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The show that's smart, often silly and sometimes surprising, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood, feminism to fashion. Join Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens as they cover what everyone's talking about.



Date Title Status
11/1/23 What We Wish We’d Never Told You Transcribed
10/30/23 The One Where We Lost A Friend Transcribed
10/29/23 Revisiting Our Conversation About Matthew Perry’s Memoir Transcribed
10/27/23 Your Boss Wants To Know Less About Your Breakup Transcribed
10/25/23 ‘Our Generation Did It. So Maybe You Could Just Shut Up?’ Transcribed
10/23/23 Sis, Is This Your Man? Transcribed
10/20/23 One Of Us Missed The Marriage Window Transcribed
10/18/23 The Moral Minefield Of Britney Spears’ Memoir Transcribed
10/16/23 Yes, No, And What Just Happened Transcribed
10/13/23 BONUS: Nothing To Wear Transcribed
10/13/23 The Pressure To Post About Everything This Week Transcribed
10/11/23 If You Light A Candle Before Sex, I'll Scream Transcribed
10/9/23 The Beckham's Unpack Their Sticky Stuff Transcribed
10/6/23 This Group Chat Is Ruining My Life Transcribed
10/4/23 The Great Wrinkle Reckoning Of 2023 Transcribed
10/1/23 From Media To Friends, How To Manage Your Child's External Influences Transcribed
9/29/23 Your Rich Friends Should Pay For Dinner Transcribed
9/27/23 Come On Barbie Let's Go Get Divorced Transcribed
9/25/23 The Four Women We Can’t Agree On Transcribed
9/22/23 If Kanye West Offers To Dress You, Run. Transcribed
9/20/23 What We Want From The Wives Of Bad Men Transcribed
9/18/23 Hugh Jackman’s Divorce Is Really All About Us Transcribed
9/15/23 Your Hard Questions About The Voice, Answered. Transcribed
9/15/23 My Boobs Are Having A Moment Transcribed
9/13/23 Nicole Kidman & The Silliest Fight On Instagram Transcribed
9/11/23 Ashton Kutcher & When The Monster Is Your Friend Transcribed
9/8/23 More Free Bleeding, Less Soft Trolling Transcribed
9/6/23 The Smear Campaign Against Sophie Turner Has Begun Transcribed
9/4/23 Roxy Jacenko And A Weight Loss Drug Warning Transcribed
9/1/23 Jessie Stephens: Something Bad Is Going To Happen Transcribed
9/1/23 Hamish Blake & The New Wave Of Dadding Transcribed
8/30/23 The Influencer Who Really Hates Her European Holiday Transcribed
8/28/23 "Fake Feminists Are Trying To Kill Me" Transcribed
8/25/23 Jennifer Aniston, We Have Questions… Transcribed
8/23/23 How Carrie Bradshaw Became A Monster Transcribed
8/21/23 Hot Girl Glimmers Transcribed
8/19/23 Re-Introducing Cancelled: Emily "We Get It, You’re Hot" Ratajkowski Transcribed
8/18/23 Everybody’s Fighting About A Fake Nose Transcribed
8/16/23 Don’t Interfere. This Is My Canon Event. Transcribed
8/14/23 Can We Talk About The Matildas’ Personal Lives? Transcribed
8/11/23 A Sleeping Woman & What A Man’s Prepared To Do On Camera Transcribed
8/9/23 ‘Lonely-Kid’ Content. Heartwarming Or Creepy? Transcribed
8/7/23 The Bizarre Magic Of 'Girl Math' Transcribed
8/4/23 What Lizzo Didn't Do Transcribed
8/2/23 The Most Famous Thigh Tattoo On The Internet Transcribed
7/31/23 The Logies Is Having An Identity Crisis Transcribed
7/28/23 An Unpopular Opinion About The Vulnerability Epidemic Transcribed
7/26/23 Why Mothers Don't Deserve Extra Points Transcribed
7/24/23 The Question Everyone Is Asking About Barbie Transcribed
7/21/23 When Your Face Is Everyone’s Worst Nightmare Transcribed
7/19/23 The Commonwealth Games Of It All Transcribed
7/17/23 How To Avoid Cancellation: Cause Chaos Transcribed
7/15/23 Emergency Meeting: Jessie’s Birth Story In Full Transcribed
7/14/23 The Subtle New Way To Rank Famous Women Transcribed
7/12/23 Is #GirlDinner Just The Way Women Eat? Transcribed
7/10/23 Yes We’re Talking About Jonah Hill’s Boyfriend Boundaries Transcribed
7/7/23 We Have Wardrobe Notes For Margot Robbie Transcribed
7/5/23 Emergency Meeting: Jessie Had A Baby Transcribed
7/5/23 The Controversial New Birthday Rule Transcribed
7/3/23 The Epidemic Of Self-Diagnosing Transcribed
6/30/23 BONUS: And Just Like That…Carrie Won’t Talk About Her Vagina Transcribed
6/30/23 A Viral Apology We Can’t Agree On Transcribed
6/28/23 The Onstage ‘Failure’ That Sparked An Epic Act Of Kindness Transcribed
6/26/23 Is The Act Of Ageing Offensive? Transcribed
6/23/23 No, Your Partner Is Not Invited Transcribed
6/22/23 And Just Like That…Recaps Are Coming Transcribed
6/21/23 How Helicopter Parents Broke A Generation Transcribed
6/19/23 The Pop Star Giving The Whole World The Ick Transcribed
6/16/23 The Absolute Worst Kind Of Boyfriend Transcribed
6/14/23 The Book That Took 5 Days To Cancel Transcribed
6/11/23 Three Women, Three Friendship Break-Ups Transcribed
6/9/23 A Viral Cancellation & The Compliment No Woman Wants Transcribed
6/7/23 We Can’t Agree About Prince Harry’s Court Appearance Transcribed
6/5/23 Kathleen Folbigg, Bruce Lehrmann & Jock's Last Job Transcribed
6/3/23 Introducing A New Season Of Hello Bump Transcribed
6/2/23 Every Unpleasant Experience Is Not Trauma Transcribed
5/31/23 We Demand You Dump Him Immediately Transcribed
5/30/23 An Emergency Meeting About The Succession Finale Transcribed
5/29/23 The Conversation You’re Not Allowed To Have This Week Transcribed
5/26/23 Won’t Somebody Think Of The Celebrity F-Boys Transcribed
5/24/23 The Kind Of Marriage Every Woman (Apparently) Wants Transcribed
5/22/23 The End Of The Breakfast TV Couple Transcribed
5/19/23 Harry & Meghan's 'Car Chase' Unpacked Transcribed
5/17/23 The Mental Load Of Organising A Threesome Transcribed
5/15/23 The Truth Of Being 'Hollywood Thin' Has Leaked Transcribed
5/12/23 The Botox Backtrack That Took Us By Surprise Transcribed
5/10/23 Did Body Positivity Kill Jenny Craig? Transcribed
5/8/23 The Dirty Details Of Gwyneth's Sex Life Transcribed
5/5/23 The Side-Chick Coronation Transcribed
5/3/23 The Complexity of Discussing Jock Zonfrillo’s Death Transcribed
5/1/23 Mia Got Cancelled On TikTok Transcribed
4/28/23 An Argument About "Inclusive" Leave Transcribed
4/26/23 A Content Warning About A Content Warning Transcribed
4/24/23 We Are Full Of Female Rage Transcribed
4/21/23 Are We Allowed To Say We Hate Our Bodies? Transcribed
4/19/23 The Sex Lives Of Australian High School Kids Transcribed
4/17/23 A Very Candid Conversation About 'Fertility Privilege' Transcribed
4/14/23 How 29 Minutes Of TV Perfectly Portrayed Modern Grief Transcribed
4/12/23 The Boomer-Millennial Fight That Makes Great TV Transcribed
4/9/23 EXTRA: Jessie's Been Doing 'Schema Therapy' Transcribed
4/8/23 Introducing But Are You Happy: Clare Stephens On Being Jealous Of Her Best Friend Transcribed
4/6/23 EXTRA: The Fight That Wasn't Meant To Be A Podcast Transcribed
4/5/23 The Surprise Allure Of This Pathetic Man Transcribed
4/3/23 When Your Co-Host Earns Twice As Much As You Transcribed
3/31/23 Our New Favourite Nepo Baby Fiasca Transcribed
3/29/23 The 'Disgusting' Wedding Vows We Can't Agree On Transcribed
3/27/23 The Men Trying To Ban Period Talk Transcribed
3/24/23 Are We Narcissists: An Intervention Transcribed
3/22/23 Hollywood Has A New Difficult Woman Transcribed
3/20/23 The Gwyneth Paltrow Debate You’ve Been Waiting For Transcribed
3/17/23 We Just Went Full Vag Transcribed
3/15/23 Come On, Mate: The Toxic Commentary About Andy Lee's Relationship Transcribed
3/13/23 The Kids Of Influencers Have Something To Say Transcribed
3/10/23 Why Your Boyfriend Can’t Come To My Wedding Transcribed
3/8/23 A Viral Job Ad & The Elephant In The Room Transcribed
3/6/23 We Feel Weird About Harry's Live Diagnosis Transcribed
3/3/23 Are We Entering Our Messy House Era?
3/1/23 The Sensory Room Debacle
2/27/23 Prince Harry Is The Worst Kind Of Wedding Guest
2/24/23 In Defence Of The Other Woman
2/22/23 The Taunting Of Madeleine McCann’s Family
2/20/23 When A Woman’s Past Her Prime. According To A Man
2/16/23 Submitting To My Husband Like It’s 1959
2/15/23 When Being Good In Bed Is Bad
2/13/23 Harry Styles Has P*ssed Off The Internet (Again)
2/10/23 Introducing: HER with Sophie Cachia
2/10/23 The Friendship Breakup Text You Should Never Send
2/8/23 The Concern Trolling Of Madonna’s Face
2/6/23 Armie Hammer & The D*ckhead Test
2/3/23 The Music Video That Divided The Internet
2/1/23 Marie Kondo Has Gone Goblin Mode
1/30/23 Australian Of The Year: Not Everyone's Happy
1/27/23 Jelena Dokic & A Woman’s ‘Acceptability Window’
1/25/23 Grandma Has Had Enough Of Your Sh*t
1/23/23 How The Office Cake Became Problematic
1/20/23 The Clarke-Karlos Circus: An Unpopular Opinion
1/18/23 What You've Never Noticed About Your Friends
1/16/23 The Surprising Prince Harry Take
1/8/23 SUMMER SERIES: 'As A Mother' Respectfully, We Disagree
12/31/22 Word Of The Year 2023 & A Special Announcement
12/25/22 SUMMER SERIES: Our Favourite Recos Of 2022
12/24/22 SUMMER SERIES: Our Best & Worst Moments Of The Year
12/22/22 The Fight We Forgot About This Year
12/21/22 The Celebrity Nepo Baby Conspiracy
12/19/22 The Vile Opinion That Should Never Have Been Published
12/16/22 Harry & Meghan Just Blew The Whole Thing Up
12/14/22 Our New Guru Is A Cheating Wife
12/12/22 The Unspoken Hell Of Forced Friendship
12/9/22 Harry & Meghan: The Verdict
12/7/22 When Celebrity Weight Loss Became Uncool
12/5/22 Team Sussex Vs. Team Wales: Choose Your Fighter
11/30/22 The Influencers' ADHD Wars
11/28/22 An Argy Bargy About Period Leave
11/25/22 The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make
11/23/22 Bec Judd Has Changed Her Business Model
11/21/22 Lisa Wilkinson’s Exit & ‘Targeted Toxicity’
11/18/22 Demisexuals & The New Coming Out
11/16/22 Trump Is Running Again And Nobody Panic
11/14/22 The Casting Decision That’s Killed The Crown
11/11/22 Respectfully, We Disagree About Jennifer Aniston
11/10/22 Introducing Here If You Need: Where Women's Sport Comes First
11/9/22 Fake 'Sad Girls' & The Elon Garbage Fire
11/7/22 The Complication In Aaron Carter’s Death
11/4/22 Rihanna x Johnny Depp: The Decision We Don’t Understand
11/2/22 Is Your Relationship ‘Beautiful People’ Proof?
10/31/22 The Influencers’ Melbourne Cup Dilemma
10/28/22 Zoe Foster Blake & The Viral House Tour
10/26/22 Is Taylor Swift 'Fatphobic'?
10/24/22 The Netball Australia And Gina Rinehart Divide
10/19/22 James Corden & The ‘Nice Guy’ Police
10/17/22 Boyfriend Breakfasts & Stay-At-Home Girlfriends
10/15/22 Parents Of Toddlers, We've Got A New Show For You: Introducing How To Build A Human
10/14/22 Carrie Bickmore & The Hard Truth About Decisions
10/12/22 What Is The Internet’s Problem With Lena Dunham?
10/10/22 What We Can't Say About Kanye
10/7/22 The 'Inclusion' Debate Everyone's Having
10/5/22 Mother In Law Lessons From Victoria Beckham
9/30/22 Change Your Type, Khloe Kardashian
9/28/22 The Problem With The "Lose Weight" Prescription
9/26/22 The Woman Who Bought Her 13yo A Vibrator
9/23/22 The Audacity Of Adam Levine
9/21/22 'Feminism, Get Out Of My Marriage'
9/19/22 The Relationship Departure Lounge
9/16/22 A Very “Reprehensible” Woman
9/14/22 Royal Marriages Are Really Weird
9/12/22 The Royals Left To Clean Up The Mess
9/9/22 The Queen’s Death. It’s Complicated.
9/7/22 We're Officially Worried, Darling
9/5/22 Are We Even Pretending To Get Along Anymore?
9/2/22 A Passionate Defence Of Leonardo DiCaprio
8/31/22 The Teacher’s Pet Verdict: A Debrief
8/30/22 BONUS: Mia & Jessie Grill Holly About The Couple Upstairs
8/29/22 Everyone’s Wrong About Olivia Wilde
8/26/22 Some Very Honest Thoughts About Meghan Markle’s Podcast
8/24/22 The Surprise Rebrand Of Nicole Kidman
8/22/22 How Is Brad Pitt Getting Away With It?
8/19/22 Injectables Have A Brand New Hype Guy
8/17/22 'Side-Hustle Scomo' Is The Biggest Story In The World
8/15/22 The Peach Test That’s Dividing The Internet
8/12/22 Why Andrew Tate Is The Most Viral Person On The Internet
8/10/22 A Throwdown About Staying Home With Kids
8/8/22 Porn & The Ultimate Relationship Dealbreaker
8/5/22 A Catholic, A Muslim & A Jewish Woman Walk Into A Studio
8/3/22 The Great Uncancellation Has Begun
8/1/22 The Topic We Shouldn't Have Discussed
7/29/22 Is Ghosting Really Emotional Abuse?
7/27/22 The Big Jersey Debate
7/25/22 TikTok Is The New Feedback Form
7/23/22 BONUS: Got The Sunday Sads? This Will Help
7/22/22 A Conversation About ‘Birthing Parents’
7/20/22 The Bikini Photo You're Not Allowed To Share
7/18/22 JLO & The Rise Of The Anti Wedding
7/15/22 Kindness Porn & What Grinds Our Gears
7/13/22 Are We On ‘Farting Terms’ Yet?
7/11/22 The Problem With Kim Kardashian’s Underdog Complex
7/8/22 Boris, Kyrgios & Chaotic Male Energy
7/6/22 Vabbing: The ‘Fresh’ Dating Hack For The Brave
7/4/22 The Noughties Body Revival Nobody Asked For
7/1/22 When Ruining Someone's Day Is Completely Necessary
6/29/22 A Debate About Ivanka Trump’s Alleged Abortion
6/27/22 WTF Do American Women Do Now?
6/24/22 Why The Lives Of Millennials Just Got Worse
6/22/22 Who Gets To Swim & Side Character Energy
6/21/22 Introducing Mamamia Daily: Transgender Athlete Ban, Mum Pressure & Millennial Water Bottles
6/20/22 How To Build A Hamish Blake
6/17/22 How Empowering Are Reality Star Nudes?
6/15/22 Rebel Wilson & A Very Bad Email
6/10/22 From Annabel Crabb To Britney's Wedding Crasher
6/8/22 The Joke That Can Get You Fired
6/6/22 The 4yo Royal Working Harder Than Kris Jenner
6/3/22 A Big Announcement & Billionaire News
6/1/22 Fexting Is The New Sexting
5/30/22 When Your Boyfriend Becomes Prime Minister
5/27/22 The Sex Parents Aren't Allowed To Have
5/25/22 America, What's Wrong With You?
5/23/22 The Election Women Decided
5/20/22 Taylor Swift & Being A 'Cringeworthy Try-Hard'
5/19/22 Election Special: Will We Get A Result On Saturday?
5/18/22 ‘Sorry. Not Beautiful.’
5/16/22 Have We Become Professional Opinion Havers?
5/13/22 The Best Gossip Story In The World Right Now
5/11/22 Johnny Depp's Army & An 'Imperfect' Victim
5/9/22 'Don't Leave Your Husband For Vibes'
5/6/22 The Minister For Unborn Girls
5/4/22 Meghan Markle Hates Us
5/2/22 A Tiny Violin For The Young & Beautiful
4/29/22 Elon, Olivia & Johnny
4/27/22 Our Producer Just Staged An Intervention
4/22/22 How To Be Hot
4/20/22 The Most Toxic Celebrity Trial In History
4/15/22 A Message From Mia...
4/13/22 Why Your Relationship Will End
4/11/22 Holly's Big Problem With JLo's Engagement
4/8/22 What No One Admits About Friendship Jealousy
4/6/22 We'd Like To Make A Complaint
4/4/22 Last Week Hollywood Set A Trap
4/1/22 Why People Are Acting So Weird Right Now
3/30/22 The Worst Will Smith Take
3/28/22 Yes, Will Smith Really Just Slapped Chris Rock On Live TV
3/26/22 Introducing Holly’s New Show: Lowbrow
3/25/22 Ash Barty Has Had Enough
3/23/22 Pubes For The Planet
3/21/22 The Problem With The 'Mean Girls' Narrative
3/18/22 Who Owns Dom's Dinner Party Nudes?
3/16/22 A Broken Leg & 'That' D*ck And Balls Logo
3/14/22 Work Harder, Kim Kardashian
3/11/22 Who Will Survive Madonna's Bootcamp?
3/9/22 A Smashed Glass & The Problem With Women's Voices
3/7/22 Shane Warne & The Bad News Cycle
3/4/22 The Question Too Dangerous For TV
3/2/22 The Two Stomachs Women Are Allowed To Have
2/28/22 The Influencers Are Not OK
2/25/22 Putin’s War & Political Glow-Ups
2/23/22 Who Will Survive The Great Vibe Shift Of 2022?
2/21/22 The Worst Man On TV Tonight
2/18/22 The Video Nobody Should Watch
2/16/22 The $13 Million Royal Pay Off
2/15/22 Introducing Restart: Holly Wainwright Walked Out Of Her Old Life
2/14/22 What On Earth Do We Want From A PM's Wife?
2/11/22 Leigh Sales And The Big Quit
2/9/22 Holy Sh*t, Grace Tame
2/7/22 The Story That Made Us Feel Like Hypocrites
2/4/22 A Discussion About Victoria Beckham's Dinner
2/2/22 Mia Has Left The Chat
1/31/22 The “Kiss And Tell” Story We Can’t Agree On
1/28/22 That Grace Tame Moment
1/25/22 BONUS: January 26
1/24/22 The First Date Sex Rule
1/21/22 The Most Toxic Celebrity Relationship On The Internet
1/19/22 We Need To Apologise
1/17/22 The Djok Block
1/14/22 Out Loud Is Back On Monday
1/12/22 BONUS: 4. Magazine Queens: The It Girls Vs The Paparazzi
1/11/22 BONUS: 3. Magazine Queens: When Supermodels Turned Deadly
1/10/22 BONUS: 2. Magazine Queens: Nene, Dulcie & The Diana Wars
1/9/22 BONUS: 1. Magazine Queens: Ita Buttrose, Kerry Packer & The Birth Of Cleo
1/6/22 Unpopular Opinion: Passions Are Bullsh*t
1/2/22 The Question Every Outlouder Wants Answered
12/31/21 Word Of The Year
12/26/21 Our Favourite Recommendations Of 2021
12/24/21 Small Talk For People Allergic To Small Talk
12/20/21 The Best And Worst Moments Of 2021
12/17/21 The Introvert Hangover Is Here
12/15/21 Covid, Hands Off Our Christmas
12/13/21 'Tis The Season Of Lying To Everyone You Love
12/10/21 And Just Like That… Carrie Has Divided Us
12/8/21 Am I Having A Slow-Motion Breakdown?
12/6/21 The Anatomy Of A Fake Celebrity Story
12/3/21 Abbie Chatfield & The Apology Police
12/1/21 Don't Call Me An "Influencer"
11/29/21 Not Now, Omicron
11/25/21 Can I Please Date Your Ex-Boyfriend?
11/24/21 It's Called Being A God Damn Bloody Adult
11/22/21 The D*ck Pic That's Divided The Nation
11/19/21 What We Know About William Tyrrell
11/17/21 When Does Having 'A Type' Become Problematic?
11/15/21 Jake Gyllenhaal’s Very Bad Weekend (Taylor’s Version)
11/12/21 How Your Friends Can Tell If You’re Having Sex
11/10/21 The “Soft Launch” You’re Seeing Everywhere On Instagram
11/8/21 Is Chris Pratt Slowly Cancelling Himself?
11/5/21 An Argy Bargy About Em Rata
11/3/21 Welcome Home, Cleo
11/1/21 Gladys And The Case Of The Very Bad Boyfriend
10/29/21 The Celebrity Self-Medicating With Social Media
10/27/21 The Twisted Obsession With Daniel Johns
10/25/21 Alec Baldwin's Accidental Victims
10/22/21 The Very Worst Time To Change Your Life
10/20/21 The Body Conversation Nobody Asked For In 2021
10/18/21 Lisa, Karl And Brekky TV Betrayal
10/16/21 Introducing: What Are You Wearing?
10/15/21 Would You Like Lipo With That?
10/13/21 The Fastest Way To Lose Any Argument
10/11/21 Sam Frost, Grace Tame & Freedom
10/8/21 Adele Is Ready To Talk About Her Body
10/6/21 Gladys, G-Strings & Why Gwyneth Is DTF
10/4/21 Daily Drop: Mia & Holly Are Turning 50
10/1/21 Five Dating Rules For A New Era
9/29/21 Why Will And Jada Weren’t Made For Monogamy
9/27/21 The Epidemic Of Broken Friendships
9/24/21 The Performative Hot Mums Of Instagram
9/23/21 BONUS: We Need To Talk About Nine Perfect Strangers
9/22/21 Riots And Earthquakes And Covid, Oh My
9/20/21 The Gabby Petito Disappearance Unpacked
9/18/21 Introducing Cancelled: Pete "Slippery Slope" Evans
9/17/21 Harry, Meghan And The Hairdresser Meme
9/15/21 What We're Really Doing To Our Faces
9/13/21 Freedom Guilt And The Bennifer Question
9/10/21 Where In The World Is Kate Middleton?
9/8/21 Guy Sebastian's "Hostage Video"
9/6/21 Nadia Bartel And The $1.50 Kmart Plate
9/3/21 How To Fake Being Smart At Work
9/1/21 Weaponising The Shadow Pandemic
8/30/21 An Analysis Of The Zoe Foster Blake Brand
8/27/21 The Person Everyone Hates At Work
8/25/21 Excuse Me, But This Celeb Couple Are Not In Love
8/23/21 This Groundhog Day Has To End
8/20/21 A Very Intimate Work Friend Dilemma
8/18/21 The Ageing Supermodel We Can't Look Away From
8/16/21 Australia, We've Had A Mood Swing
8/13/21 How Covid Killed The Bachelor
8/11/21 Just A Little Bit Of Hope
8/9/21 Pits, Tits, Holes And Soles
8/6/21 Australia Is Over It
8/4/21 The Theory That Explains Everything About Ben Affleck
8/2/21 Emma McKeon & The Mistake We Keep Making
7/30/21 Thrusting, Slapping, Crying: A Very Different Olympic Roundup
7/28/21 Why Simone Biles Quit
7/27/21 BONUS: Our Sealed Section Is Back
7/26/21 Saturday Just Broke Us
7/23/21 A Very Public Scolding
7/22/21 BONUS: If You’re Struggling Right Now, This Is For You
7/21/21 We Have Some Demands For Prince Harry
7/19/21 We’re Thirsty For Hamish Blake
7/16/21 The Fear Of Other People’s Opinions
7/14/21 ‘Not That Cute’: A Brutal Job Rejection
7/12/21 The Ad That Has Australia Gasping
7/9/21 Bonus: The Story Of The Great Emu In The Sky
7/9/21 The Rise Of The ‘Pick-Me’ Girl
7/7/21 The Queue Jumping Dilemma
7/5/21 Why Everyone Is Breaking The Rules
7/2/21 How Success Bombing Ruins Friendships
6/30/21 Melbourne, We Need To Apologise
6/28/21 The Celebrity House That Divided Us
6/25/21 Kids' Birthday Parties Are The New Weddings
6/23/21 One School's "Build A B*tch" List
6/21/21 What We Now Know About The Royal Oprah Interview
6/18/21 What Happens When Mean Girls Grow Up
6/16/21 The Birth Control Conversation No One Wants To Have
6/13/21 BONUS: The Kennedy Women: When Jackie Met Jack
6/11/21 Time’s Up For The "Pervs" Of Australian Swimming
6/9/21 The Anti Self-Care Hero We Need This Week
6/7/21 How Our Listeners Unravelled Jessie's Secret
6/4/21 Do We Owe Missy Higgins An Apology?
6/2/21 BONUS: Needles & Stitches: The Surprising Birth Story Of Fiona Falkiner
6/2/21 Mia's List Of Mother-In-Law Rules
5/31/21 An Argument About Naomi Osaka's New Rule
5/28/21 The 'Gender Face Gap' At The Friends Reunion
5/26/21 An Unpopular Opinion About Boundaries
5/24/21 Chrissy Teigen & Toxic Femininity
5/21/21 Prince William Has Cancelled The BBC
5/19/21 The Birth Text Message That Divided Us
5/17/21 We Need To Talk About Craig McLachlan: The Musical
5/14/21 We Listened To The Prince Harry Interview So You Don’t Have To
5/12/21 The Viral 'Two Inch' Grief Theory
5/10/21 Basic Bitch 2.0
5/7/21 What We Can Finally Say About Jarryd Hayne
5/5/21 So, What Really Happened Between Bill And Melinda Gates?
5/3/21 Life Lessons From A Billionaire
4/30/21 Do Not Follow This Man
4/28/21 How Religious Is Scott Morrison, Really?
4/26/21 The Reason Your Friend Is Blowing You Off
4/23/21 The Period-Gloves Come Off
4/21/21 Sir, Nobody Wants Your Milkshake
4/19/21 Harry, William And The Sad Queen Meme
4/16/21 The Dancers Who Were Thrown Under A Ship
4/14/21 The Woman Who Refused To Be Cancelled
4/12/21 What No One Is Saying About The Death Of Prince Philip
4/9/21 An Argument About Gwyneth's Beauty Routine
4/7/21 The Photo The Kardashians Are Trying To Bury
4/1/21 Jessie's Heartsick
3/31/21 How Did We End Up With A 'PM For Women'?
3/29/21 The Elastic Band Relationship Theory
3/26/21 What Meghan Markle Taught Us About In-Laws
3/24/21 We Don't Want To Talk About This Anymore
3/22/21 The Woman Whose Messy House Went Viral
3/19/21 Introducing What The Finance...
3/19/21 You're Uninvited To My Wedding
3/17/21 An Unpopular Opinion On Kate VS Meghan
3/15/21 The (Particularly) Feminist Edition
3/12/21 The Most Insufferable Person On Instagram
3/10/21 The Man With Balls Bigger Than His Brain
3/9/21 Meghan, Harry & Oprah: A Debrief
3/8/21 The Box Of Clothes Every Woman Has
3/5/21 Christian Porter & The Conversation Australian Women Are Having
3/3/21 Two Babies In Five Months
3/1/21 Prince Harry Spills The Tea
2/26/21 The Boys Who Don’t Brunch With Girls
2/24/21 The 5:30am Club
2/22/21 What Killed The World's Most Famous Marriage
2/19/21 WTF Is Happening With Facebook?
2/17/21 Chestfeeding, Please Explain
2/15/21 Six Signs You're Uncool
2/13/21 BONUS: The One Thing To Eat When You're Heartbroken
2/12/21 The Two Types Of Burnout
2/10/21 Holly Wants To Apologise To Britney Spears
2/8/21 Childless By Circumstance
2/5/21 Dating Burnout & Little Heartbreaks
2/3/21 Marilyn Manson & The Boy Who Slept Through Covid
2/1/21 The Problem With Women In Their Thirties
1/29/21 When Famous Mums Have Sex
1/27/21 Meet Susan, She's Your Worst Nightmare
1/25/21 How To Have A Conversation About Changing The Date
1/25/21 The Tattoo That Divided Us
1/22/21 Trump's Final Humiliation & Mia's Neck
1/20/21 How The Tennis Fiasco Became About A Woman's Hair
1/18/21 Trump's Cancelled, Celebrity Cannibals & Sexy Sex Scenes
1/5/21 BONUS: Best Books To Read This Summer
12/31/20 BONUS: Word Of The Year
12/29/20 BONUS: Best TV Shows To Binge This Summer
12/22/20 BONUS: Inside Mia, Holly & Jessie's Beauty Bags
12/21/20 BONUS: Recap Of The Year
12/18/20 The Betrayal Worse Than Cheating
12/16/20 The Friendship Ghosting Dilemma
12/14/20 The Man Kim Kardashian Tried To Save
12/12/20 Introducing What I Eat When...
12/11/20 Stop Telling Women To Stop Being Busy
12/9/20 The Wellness Craze For Your...
12/7/20 JLo Has A Joyful Heart
12/4/20 Why Isn't The PM Wearing Black?
12/2/20 The Taxi Light Dating Theory
11/30/20 The Men Who Don't Know How To Have Sex
11/27/20 Run The Dishwasher Twice
11/25/20 The Great Australian Witch Hunt
11/23/20 You Can Spot A Favourite Child From Miles Away
11/20/20 Introducing The Undone...
11/20/20 The Pre-Dinner Sex Rule
11/18/20 Pete Evans And The Butterfly Effect
11/16/20 The Politics Of A $30,000 Face
11/13/20 The Salad Rule
11/11/20 The Canberra Sex Bubble
11/9/20 BONUS: Mia & Amelia Lester Debrief On The US Election
11/9/20 The Woman The World Is Talking About Today
11/6/20 Quizzish: Does Celia Pacquola Know More Than Luke McGregor?
11/6/20 The Meltdown Of An Injured Narcissist
11/4/20 US Election: It's Going To Be A Long Week
11/4/20 Why You're Wrong About Your Personality Type
11/2/20 FOGO Is The New FOMO
10/30/20 There's No Good Way To Talk About An 18 Year Old's Body
10/28/20 Australians Will Talk About This Day For Generations
10/26/20 Fake Melania 2.0
10/23/20 The Incredible Cost Of Melbourne's Lockdown
10/21/20 Nobody Needs To See That On Zoom
10/19/20 Not All Nipples Are Created Equal
10/16/20 How To Tell If You're Rich In Australia
10/14/20 Australia's Worst Boyfriend
10/12/20 The Right To Bare Bottoms
10/9/20 Don't Spend Your Money On These Beauty Products
10/7/20 Remember When Trump Had Covid?
10/2/20 Hugh Jackman Is The Lucky One
9/30/20 Mia Feels Sick
9/28/20 Warning: Do Not Date This Man
9/25/20 Holly's Cranky at Prince Harry
9/23/20 The Problem with Rich-People Skin
9/21/20 Honey, Jennifer Aniston Just Won
9/18/20 The Hardest Part About Being Extremely Beautiful
9/16/20 The Year Of Loneliness
9/14/20 Elle Macpherson’s Dodgy Boyfriend
9/11/20 Get Off Our Television
9/9/20 The Kardashians Won The Game We're All Playing
9/7/20 May I Join Your Sex Bubble?
9/5/20 BONUS: A Father's Day Of Mixed Emotions
9/4/20 America Is Not Ok
9/2/20 The Celebrity Photos We’re Not Meant To Talk About
8/31/20 Births, Deaths and Brad
8/28/20 We Tried Those Vulva Masks
8/26/20 We Stand With Magda
8/25/20 BONUS: I Give My Marriage A Year
8/24/20 We Have A Question About Childbirth
8/21/20 Wanted: One Sexy Lesbian
8/19/20 Why You're Consumed With Envy Right Now
8/17/20 The Strange Story Behind #SaveTheChildren
8/14/20 Jessie's Leaving Home
8/12/20 We Need A Mop And Bucket
8/10/20 Where Reality Stars Can Go To Make Real Money
8/8/20 Pop Up: The Quicky: Stories From Inside Melbourne's Stage Four Lockdown
8/7/20 The Gwyneth Paltrow Essay We Need To Unpack
8/5/20 The Aussie Man Who Broke Donald Trump
8/3/20 In Tough Times, We're Bonding Over An Ugly House
7/31/20 We're All So Ashamed
7/29/20 A Feisty Debate About Instagram's #ChallengeAccepted
7/27/20 The Bunnings Incident That Stopped A Nation
7/24/20 Don't Mess With Melbourne's Pregnant Women
7/22/20 We Need To Talk About Kanye West
7/20/20 There's A New Bible For Single Women
7/17/20 Why Straight Women Are Obsessed With Lesbian TikTok
7/15/20 Two Sexy Men. One Sexy Woman
7/13/20 Can The Prime Minister Ever Really Go On Holiday?
7/10/20 The Word We All Need To Stop Saying
7/8/20 We’ll Be Better At Lockdown This Time
7/6/20 The Unease About Melbourne's Hard Lockdown
7/4/20 Introducing Quizzish: Battle One: Ada Nicodemou VS Lynne McGranger
7/3/20 The Most Dangerous Man In Comedy
7/1/20 How To Win An Argument
6/29/20 Jacinda Ardern Is Having A Bad Week
6/26/20 Uh Oh, We’re Fighting Again
6/24/20 The Meanest Things Our Mums Ever Said
6/22/20 The Sexy Movie You Really Shouldn't See
6/19/20 The Celebrity Couple Who Tricked Donald Trump
6/17/20 When Reality Stars Get "Too Confident"
6/15/20 Meghan Markle's Problematic Best Friend
6/12/20 The 5 Second Procrastination Trick
6/10/20 J.K. Rowling, Not Again
6/5/20 What Provokes Your Inner Pufferfish?
6/3/20 The Worst Photo Op In History
6/1/20 US Protests And The Voices That Matter
5/29/20 We Can't Talk About This Woman's Face
5/27/20 Everything We Ever Did Wrong
5/25/20 The Complicated Appeal Of Kyle Sandilands
5/22/20 We Have Podcast Gossip
5/20/20 When You're An Andy Living With A Hamish
5/18/20 Sex Regrets, We Have A Few
5/15/20 The Royal Who Wished He Was A Tampon
5/13/20 The Bosses Who Want You To Work From Home Forever
5/11/20 Chrissy Teigen, Anti-vaxxers and Jessie's Secret Brother
5/9/20 BONUS: What Do Daughters (Really) Think Of their Mums?
5/8/20 It's Not About Adele
5/6/20 There Are Two Types Of People And One Of Them's Infuriating
5/4/20 Joe Biden Says He Didn’t Do It
5/1/20 Adriene Mishler: The Patron Saint of Isolation
4/29/20 The Reason Reality Stars Are So Thin
4/27/20 Ellen DeGeneres and the Slippery Slope of Likeability
4/24/20 When Your Partner's Friends Really Don't Like You
4/22/20 Every Relationship Has A Sexual Tipping Point
4/20/20 The Blondes Are Not Okay
4/17/20 The Great WFH Bra Debate
4/15/20 Just Come Clean, Pete Evans
4/10/20 A Very Different Easter Long Weekend
4/8/20 The Generation That's Really Nailing Isolation
4/6/20 Can a Pregnant Woman Go Jogging While Eating a Kebab?
4/3/20 The Great Relationship Accelerator
4/1/20 Team Joe Or Team Carole: Talking About Tiger King
3/30/20 The Unexpected Silver Lining
3/27/20 Coronavirus Is Changing The Way We Look
3/25/20 The Feeling We’re All Feeling
3/23/20 The Big Bondi Beach Debate
3/20/20 Celebrities Have Finally Given Us Something To Laugh About
3/18/20 Some Unexpected Coronavirus Dilemmas
3/16/20 BONUS: Corona Check-In. We Need To Have A Family Meeting
3/13/20 The Tom Hanks Headline We Weren't Expecting
3/11/20 Jessie Is In Quarantine
3/6/20 The Kids Who Aren’t Boys Or Girls
3/4/20 The Great Toilet Paper Panic
3/1/20 Pop Up Overshare: Sleeping In Separate Rooms Is Sexy
2/28/20 Is It OK To Want A Mediocre Life?
2/26/20 Harry and Meghan's Performance Review
2/22/20 Pop Up: How Six Weeks Can Launch A Lady Startup
2/21/20 Why Jameela Jamil Had To Explain Her Sexuality
2/19/20 Meet Nick
2/19/20 Caroline Flack And Who's To Blame
2/14/20 The Female Sex Scene We Never Thought We'd See
2/12/20 Weinstein’s Lawyer Just Told Us What She Really Thinks
2/7/20 Taylor Swift And The "Annoying Woman" Syndrome
2/5/20 The J. Lo And Shakira Debate That Split The Podcast
1/31/20 Is Coronavirus Making People Racist?
1/29/20 Kobe Bryant And The Shock Of Sudden Celebrity Deaths
1/25/20 Three Things Indigenous Australians Want The Government To Do
1/24/20 Influencers In The Wild
1/22/20 Jen and Brad: A Forensic Analysis
1/17/20 The Third Person In Every Sex Scene
1/15/20 The Complex Story of Wilson Gavin
1/10/20 The Resignation Of Harry And Meghan
1/6/20 SPECIAL EPISODE: The Bushfires
12/31/19 2020 Word Of The Year
12/26/19 Recommendations: Best TV Series Of 2019
12/24/19 Recommendations: Best Books Of 2019
12/20/19 The Secret To Having A Happy Christmas
12/18/19 I Need To Rant About My Mother-In-Law
12/13/19 How to Start A Brilliant Conversation
12/11/19 What Is The Perfect Age To Become A Leader?
12/6/19 The Self Care You Won’t See On Instagram
12/4/19 Should Christmas Be Cancelled?
12/2/19 Introducing: Overshare
11/29/19 Leggings ARE Pants. Discuss.
11/27/19 There Are More Than 12 Ways To Be Sexy
11/22/19 The Mental Load of Daughtering
11/20/19 The Interview That Was "Nuclear Explosion Level Bad"
11/15/19 Ok Boomer, Got Any Nudes?
11/13/19 The Conversation Everyone Is Having This Week
11/8/19 Karl Stefanovic Is The Comeback Kid
11/7/19 Introducing: That's Incredible
11/6/19 We're Very Grateful To Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend
11/1/19 The Viral Newborn Rant
10/30/19 In Defense Of The Chaotic Woman
10/25/19 Does Leunig Have A Point?
10/23/19 Poor Meghan and Harry
10/22/19 BONUS: How Six Weeks Can Launch A Lady Startup
10/18/19 What No One Is Saying About ‘The Poo Jogger’
10/16/19 The Enemy Of Sex
10/11/19 Help. I Think I Might Be A Thief
10/9/19 We Respectfully Disagree
10/4/19 Why I Didn’t Like Your Instagram Post
10/2/19 The Cardinal Sin Of Being Average At Your Job
9/27/19 The Scariest 16 Year Old On The Planet
9/25/19 We Were Wrong About Constance Hall
9/20/19 Sex On The Beach
9/18/19 Excuse Me, Can I Flirt With You?
9/13/19 What Bucks' Parties Say About Your Relationship
9/11/19 Is The No-Fap Movement Bad For Women?
9/6/19 How To Fake Charisma
9/4/19 The Sexism Edition
8/29/19 If Taylor Swift Were A Man
8/28/19 The Man Melania Trump Wishes She Was Married To
8/23/19 Suddenly Single At 32
8/22/19 BONUS: #GetItDone
8/21/19 The Rule Of Three
8/16/19 The Uncool Mental Illness
8/14/19 Inside The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories
8/9/19 Chrissy Teigen Says You Can't Go To The Gym
8/7/19 The Generation That Has No Friends
8/2/19 Introducing The Spill...
8/2/19 Kate Middleton Wants You To Know She Hasn't Had "Baby Botox"
7/31/19 A Cheat's A Cheat, Unless They're Aussie
7/26/19 The Best Break Up Text
7/24/19 Why The World's Obsessed With Byron Bay Murfers
7/19/19 Why Your Old Face Makes Me Sad
7/17/19 Are Lip Fillers The New Lower Back Tattoo?
7/12/19 Sex, Death And Money
7/10/19 Australia Is Embarrassing Ash Barty
7/5/19 Don’t Tell Me To Bring A Plate
7/3/19 Ivanka Trump Was Born To Try
6/28/19 The Gold Logie Goes To...The Biggest Bully
6/26/19 The Truth About The "She's Not My Type" Defence
6/22/19 Introducing True Crime Conversations With Jessie Stephens
6/21/19 Are You An Introvert Or Just Lazy?
6/19/19 You Need To Calm Down
6/14/19 Keanu Reeves Is Very Good In Bed
6/12/19 What Happens After The Worst Day Of Your Life
6/7/19 Stuff We Pretend To Like
6/5/19 The Awkward Interview Everyone Is Talking About
5/31/19 Are You A Bernie Or An Elton?
5/29/19 How Australia Failed Courtney Herron
5/24/19 BONUS: Ask Us Anything Round 2
5/24/19 I Dated A Celebrity Or Did I?
5/22/19 When Boobs Shout Louder Than Words
5/20/19 ELECTION SPECIAL: How Good Is Democracy?
5/17/19 The Woman Who Works 22 Hours A Day
5/16/19 ELECTION SPECIAL: Mia Goes Rogue
5/15/19 The Very Worst Person In The World Right Now
5/14/19 ELECTION SPECIAL: Behind The Headlines
5/10/19 The Three Date Rule
5/8/19 Why Everyone’s Crying On Instagram
5/7/19 ELECTION SPECIAL: Who The Heck Should I Vote For?
5/4/19 BONUS: Ask Us Anything
5/3/19 Why Nobody Wants To Live With A Capricorn
5/1/19 How To Have A Baby Like A Princess
4/26/19 The Emojis That Creep People Out
4/24/19 We Need To Talk About Chris Lilley
4/20/19 BONUS: Easter Recommendations
4/18/19 Let's All Hold Hands And #Pray For Angelina Jolie
4/17/19 We Need To Talk About Australia’s Own ‘Notre Dame’
4/12/19 The Email That Can Help You Get Hired
4/10/19 The Story That Divided Australia
4/5/19 This Is What A Relaunch Looks Like
4/3/19 Get Yourself A Nemesis
3/30/19 BONUS: Correspondence Is Back...
3/29/19 How Do You Put Your Bra On?
3/27/19 What Makes A Woman Unlikeable?
3/22/19 What Young Women Are Spending Crazy Money On
3/22/19 BONUS: We Need To Talk About Scott Morrison & Waleed Aly
3/20/19 This Is What A Leader Looks Like
3/15/19 Why Aunt Becky Went To Jail
3/13/19 The Great Chicken Sandwich Dilemma
3/13/19 EXTRA: George Pell, Michael Jackon & The Whole Damned Thing
3/8/19 The Performative Friendship Group
3/6/19 The Scariest Thing On The Internet
3/1/19 This Is A Moment For Outrage
2/27/19 What Jordan Peterson Gets Wrong About Women
2/22/19 The $20 Million Fake Love Story
2/20/19 Are Women Killing Meghan Markle?
2/17/19 BONUS: Introducing The Quicky...
2/15/19 Why Would Anyone Need A Sex Button?
2/13/19 Why Are We Weighing People On National TV?
2/8/19 Well, That Was Embarrassing
2/6/19 The Reason Women Are Relaunching
2/1/19 The Great Relationship Conversation Test
1/30/19 What Happens When Two Women Fight
1/25/19 Three First Nations Women On January 26
1/25/19 Am I Being Unreasonable?
1/23/19 The Ultimate Female Grooming Dilemma
1/19/19 BONUS: The Bold Type Recap.
1/18/19 The 10 Year Challenge Conspiracy Theory
1/16/19 The Yoni Egg Friendship Test
1/11/19 G-Strings To The Front
1/9/19 Sex & The City: The Show That Changed Everything
1/3/19 BONUS: The Topics You Couldn't Stop Talking About In 2018
12/31/18 What Is Your Word For 2019?
12/27/18 BONUS: All The Things We Completely Forgot Happened In 2018
12/25/18 BONUS: 24 Recommendations To Get You Through Summer
12/24/18 BONUS: A Very Mamamia Out Loud Christmas
12/21/18 $1700 For An Orgasm
12/19/18 An Unconventional Pregnancy Announcement
12/14/18 The Thing About Second Marriages
12/12/18 Do You Feel As Good As You Look?
12/7/18 The Arrest We've Been Waiting For
12/5/18 Christmas Party Dressing Is Hard
11/30/18 The Man You Ought To Avoid
11/28/18 An Awkward Housemate Situation
11/23/18 Just Take A Picture Of Me Doing This...
11/21/18 Nobody Wants Your Sad Kris Kringle Present
11/16/18 The Best Friend Debate
11/14/18 Excuse Me While I Breastfeed Your Baby
11/9/18 The Dating Advice No Woman Wants To Hear
11/7/18 Spice Girls, Dead Horses & Wedding Dresses For Old People
11/2/18 Taking Off Your Big Girl Pants
10/31/18 We Just Want To Take Another Look At Bradley Cooper
10/26/18 Midnight Zoomies
10/24/18 The Failure Resumé
10/23/18 EXTRA: A Star Is Born
10/19/18 Friendship With A Side Of Eye Cream
10/17/18 Babies, Botox & Bye Bye Cosmo
10/12/18 You Only Need 7 Friends
10/10/18 Don't Google Toad From Mario Kart
10/5/18 He's Just Not That Into You
10/3/18 Why Everybody Needs A Broken Heart
9/28/18 Those Darn Millennials Have Ruined Divorce
9/26/18 Keli Lane And The Court Of TV Opinion
9/20/18 Meanwhile, In A Dubbo Hotel Room...
9/19/18 A-Line Jeans And A Nice Top
9/14/18 27 Minutes Of Awesome
9/12/18 Scrambled Jade Eggs And Serena
9/7/18 Mean Girls Come In Threes
9/6/18 When Jessie Stephens Met Germaine Greer
9/5/18 Dead Fish Before Breakfast
9/3/18 We've Got A Special Announcement
8/31/18 I Don't Want To See Your Gusset
8/29/18 Crazy Brides And Bad Bosses
8/28/18 Book Club: How To Be Perfect
8/24/18 Only Three Prime Ministers To Go Until Christmas
8/24/18 Are We Having Fun Yet?
8/22/18 You Can't Cry Over Spilt Prime Ministers
8/17/18 Introducing Bach Chat
8/17/18 Sexy Babies Are Having A Moment
8/15/18 Break Out Of Your Turtle Shell
8/10/18 Embrace She Dragon
8/8/18 Free the FUPA
8/3/18 Gynecological History Available On Request
8/1/18 Tour de Female
7/27/18 Kissing Hands And Licking Babies
7/25/18 There's No Such Thing As A Girl Boss
7/20/18 Are You An Overachiever Or An Ostrich?
7/18/18 When Your Boyfriend Is An Anti-Vaxxer
7/17/18 This One's For The Bush
7/16/18 BONUS: The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Unpacked
7/13/18 The Self Made Woman
7/11/18 Humanity At Its Best
7/6/18 The Teachers Are Traumatised
7/4/18 What A Barry Crocker
6/29/18 Don't Tell The Men About Period Brain
6/27/18 When Babies Come With A Side Of Superiority
6/22/18 If I've Got To Talk To You We Can No Longer Be Friends
6/20/18 Do My Boobs Look Small In This?
6/15/18 Blame It On The Super Moon
6/15/18 We Will All Remember Eurydice Dixon
6/13/18 Donald And Kim And Victoria And David
6/8/18 Check On Your Strong Friend
6/6/18 Get Your Eggs On Ice
6/1/18 Welcome To Our Wolfpack
5/30/18 Barnaby Joyce Might Be Australia's Worst Boyfriend
5/24/18 Repeal The 8th
5/23/18 Don't Get Trapped In the Venting Vortex
5/20/18 You Are Cordially Invited To The Royal Wedding After-Party
5/18/18 Celebrity Diets And Other Truly Terrible Ideas
5/16/18 I'm Too Sexy For This Fish
5/11/18 Meghan Markle Had A Baked Beans Husband
5/9/18 Job Interviews and Morning Sickness Don't Mix
5/9/18 How Four Corners Met Saxon Mullins
5/4/18 The Harry Potter Generation Is Here To Save The World
5/2/18 'I Want To Be Rich' And Other Things Women Can't Say
4/27/18 Quit Your Job And Find A New Friend
4/24/18 Women To The Front
4/20/18 Spinsters Are Doing It For Themselves
4/18/18 Dressing For Work Is So Last Season
4/13/18 Step Away From The Ballers
4/11/18 Get Your Chin Hair Out
4/6/18 Have You Got Anything Herbal?
4/4/18 A Few Ambitious Women
3/29/18 How About Those Sausages
3/28/18 No One Likes A Cheater
3/22/18 What The Zuck?
3/21/18 If You Can't Say Anything Nice... Turn Off Speakerphone
3/16/18 What To Expect When You're Kidnapped By The Royal Family
3/14/18 School Runs Aren't All They're Cracked Up To Be
3/8/18 Move Over Marie Kondo
3/7/18 Barnaby Joyce, What A Guy
3/2/18 One Night Stands And Avo Etiquette
2/28/18 Queer Eye For The Deputy PM
2/23/18 I Wish You Didn't Have A Wishing Well
2/21/18 Caspering Is The New Ghosting
2/15/18 Narcissists Anonymous
2/14/18 The Life Changing Magic Of A No Chat Button
2/9/18 This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
2/7/18 If Married at First Sight Were A Dating App You'd Delete It
2/1/18 Red Is For Boys, White Is For Girls
1/31/18 Welcome To The Jungle
1/25/18 Does My Minora Look Big In This?
1/24/18 Bendable Reeds And Submissive Dogs
1/19/18 Zero Days And New Moon Madness
1/17/18 Aziz Ansari And Burning The Whole Thing Down
1/12/18 This One's For Dolly
1/10/18 Time's Up For Coffee Colonics
1/2/18 BONUS: Mamamia Out Loud Live
12/31/17 What Is Your Word For 2018?
12/30/17 BONUS: The Year That Was Women In Sport
12/29/17 BONUS: The Year That Was Women On TV
12/28/17 BONUS: The Year That Was #MeToo
12/27/17 BONUS: The Year That Was Marriage Equality
12/26/17 BONUS: The Year Of Not Giving A F*ck
12/25/17 BONUS: The Year That Was True Crime
12/24/17 BONUS: The Year That Was Activewear
12/21/17 You Asked For It: The Summer Recommendations Special
12/20/17 True Love Means Always Eating The Crust
12/14/17 Meghan Markle's Family Christmas Is Scarier Than Yours
12/13/17 Botox Is Good For Your Career, Apparently
12/7/17 Your Pets Don't Need a Santa Photo
12/6/17 Let Your Freak Petals Fly
12/1/17 The Day That Glitter Died
11/29/17 Almost Everyone Is Delighted For Meghan Markle
11/28/17 BONUS: The Revolution Has Come For Don Burke
11/24/17 Everybody’s Lady Bits Are Different
11/22/17 There's Nothing Wrong With The Creamy Middle
11/17/17 Nothing Good Starts With A Deleted Tweet
11/15/17 Yes! Yes! Yes!
11/10/17 Never Put A Cucumber Where Cucumbers Shouldn't Go
11/8/17 Sometimes, You Just Have To Lick A Window
11/2/17 I Said Darl, I Said Sweetie, I Said No
11/1/17 Kevin Spacey Is Problematic
10/25/17 The Change Is Making Us Anxious
10/18/17 What Would Lisa Wilkinson Do
10/16/17 Bonus: The Harvey Weinstein Saga - Unpacked
10/11/17 Sometimes A Sandwich Is Just A Sandwich
10/4/17 Good Feminists Wear Bum Bags
10/3/17 EXTRA: The Deadliest Mass Shooting In Modern US History
9/27/17 The Suffragettes Didn't Fight For Tequila
9/20/17 It's Okay To Vote Yes To Watching The Bachelorette
9/13/17 Two 40-Year-Old Eggs Walk Into A Bar
9/6/17 Royals Don't Have Loos In The Bedroom
8/30/17 Look What Taylor Swift Made Us Do
8/23/17 There Are Four Types Of People In The World
8/16/17 Taylor Swift, Bachelor Breakups and Rules for Open Plan Offices
8/9/17 Plebiscites, Gym-Shaming And The Problem With Comedy
8/2/17 Bad Bosses, Midults and the Politics of Sex Robots
7/26/17 Confessions of Bachelor-Watching Feminists
7/19/17 It's Sex. It's The Constitution. It's The Vibe.
7/12/17 Pillow Germs, Pink Bits and a Kardashian in Crisis
7/5/17 Broflakes, Infertile Fashion and The Wonder of Miranda Hobbs.
6/28/17 Serena Williams, Female Tradies and Other Kick-Arse Women.
6/23/17 BONUS: Correspondence #3
6/21/17 Who Let The Dogs In?
6/14/17 Pass the Pina Colada
6/13/17 UPDATE: Welcome back, Monz. A story about miscarriage
6/7/17 Men Don't Light Scented Candles
5/31/17 Margaret, Schapelle and the Mile High Club
5/26/17 BONUS: Correspondence #2
5/24/17 Open Marriages, Instagram Sins and The Hell of Workplace Gift Giving
5/24/17 We Need To Talk About Manchester
5/17/17 We Don't Wear Skirts To Work
5/10/17 The Not-The-Budget Edition
5/5/17 Bonus: Work Strife Balance
5/3/17 Colombian Prisons, Cougars and Facebook Shame
4/28/17 BONUS: Correspondence for the week
4/26/17 Molly, Maternity Leave and The Trouble With ANZAC Day
4/19/17 Meghan Markle, Mr Vogue and the First Lady Of Hell.
4/12/17 Stuffing Up, Slowing Down and Botox For Your Bum.
4/5/17 Only Mothers Are Allowed To Be Tired
3/29/17 Do My Legs Look Good In This Power Suit?
3/22/17 Three Difficult Women
3/15/17 Death, Sex and Feminist Prefects
3/8/17 A Rare And Extremely Special International Women's Day Edition
3/1/17 Justin Trudeau's Butt Is Not A Plaything
2/22/17 Sometimes Even The Real News Is Fake
2/15/17 Celebrity Pregnancies, Rules for Fashion and Boycotting Fifty Shades
2/8/17 Feminist Fight Club
2/1/17 Crazy Ex-Girlfriends On The Loose
1/25/17 Red Flags and Red Rags.
1/18/17 Three Women Wearing White
1/13/17 BONUS: Undiscovered podcasts and 17 other recommendations.
1/11/17 Meryl Streep for President
1/4/17 What is your word for 2017?
12/30/16 BONUS: The Year That Fashion Went Nude
12/29/16 BONUS: The Year Of The Avocado
12/28/16 BONUS: The Year We Filmed Everything
12/27/16 BONUS: The Year The 90's Came Back
12/26/16 BONUS: The Year We Finally Watched Women's Sport
12/25/16 BONUS: The Year Politics Went Psycho
12/21/16 Sleeping with the boss and ALL the Summer recommendations.
12/14/16 Sam's Undies, Mel's Movies, and Presents for Men
12/7/16 What exactly is Victoria's 'Secret'?
11/30/16 Don't Hide In The Toilet At Your Christmas Party
11/23/16 We Have A Side Vag Situation.
11/16/16 Bras, Births & A Kinder, Post-Trump World
11/9/16 Prince Harry, Mrs Franklin and Your Unfashionable Breasts.
11/9/16 BONUS: Trumpocalypse. The women of Mamamia debrief
11/2/16 Drunk Girls & Fur Babies
10/26/16 Three Nasty Women
10/19/16 Avocado Wars and Ask Bossy says Goodbye
10/12/16 Men in locker rooms and women who drink.
10/5/16 Kim Kardashian, Australian Story, & Strangers on a Bench
9/28/16 A Man Came Into The Studio
9/21/16 At least we still have The Clooneys
9/14/16 Hillary's sick, and so is the plebiscite.
9/7/16 Lamb. Lena. And Spray Tans During Labour
8/31/16 Wedding Regrets, #Nomakeup Celebs and Headphone Etiquette
8/24/16 Leaks, loose lips and reclaiming a four-letter word.
8/17/16 Cake-Gate, Dad Bods and Olympic Fails
8/12/16 BONUS: Book Club. The Anti Cool Girl, Rosie Waterland
8/10/16 Census and Sensibility
8/3/16 Women, You Win The Week.
7/27/16 The Bachelor, The Glass Cliff and Airtasker Therapy
7/20/16 Sonia Kruger Needs A Sultana Cake.
7/13/16 Gaslighting, Jen Aniston and Fake Celebrity Romances
7/6/16 Pauline Hanson, People to Unfollow and Phubbing
6/29/16 How to win a vote in 60 seconds
6/24/16 BONUS: Why you need more sleep and how to get it.
6/22/16 The Week of Eddie, Roxy and the Fake Tradie.
6/17/16 BONUS: Susan Carland answers questions about Ramadan.
6/15/16 Orlando, Meg Ryan's face and the modern digital dilemma
6/8/16 Confessions, Crocs and Election Day Sausages
6/1/16 Johnny Depp. Leaning Out. And The Great IVF Lie
5/25/16 Kanye, Malcolm, And The Mothers Who Leave
5/18/16 We don't understand fashion week, wifezillas or puberty.
5/11/16 Logies dress-gate and the First Lady who doesn't speak.
5/4/16 Powerful women don't need to wear pants.
4/27/16 The Mums of Australia Don't Want Slippers
4/20/16 The Only Hijab On The Red Carpet
4/13/16 Is Everyone Sexting Without Us?
4/6/16 The Politics of Changing Your Name
3/30/16 The Girly Girly Footy Show
3/23/16 Politics and Pantry Moths
3/16/16 Sex, Marriage and Jennifer Aniston
3/9/16 Phones are not for phone calls.
3/4/16 BONUS: 14 Questions Straight Women Have For Gay Women
3/2/16 Fashion, Fangirling and The Foreign Minister
2/24/16 What Not To Wear To A Fancy Dress Party
2/17/16 Ask Bossy What She Really Thinks.
2/10/16 Beyonce Would Never Say No To Going on Q &A
2/3/16 The Butt Wants What The Butt Wants
1/28/16 We asked Mark Latham to rate this show
1/20/16 The One Where Mia Frees Her Nipples.
1/14/16 SNEAK PEEK: The Binge. Making A Murderer.
1/14/16 There's Only One Word for 2016
12/28/15 BONUS: The Year We Couldn't Eat Anything
12/27/15 BONUS: The Year That Everyone Broke Up
12/24/15 BONUS: The only TV shows you need to watch this summer
12/24/15 BONUS: The only books you need to read this summer
12/24/15 BONUS: The only podcasts you need to hear this summer
12/23/15 BONUS: The Year Of Gender and Sexual Fluidity
12/22/15 BONUS: The Year We Took Domestic Violence Seriously
12/21/15 BONUS: The Year We Stopped Talking To Each Other
12/20/15 BONUS: The Year We Took The Power Back
12/16/15 Stop Pretending You Don't Need Therapy
12/9/15 The Divided Heart and a Happy Goodbye
12/2/15 The Big O
11/25/15 Name One Thing You're Good At
11/18/15 Everyone Gets A Platform
11/11/15 Shopping, Masturbating and Candle Making
11/4/15 The Girl Who Quit Social Media
10/28/15 We All Need A Madonna Headset
10/22/15 BONUS: Bach Chat. The Bachelorette Recap. S1 - The finale.
10/22/15 Births, Deaths, and What Really Matters
10/15/15 BONUS: Bach Chat. The Bachelorette Recap. S1 E7 & 8
10/14/15 Three White Feminists
10/8/15 BONUS: Bach Chat. The Bachelorette Recap. Season 1, ep 5 and 6
10/7/15 End Of World Confessions
10/1/15 BONUS EP: Bach Chat. The Bachelorette Recap, Season 1 ep 4.
9/30/15 How To Be Cool
9/25/15 Never Trust A Psychic In A Garage
9/16/15 The Band Is Back Together
9/15/15 BONUS EP: And We Have A New PM
9/9/15 Tony Abbott Does Not Get A Rose
9/2/15 Everyone Gets A Lolly
8/26/15 I'm Too Tired To Care If My Husband Cheats On Me
8/19/15 My Big Fat Controversial Wedding
8/11/15 Behind The Scenes Of The Bachelor
8/4/15 Out of Office.
7/30/15 The Bachelor is Back.
7/22/15 The Trouble With Amy Schumer
7/15/15 Leaning In, Leaning Out and trying not to throw up.
7/8/15 The Problem with Happiness
7/1/15 The Rainbow Facebook Dilemma
6/27/15 BONUS EPISODE: Annabel Crabb on I Don't Know How She Does It
6/25/15 The "Please Touch My Hair" Episode
6/17/15 Generation Cancel: Why no one can commit anymore.
6/10/15 Women's Voices Are The Worst. Apparently.
6/3/15 Sex, Mental Illness and The Bachelor.
5/27/15 The Tampon Tax Is A Bloody Outrage. Period.
5/20/15 Why Rebel's age matters
5/13/15 We call bullshit on everything
5/6/15 In the toilets at the Logies
4/29/15 Bali 9, The Bachelorette and Babies.
4/15/15 Childless by choice: the last female taboo
4/8/15 I'll Kill For Woolworths Dominoes
4/1/15 Gen Y are the most selfish generation of all.
3/25/15 The Walking in parks alone edition
3/18/15 WTF does "leaning in" mean?
3/10/15 We are all bad feminists.
3/4/15 The one where Jamila brushed us off.
2/25/15 You don't need a Thermomix. You have a wooden spoon.
2/18/15 Why does everyone hate Pete Evans?
2/13/15 SPECIAL: Fifty Shades of Grey. The Essential Guide.
2/11/15 Some people never masturbate. True story.
2/4/15 Rebel Wilson lies about her age. So do we.
1/29/15 Sam Armytage: The Swimsuit Edition
1/22/15 Obsessions, confessions, and hard questions