #15 - Dr. Iman's Incredible Idea Transcribed
9/25/19 #14 - The Bitcoin Believer Transcribed
9/18/19 #13 - He Made Millions From... Blankets, Bean Bags & Candles? Transcribed
9/11/19 #12 - The 1-800-GOT-JUNK Story Transcribed
9/4/19 #11 - Clawing Back From $250K Debt at 20 Transcribed
8/28/19 #10 - Using $1k to Build $100M Deodorant Business Transcribed
8/18/19 #9 - Bonus episode! Answering listener questions Transcribed
8/14/19 #8 - Real Estate: How The Wassermans Do What They Do Transcribed
8/7/19 #7 - The Hippie With A Billion Dollars Transcribed
7/31/19 #6 - How This Silicon Valley Outsider Hustled His Way to $750M Exit - Meet Vungle's Jack Smith Transcribed
7/23/19 #5 - The First Viral Website: "Hot or Not" Transcribed
7/16/19 #4 - How Product Hunt's Ryan Hoover Built A $20M Community From Scratch Transcribed
7/9/19 #3 - Making Millions off an Email Newsletter?! Sam Parr from The Hustle Tells All Transcribed
7/2/19 #2 with Ramon Van Meer - Blogging His Way To $9M in Cash Transcribed
6/23/19 #1 - From making $76k at Microsoft to selling TinyCo for $100M+ Transcribed