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Good questions. Great guests. Few beers... Steve and Seamus like asking good questions. And they love good answers. After over 20 years of friendship, they bought a microphone and started a podcast, allowing them to sit with, and learn from, the most interesting people they can access. From Olympic rowing legend Eric Murray, to media personality Mike Lane, and events creator David Higgins, Between Two Beers has produced countless hours of incredible stories, career highs, lows and moments of raw vulnerability. And it’s only the beginning. The ACC - The Alternative Commentary Collective.


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3/26/23 Laura McGoldrick: My life in the spotlight (re-release) On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re rewinding the clock to October of 2021 when we sat down with Laura McGoldrick.  Laura is a broadcaster, presenter, radio host, MC and part time actress and one of the most popular faces on television in New Zealand.   She has been a host of the Cricket Show, Holden Golf World, NZ Herald Focus as well as most of Sky’s major sporting events, and held breakfast radio rolls at Hauraki and the Hits. She’s also married to Black Caps star Martin Guptill.   In this episode we talk about how Laura navigated her post-match SKy TV commitments after watching her husband’s heartbreak following the Cricket World Cup final, Growing up with her mum – the super agent, working with Stephen Colbert, the differences between working on Hauraki with Matt and Jerry and the Hits with Toni and Sam and the hardest moments across her career at Sky TV.   Laura is exceptional company. Funny, witty, full of energy and an engaging storyteller. This was a really memorable episode for us. It was recorded during lockdown, so the audio is a little patchy in places and we’ve edited out some of the painful isolation chat from the start of the ep.  Listen on iheart or wherever you get your podcasts from, or watch the video on Youtube. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two And While you’re there signup to our new weekly newsletter which has behind the scenes recaps of each episode.                   This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy. Show notes: 1:50: Who am I? “I took her to my school leavers’ ball. She’s my best mate’s sister and it was a top notch night. But I think she danced with my dad more than me though L” 4:34: Reflections on the Cricket World Cup Super Over from a broadcast and partner point-of-view and the aftermath on the pitch 16:53: Back to 2015 and doubling down on Cricket World Cup disappointment 19:10: Meeting Guppy for the first time on The Cricket Show 22:30: Growing up in Christchurch with her dad running Jade Stadium and her mum the super-agent 28:45: Not just athletes: Jason Gunn, Phillip Leishman and acting 31:58: The Stephen Colbert experience 37:44: Meeting Meghan Markle 42:38: Cutting her teeth on The Cricket Show and 47:05: Life in front of the camera 50:29: Live events: the Dame Valerie Adams gold medal ceremony and covering the Olympic Games 55:04: An Emma Twigg interlude 58:12: Radio: Laura’s time at Radio Hauraki and moving into The Hits 1:04:04: The challenges of being a women in a male-dominated field 1:10:01: The Pakistan tour and being a partner of a cricketer 1:13:35: Laura’s process for MCing and hosting the Cricket World Cup opening ceremony 1:18:09: The Harlem Globetrotters of cricket 1:21:23: Where is the journey heading? 1:22:50: Last words from Steven, Seamus and LauraSee for privacy information. more Transcribed
3/19/23 Awen Guttenbeil: Lessons from my island On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Awen Gutenbeil.  You ...may know Awen as one of New Zealand’s greatest rugby league players, with 170 caps for the Warriors over a professional career that spanned 15 years. What you might not know, is that in the first five years of his career he spent more time under general anesthetic then he did on the field.   In this episode we talk about the mental toll of 60 hours under GA and how he got his career back on track, the hustle, grind and drive to set up his thriving business career post footy, reflections on the Warriors’ most famous scraps, the best end of year trip stories, why he didn’t fancy a career as a broadcaster, meeting the queen, what he’s learned as a dad, golf, what the next chapter looks like and much much more.  This ep was really special. Awen is such an eloquent speaker with a lifetime of important lessons to share. We asked him some ‘big picture’ questions at the end, and the impromptu, thoughtful, articulate answers blew us away. You'll love this one. See for privacy information. more Transcribed
3/12/23 Guyon Espiner: Mastering the art of the interview On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Guyon Espiner.  Guyo...n is one of New Zealand’s most highly respected journalists and has worked in print, radio and television for more than 20 years, as a reporter, political editor and anchor.  He has reported on trade from China, on war from Afghanistan, on politics from Washington, and on climate change from Antarctica.  He currently works at Radio New Zealand as an investigative journalist and has just released his new book THE DRINKING GAME – which looks at how big business, the media and politicians shape the way we drink.  In this episode we talk about Guyon’s friendship and rivalry with Duncan Garner, what life is really like in the parliamentary press gallery, why he crossed the floor from TVNZ to TV3, the art of interviewing politicians, his best Winston Peters drinking story – and their most memorable interview and his new book and why he turned away from the booze.  This was a cracking ep. Guyon is sharp, worldly and insightful and his experiences and stories from two decades in New Zealand journalism would rival anyone in the country. You’ll love this one.  Listen on iheart or wherevers you get your podcasts from, or watch the video on Youtube. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two And While you’re there signup to our new weekly newsletter which has behind the scenes recaps of each episode.                  Show notes | Episode 118 | Guyon Espiner 1:30: The Drinking Game and being “sober curious” 6:14: Cricket and Paddy Gower 10:13: Guyon Espiner v Duncan Garner 14:08: Life in the parliamentary press gallery 20:03: Is anything genuinely off the record? 22:16: Crossing the floor from TVNZ to TV3 24:15: Winston Peters 34:01: The art of interviewing politicians 41:25: Morning Report and Radio New Zealand 45:47: Stepping back into investigative journalism 53:15: The decision to stop drinking 1:00:20: Having the ugly conversation with your mates 1:06:30: The Te Reo journey 1:10:10: Running as a mental health pillarSee for privacy information. more Transcribed
3/5/23 Guy Williams: The wild world of Kiwi comedy On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Guy Williams.  Guy is... one of New Zealand’s best-known comedians who has worked on many of New Zealand’s biggest TV shows.  He was a co-host on Jono and Ben, a radio DJ at The Edge, featured on shows like Come Dine With Me, The Extra Factor and Taskmaster and for the last four years has been working on his critically acclaimed show New Zealand Today.  In this one we talk about bad names for podcasts, why he was the worst ever contestant on Taskmaster, what its really like to be the gag-man at serious sport press conferences, his complicated relationship with Sonny Bill Williams, interviewing the Mongrol Mob, Patrick and Roy, why New Zealand Today has been so popular and much, much more.  Guy is a tornado of energy, noise and good chat. This was really fun, so many entertaining stories mixed with moments of real introspection. You’ll love this one. See for privacy information. more Transcribed
2/26/23 Lisa Carrington: Inside the mind of a champion ... more
2/19/23 Paddy Gower: This is the f***in news (re-release) On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re rewinding the clock back September of 2021 when we sat down with Paddy Gower.   Paddy is one of New Zealand’s most senior journalists with over 22 years in all forms of journalism. He’s been newshub’s political editor, an award-winning investigative journalist in  print and broadcasting – has covered warzones and major world events, has hosted leaders debates and is a documentary maker raising issues of national signficance.    But despite all this, by his own admission – he's most well known for saying ‘This is the fuckin news” and smoking weed on TV.   In this episode we find out why that is, what I experienced when I went to a Hamilton pub with Paddy after midnight, how All Black Conrad Smith helped him prepare for the leaders debate, the time he left his passport behind when travelling with the prime minister in Iraq, the breakdown that led to him quitting as Newshub Political editor, the horror interview he’ll never forget and a whole lot  more.   Paddy is a deep thinker and was a joy to share company with. He’s authentic, vulnerable, honest and entertaining. This was one of our most memorable earlier episodes, and wanted to share with our new audience.   It should be noted that this was also recorded a few months before Paddy turned away from booze. So keep that in mind when you hear a few references to alcohol.See for privacy information. more
2/12/23 Marc Ellis: How to walk with Kings On this episode of Between Two Beers, we talk to Marc Ellis.  Marc ha...s done enough in his life to have an episode dedicated to each chapter.  He played rugby for Otago, North Harbour, Blues, Highlanders and All Blacks and League for the Warriors and Kiwis, founded Charlie’s juice company – which after 10 years he sold to Asahi for $129 million, and was one of New Zealand’s top television stars for over a decade.  In this episode we talk about what it was like to walk away with $18 million after selling Charlie’s - and why he decided to keep working, the best stories from university in Dunedin and touring with the All Blacks, why he thinks he was poisoned before the 1995 Rugby World Cup final, the time he was nearly killed by a bowling machine, the glory days with Ridgey, his favourite moments from Sports Café, what he’s doing now and much much more.  Marc was our dream guest – and he delivered. Seamus and I grew up watching his unpredictable brand of hijinx and gags on TV, and his infectiously positive and fun personality rubbed off on us both. But behind the laughs and wild stories is an incredibly driven, successful, thoughtful guy and we had so much fun working through his full story. You'll love this one.  Show notes | Episode 115 | Marc Ellis Show notes | Episode 115 | Marc Ellis 2:14: A pinch yourself moment and a local speak easy 4:21: That time Marc nearly killed himself alone with a bowling machine 7:15: The Human Cannonball, the boat, and the Round Lake Taupo cycle 15:15: The last ten years of Marc Ellis 16:57: Macca at high school 19:43: The King of Otago University 22:49: Scarfie hijinks 25:01: Otago rugby and All Blacks tours 30:01: “Suzie” at the 1995 Rugby World Cup 33:38: Setting up Charlies 39:34: The decision to sell Charlies 46:12: The Warriors, Jonah, and JK 52:34: Sports Café 1:03:59: Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis 1:11:21: Working on More FM after becoming a multi-millionaire 1:15:32: The Rangitoto stunt 1:19:13: Media Blanco and life now 1:21:35: Fame and anonymity 1:22:49: Advice from a father to a son 1:29:40: Last words from Steve, Seamus and MarcSee for privacy information. more
2/5/23 Dave Wood: How to stay calm under pressure On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Dave Wood.  Dave is a... human performance specialist who works with some of the world’s most elite athletes to make them better at their job.   He is currently Israel Adesanya’s breathing and mindset coach, and in a recent interview Adesanya said Wood ‘opened his eyes’ to the power of breathwork.   Wood is now one of the most in-demand integrated health specialists in Australasia and has worked with Blair Tuke, Ella Williams, Kai Kara France – and one of Germany’s top footballers -  but the story of how he got to the top might be as remarkable as his quick rise.  We talk about his debilitating hip injury, the failed attempts at rehab through traditional sources - and hitting rock bottom. Then The drive, desire and success of figuring a solution out on his own – and how he started teaching it to others - while working as an intensive care paramedic.   Dave doesn’t normally do these types of interviews – and we feel grateful he gave us so much. We delved deep into his back story – and he was incredibly open about some of the most challenging moments in his life. He teaches stress mitigation, and being ‘calm under pressure’ and some of his ‘real world’ examples of what he’s been through – and travel stories - will blow you away.  This was a cracker ep and it’s easy to see why Dave has risen to the top of his field. He’s relatable, he's real, he’s whip-smart and has lived one hell of a life. You’ll love this one.  Listen on iheart or wherevers you get your podcasts from, and check you podcast app for show notes. You can watch the video of this one on Youtube. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two                 This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.  Show notes | Episode 114 | Dave Wood 1:38: The stress (or not) of the Auckland floods 3:43: The sausage story 8:14: The makings of Dave Wood 13:11: “I don’t want to go on a holiday, I want to challenge myself” 15:17: Left at sea in Bali 19:04: A culmination of experiences 21:11: Living in a lighthouse on the Andaman Islands 31:09: Seven days with a camel 36:23: Travel hardships in Venezuela 44:21: Reinventing himself as an Intensive Care Paramedic 49:57: Dealing with chronic pain: The creation of integrated training 57:12: Overcoming obstacles 59:33: From start up to working with Israel Adesanya 1:05:14: From athletes to corporates 1:10:17: A German football interlude 1:11:35: The importance of breathing 1:20:15: Wim Hof and cold showers 1:25:11: Can you read people’s stress levels? 1:29:27: The five pillars of health 1:34:27: The importance of the natural environment 1:37:38: Manifestation 1:40:07: Last words from Steve, Seamus and DaveSee for privacy information. more
1/29/23 Melodie Robinson: Blazing a trail to the top Melodie is a Kiwi trailblazer, with a CV as good as any that have come... across the BTB desk. She’s won two rugby World Cups with the Black Ferns, worked at parliament as a journalist, was the first female rugby commentator in the world, perfected her craft across 15 years at SKY before becoming a communications executive – and she is now TVNZ’s General Manager, Sport and Events. She also has an MBA from Auckland uni, two sons and is married to one of New Zealand’s best golf pros.  In this episode we talk about her most viral moments behind the microphone, young Mel the beauty queen who started scraps, how Murray Deaker helped kick start her career, the first time she met Ruby Tui, the current state of women’s sport coverage in NZ, the Black Ferns and so much more.  Mel was an incredible guest. She’s risen to the top of every field she’s entered – and done it with true authenticity. She’s the real –deal – you’ll love this one.  Show notes | Episode 113 | Melodie Robinson 1:52: The Black Clash 5:54: Could Mel make it on the Alternative Commentary Collective? 10:21: Reflecting on an impressive CV via an incredibly supportive mum and dad 16:00: Melodie on losing your parents (and Celebrity Treasure Island) 21:51: Cutting her teeth in the parliament press gallery 27:38: A beauty queen who started scraps on the footy field 31:32: Mel the scarfie: University and rugby in Otago 34:48: The early days of the Black Ferns 41:31: How a university research project set a career in motion 43:49: A phone call to Murray Deaker leads to an opportunity with Sky TV 49:44: Starting out at Sky TV 52:20: Behind the mic from a woman’s perspective 56:25: A Steve Walsh interlude 57:38: William and Kate’s wedding night 1:03:11: Women on screen: Laura McGoldrick, Rikki Swannell and Ruby Tui 1:09:11: The importance of appearance on TV 1:11:03: Losing two greats: Willie Lose and Va’aiga Tuigamala 1:17:05 The current state of women’s sports coverage and the Black Ferns win 1:24:37: Life as TVNZ General Manager Sports and Events 1:30:22: Steve’s wounding golf chat 1:32:04: Last words from Steve, Seamus and MelodieSee for privacy information. more
1/22/23 Mike Minogue: The big second act On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Mike Minogue.   Mike a talented man. He’s a creator, writer, producer and actor, a star of the Big Show on Radio Hauraki, and a member of The Alternative Commentary Collective.  You also might have seen him in What We Do in The Shadows, or as the lead character Officer Minogue in the spinoff TV show Wellington Paranormal -  and he’s recently produced the critically acclaimed film Coming Home in the Dark.  In this episode we talk about his late start in the arts, his emergency circumcision, his relationship with alcohol, the loss of his father, what it’s like working with Jermaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, the most pivotal moment in his career and all the best stories in between.  Mike is someone Seamus and I find hilarious. His persona, and comedic timing in his drive show with Jase and Keyzie is pitch perfect, but this ep reveals the depth of character behind the gags. We talk about some areas of his journey that he hasn’t aired before, and the thoughtfulness of his answers and the vulnerability he showed was inspiring. He’s a very impressive man, I think you’ll enjoy this one.  Also there’s one section where you might notice a few jumpy edits, for legal reasons we edited out the name of the show, but wanted to keep the important discussion around it. I think it still works.        This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.  See for privacy information. more
1/14/23 Paul Henry: How I became NZ's biggest broadcaster Paul Henry was one of New Zealand’s last great broadcasting celebrit...ies. He was a radio broadcaster through the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2004 that he became a household name. His seven-year tenure on Breakfast saw ratings soar and he boasted the type of star power at his peak that just doesn’t exist in broadcasting anymore. But alongside the fame were a number of on-air controversies that followed his career. Paul’s rise to fame and fortune is even more incredible when you chart his journey from abstract poverty in Bristol being raised by his single mother. Not to mention brushes with danger as a foreign correspondent that included being detained in Iraq, shot at in Cambodia, nearly lynched in the slums of Calcutta, threatened by the French navy at Mururoa and shelled in Bosnia. But it all makes for a rich tapestry of life that we were lucky enough to hear about. Paul doesn’t normally do this sort of thing, so we’re feeling very lucky. Show notes | Episode 111 | Paul Henry 1:52: Between Two Beers (with The Henry Gin) 7:40: Landing Paul Henry on the podcast: a story via Sudan and Osama bin Laden 17:37: “A rich tapestry of life” 21:05: Sodomy in Malaysia and being detained in Iraq 35:27: Life as a foreign correspondent 42:10: Jesus Boots and growing up in poverty 47:55: Lessons from mum and dad 55:59: The journey to becoming the biggest broadcaster in New Zealand 1:02:28: Reflections on breakfast television 1:08:09: Pushing the boundaries: the controversies of Paul Henry 1:17:18: Commercial whaling with Guy Williams 1:19:27: Life after broadcasting 1:22:43: Palm Springs, nudism and perineum sunning 1:26:42: What next for Paul Henry? 1:33:00: Interviews and the three-question method 1:36:08: Last words from Steve, Seamus and PaulSee for privacy information. more
1/8/23 Eugene Bareman: Falling in love with fighting (re-release) In this episode we’re rewinding the clock back to September 2021 whe...n we sat down with Eugene Bareman.    Eugene is New Zealand’s MMA mastermind.    He’s a fighter - a multiple NZ champion in kickboxing, Jui Jitsu and MMA, A business owner - his Auckland gym City Kickboxing is widely regarded as one of the best MMA gyms in the world and a coach who has produced a group of fighters that have soared to the top of the UFC world. Eugene was named UFC coach of the years in 2019 and 2020 and has trained two UFC champions.   In this episode we talk about why he dropped out of school in fifth form, and the work ethic that saw him rebound to get an A bursary and go to law school, why he stopped fighting, and when he might start again, what really happens in the UFC locker rooms before a big fightnight, the first time he ever met Israel Adesanya and how he sees him differently to the rest of the world -  and the best pranks seen at his City Kickboxing gym.   This was a really deep, insightful chat, and it’s so easy to see why and how Eugene has won the respect of so many around the world. His thirst to improve, worth ethic, humbleness, honesty and wisdom, makes this episode a cracker – even if you’re not an MMA fan.   Listen here on iheart or wherever you get your podcasts from and check your podcast app for show notes. A huge thanks to those donating to the cause on Patreon, if you want to support the show go to  This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer Garden studio.  Show notes | Eugene Bareman | Re-Release 2:00: Back at Massey High School: rugby, study, and the turning point of his life 12:51: Family fundamentals: Provide for your children, back yourself, learn from your mistakes 16:20: Law school and falling in love with fighting 22:20: Eugene Bareman: the fighter 26:20: On mental toughness 30:45: The ambition to get to 50 fights 34:40: Has this journey gone better than imagined? 37:33: Getting into the UFC 42:20: Israel Adesanya 51:34: Behind the scenes of a UFC fight night: locker room and between rounds 1:03:41: Reacting to losses in combat sports 1:10:21: City Kickboxing: Changing lives 1:17:39: The weight of responsibility 1:21:19: Hard work, pranks and banter 1:25:52: The role of the trainer in combat sports 1:31:05: Getting recognised overseas 1.33.01: Last words from Steven, Seamus and EugeneSee for privacy information. more
1/1/23 Luke Kemeys: How the Boys Got Paid On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Luke Kemeys. Luke is a... chartered accountant, a business advisor, and the driving force behind one of New Zealand’s most engaged Facebook Groups, Boys Get Paid.  BGP is New Zealand’s biggest punters club and while this episode does have some interesting chat about the horses, it also transcends racing, as Luke shares his experienced wisdom in building communities and business strategies that will work in the modern age.  In this episode Luke tells us how his Facebook Group which started with five people turned into a 21,000+ monster, how he helped turn his NextAdvisory accounting firm into a million-dollar business in five years, the power of Linkedin, relationship building and storytelling, the time he narrowly missed out on a $1million dollar collect at the races, all BGP’s most audacious bets and much much more.  Luke’s thirst to grow, improve and learn is inspiring. He’s a super sharp guy, doing big things in the community, with a million tales to tell. You’ll love this one.  Listen on iheart or wherever you get your podcasts from, and check your podcast app for show notes. You can watch the video of this one on Youtube. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on Patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to               This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.  Show notes | Episode 110 | Luke Kemeys 1:39: An away game for Luke in the Export Beer Garden Studio 3:49: A business meeting over a couple of Fiji Gold’s in August 2017 8:26: Boys Get Paid: the beginning of the punters club journey 20:20: BGP and the power of community 28:15: Behind the scenes of building an app 34:20: BGP grandpa 37:19: Becoming more recognisable 39:46: Misconceptions of BGP and the race industry 46:13: The financial realities of BGP 51:39: Next Advisory: changing the accounting game 58:19: Using social media to connect with Rob Fyfe 1:03:31: Talking bets 1:16:34: Luke and his gambling habits 1:26:20: Luke on men’s health 1:28:40: Last words from Steve, Seamus and LukeSee for privacy information. more
12/24/22 Our fav bits: The best of BTB entertainment in 2022 In this 'best of entertainment 2022' compilation, we pick out a bunch ...of our favourite snippets from our favourite episodes with non-sporting guests across the year. Included are Jack Tame, Jason Hoyte, Hayley Sproull, Chris Parker, PJ Harding, Mikey Havoc, Dom Harvey, Brodie Kane, Mitch James, Petra Bagust, Lucy Blakiston and Jono and Ben. Show notes | Episode 109 | Best of Entertainment 0:28: Best of 2022 Entertainment 2:22: Jack Tame on the art of interviewing Winston Peters 7:09: Jason Hoyte on the absurdity of working with Leigh Hart and THAT scene with Nadia Lim 12:26: Lucy Blakiston on the Instagram growth from 1 million to 3 million followers 16:38: Jono and Ben open up on suicide 20:42: Hayley Sproull on the content of her DMs 26:15: Chris Parker’s goldfish story and auditioning for David Bain 33:05: The story behind the Gore gag with Mikey Havoc 41:58: Petra Bagust on being New Zealand’s most famous virgin 49:52: Mitch James’ early career as a busker 57:24: Brodie Kane on the transition from broadcast to podcast 1:07:30: The difficult act of working with your partner with Dom Harvey 1:14:22: PJ takes us on a tour of Seamus’ DMsSee for privacy information. more
12/18/22 Our favourite bits: The best of BTB sport in 2022 In this 'Best of sport 2022' compilation, we pick out a bunch of our f...avourite snippets from our favourite sport episodes across the year. Included are Dion Nash, Kendra Cocksedge, Ryan Fox, Shane Cameron, Ric Salizzo, Brad Smeele, Eliza McCartney, Ross Taylor, Daniel Kereopa, Lance Cairns, Grant Fox and Ruth Croft. Show notes | Episode 108 | Best of Sport 0:29: Best of 2022 Sport, welcome to Between Two Beers 2:24: Dion Nash shares the real story of the weed scandal in South Africa from 1995 15:43: Ryan Fox shares his best Tiger Woods stories 27:53: Kendra Cocksedge reveals the origin of her eye-raising nickname 31:32: Shane Cameron takes us inside the fight of the century with David Tua 42:10: Ric Salizzo reveals the happy chaos of Sports Café 53:24: Former professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele shares the details of the tragic day when he suffered a horror injury attempting one of the hardest tricks in the world and ended with him waking up as a quadriplegic 1:02:13: At 19, Kiwi pole vaulter Eliza McCartney won Kiwi hearts and a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. She takes us back to that special day 1:13:23: Ross Taylor gets candid about the Black Caps captaincy saga that cast a shadow over his career 1:20:39: Surfer Daniel Kereopa had the world at his feet, until it all fell apart 1:32:44: Lance Cairns talks about his son, Christopher 1:44:27: Grant Fox opens up on his friendship with the late, great Sir Martin Crowe 1:54:47: Trail-running world champion Ruth Croft shares her journey through meditationSee for privacy information. more
12/11/22 Bushwhacker Butch: Inside 35 years of pro wrestling On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Butch Miller.  Butch... is best known for being one-half of the WWE Hall of Fame tag-team, the Bushwhackers.  Butch is 78-years old and lives a fairly simple life in Wellington these days. But he’s still firing on all cylinders – and some of the yarns shared across this one were quite breathtaking.  Like how he started wrestling with team-mate Luke in 1966, and trained for 10 years with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage in a Californian gym, his behind-the-scenes stories of fighting Andre the Giant and traveling with him on the road in New Zealand, fighting in front of 96,000 people at Wembley, fighting Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s grandad, the origins of the Bushwhacker walk, negotiating with Vince McMahon, transitioning from the Sheepherders to the BabyFace Bushwackers, and so much more.  The BushWhackers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, to honour their 35-year journey through professional wrestling, the trials and tribulations along the way and their elevation to the top of the wrestling world. And Butch has recently released a book, Blood Sweat and Cheers which captures the journey with some unbelievable stories. Would make a great xmas prezzy for a few dads out there.  Butch is a hard case and a legend. But with a soft, caring, sensitive underbelly. And this one even got a bit emotional at the end when he was talking about how proud he was of his journey. And we were right there with him. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as we did. See for privacy information. more
12/4/22 Ruth Croft: What it's really like to win a 100 mile race On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Ruth Croft.  Ruth is ...New Zealand’s trail running queen. In 2021 she made headlines winning the 102km Tarawera Ultra outright – the top man or woman – and then finished second at Western States in her first attempt at running 100 miles. She returned this year, to win the race (referred to as one of the toughest races on the planet) conquering the 161km race in blistering California heat in 17 hours.  In this episode we talk about the mentality of navigating a 100 mile challenge, where the 'race really only starts after 100km', her journey through meditation to multi-day silent retreats - and why she has started doing them in the dark, why she walked away from running after college in the US, moving to Taiwan by herself when she knew no one and couldn’t speak their language, the most exotic locations she’s run in, coming back to NZ, media exposure and so much more.  This ep will blow your mind. Ruth might be the mentally strongest athlete we’ve talked to. She’s won 10 of the last 12 races she’s competed in, against the best ultra-athletes in the world. And after listening to this, you’ll understand why. Such a thoughtful, disciplined, inspiring Kiwi legend. You’re gonna love this.  Listen on iheart or wherever you get your podcasts from, and check your podcast app for show notes. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on Patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two              This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.  Show notes | Episode 106 | Ruth Croft 2:00: “Easing” back into running in Taiwan with a casual 20km run 5:50: Short runs: “Oh, no that’s a different curry story!” 8:47: Jumping off Brunner Bridge as an initiation 11:16: Meditation and silent retreats 16:28: Darkness retreats! 20:45: Mastering the mind 24:52: Ruth’s West Coast competitiveness 27:54: The origin story: Growing up on the West Coast 31:07: The US college experience 39:11: Walking away from running and the importance of Taiwan 43:17: The journey to professional running and the nuances of distance running 50:04: “The race starts at 100km”: The Western States 100 mile race 57:35: The support crew at a trail race 1:02:32: Coaches: Jono Wyatt and Eddie Gray 1:05:48: The support of a good partner (with a dinosaur suit) 1:08:55: Having fun in a 100 mile race 1:10:16: Thoughts on winning the Tarawera Ultra 1:12:35: Life as a professional runner 1:17:42: The lure of the Olympics? 1:19:38: Some of the exotic running locations on the circuit 1:23:10: Coming home to New Zealand and thoughts on the running community 1:28:03: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Ruth  See for privacy information. more
11/27/22 Marcus Daniell: How to make a life-changing impact On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Marcus Daniell. is one of New Zealand’s best tennis players. He’s an Olympic bronze medallist, who's won 5 ATP titles, made quarterfinal appearances at both Wimbledon and the Australian Open and has won over $1 million in prizemoney across his career.  This episode is kind of split into two parts. The first half tells the story of Marcus, the incredible man-child who cut his path to the top of the tennis world and all the trials and tribulations along the way. And the second half focuses on the incredible work he’s been doing off the court.  In January 2021, Marcus pledged to give at least 10% of his annual winnings to effective organisations for the rest of his life. Since then he’s recruited 130 athletes across 35 sports and 30 countries to follow his lead.  Last year he won the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award, formerly won by Nelson Mandela, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as an acknowledgment of the incredible work he’s been doing in the charity space. Marcus is an exceptionally sharp operator. This chat goes into some super insightful areas and every answer is thoughtful and considered. He’s got a huge future off the court when he decides to hang up the raquet. You’ll enjoy this one.  Listen on iheart or wherevers you get your podcasts from, and check you podcast app for show notes. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two             This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy.  Show notes: 2:02: Marcus Daniell a two-day Hambassador, the Harvard of the South Pacific, and a humble wife brag 7:54: A Wikipedia check in and golf chat 12:19: Worshipping at the Chapel of Bullshit 22:56: Rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in tennis 27:06: Beating senior men at the age of 10 30:03: Super high-achieving siblings 32:31: Full engagement 36:05: Football v tennis 40:14: Moving to Slovakia at 17 45:22: Turning pro and moving into doubles 54:56: Life on the tennis tour 57:47: Bronze at the Tokyo Olympic Games 1:06:28: Effective Alturism and High Impact Athletes (HIA) 1:11:37: The growth of HIA 1:19:12 Winning the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award 1:21:28: Choosing the right charities 1:26:26: Cultivating the belief system 1:30:49: Balancing a pro tennis career and managing a charity 1:32:11: Considerations for retirement and post tennis career options 1:37:52: Last words from Steven, Seamus and MarcusSee for privacy information. more
11/20/22 Lucy Blakiston: How to get 3.6 million followers on Instagram On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Lucy Blakiston.  Lucy...’s story is quite incredible. In 2018, she was sitting in a uni lecture, getting increasingly frustrated with how disconnected she felt from the information she was being delivered. So, along with her two hometown best friends, she started a blog called Shit You Should Care About.  Four years later, it’s turned into a mini-media empire. Her daily newsletter reaches 60,000 subscribers every morning, she hosts two podcasts and runs an Instagram page which has 3.6 million followers.  In this episode we talk about Shit You Should Care About’s ginormous Instagram presence, and what it's like being followed by Billie Eilish, Joe Rogan and Ariana Grande, how they went from 200,000 followers to a million in one month – and why it made her too scared to post, learning to accept the tag ‘media genius’, the decision to go ‘full time’, how they make their money, Harry Styles, what the future holds and so much more.  This was such an enlightening, fun chat with someone who seems to understand social media better than anyone we’ve met. Lucy IS a media genius, her journey is only just starting and it's exciting to think where it might lead. You’ll love this one.  3.00: Two weeks in a campervan on a road show 8:35: “A media genius on a world level” 81015: The origin story of Shit You Should Care About 21310: Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Joe Rogan get on board 24:44: From 200,000 to 1 million followers in a month 28:54: Learning on the rise from 1 million to 3 million 34:06: A Harry Styles interlude 34:41: Going pro: the decision to fulltime 38:18: The Neon deal and setting up Culture Vulture 44:01: Diversifying the audience through newsletters 48:55: Connection fatigue, self-pressure and low stakes errors 54:09: The power of community 58:23: The importance of Ruby and Liv 61:35: Mundane Polls 1:04:57: Paying the bills (and turning down an approach from The White House) 1:09:29: Quick thoughts on TikTok 1:11:37: Does writing a daily newsletter feel like a job? 1:13:03: Future gazing 1:14:08: Keeping harmony within the Shit You Should Care About universe 1:16:31: Web3, NFTs, block chain, and the Discord experience 1:19:20: Educating the world about New Zealand and vice-versa 1:21:41: Some bits and pieces from a Shit You Should Care About insider 1:24:53 Last words from Steven, Seamus and LucySee for privacy information. more
11/13/22 Sarah Hirini: From farm-girl to world champion (re-release) On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re rewinding the clock back August of 2021 when we talked to Sarah Hirini.   Sarah was one of the most impressive guests we’ve had on the podcast and after watching her epic display helping the Black Ferns win the World Cup final – figured it was a pretty good time to re-share her message.  Sarah is an Olympic Games gold and silver medalist, a commonwealth Games gold medallist, a six-time sevens world series winner, two-time RUGBY World Cup winner, and was New Zealand’s flagbearer at the Tokyo Olympics, the first Maori woman to ever have that honour.   In this episode we talked about her rugged Fielding farm-girl upbringing, why Honey Hireme-Smiler considers her the greatest leader she’s ever played with, the emotional rollercoaster of the six months before the Tokyo Olympics after tragically losing her mum, how the eccentric Ruby Tui won the world’s heart and much,much more.  Sarah's CV is impressive, but her personality is better. It’s easy to see why she is held in such high regard by everyone she plays with. She oozes class and control, while also being so open and honest. A special thanks to Sarah for being so open about the loss of her mum, there were parts in this episode when we were all in tears.   The audio on this one is a little niggly in patches, it was recorded when Sarah was in MIQ, but stick with it, you’ll find its worth it. Also, we’ve cut out the first 10 mins from the original recording – as it was all MIQ chat – and no one wants to hear that in 2022.  Listen on iheart or wherevers you get your podcasts from, and check you podcast app for show notes. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to Between Two            This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy. See for privacy information. more
11/6/22 Mitch James: How music saved my life On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Mitch James.  Mitch i...s one of New Zealand’s most popular artists and has attracted over 200 million global streams of his music, over six million TikTok views and over three million video views. He’s toured the world alongside Six60, supported Ed Sheeran and just returned home after touring with Calum Scott, to release his second album, Patience.  In this episode we talk about his difficult teenage years and how he found a path out of darkness, the seven weeks he spent living on the street in the UK busking, the time he witnessed a brutal stabbing, getting discovered by Sony and the acoustic video that went viral, becoming a star and the female interest that comes with it, the horrific four years leading to the release of his new album and the joy of releasing new music.  This was a pretty special chat. It was really raw in places and incredibly uplifting in others. we talk about suicide and hitting rock bottom, and harnessing the drive and discipline to be succesful. Mitch James has an incredible story to tell - and we’re really grateful he shared it in such an open and vulnerable way.  Listen on iheart or wherevers you get your podcasts from, and check you podcast app for show notes. A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to     Show notes: Mitch James 1:31: Gearing up for the launch of the new album ‘patience’ 5:39: 100 songs over four years 7:46: Touring with Calum Scott 13:43: Levels of fame 16:25: The challenge of high school 28:48: Mitch buys a one-way ticket to the UK to follow the Ed Sheeran blueprint 35:14: Busking on the streets of Europe 39:54: Open mic nights and YouTube mash ups 48:48: The first album 52:03: Supporting act for Ed Sheeran 55:53: Dealing with the attention that fame brings 1:03:41: Fitness, discipline, and the similarities between performing and fight sports 1:07:35: The time between albums 1:14:20: Drawing from real life experience to create music 1:19:43 Mending relationships with family 1:22:31: A history of streaking 1:28:13 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MitchSee for privacy information. more
10/30/22 Chris Parker: What you don't see on Instagram On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Chris Parker.  Chris an award-winning comedian, actor and writer who's been on shows like Golden Boy, Funny Girls, Jono and Ben, 7 Days and the hit stage show Hudson and Halls. He’s also got one of NZ’s most entertaining Instagram pages and won the 2021 edition of Celebrity Treasure Island.  In this episode we talk about his new book and his recent wedding, writing for Jono and Ben and auditioning for David Bain, using tears as a weapon, the landscape of pornography in New Zealand, the process of creating viral clips and much, much more.  Chris is a world-class storyteller and has an infectious personality. He’s really fun company and there were so many laughs in this one.  A huge thanks to those supporting the show on patreon for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, to get involved head to This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio.  Show notes | Episode 102 | Chris Parker 2:00: The end of book launch week 6:27: Writing the book 8:18: Getting married and deconstructing the wedding process 13:11: Viral content 16:42: The importance of Snort comedy 23:18: Hudson and Halls and campness 33:26: Becoming head writer at Jono and Ben 38:34: The goldfish story and David Bain 45:10: Musings on birds and other topics from Hayley Sproull 49:01: Making good content 57:00: Winning Celebrity Treasure Island 1:09:32: Going back to high school 1:16:01: Using tears as a weapon 1:21:18: Eat, pray, love, shit 1:26:34: The landscape of pornography in New Zealand 1:30:07: Last words from Steven, Seamus and ChrisSee for privacy information. more
10/23/22 Carlos Spencer: Life after rugby (and Toffeepops) On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Carlos Spencer.  Carl...os is widely regarded as one of the best rugby players of his generation. He played 44 times for the All Blacks, 89 for Auckland, 99 for the Blues where he won two Super Rugby championships, then enjoyed professional stints playing and coaching in England, South Africa and Japan.  in this episode we talk about what it’s like parenting a potential sports star, his viral trick-shot videos from lockdown, how he caught the eye of Graham Henry, his first impressions of Jonah, the freak injury that cost him a World Cup, how he keeps the rig in such good nick, the strain of being a rugby globetrotter, *that* try against the Crusaders in Christchurch, toffee pops, reno rescues and what's next.  Carlos was one of rugby’s genuine superstars, but in person is such a humble, down to earth Kiwi bloke. He’s lived one hell of a life, with so many incredible stories to tell. This was a really fun one.  Show notes | Episode 101 | Carlos Spencer 2:00 90 minutes late after a Carlos Reno Rescue 3:22 HAMbassador chat 5:39 Peyton Spencer: history repeating? 9:13 Parenting a potential sports star 15:28 Viral sensations during lockdown 18:25 Playing club rugby and the Brisbane 10s in your 40s 23:35 Fight for Life and the boxing career 26:50 Back to Horowhenua and catching the eye of Graham Henry 33.34 From a small town to the big smoke: the shift to Auckland 38:40 At the forefront of professional rugby 43:23 Arrogance or confidence? 46:00 Missing the 1999 Rugby World Cup 49:21 Impressions of Jonah and reflections on rugby in Auckland in the 90s 55:40 Carlos and the media 57:12 The ballsiest play in New Zealand sport 1:02:02 Carlos’ relationship with Canterbury and Andrew Mehrtens 1:04:45 South African sojourn 1:10:40 Coaching in another language 1:12:17 The strain of being a rugby globetrotter 1:14:49 Carlos’ Reno Rescue and future projects 1:20:29 Toffeepops and last words from Steven, Seamus and CarlosSee for privacy information. more
10/16/22 The 100th ep: The good, bad and the cringey from the maiden century On this episode of Between Two Beers Seamus and Steve are toasting a d...ouble celebration.  It’s both our third birthday and our 100th episode, so we figured it was a good time to reflect on our podcasting journey, talk about some of the best, worst and cringiest moments along the way and play a few of our favourite clips. Bringing up the ton is something we’re both extremely proud of and we wanted this episode to give a bit of insight behind the scenes of the podcasting process.  We also wanted to say a huge thank you to you. For following us on this ride, listening, supporting and giving such great feedback.  And a special thank you to our loyal Patreons. Some who have been there since the very beginning. You helped us keep the lights on in the difficult early days – and we appreciate you. See for privacy information. more
10/9/22 Mikey Havoc: The journey of a creative genius Mikey Havoc was one of the biggest stars in New Zealand entertainment ...for nearly two decades across music, radio and television. He started out as a singer in the rock band Push Push – a band named Group of the Year at the 1992 New Zealand Music Awards following their smash hit Trippin’ – before going on to pump up the volume as a dance DJ and the long-standing voice of alternative radio station bFM, where he made some of the most creative radio of the era. Mikey is also a familiar face on TV, with his former show Havoc which led to the infamous Havoc and Newsboy Sell Out Tour, where the dynamic duo of Mikey and Jeremy Wells took the country by storm and upset the whole of Gore. The juggernaut continued with another two Sell Out Tours and a series of shows including Havoc’s Luxury Suites and Conference Facilities and a remake of the Kiwi classic Top Town. His life, career and story is remarkable – and in two hours we only just scratched the surface. But there’s some real nuggets of gold in here, some top stories from the glory days and some raw moments of reflection. Show notes | Episode 99 | Mikey Havoc 2:02 Shaggy Sheepdog: Ol’ Havo takes us behind the scenes of The Masked Singer 12.10 Back to the start: four kids start a band called Push Push 16:38 Trippin’ and the rise to fame 22:10 Push Push push pause 26:14 Havoc hones his creative skills on bFM 35:38 Linking up with Jeremy Wells and the start of the TV journey 45:00 Faces of delight, or if you’re in the islands, Kumface 49:23 Gore 1:00:40 Life at the height of popularity and reflections on the TV career 1:11:21 Working with Jeremy Wells 1:17:10 Using his platform to speak to real issues 1:23:47 Havoc’s thoughts on his late father and his takes on fatherhood 1:37:18 What’s next for Mikey? 1:45:49 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MikeySee for privacy information. more
10/2/22 Petra Bagust: 30 years in the spotlight On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Petra Bagust. Petra wa...s one of the biggest stars of New Zealand television for 18 years. She burst onto the scene as a 22-year-old co-host of cult classic Ice TV, and walked away as host of NZ’s biggest gig on Breakfast, aged 40.  Since then she’s started her own popular podcast called Grey Areas, and is a media chaplain.  In this episode we talk about her rapid rise to fame in the late 90s,  why she had such a difficult time hosting Christmas in the Park with John Hawkesby, why ICE TV was so successful, reflections on ‘Petra the Virgin’, her shows that bombed – and why they didn’t work, Seamus reveals his 20-year old crush on Petra, we talk about the current media landscape and much, much more.  Petra is such a smooth communicator. She seamlessly switches from a witty gag to a heartfelt piece of wisdom, and it will quickly become apparent why she was the most in-demand host on TV in New Zealand for so long. We laughed a lot in this one, Petra is five-star company and this was a blast.  Show notes | Episode 98 | Petra Bagust 2:25: A taste of stardom: fan hugs with Petra 4:41: Podcast chat 12:44: Grey hair: a metaphor for freedom 18:03: Seamus owns his crush on Petra 24:26: Reflecting on 20 years on kiwi TV screens 27:42: ICETV and climbing the ladder 36:31: Being a 22-year-old in the spotlight 41:45: On-air chemistry 43:51: Petra the Christian Virgin 51:54: Travelling the world as a newly married couple 57:58: Sing Like a Superstar 1:00:39: Public recognition over the years 1:04:26: Juggling family life and work 1:09:30: Dealing with negative feedback 1:16:32: Leaving Breakfast, going on sabbatical, and Tearfund 1:22:59: Petra’s Te Reo Maori journey 1:29:27: Media chaplaincy and thoughts on the current media landscape 1:32:33: Last words from Steven, Seamus and PetraSee for privacy information. more
9/25/22 Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician (re-release) In this episode we’re winding the clock back two years to when we sa...t down with Matt Heath in November 2020. Matt was one of the first ‘big names’ that gave us his time when we were finding our feet in the podcast game, and we loved this one. Matt is an actor, producer, sports commentator, columnist, musician and radio host and can be heard hosting the Radio Hauraki breakfast radio show alongside Jeremy Wells, as well as commentating sport and smut with the Alternative Commentary Collective.  We talk about Matt’s humiliating experience at Laura McGoldrick’s wedding, his reflections on playing Danny Parker in Back of the Y Masterpiece Television, how his ‘fake’ band Deja Voodoo got a record contract, the time he made Jaquie Brown cry, the realities of working on breakfast radio and much more. Show notes | Matt Heath 1.49 Matt politely declines a beer after four hours broadcasting and a big weekend in Taupo 2.48 The time Seamus met Matt at Laura McGoldrick’s wedding and Matt got bullied into performing Deja Voodoo “Beers” at the reception 5.21 The time Steve joined the Matt and Jerry Show to talk the Kipchoge Challenge and got an insight into the realities of commercial radio 10.03 Balls of Steel UK and the time Matt and his mates slagged off their director unaware their mics were turned on 13.47 Back of the Y Masterpiece Television: beginnings, police complaints, show synopsis 20.06 Could the show exist in 2020? A recap of some of the more significant stunts and the end of the show 27.26 Our favourite band. Your favourite band: Deja Voodoo 30.03 Reflecting on Back of the Y and Deja Voodoo 36.58 The jump to radio via and mainstream television, and the journey from bFM to Radio Hauraki 46.40 “Changing lives”: Linking up with Jeremy Wells and creating The Matt & Jerry Show 49.10 Is there a line for Matt Heath? 51.29 Writing opinion columns for the NZ Herald   53.38 Vinewood Animation and winning awards with Fire in Cardboard City 56.17 Baz Heath: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 57.49 Making Jaquie Brown cry, wide ranging sports chat, and last words from Matt, Steven and SeamusSee for privacy information. more
9/18/22 Kendra Cocksedge: I'm not done yet Kendra Cocksedge is the most capped Black Fern of all time and their r...ecord point scorer who recently announced her retirement from rugby after a stellar career. In 2019 she became the first female player to win the Kelvin R Tremain Memorial Trophy for New Zealand rugby player of the year. She was also recognised by World Rugby as the International Women’s Player of the Year in 2015 and was named as part of the World Rugby Team of the Decade for the 2010s. Growing up playing with boys in Taranaki from the age of four, Kendra turned away from a promising cricket career when she was called up by the Black Ferns in 2007 and learned valuable lessons from nine years sitting on the bench. Eventually, she rose to the very top of the game leading the haka in Christchurch in front of her proud parents and enjoying a fairytale end to her domestic rugby career. But Kendra is not done yet, with one more World Cup assignment ahead of her. This episode was in paid partnership with Rexona NZ, with Kendra charting her experiences in overcoming barriers along her journey in association with Rexona NZ's #NotDoneYet campaign. Show notes | Episode 97 | Kendra Cocksedge 2:27: NotDoneYet 8:59: A few tales from Kendra: school days, prank wars, axes and bike ramps 17:08: Leading the haka 23:11: Celine Dion 25:52: A fairytale finish to a Canterbury career 31:16: Back to barefoot rugby in Okato 41:34: The cricket career that could have been 45:58: Entering the Black Ferns environment at age 19 51:01: Mental health 54:17: Playing in Club footy 55:44: Nine years as a back up Black Fern 58:20: Taking a break from rugby 59:36: The changing perceptions of women’s rugby 1:07:07: Winning the World Rugby Player of the Year in 2015… 1:10:34 …and then backing it up with the Kelvin R Tremain Memorial Trophy in 2018 1:19:47: The effect of Covid-19 on Kendra 1:21:35: If you can see it you can be it 1:24:18: The physical toll of 30 years in rugby 1:27:48: Nicknames 1:31:22: Last words from Steven, Seamus and KendraSee for privacy information. more
9/11/22 Daniel Kereopa: The Ultimate Waterman Daniel Kereopa is a special person. You’ll hear it straight away. Hi...s messaging is subtle, captivating and deep. He’s disarming with his humour and self-depreciation, but behind it is real authenticity and humility. And he’s got an incredible story to tell. Daniel was one of New Zealand’s best surfers across the late 90s and early 2000s and travelled the world competing against the best. But in 2008 his world came crashing down. Across two years he lost all his sponsors, his marriage fell apart, he lost connection with his kids and came about as close to death as possible after a freak accident. In the midst of a deep depression, and a burnt heart, Daniel fell out of love with surfing, but used the structure and discipline of karate to help piece his life back together. After becoming a black belt, he returned to the water in 2015 to be crowned The Ultimate Waterman – beating nine of the world’s best water-athletes across five different ocean disciplines. Now Daniel’s life is all about helping. Teaching kids to surf, to love, and be safe, in the ocean and become better people – through his DK surf school. But he’s also under-utilised. He’s keen to do more public speaking, mentoring and ‘helping’. Show notes | Episode 96 | Daniel Kereopa 2:04 No Wikipedia page, memories of 90s and 00s DK 5:10 The ability to read people 8:39 From farm to ocean: Building a picture of DK the surfer 18:31 Becoming a professional surfer 29:03 Losing it all 36:21 Coming back from the dead and leading with aroha 50:42 The Ultimate Waterman win 1:01:49 DK Surf School: Teaching people how to connect with the water 1:06:31 DK on asking for help, helping others, parenthood, and Raglan 1:13:48 What does the future hold? 1:17:09 Living in the real world 1:20:52 Gratitude and last words from Steven, Seamus and DKSee for privacy information. more
9/4/22 Brad Smeele: The ride that changed my life Brad Smeele was a world champion wakeboarder at the top of his game. life was an endless summer of travel, competing, modelling, building and meeting women when a catastrophic accident changed his life and left him a quadriplegic in 2014. Brad talks about the astonishingly raw and honest book about his journey – Owning It – The Ride That Changed My Life. The mental and physical challenges of losing mobility, the realities of life without the use of limbs, his sex-life, what it looks like now and why he included so much of it in the book, the darkest thoughts he had – and how he overcame them, and his incredible path to happiness, fulfilment and being present. And how he got there. This is a chat that really left us speechless. Brad suffered just about the worst possible thing that could happen to a young man in the prime of his life – and has found a way to turn it into a positive. It certainly put our own struggles into perspective and we both left the episode feeling incredibly inspired. Show notes | Episode 95 | Brad Smeele 2:03 A busy week for Brad Smeele: the book launch, media appearances, and going head-to-head with Ross Taylor 5:00 Sex (and other reflections on the book) 11:42 Painting a picture of pre-accident Brad Smeele 21:59 A pause for breakdown on naming conventions for wakeboard tricks 24:29 A preamble to the accident: opening up, shitting yourself, and having real conversations with your mates 31:40 The accident 40:16 The initial recovery post-accident 53:12 Steve loops back to sex chat 55:36 Finding inspiration from tragedy: transitioning back to life in New Zealand 1:13:33 Helping other people deal with their shit 1:17:46 Owning It: the process of writing, editing, and launching the book (and Steve triples down on sex chat!) 1:22:30 Looking back at the accident 1:26:05 Last words from Steven, Seamus and BradSee for privacy information. more
8/28/22 Dan Hooker: Built to fight Dan Hooker has been a professional fighter for the last 13 years, a path to becoming one of the best UFC lightweight fighters in the world through kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts. Dan gives us an insight into the realities of fighting for a living including reflections on dealing with head trauma, and all of his back catalogue in fight sports from featherweight all the way through to a heavyweight bout with an opponent who weighed over 130kg! He also takes us behind the scenes of the UFC machine all the way from signing his first contract in 2014 at UFC Auckland all the way to the PPV cards and his upcoming fight at UFC 281, press conferences with Conor McGregor, and training with Israel Adesanya. Dan is unique in the New Zealand sporting landscape. An athlete at the top of his field that calls it as he sees it. His thoughtful, introspective answers to some big questions revealed an incredibly likeable, warm guy. Show notes | Episode 94 | Dan Hooker 1:34: An appreciation for Export Gold! 2:23: Comparing a day at The Wiggles to a UFC PPV 7:11: Dan Hooker’s podcast history and some social media gold 10:50: Tricks of the trade as a doorman in downtown Auckland 15:52: Frenemies and training with Israel Adesanya 22:03: Taking a leg kick from Dan Hooker 24:37: Pre-combat sports Dan Hooker and the influence of The Ultimate Fighter 32:14: Dan Hooker v the 130kg heavyweight 37:42: Getting the call up to the UFC in 2014 44:39: The Edson Barboza fight 52:25: The aftermath of a big fight: Dustin Poirier and Paul Felder 57:48: Reflections on the management of a mixed martial arts career 1:04:34: Is the UFC a viable career for future athletes? 1:08:35: Backstage at the UFC 1:17:25: The importance of Eugene Bareman 1:21:47: The psychology of the weigh-in and the dynamic change with Conor McGregor on the card? 1:25:24: Cutting weight (and missing weight) 1:29:04: Head trauma, CTE, and combat sports 1:36:30: Fighting, family, public profile, and upcoming fights 1:41:10: Last words from Steven, Seamus and DanSee for privacy information. more
8/21/22 Ross Taylor: My side of the story ... more
8/14/22 Eliza McCartney: My journey back to the podium Eliza is a professional pole vaulter and one of the very best in the w...orld.  She burst onto the scene as a 19-year old, taking home bronze from the Rio Olympics, before winning silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and smashing indoor and outdoor Oceania records.  In this episode we talk about going to school with Lorde, the time she accidentally stumbled on a nude beach, why her coach made her tell a joke each week, her rise to the top of the pole vaulting world and the whirlwind of fame that followed her Olympic bronze.  Eliza's career has stalled recently with an unfortunate run of injuries that prevented her from competing at this year’s Commonwealth Games. We talk about the mental and physical struggle of dealing with injuries, and the inspiring rebuild that’s happening now.  Eliza is such good company and we both really loved this chat. In the second half we go quite deep on the injury situation, and you’ll get a really clear picture of what a tough few years it's been for her. This was actually her first ever podcast appearance, and we’re really grateful she came on to share her story.  Show notes | Episode 92 | Eliza McCartney 1:43 Steven’s pole vault research comes to the fore off the back of the Commonwealth Games 4:20 Growing up with Lorde and Eliza’s childhood sporting background 6:26 Seamus navigates watching Eliza at training and Steven’s Rio recollection 8:59 Eliza the comedian 13:01 Some thoughts on Chelsea Lane and that time she lead Eliza astray in Vancouver 18:44 From North Island Champs to World Juniors: The rapid rise to success in pole vault 27:24 The “block” before qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics 33:30 Expectations and on the day preparations 37:08 Day two of Rio and claiming the bronze medal 47:03 The medal ceremony and blowing up on social media like Pita Taufatofua 50:16 A cheeseburger challenge interlude with Seamus and Roland Jeffrey 51:21 Reflection on the bronze medal success and the whirlwind on Eliza’s eventual return to New Zealand 57:38 Post Rio Olympics: personal bests including the fifth best vault of all-time! 1:01:18 Highs and lows: charting the injury story 1:10:45 Navigating the challenge of having to share your battles publicly with friends and family 1:15:17 How close to retirement did Eliza get? 1:18:15 The rebuild of Eliza McCartney 1:26:03 Advice for young athletes 1:27:35 The social campaigner and environmentalist with a deep appreciation for Te Ao Maori 1:35:24 The Italian Job: on the kite foil Olympic campaign trail with Lukas Walton-Keim 1:37:50 Influencing a generation of kiwi female pole vaulters 1:39:00 Last words from Steven, Seamus and ElizaSee for privacy information. more
8/7/22 Jason Hoyte: Stepping out of character Jason Hoyte is a screen, and voice, actor, radio host, comedian, stage... performer, former cricket umpire and father of four.  In this episode we talk about Jason’s infamous scene with Nadia Lim on Late NIght Big Breakfast, the chaotic early days of comedy with Sugar and Spice, his relationship with Leigh Hart and the trials and tribulations of putting Bhuja together, working with Ryan Gosling on Young Hercules, His experiences with the ACC, never being too old for smut talk and some love, and life advice.  Jase is a guest we’ve wanted on the show since we started it  - and we weren’t disappointed. He’s so often ‘in character’ in his public-facing roles, so it was a real treat to peak behind the curtain to find out what really makes him tick. Jase has been a big influence on both of us, he’s been involved in many of our favourite productions and just generally cracks us up. He’s also lived a hell of a life.  Show notes | Episode 91 | Jason Hoyte 1:38 Jason throws some heat at Mike Lane about the state of the Export Beer Garden Studio 3:08 The influence of Jason on the everyday lexicon – backbone! 5:40 An impressive body of screen acting work 8:46 One of the most well-known voices in New Zealand 13:23 Setting the foundations at Dilworth: maths poetry and school productions 19:47 Sugar & Spice 30:33 West Auckland Hollywood: Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules 34:54 Killing people on Shortland Street 38:12 A breadth of work from Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby to Power Rangers 41:36 Leigh Hart, Moon TV, and The Late Night Big Breakfast 51:53 Jason and Nadia Lim 55:26 The transition to radio: Bhuja via the Alternative Commentary Collective 1:04:55 Hüsker Dü: The art of throwing people under the bus 1:07:41 The success of the Alternative Commentary Collective 1:14:04 The Big Show with Mike Minogue and Keyzie 1.18.18 Last words from Steven, Seamus and JasonSee for privacy information. more
7/31/22 Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA (re-release) On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re re-winding the clock to N...ovember 2021 when we sat down with Chelsea Lane.   Chelsea was in the news last week when it was announced she’d been appointed as the Head of High Performance at Basketball NZ and we thought it was a great reason to re-share her extraordinary story.  After working in NZ for over a decade as a physio, and with High-Performance Sport NZ, she got an email from the NBA champion Golden State Warriors in 2015, asking for her help. Within a year, she was working with some of the biggest sport stars in the world as a performance therapist, within two years she was running the whole operation, leading a team of 25 and within three years she had two NBA Championship rings and was one of the NBA’s most coveted backroom staffers. She was then headhunted by the Atlanta Hawks, offered an executive role and within five years of leaving New Zealand was the Vice President of an NBA franchise.   In this episode we talk about why she walked away from it all, the close personal relationships she developed with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Igoudala and Vince Carter, behind the scenes stories of team-talks with Steve Kerr, the magic she saw from Durante and Curry at training every day, how she celebarted her two NBA championships, how she navgiated 100-hour work weeks, and why so many NBA stars are so emphatic with their praise of her and her work.   It will quickly become apparent why Chelsea has had the success she has. She's one of the most impressive guests we’ve ever had on the show – and we feel Basketball NZ have done a great bit of business.   Show notes | Chelsea Lane 2.06 Tennis lessons, living life “off the grid”, being absent from social media. 6.46 Chelsea Lane in their words: Steph Curry, Andre Igoudala, and Sarah Cowley-Ross 10.17 Receiving an email from the Golden State Warriors and meeting head coach Steve Kerr 16.57 Why did the Golden State Warriors chase Chelsea Lane? 19.45 Progressing through the ranks in the role 26.38 Being female in the NBA 33.29 What did the role actually look like? 37.33 Is US professional sports as cold as it sounds? 42.31 In the huddle: pearls of wisdom from Steve Kerr and others 52.02 In the locker room: routines, winning NBA championships 1.03.08 The realities of working in the NBA 1.08.27 Chelsea Lane on Kevin Durant 1.11.38 From hands on treatment to the boardroom: Shifting to the Atlanta Hawks 1.22.17 Comparing Golden State to Atlanta 1.24.45 Getting Vince Carter fit for an 82 game season at age 42 1.28.00 Leaving the NBA 1.32.43 Is there a dream job here for Chelsea in New Zealand? 1.37.03 An interlude: Booking accommodation in Switzerland 1.38.26 Other kiwis in the NBA: Steven Adams and Sean Marks 1.39.42 A bit of Steph Curry 1.42.10 Last words from Steven, Seamus and ChelseaSee for privacy information. more
7/24/22 Chris Moorman: How I won $42 million playing poker Chris Moorman is one of the most successful poker players of all time.... He has won over $42 million dollars playing cards and is widely considered to be the best online tournament player ever, but he’s also crossed over successfully into live tournaments – winning over $1 million on three separate occasions. At one point, Moorman was also one of the biggest 'backers' in the online poker scene, and tells the incredible story of how some amateur money-management and sloppy decision-making cost him around $3 million.Chris is a poker legend; driven, humble, insightful and a great storyteller.  We hear all his best stories from his 15 years as a poker pro, the mental-skills coach that helped him to his first big live win, the time he lost a backpack with $60,000 in it, playing against his wife for $20,000 and so much more. Show notes | Episode 90 | Chris Moorman 2.01 Drama at the World Series of Poker 4.50 Putting some context on Chris Moorman the poker player 7.31 When Steven and Moorman lived in the same poker house in Papamoa and Queenstown 12.29 Reflecting on the early years 18.05 Horses, stables, and staking players 26.10 Horses going into makeup, writing off debt, and big swings 33.07 Shaun Goldsbury on Moorman losing a backpack with $60,000 cash and poker chips in it 45.20 Transitioning from online poker to live tournaments 55.06 Bringing on a mental skills coach and the immediate improvement it had 1.04.29 Black Friday and the impact on online poker 1.07.51 A short selection of poker stories from over the years 1.11.41 Lessons from some of the best players in history 1.18.53 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MoormanSee for privacy information. more
7/17/22 Brodie Kane: Making it on my own Brodie Kane has built a hugely successful career in the media over the... past 15 years. She was runner-up in the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars. She left mainstream media to start her own company – Brodie Kane Media – where she hosts the very popular The Girls Uninterrupted and Kiwi Yarns podcasts, and produces two other podcasts, Three Gals One Beehive, and Out the Gayte. Before that she had an extensive career in radio and television where she hosted The Hits Breakfast show in Christchurch and worked at TVNZ for five years as a sports presenter on Breakfast, a roving reporter on Seven Sharp, an investigative reporter on Fair Go, and associate producer on Q+A. Her no-nonsense yet down-to-earth approach is unique in the industry and you can be guaranteed that what you see is what you get. Show notes | Episode 89 | Brodie Kane 1:39: Brodie Kane – the everywhere girl right now 5:20: Dancing with the Stars 9:59: The realest of the reality shows 12:09: Proud Mary 18:30: Jo Kane swims the Cook Strait at 40 22:06: Clubbies with Lisa Carrington 27:21: Leading the open women’s surf lifesaving nationals 32:58: Brodie Kane and Richie McCaw 39:15: Lessons from the New Zealand army 52:22: Starting out in journalism and a career of heavy subject matter 1:02:30: A shift from hard news to being in front of the camera on Seven Sharp 1:07:47: Moving through the ranks: from Fair Go to Breakfast 1:15:40: The horrible side of fame and calling people out 1:27:07: Controlling your own destiny: Brodie Kane Media 1:35:23: Brodie on podcasts 1:41:28: What does the future hold and actively managing your brand 1:52:29: Last words from Steven, Seamus and BrodieSee for privacy information. more
7/10/22 Ric Salizzo: The Forrest Gump of NZ sport Ric Salizzo is New Zealand sports broadcasting royalty – journalist,... television presenter and producer – turned rugby consultant in New York. Ric started his career as a journalist with TVNZ before becoming the All Blacks’ first ever media liaison officer in 1992. Prior to that he pioneered sports media coverage producing the behind-the-scenes documentary The Good, the Bad and the Rugby which kickstarted a series of follow ups over the years. After four years inside the All Blacks camp he then created, and hosted the wildly popular Sports Café, a cult hit which ran for 11 years creating some memorable TV moments and turned Marc Ellis and Leigh Hart into household names. He then moved behind the camera as the executive producer of The Crowd Goes Wild, which has been running for 16 years. Now based in New York working in Major League Rugby, Ric shared some of the best bits from his career. Show notes | Episode 88 | Ric Salizzo 1.47 Rugby New York and the realities of Major League Rugby 6.10 Moving to the US to “get away from rugby” and what the All Blacks can learn from US sport 13.26 Sport in New York 18.20 Newsreader Ric at TVNZ in the 80s 25.10 The first ever All Blacks media liaison officer 31.19 Inside the All Blacks camp 36.03 Jonah Lomu and the 1995 Rugby World Cup 41.18 The original All of Nothing series: The Good, the Bad and the Rugby 45.24 The origins of Sports Café: “…after being the media liaison officer everyone hated me…” 50.09 The genius of Leigh Hart 58.03 The perfect end of Sports Café and the brief return in 2008 1.01.00 Sugar Shack: “one of the most important things I’ve ever done” 1.03.43 Going behind the camera with The Crowd Goes Wild and letting go 1.08.14 Last words from Steven, Seamus and RicSee for privacy information. more
7/3/22 Hayley Sproull: Riding the comedy wave Hayley Sproull is one of New Zealand’s top entertainers and one of the busiest! She is co-host on ZM's hugely popular Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley Breakfast Show. She has been co-host of The Great Kiwi Bake Off and more recently the host of comedic current affairs show Have You Been Paying Attention? She plays the lead role in the kiwi sitcom Golden Boy which premiered in 2019. A graduate of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, her original passion was for theatre and comedy which lead her to create a number of successful comedy works, including 'Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues', 'Tighty Whiteys', 'Milky Bits', and 'Vanilla Miraka', earning her an array of praise and accolades. She has been a writer on many series including Jono and Ben, 7 Days and Funny Girls, with a weekly segment Hayley Bailey featuring on the Jono and Ben show. Funny, smart, musical and driven, we were blown away by how good she is at so many different things! Show notes | Episode 87 | Hayley Sproull 1.41: Busy, busy, busy! The busiest woman in the industry 5.28: Breakfast radio: Pulling the fingers at Jono and Ben every morning 10.36: A closed circle of friends…except for Sam Sproull: Hayley’s Comet and Talk Teddies 20.38: Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley 27.38: Hayley’s Version 35.15: A look into the early making of Hayley Sproull 38.51: Creative projects: Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues, You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman, Tighty Whiteys, and Milky Bits 44.37: An intensely personal creation: Vanilla Miraka 54.34: Writing for Jono and Ben and Hayley Bailey 59.30: A brief look into the world of Hayley Sproull’s DMs 1.04.59: Moving into prime time: co-hosting The Great Kiwi Bake Off, hosting Have You Been Paying Attention? and acting in Golden Boy 1.10.23: Have You Been Paying Attention? It’s more than just hold and lean 1.19.52: Marching chat 1.29.54: Coaching in Oman 1.33.35: Bits and pieces: dating Greg Grover from Nova, System of a Lounge, and being a goth girl at high school 1.38.43: Using her platform to push topics: having PCOS and a Simon Bridges joke on 7 Days that took a turn 1.41.53: Last words from Steven, Seamus and HayleySee for privacy information. more
6/26/22 Grant Fox: The value of vulnerability Grant Fox is one of the best to have ever worn the All Blacks no10 jer...sey and is still regarded as one of the finest goal-kickers of all time. He scored 645 points across 46 tests, and played nearly 200 games for Auckland in domestic rugby. He’s been involved in New Zealand rugby for over 40 years as a player, coach, and for the last 10 years as an All Blacks selector. Since retiring from playing in 1993 he’s also been a business owner, a broadcaster, and a dad to Ryan Fox – New Zealand’s top golfer – and daughter Kendall. In the episode Grant shares some really important messages about being present for your kids, as well as an organisation he supports for young men without dads – Big Buddies. He enjoyed a 40-year friendship with the late Sir Martin Crowe and opens up on their relationship, as well as thoughts on Sir John Kirwan, touring in the 80s and 90s, the inaugural Rugby World Cup. Show notes | Episode 86 | Grant Fox 1.49: Then and now: an All Blacks squad naming in 1984 v 2022 4.14: Six steps back, two steps to the side and Auckland bring the Ranfurly Shield to Taupo in 1992 6.23: On being Ryan Fox’s dad 11.49: The competitive nature between father and son (interrupted by a phone call from Sir John Kirwan) 18.00: Grant Fox the caddy 21.26: A short fuse, a lack of patience, and aversion to technology 28.10: Some thoughts on parenthood 35.53: A 40-year friendship with Sir Martin Crowe that started at Auckland Grammar School 47.09: Grant Fox: This is Your Life 50.16: A Va’aiga Tuigamala interlude 52.30: Personal and professional friendships: a Sir John Kirwan case study 1.00.00: All Blacks tours in the 80s and 90s 1.03.10: The 1987 Rugby World Cup 1.09.37: The try that wasn’t against Ireland 1.13.45: Hard work and goal kicking 1.16.47: A special relationship with The British and Irish Lions 1.21.16: “Coaching wasn’t for me” 1.26.09: The role of an All Blacks selector 1.38.11: Life outside of rugby 1.40.33: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Grant  See for privacy information. more
6/19/22 Jono and Ben: The journey to prime time Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce otherwise known as Jono and Ben are one of th...e most recognisable duos in New Zealand entertainment. After starting out as stars in their own right they came together as Jono and Ben a juggernaut of Kiwi comedy that was one of TVs top rating shows for seven years. The show helped launch the career of many of New Zealand’s top comedic acts and their skits and pranks became legendary and live on to this day. From Ben starting out on Pulp Sport and Jono on being professionally tortured on “do stuff to Jono Friday’s” they are now the hosts of the breakfast show on The Hits and their broadcast journey has mirrored their life arc with their content maturing as they have. There is no ego with these guys despite their success, they are genuine, warm, funny and quick witted, but there’s great depth to them and they touch on very serious, important themes – like asking for help – and being there for your mates in tough times. Show notes | Episode 85 | Jono and Ben 1.50: Not the traditional three-way but a comfortable four-way including sponsors product and beard envy 2.55: Talkability promotions: Jono’s Sky City marathon 6.58: Influences on the come up: Marc and Matthew, Sports Café, Eating Media Lunch 12.56: Old men reminisce about stuff: video stores and the VHS, taping songs off the radio 15.45: “Show us your crack”: New Zealand’s most famous radio jingle courtesy of Ben 18.57: Pulp Sport: a YouTube show that made it to Sky Sport 23.52: The pilot skit that went very wrong for Ben 29.50: Do stuff to Jono: experiences in commercial radio 37.57 Jono gets a start in TV on C4 40.47: The making of Jono and Ben 47.28: Moving from late-night Friday TV to prime time 49.30: The cast of characters on and off screen 52.37 A review of some of the best skits: the most destructive prank ever, Jono at Blues training, House covered in Post it notes 1.01.00: Using your platform to speak about important issues 1.06.08: The evolution of Jono and Ben and the stresses of working together 1.13.29: The end of Jono and Ben 1.16.56: A brief history of radio: from The Rock, to The Edge, to The Hits 1.17.40: Creating content: the rise of viral videos, TikTok 1.20.09 A Guy Williams skit gets awkward and their appearance on the Graham Norton Show 1.24.05 Trying to stand out while interviewing celebrities: Jared Leto, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson 1.30.54: Breakfast on The Hits and what the future holds 1.34.36: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Jono and BenSee for privacy information. more
6/12/22 Ryan Nelsen: The truth about life in the EPL (re-release) In this episode we’re rewinding the clock one year to June 2021,... when we sat down with All Whites legend Ryan Nelsen.  I remember this as a breakthrough episode for us. It was our 50th podcast, our biggest guest and we were both really anxious about getting it right.   And Ryan couldn’t have been a better guest. Across nearly two hours he shared all the best bits of his life and career – and we’re really proud of how it turned out.  We talk about all the best stories from his seven years at Blackburn, his frustrations with the All Whites in 2010, what it was like playing with Tugay, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Harry Kane - and against Henry and Bergkamp, Ronaldinho and Neymar - the time he hit on Chelsea Clinton at Stanford and so, so many other cracking yarns from an incredible career.    Nelsen is a natural leader and this episode provides a pretty revealing picutre of why he was made captain of nearly every team he has played for. Show notes:2.20: Thursday night in Washington DC with Ryan, laying the blueprint for Steven at US College, and impressions of Seamus on the Olympic tour in 2012 8.26: Reflections on two Olympic Games: playing Brazil, Egypt and Mo Salah, the run-in with Dakota Lucas, and the cheeseburger challenge between Roland Jeffery and Seamus 19.00: We go back to Christchurch and the cricket career that could have been had it not been for a dodgy knee 23.38: The US experience: Stanford, MVP, All American, 'pulling the moves' on Chelsea Clinton, Tiger Woods in the medical centre, going #4 in the MLS draft, DC United, failures and lessons learnt 31.37: Heading to the UK: From “you’re not good enough” at Charlton Athletic and being on trial at Blackburn Rovers to the FA Cup semi-final within six months 38.42: Attracting the interest of Manchester United: What does that really look like? 41.23: Some of the characters at Blackburn Rovers: Tugay and his ciggies 45.44: A Cole Tinkler and Raj Naidu interlude 46.55: Back to Blackburn Rovers characters: Chris Samba defender turned striker, Mark Hughes at training, and Robbie Fowler sneaking in 51.54: Chris Wood and his incredible achievements in the English Premier League 54.37: The Burnley and Blackburn Rovers rivalry: pitch invasions, police, tribalism and hooligans 57.00: Ryan finds out he was named by fans in Blackburn Rovers’ greatest ever XI, the Venky's chicken ad and fighting El Hadji Diouf in the dressing room 1.01.48: Losing 1-7 to Manchester United: going after Sam Allardyce at halftime, and Dimitar Berbatov scoring five in the process 1.04.23: Toughest opponents: marking Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp in their prime 1.06.33: A sad end after seven years at Blackburn Rovers and the eventual move to Tottenham with Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and a young Harry Kane 1.13.49: "I don’t want to be here": QPR and Ryan’s eventual retirement and transition into management 1.18.16: Leaving everything on the pitch with the All Whites at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the pressures of club v country 1.25.27: Behind the scenes of the World Cup in South Africa: battles with NZ Football, the drain of the World Cup and the challenges after the tournament 1.38.05: Toronto FC and the end of the coaching journey 1.41.42: Moving off the pitch and on the line with .rugby and .basketball 1.44.54: Terrible haircuts at the Confederations Cup in 1999 and never being able to drink tequila again after a big night with Kris Bouckenhooge, RN Wines, and player representation 1.48.55: Last words: The Bob Smith Memorial Trophy, and rescuing Ryan’s boots from the rubbish bin at the Olympic GamesSee for privacy information. more
6/5/22 Blair Tuke: Epic ocean stories Blair Tuke is one of New Zealand’s most successful and best spor...tsmen. He’s won an Olympic gold medal and two silvers, two America’s Cup titles, six 49er World Championships and with teammate Peter Burling, was named NZ sports team of the year in 2017.  In this episode we talk about his dubious hole-in-one on a par four in Arrowtown, why Tana Umaga, Christian Cullen and Dom Harvey stayed at his house when he was 10, the brutal realities of the round-the-world Ocean race - working four hours on four hours off for 23 days - how and why he won 28 regattas in a row in the 49er with Pete, the best stories from the Olympics, the journey to the top of Team NZ, his marital status, and so much more.  This was a really cool one. We'd never met Blair before this, but he came bouncing into the studios with the most upbeat, positive, fun attitude, and really gave us everything with his thoughtful answers and willingness to share. It was one of those chats where the time just flew by.  A huge thanks to everyone supporting the show on Patreon, if you want to chip in for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, head to  Show notes | Episode 84 | Blair Tuke 1.45: The Bermuda Triangle, quicksand, and spontaneous human combustion 4.40: When Christian Cullen, Tana Umaga, and Dom Harvey turned up for the Christmas Holidays 9.03: A hole in one on a par four in Arrowtown 12.54: The Ocean Race – a deep dive into sailing’s greatest round-the-world challenge 30.51: Establishing the Live Ocean Foundation 36.15: The open ocean and the risks involved: the loss of John Fisher in the Southern Ocean 41.20: Life on board: paying respects to King Neptune 45.02: The dramatic finish of The Ocean Race in 2018 50.28: Seamus’ series of curious questions on The Ocean Race 56.33: Falling in love with the ocean on a trip to Fiji and moving through the sailing ranks 1.00.49: Linking up with Peter Burling and the first Olympic Games experience in London 1.09.24: The remarkable run between London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 1.17.26: Carrying the flag and winning Gold at Rio 1.21.05: Silver at Tokyo 1.26.49: The America’s Cup: memories of past campaigns and getting the call-up 1.30.57: Winning in Bermuda and defending in New Zealand 1.37.31: The popularity of the America’s Cup 1.44.06 The ins and outs of Sail GP 1.50.11 What the future holds for Blair Tuke 1.54.31 Last words from Steven, Seamus and BlairSee for privacy information. more
5/29/22 Dame Susan Devoy: The stories you haven't heard Susan Devoy is one of New Zealand’s greatest-ever sportswomen an...d was the world’s top-ranked squash player from 1983 until 1992, winning eight British Open women’s titles and four World Opens. In retirement, she was knighted aged 34, the youngest Kiwi to achieve the honour since Sir Edmund Hilary. Then after gaining 20 years of experience in a number of roles, Devoy served as New Zealand race relations commissioner from 2013-2018. In this episode we talk about dropping out of school for squash, the bumpy path to No1 in the world, the realities of having four kids under five, why she retired early, her embarrassing encounter with Bill Clinton, fundraising $500,000 in 1988 with a 2500 mile walk, the death-threats and abuse she suffered in the race relations role and why she’d never do it again, her issues with High-Performance Sport NZ and much, much more. This one was an epic. Devoy has packed so much into her life and was incredibly open about all the highs and lows along the way. She also has a lot to still give, and in the second half you’ll hear the passion is still there to make change. We loved this chat, and know you will to.Show notes | Episode 83 | Dame Susan Devoy 1.52 Dame Susie D 8.55 Squash battles between Susan and husband John 13.59 The Devoy and Oakley families give willingly to the B2B research team 18.49 A mum of four boys: Julian, Alex, Josh, and Jamie 29.54 Running 3km before and after training at age 10 35.15 Creating an elite athlete: the youngest sibling from a small town 38.15 Leaving school at 17 to pursue a professional squash career 47.49 The realities of being an overseas athlete in the 1980s 50.45 Winning the first British Open at age 20 and her public profile at the peak of her powers 55.51 Dame Susan and the Rosebowl Trophy 58.15 Staying at the top of the game and the fear of failure 1.04.10 The reasons behind deciding to retire at the peak of her powers 1.14.00 The walk for muscular dystrophy in 1988 that raised $500,000 1.19.55 Becoming the Race Relations Commissioner 1.28.33 The worst parts of the job and learnings from five years in the role 1.34.11 Racism in New Zealand 1.38.53 Would Susan do the role again knowing what she knows now? 1.40.47 Thoughts on high performance sport in New Zealand 1.47.28 A few celebrity interactions: Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Sir Edmund Hilary 1.52.06 Last words from Steven, Seamus and SusanSee for privacy information. more
5/22/22 Dom Harvey: Thirty years behind the mic Dom was one of New Zealand’s most popular breakfast radio hosts ...from 2001 to 2021. He’s won the Sir Paul Holmes Award for NZ Broadcaster of the Year, written three best-selling books and has turned his passion for running into a new podcast called 'Runners Only With Dom Harvey'.  In this episode we talk about why he walked away from the Edge after 20 years to focus on his mental health, and what that really means, what his future looks like and what his ambitions are with his podcast, the complexities of working and living with his ex-wife JJ, his difficult IVF journey, the best and worst parts of working on the Edge and his Tom Cruise prank that had a sour twist.  JJ described Dom as a sensitive soul, who used his radio persona to mask that sensitivity. And we got the real Dom here. There were some emotional patches in this ep where Dom opened up on the struggles of his IVF journey, and we’re grateful he was comfortable enough to share. Dom is great company and a brilliant broadcasting talent – this was a super entertaining chat.  Show notes | Episode 82 | Dom Harvey 1.41 Dom gets flustered meeting his heroes 2.58 The art of the podcast and learning the craft 7.23 Running five marathons in five days for Ka'iulani Forbes 11.17 Self-sabotage and imposter syndrome 16.15 Basing himself on Howard Stern, and remembering Two Strangers and a Wedding 21.37 Back to the start of the radio journey in Palmerston North and a weird interlude about Kids Songs 27.39 The making of Jay-Jay and Dom 30.51 The complexities of working and living with your wife 35.01 Breakfast radio interviews and on-air pranks 43.09 “Doing a Meg”: Building new on-air relationships post Jay-Jay 45.32 Audiences and listener numbers 50.30 Leaving radio after 30 years 57.17 The tumour that led to the fertility issues 1.03.10 Making peace with not having children 1.09.16 How is life out of radio? 1.11.20 Running chat: sub-three hour marathons and revisiting the Kipchoge Challenge 1.16.00 What the future holds? 1.18.02 Last words from Steven, Seamus and DomSee for privacy information. more
5/15/22 Mike Lane: The worst stories broadcast in NZ (re-release) On this episode we’re re-winding the clock nearly two years to S...eptember 23, 2020, when we sat down with Alternative Commentary Collective boss Mike Lane.  Lane was Between Two Beers’ first big ‘get’. Up untill then, we’d been a relatively niche football podcast, but this chat inspired us to broaden our outlook. Lane is a world-class storyteller and this was one of our most memorable episodes. In it we talk about the worst things the ACC have said on air, what it was like managing Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells, Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, what really happened when the ICC booted Lane’s commentary team from the Cricket World Cup, battling and beating cancer, men’s mental health and the future of sports broadcasting in New Zealand. Show notes: 2.04 How Seamus and Steve know Mike 3.43 Carol from Waldronville complains about an Alternative Commentary Collective story during the Lions tour 11.02 What’s the worst thing ever said during an ACC broadcast? 17.00 When the ACC had their media accreditation removed by the ICC during the cricket world cup 27.35 A few tales from the ACC 46.48 Creating a lexicon of terms, players nicknames, dealing with public recognition and the horrendous stories punters share 56.30 Back to St Paul’s with Dan Vettori and Jeremy Wells 1.07.07 The Beige Brigade 1.25.08 Working in Abu Dhabi: Formula 1, the FIFA Club World Cup, and Snoop Dogg (with a great interlude about Paul the Saffa and FIFA HQ) 1.44.45 Mike Lane’s one in million cancer battle 1.55.06 No Talk Day and men’s mental health 2.02.50 What is the future for the ACC and for broadcasting in general? 2.10.25 Radio Hauraki: Managing Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath v Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte 2.13.32 Sue Lane 2.16.55 Last bits and pieces: Are the WAGs friends with each other? Media influences growing up? Champagne Rugby, and do you trim your downstairs? See for privacy information. more
5/8/22 Mark Richardson: The man behind the act Mark Richardson was a test batsman, who has gone on to become one of N...ew Zealand’s most sought-after broadcasters.  He’s one of New Zealand’s best cricket commentators who's also been a host of the Crowd Goes Wild, Radio Sport breakfast, the Block, the AM Show and The Project.  In this episode we talk about dealing with fame, arguing with Jacinda Ardern on live TV, his grumpy man persona on the Crowd Goes Wild, the full story of *that* viral video where Stephen Fleming 'abuses' him, his slowest-loser running races after tests, his over-the-top celebration after taking his first, and only, test wicket, the realities of working on Breakfast TV, if he believes everything he says and much, much more.    This was a lot of fun and we had a ton of laughs across this one. Mark is such a complex, interesting, entertaining character and I hope we were able to showcase some of the ‘real’ Mark Richardson here.  Show notes | Episode 81 | Mark Richardson 1.28 Is Mark Richardson a podcast guy? 2.30 The time he and Grant Elliott nearly got beaten up on a golf course in Queenstown 8.20 The slowest man races 13.19 The Crowd Goes Wild 23.37 THAT interview with Stephen Fleming 31.02 Charting the broadcast journey: From CGW to The Block 39.11 The AM Show 49.51 Breakfast broadcasting and the work / life balance 53.56 “The best seat in the house”: watching Duncan Garner at work 55.51 Dealing with fame 58.32 What happened to the bowling? 1.02.22 The transformation into an opening test bat with help from Lance Cairns 1.11.28 Taking the wicket of Yousuf Youhana at 552/7 1.16.04 The cramp in India 1.21.28 Catching Shane Warne for 99 at the MCG 1.28.48 The mental strain of being Mark Richardson the international cricketer 1.31.57 Mark Richardson the cricket commentator 1.39.55 Facing express pace 1.46.22 Scoring a hundred at Lords 1.50.24 Emotion 1.52.06 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MarkSee for privacy information. more
5/1/22 Chris Cairns: Breaking my silence On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Chris Cairns. &nb...sp;Chris is one of the best cricketers NZ has produced. A powerful, big-hitting batter who could bowl as well as he could bat. For 15-years, Chris was an ever-present in living rooms across New Zealand smashing sixes and taking wickets on TV – a sporting hero.  But on the 19th of May, 2014 it was revealed Chris was under investigation for match-fixing allegations, and his life has never been the same. In 2015 he was acquitted of charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice after an eight-week trial in London's High Court and in his words “dug a hole in Australia, disappeared from the spotlight and got on with life”.  Then in August of last year he suffered a heart attack. He underwent four open-heart surgeries and had a spinal stroke, which left him wheelchair-bound and paralysed in his legs. Then in February he revealed he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer.  it’s been a hell of a ride.  In this episode we talk about why his brush with death has changed his perspective on life, and why he’s now open to talking about his trial, and things he wouldn’t have in the past, how he mentally coped with two months of hell in London, how it felt to have former teammates testifying against him, If he regretted suing Lalit Modhi, the realities of living with paralysis, what it was like growing up with Lance and what the future looks like.  This convo covered some pretty heavy areas, and a word of warning, there are a few graphic, raw descriptions of his health battle early in the ep. Chris’ life has been a real rollercoaster, and we’re grateful he felt comfortable and open enough to share so much of it in great detail.  Show notes | Episode 80 | Chris Cairns 2.06: A day in life of Chris Cairns 5.41: How the cochlear implant changed communication with Lance Cairns 11.43: Aortic dissection and spinal stroke 18.22: Waking up to the reality of being paralysed and reflecting on life after the injury 25.41: Bowel cancer 33.25: Mental resilience, choice, and purpose 35.41: Looking ahead: getting back into work 36.58: Looking back: Cairns Fudge 40.20: London High Court in 2015, the mental toll of a two-month trial 43.57: Waiting for the verdict and the experience of sitting in the dock 50.33: Reflecting on the role of former teammates and the trial 53.25: The end of the commentary career 57.09: His friendship with Dion Nash (and Pilates) 59.42: Telling the story with detail: A book on the horizon? 1.00.53: Going back to the tweet from Lalit Modi 1.04.22: The transition from “son of” to New Zealand international 1.11.39: When did you realise you would be an international cricketer? 1.14.12: A man child? 1.16.03: Behind the scenes of the Young Guns 1.18.33: A look into the future and is Isabel Cairns a future tennis star? 1.23.25: A dad with a forgotten cricket career: T20 beige kits and a bowl-off with the West Indies 1.26.28: Cricket Max and Beach Cricket 1.30.27: Medical professionals 1.32.36: Rehab and explaining things in layman’s terms 1.34.55: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Chris  See for privacy information. more
4/24/22 Jack Tame: The art of the interview Jack is one of the most talented people we’ve met. He was descri...bed to us by one of his colleagues as journalism’s Swiss Army Knife – a guy that does it all. He’s been a Breakfast host, a 6pm newsreader, he hosts one of NZ’s biggest radio shows on Newstalk ZB, is a columnist for the NZ Herald, has moderated live election debates, now hosts TVNZ’s Q and A and has seen more, and experienced more of the world – than any 35-year-old we know.  In this episode we talk about how he was given Paul Holmes’ radio job on ZB at the age of 25 with no radio experience, *That* interview with Winston Peters where Jack was called James – about 10 times, the time he was recording live TV while fearing for his father's life, dancing with Beyonce, going to a Les Mills grit class with Lorde, flirting with Ann Hathaway, covering Trump, why he left Breakfast TV, the things you don’t know about Mike Hosking and so much more.  Jack is such a slick operator, it made this chat so much fun. This was one of our favs, I know you’ll enjoy it.  Show notes | Episode 79 | Jack Tame 2.50: Steven’s embarrassing correspondence with Jack Tame and a deep dive in some Worldle chat 8.51: Jack on the Late Night Big Breakfast: communication with Leigh Hart and the genius of Jason Hoyte 14.66: Les Mills workouts with Lorde, public recognition, Paddy Gower and John Campbell 19.55 Taking over from Paul Holmes on the Newstalk ZB Saturday morning show from the USA 30.14 Reflections on Paul Holmes and the brilliance of Mike Hosking 37.15 How do you judge your success? Ratings and validation 39.36 Back to the start: the makings of Jack Tame 43.35 Jack’s dad goes missing in the bush 52.45 Winston Peters v James Tame 57.22 Q+A: the art of active listening and the work behind the camera 1.08.46 Starting out on One News while still at school 1.11.28 Reflections on being the US Correspondent for TVNZ 1.20.54 US politics broken down by Jack Tame 1.27.30 Interactions with celebrities: flirting with Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway 1.33.02 Red wine with Sir David Attenborough 1.37.24 Seven continents 1.39.41 The gruelling nature of Breakfast television 1.46.02 Work / life balance and the future of media 1.51.24 Marshawn Lynch and the Steven Adams come up 1.55.05 A star-studded nightclub in New YorkSee for privacy information. more
4/17/22 Josh Kronfeld: Not your average rugby player Josh is an All Blacks legend who played at two Rugby World across 54 games for the All Blacks and was a cult hero in Dunedin, where he played over 100 games for Otago and the Highlanders.  In this episode we talk about surfing with Tom Robinson, destroying his downstairs operation on the Crowd Goes Wild, what it was really like to play with and against Jonah, how he avoided food poisoning at the 95 World Cup, what it was like playing in NZ’s first Super Rugby season, why schoolboy rugby is better than All Blacks rugby, how he won consecutive seasons of Celebrity Treasure Island and much, much more.  Josh is not your average rugby player. He’s a trained physio, he surfs, he paints, he’s a reporter for Crowd Goes Wild, he restores Classic Cars, he’s a family man, and a deep thinker.  There was so much to talk about with Josh – and as he said at the end after nearly two hours – we barely scratched the surface! You’ll enjoy this one.  Show notes | Episode 78 | Josh Kronfeld 1.38: Surfing, “Back Yourself”, and “digging like a demented mole” on Jonah Lomu Rugby 6.01: The third ugliest man at the 1999 Rugby World Cup 7.55: Injuring his downstairs operation in preparation for an interview with Mahe Drysdale 16.33: The Crowd Goes Wild 20.55: Growing up in Hastings and the importance of schoolboy rugby 29.23: From 88kg to 100kg 35.00: Otago: rugby, beating the Lions, court sessions, the supporters club, and the University of Otago experience 48.52: From amateur to professional rugby 1.01.08: The 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa 1.05.50: Meeting Nelson Mandela 1.08.59: A Jonah Lomu interlude 1.14.44: Playing for money at Leicester Tigers 1.18.40: Injuries over the years 1.22.55: No nukes in my backyard 1.28.26: Retiring from rugby and travelling for a year across the USA and South America 1.35.48: Going back to the University of Otago as a 33-year-old ex-All Black 1.38.57: Celebrity Treasure Island 1.48.48: Would Josh ever consider being a team physio?See for privacy information. more
4/10/22 Ryan Fox: The best and worst of life on tour Ryan Fox is one of NZ’s best golfers and has won two European To...ur titles and has 13 professional wins.  In this episode we talk about how he celebrated his recent win in the Ras Al Khaimah Classic and what happens to the $500,000 dollar prize money, what it was like playing a hole with Tiger Woods – and we hear all his best Tiger stories, memories of his late, great mate Shane Warne, how Steve Hansen’s advice helped him out of a funk, what makes Steve Williams such a good caddy and how his upbringing, surrounded by Kiwi sporting royalty, shaped his life. Show notes | Episode 77 | Ryan Fox 1.29: Back in the ACC studios, a Covid test fail from Seamus, and Ryan tells us about fishing and golfing at The Fox with Eric Murray, Neil Wagner, and Wayne Smith 7.30: Ryan Fox on Shane Warne 17.28: Pro-am golf: friendly bets, banter, being outdriven by Martin Guptill, running it close with Tim Henman 21.48: Sleeping on a six-shot lead at the Ras Al Khaimah Classic 29.56: The aftermath of the win at the Ras al Khaimah Classic 41.34: A breakdown of costs on the golf tour 47.11: Learning from Steve Williams and stories on Tiger Woods 55.06: A practice hole with Tiger in 2019 1.01.16: The difference between the top 10 in the world and the rest 1.02.51: Riding the wave of a win and chats with Steve Hansen and Sir John Kirwan 1.07.46: Rubbing shoulders with ex-All Blacks and ex-pro golfers and getting recognised in public 1.10.12: Memories of Grant Fox the All Black and Merv Wallace the cricketer 1.19.12: Falling in love with golf and turning it into a professional career 1.25.20: Are golfers weird guys? 1.27.26: The Saudi Arabia project with Greg Norman 1.29.44: Some long drive chat 1.34.38: Ryan’s relationship with golf in New Zealand 1.38.19: Quick fire golf chat: double Albatross, meltdowns, a hole-in-three, hardest shots, best foursome 1.43.45: Last words from Steven, Seamus and RyanSee for privacy information. more
4/3/22 Chloë McCardel: The world's greatest open-water swimmer Chloe’s story tests the limits of human endurance, and it may st...retch your appreciation of what the human body and mind can achieve.  She is probably the greatest ultra-marathon swimmer in history, and holds world records for the longest non-stop swim (124 km, 42 hours) and the most crossings of the English Channel (44).  In this episode we talk about where her mental strength comes from, where her mind goes mid-swim - during the dark times, how she deals with shark danger, the time she nearly died 17 hours into a world record attempt, the time she had to abort a swim due to jellyfish stings, the mental anguish of swimming for 42 hours and what it does to the body and mind and so many other incredible stories.  Chloe might be the toughest athlete we’ve talked to on this pod. The mental strengh it takes to do what she has done is inspiring – and makes you question the limitations you’ve put on yourself.. And shes so articulate at relaying her thinking at every step of the journey. I know you’ll enjoy this one.  Show notes | Episode 76 | Chloë McCardel 1.52: Seamus reveals his rules around water and his fear of the ocean 4.04: Setting the scene: “I wanted to be the best in the world at something” 8.27:Steven’s swimming journey towards a 10km open water swim 11.45: Chloë on mental strength, your purpose, and finding your calling 13.33: The English Channel 23.51: Signing Steven up to the England to Belgium Relay Swim 26.33: Coaching athletes to open water swimming 30.07: Breaking down the mechanics of an ultra-marathon swim 35.04: The importance of the support crew 38.07: The failed triple crossing attempt in 2011: 30 minutes from death 43.12: Shark chat 47.34: The Cuba to USA 160km swim attempt 51.11: The 124km world record unassisted open water swim 59.25: Could you do further? 1.02.50: Media exposure and external support for the challenges 1.05.07 Do you learn more from success or failure? 1.07.02: Using her platform to raise awareness on domestic abuse 1.09.51: Mental strength v physical strength 1.14.28: Thoughts on “being the best in world at something” 1.17.05: Weird things seen in the ocean while open water swimming 1.21.00: Last words from Steven, Seamus and ChloëSee for privacy information. more
3/27/22 Dion Nash: A tale of two careers In this episode, we talk about how Dion met his wife, Former Silver Fe...rn captain Bernice Mene, opening the bowling with Jeff Wilson in Otago, what really happened when Dion, Stephen Fleming and Matt Hart got suspended for smoking pot in South Africa, how he stumbled into a high-profile corporate career soon after retiring from cricket, and the lessons he’s learned along the way.  Show notes | Episode 75 | Dion Nash 1.42 Between two whiskies, and some grooming chat in the Triumph & Disaster headquarters 3.39 A re-visit of the White Line Fever podcast with David Higgins and Shane Cameron and some ND cricket BJ Watling age group reminiscing 7.01 The evolution of Dion Nash: from cricket to business 11.50 Growing up in Dargaville 18.07 The foundation of success: marriage to Bernice Mene 26.37 A Jeff Wilson interlude 32.41 From Auckland Grammar to Otago Uni to the Young Guns 42.39 Lords (56, 6/76 & 5/93) 47.04 Injury 53.24 South Africa 1995 1.09.27 Gilbert Enoka and Pilates 1.19.16 The end of his cricket career and the creation of the Cricket Players Association 1.30.15 Transitioning into a corporate career with 42below 1.41.50 Establishing Triumph & Disaster 1.53.34 Comparing the business career to the cricket career 1.56.14 Last words from Steven, Seamus and DionSee for privacy information. more
3/20/22 PJ Harding: Why I walked away from radio stardom We talk to PJ about why she walked away from radio at the top of her g...ame, what she’s planning next, her relationship with former co-host Jase – and the realities of breakfast radio, and we document Seamus’ rough run attempting to slide into PJ’s Instagram DMs from years ago. Show notes | Episode 74 | Polly Harding 1.28 The journey from Melbourne to Masterton (or Mount Bruce) 6.40 PJ or Polly? And baby Campbell on the way 9.26 Polly lights up Seamus and his rough run attempting to slide into her Instagram DMs from years ago 18.55 Jase Hawkins and Producer Alex on PJ – including the time she shat on the bedroom floor 22.02 How much of yourself can you share on air? 28.31 Back to the start of the journey: becoming a station voice, starting on ZM, dealing with imposter syndrome, and finding her on-air personality 33.37 “An arranged marriage”: the origins of Jase and PJ 40.50 Australia comes calling 49.42 Authenticity and relatability: is any of it an act? 52.16 The realities of working breakfast radio and the impact on normal life 55.46 Leaving Jase and PJ and the decision to come home 1.05.51 Contrasting lifestyles: living off the grid v an Instagram account of over 100 thousand followers 1.10.34 Celebrities: charity boxing, sliding into DMs, intimidating interviews 1.16.56 Radio stunts, getting married on air, and First Dates NZ 1.20.33 Last words from Steven, Seamus and PJSee for privacy information. more
3/13/22 Lance Cairns: The Story That Could Not Be Told Last week we flew to Gisborne (Thanks to Air New Zealand’s to talk to Lance Cairns about his incredible life. In the first 30 minutes we’d heard stories about Don Bradman, Johnny Cash and the Queen! It was a conversation that wouldn’t have been possible for nearly 50 years due to his hearing impairment, but thanks to his cochlear implant – we had an afternoon we won’t ever forget Show notes | Episode 73 | Lance Cairns > Final 2.03 “Welcome to what?!” 3.25 Pearls of wisdom from Lance Cairns 6.31 50 years of hearing impairment 12.04 Cochlear implant: A life changing experience 17.48 Six sixes at the MCG 23.30 Jeremy Coney and the new guitar, Sir Ian Botham, Sir Elton John, and Johnny Cash 29.46 Growing up in Picton: the unlikely cricketer and a brush with death at the age of 9 36.48 Cricket chat: coaching, bowling workload, and playing senior cricket at a young age 42.56 Working and playing international cricket 44.23 Facing the fastest bowlers in the world 48.25 A unique batting style that masked an incredible bowling career 53.22 Glenn Turner and the end of a career 54.09 Back to school: cricket, wagging and getting the cane 58.45 The loss of two children – Hayden and Louise 1.07.00 Christopher Cairns: the young cricketer 1.14.04 The relationship with Christopher Cairns 1.18.37 Cairns, Hadlee, Wright, Boock: an impressive golf foursome 1.21.07 Last words from Steven, Seamus and LanceSee for privacy information. more
3/6/22 Kieran Read: The Stuff You Don't See On TV In this episode with Kieran Read we talk about Richie McCaw’s en...gine, getting bounced by Shane Bond, the secret sauce of great leadership, what happened in that Ireland haka, and why he choked out Richie Mo’unga when he met him for the first time at Owen Franks’ wedding.Show notes | Episode 72 | Kieran Read 2.02: Running a Hotmail operation in 2022, trail running, weight loss, and a regular day in Kieran Read’s life post All Blacks career 7.32: Kieran Read: not what you’d expect 9.34: The Black Clash: “This is your greatest achievement on the sporting field” 15.18: A cricket prodigy with BJ Watling and Anton Devcich 21.19: Kieran Read v Richie Mo’unga at Owen Franks’ wedding 28.16: Growing up in Counties Manukau: Joeli Vidiri, playing for the Steelers, Rosehill College and Wesley College 40.33: The foundations of leadership: connection, authenticity, accountability 47.30: All or Nothing: behind the scenes of the Amazon Prime documentary 51.57: Taking over the All Blacks captaincy 54.33: Kieran Read on Richie McCaw 1.00.40: Vulnerability and using your platform to push positive messages 1.07.21: Dealing with injuries and having the will to play through and recover 1.11.21: Another Richie McCaw interlude 1.14.35: Rehabilitation from head injury (Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment) 1.19.23: The sensitivities of talking about head injury in the current climate 1.22.40: The 2019 World Cup in Japan 1.30.09: The haka: how or who makes the call between Ka Mate and Kapa o Ponga? 1.36.01 1.38.50: Matt Heath, the Alternative Commentary Collective 1.40.14: Last words from Steven, Seamus and KieranSee for privacy information. more
2/27/22 Eric Murray: What 'high-performance' really looks like (re-release) This episode originally aired on Nov 24, 2020. The first thing that st...ruck us about meeting Eric for the first time was his approachability. He had a beer in hand, a huge smile and welcomed us into his home like old friends – excited to share his best stories.  The second was his size. The guy is a giant and when you combine that raw power with an insane aerobic ticker, you can start to understand how he won 8 World Championships, 2 Olympic golds and 69 races undedeated in the Kiwi pair with Hamish Bond.  But the ep was a blast – and for the new fans we’ve collected over the last 18 months – worthy of your time. It's packed with unbelievable stories from two decades at the very top of high-performance sport.  We talk about fighting Manu Vatuvei in the 2012 Fight for Life, competing in a TV show to find NZ’s toughest man, nights out in Switzerland – including the time he wrestled a swan into a pub, the infamous meeting when Dick Tonks blew his lid at the Kiwi Pair, and how having a son with autism changed him.  Listen on iheart or wherever you get your podcasts from, a huge thanks to those donating to the cause on Patreon... visit to help support the show. See for privacy information. more
2/20/22 Toby Burrows: The king of NZ music festivals Toby is the king of music festivals in NZ. He’s a shareholder an...d former director of Rythym and Vines, who has more recently tasted success organising Bay Dreams, Le Currents and Plane Sailing, while touring some of the world's biggest artists from Bryan Adams to Snoop Dogg. Basically, he’s seen it all and done it all in the NZ music scene.  In this episode we talk about the stressful early days of Rhythm and Vines and BW Campgrounds, how he helped to put Gisborne on the international music map, how he created an ‘Endless Summer’ for 15 years, splitting his time between NZ and LA, the famous faces he met along the way, including Joe Rogan, Paris Hilton, Kelly Slater and Freddie Roach, why he’s gone to Coachella 11 times, his success with Bay Dreams and Cardi B’s outrageous request when he booked her to play in Nelson. See for privacy information. more
2/13/22 Monty Betham: How to become an effective leader In this episode we talk about Monty's life after sport, his success in... the business world and transitioning to punditry, his relationship with his father and reflections on a difficult childhood, why the NRL voted him the scariest player in the early 2000s, why he took the Shane Cameron fight at Fight For Life when no rugby player wanted to fight him and why he walked away from rugby league. Show notes | Monty Betham 1.38: Winning the morning, losing touch, good comms, 26 years of marriage 5.18: Warriors and Team Talks on Instagram and the obligatory Emma Twigg mention, plus Steve’s white gloves memory 7.02: The relationship with Monty Betham Snr: growing up around violence and abuse, life lessons, bullying, and redemption 17.30: A leader of men as the youngest ever Warriors captain 21.12: “Putting on the ugly head”: Monty on his role as the enforcer 29.37: Highs and lows at the Warriors 32.11: Walking away from rugby league and the transition to boxing 36.00: Fighting Shane Cameron at the Fight for Life 39.51: Rugby league v boxing 40.52: Looking back at the boxing career and eventually retiring from boxing 48.14: Continuous improvement, a comeback of sorts at The Fight for Life, and training Jimmy Spittle 55.37: Punditry, interviewing, and the art of asking good questions 1.01.18: Last words from Steven, Seamus and MontySee for privacy information. more
2/6/22 Shane Cameron: The real story of The Mountain Warrior In this episode we talk about Shane's upbringing in the tiny town of T...iniroto and why he left school at 13, his epic training camp with Mike Tyson in Arizona – and what it was like to fight the baddest man on the planet, we talk about THAT fight with David Tua, when and why it turned personal, the heartbreak, the aftermath and their relationship now, his unlikely appearance on Dancing with the Stars and how he cut 16 kgs in three months to fight Danny Green. Show notes | Episode 69 | Shane Cameron 1.49: Lamb in the slow cooker, Instagram content, being in the best shape of your life at 44, and where you were for The Fight of the Century 6.51: Growing up in Tiniroto: a pub and a school, shepherding, and leaving school at 13 11.12: A solitary life: “I dreamt about being a shepherd” 15.58: Heading off on an OE 18.37: Picking up boxing at the age of 20 22.40: Sparring with the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’: three weeks with Mike Tyson 28.33: Mike Tyson on Shane Cameron 32.04: Mike Tyson: A “gifted” man 33.53: Thoughts on Tyson coming out of retirement and the rise of YouTube fighters 36.07: Shane Cameron and David Tua: The early years 39.55: “It became personal”: The Fight of the Century 44.49: The aftermath of The Fight of the Century 47.38: Reconciliation: dinner with David Tua years later 51.15: Cutting weight for the Danny Green fight and redemption against Monte Barrett 55.33: Putting yourself in uncomfortable positions: Dancing with the Stars 58.52: Living on a rice and coconut diet on Celebrity Treasure Island 1.01.38: Shane Cameron Fitness, Counter Punch, Counter Punch Fitness App 1.05.06: Reflecting on the life of Shane Cameron 1.09.59: Last words from Steven, Seamus and ShaneSee for privacy information. more
1/30/22 Scott Styris: The all-rounder In this episode we talk about Styris' ‘streetfighter’ and the most high-profile on-field confrontations across his career, why he’s not a good fit for the Black Clash, how the Indian commentary scene really works, the best pranks and gags from his high-profile marriage with his wife Nicky, the realities of life as a travelling player and pundit and his side of the story from his tussle with Anton Devcich in a Wellington hotel. Show notes | Episode 68 | Scott Styris Show notes | Episode 68 | Scott Styris 1.39 Wrong emails, Fergburger, Botswana Butchery, Wally Lees, and the Gibbston Valley cricket match 4.41 Some niche Hamilton Boys’ High School content: invented cricket stories from Chris Kuggeleijn, 1st XI cricket, 1st XI football, 1st XV rugby, 1st VII volleyball 12.29 The real world: growing up, pressure to study, getting a job and juggling a cricket career 20.04 A stickler for the rules? 22.02 Scott Styris v Anton Devcich: The Styris perspective 26.16 Jimmy Pamment: mucking up warm ups, the Champions League, and retirement 29.45 Scott Styris v Mitchell Johnson 37.36 The Black Clash 40.13 Targeting Graeme Smith and Faf du Plessis, and the kings of sledging Shane Warne and Tim Southee 48.20 Cricket’s nice guys: The Black Caps of the modern era 50.22 The relationship with Nicky Styris: first night out, a hole-in-one, Wilson golf clubs, and Scott Stryis branded active wear 58.01 Starting out for the Black Caps: taking the wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara 1.02.21 The first ever T20 and the first ever T20 bowl off against the West Indies 1.07.11 The IPL and thoughts on the shorter form of the game 1.11.42 Looking back on a 20 year career in cricket: amateur to professional and pre-T20 to T20 1.15.39 Life on the road on the T20 circuit 1.18.21 The fallout with Mark Richardson and the world of the commentary box 1.22.55 Scott Styris the coach? 1.24.36 Commentating in the IPL and impressions of India 1.27.51 A future career as a “stop / go” man 1.30.00 Niche areas: fantasy baseball league and cricket in PNG 1.34.38 Last words from Steven, Seamus and ScottSee for privacy information. more
1/23/22 David Higgins: How to create unicorns (re-release) This episode originally aired on February 1, 2021. David Higgins has of the most fascinating minds in New Zealand sport with a cunning intelligence and the balls to continually bet big on himself, and win. In his mid 20s with no boxing experience... more
1/9/22 Marina Erakovic: What it's really like to be a tennis pro in NZ We talk to Marina about moving to NZ as a six year old from war-torn Y...ugoslavia, the special treatment she got at high school as a 'minor celebrity', behind the scenes stories about what life is really like for a touring tennis pro, why the media... more
12/27/21 Between Two Beers: The best of 2021 Steve and Seamus reflect on their years on and off the mic, then selec...t some of the best clips from the 28 guests in 2021. more
12/12/21 Dai Henwood: Life of the party to zen master We talk about the time Dai slept in a cricket bag for six months durin...g his OE, his breakdown in 2003 after bombing in Edinburgh – and how Brett McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords helped him bounce back, the most controversial things said on 7... more
11/28/21 Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA Chelsea Lane's story is extraordinary. After working in NZ for over a ...decade as a physio and with high performance sport NZ, she got an email from the NBA champion Golden State Warriors in 2015, asking for her help. Within a year, she was working... more
11/7/21 Leigh Hart: A comedy of errors In this episode we separate fact from fiction surrounding Leigh’s un...believable childhood in Peru, We recount his first appearance on SportsCafe as a professional snail racer, the reason he left Bhuja, the best stories from the Bermuda Triangle, the... more
10/31/21 Tom Walsh: The best stories from out of the circle In this episode we talk about getting mistaken for Joe Moody, unusual ...encounters with old fans, his rivalry with Jacko Gill, the drama, confusion and emotion in Tokyo, what life’s like on the road with other giant men, the humiliating forfeits he... more
10/24/21 DJ Forbes: Secrets from a life of sevens Show notes | Episode 61 | DJ Forbes | 1.52 Lockdown beards, Olympic l...ifting, Pacific Games, haka’s in the rain, and the never-ending fend-off meme 5.01 DJ and Pacific contemporary dance 6.54 Who was pre-rugby sevens DJ Forbes? 12.07 Samoan... more
10/17/21 Ben Hurley: The world of Kiwi comedy We talk about the most interesting experiences across seven years as M...atch Day host for the Black Caps, *that* one night he went out with Laura McGoldrick, Martin Guptill and Jesse Ryder in Nelson, making a living in the Wellington comedy scene... more
10/10/21 Sir John Kirwan: Mastering the mind In this episode we talk about JK’s son Niko becoming an All White, t...he challenges of being an outspoken TV pundit with SKY TV in a rugby landscape where everyone knows everyone, why he left school at 15 and the lessons he learned from his dad, his... more
10/3/21 Laura McGoldrick: What you don't see on camera Laura is a broadcaster, presenter, radio host, MC and part time actres...s and one of the most popular faces on television in New Zealand. Show notes: 1.46 The Guptill / McGoldrick wedding: including Jason Gunn as MC, a star-studded table, and the... more
9/19/21 Pita Taufatofua: After the opening ceremony Pita is best known as the oiled up, shirtless Tongan flagbearer who ac...hieved worldwide fame at the Rio Olympics in 2016, but that’s only scratching the surface of his story. Show notes | Episode 57 | Pita Taufatofua| 1.52 Seamus as one of... more
9/12/21 Eugene Bareman: More than a coach In this episode we talk to Eugene Bareman, businessman, fighter and co...ach of two current UFC champions. Show notes: 1.50 Between Three Beards? 3.46 Training professional fighters in Level 4 lockdown 9.27 The link to Eugene through his sister... more
9/5/21 Paddy Gower: The Conrad Smith of journalism In this episode we find out why Paddy is best known for saying 'this i...s the fuckin news', what Steve experienced when he went to a Hamilton pub with Paddy after midnight, how All Black Conrad Smith helped him prepare for the leaders debate, the time... more
8/29/21 Jimmy Neesham: Back from the brink of retirement In this episode we talk about how Jimmy went from the brink of retirem...ent to almost delivering New Zealand the 2019 World Cup, what it’s like to get a spray from Brendon McCullum as a young player, how his social media following got so GIGANTIC – and... more
8/12/21 Sarah Hirini: Farm-girl to flagbearer In this episode we talked about Sarah's rugged Fielding farm-girl upbr...inging, why Honey Hireme-Smiler considers her the greatest leader she’s ever played with, the emotional rollercoaster of the last six months after tragically losing her mum, how the... more
8/1/21 BJ Watling: The 'perfect' test career In this episode we talk about BJ's ‘perfect’ career arc, his short...-form cricket regrets, what happened in the changing room after the WTC win, what happened when a ND coach tried to stop him from smoking, what he talked about in between overs with... more
7/13/21 Jason Pine: Tales from a life of broadcasting We talk about why Piney decided to leave NZME after 28 years of servic...e, and then why he decided to leave his new job at SENZ radio station within a few months. He gives his thoughts on former SENZ producer Sam Casey’s controversial column on women’s... more
6/17/21 Ryan Nelsen: The best stories from a career in the EPL We hear Ryan's best stories from eight years in the EPL, his frustrati...ons with the All Whites in 2010, what it was like playing with Tugay, Gareth Bale, Harry Kane and Luke Modric, and against Henry and Berkamp, Ronaldinho and Neymar, the time he... more
6/3/21 Rebecca Rolls: An exceptional life on and off the field Rebecca was the Football Ferns goalkeeper from 1994-96, before codes to cricket, and playing over 100 games for the White Ferns where she won a World Cup. Then, at the age of 36 she returned to football, 16 years after walking away from the... more
5/20/21 Jeremy Redmore: Tales from the top of NZ music Jeremy was the lead singer of Midnight Youth, who were probably NZ’s... biggest rock band from 2009-2012. In this episode we talk about the band's wild ride; Jeremy’s transition from journalist to musician, the fame – and attention he got on night's out,... more
5/13/21 Danny Hay: All Whites captain, critic and coach In this episode we talk about Danny's time at Leeds playing with Rio F...erdinand, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka and Jonathan Woodgate, his Champions League debut against Barcelona at the Nou Camp infront of 90,000 people, playing against Man United at Old... more
5/6/21 Honey Hireme-Smiler: 'Punk kid' to cross-code superstar In this episode we talk about how Honey fared at the Putaruru athletic...s championships as a teenager, some of the toughest times from her childhood – and how she turned a corner, why she only discovered her legal name as a teenager, the sudden loss of... more
4/29/21 Scotty Stevenson: Media all-rounder and expert bartender In this episode we talk about the highs and lows of commentating on th...e All Blacks for the first time at the Rugby World Cup, his transformative running journey and the race that made him cry, why he left SKY to join Spark, why he dropped out of... more
4/22/21 Paul Ifill: The best stories you haven't heard On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Paul Ifill. We talk Paul Ifill about the time he tore his groin celebrating Tim Cahill’s winner in the 2004 FA Cup semi-final, playing against Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Van Nisteloory in... more
4/15/21 Peter O'Leary: The gag-man behind the whistle In this episode we get O'Leary to officiate on some unresolved Between... Two Beers matters, we go in-depth on his experience at the 2014 World Cup, where he received death threats as the result of a mistake his team made during a match between Bosnia... more
4/8/21 David Liti: NZ's strongest man How Liti can do the splits at 180kgs, why a doctor told David not to c...ompete at the Commonwealth Games, and why he ignored the advice, the pains and struggles of balancing his weighlifting dreams and family expectations, how his life changed after... more
2/21/21 David Higgins: NZ's most intriguing mind How Higgins got Tua and Cameron to fight, why he lost control at the i...nfamous Hughie Fury press conference in London and how he feared for his life in the aftermath, growing up in poverty, his relationship with money and how he manufactured a rivalry... more
2/9/21 Kevin Fallon: NZ's most famous football coach We talk about the struggles of coaching a national league team as a 24...-year-old in Gisborne, the time he fought Ken Dugdale at training, what it was like watching his son Rory score the winner against Bahrain on that special night in Wellington, his... more
1/7/21 Tim Wigmore: How elite athletes are made Author Tim Wigmore expands on why younger siblings have far more chanc...e of becoming elite athletes, why medium-sized towns produce the most superstars, the role of informal play in creating pros, why right-handed kid cricketers should start batting... more
12/27/20 Roger Wilkinson: The best coach with the worst jokes We talk about Rog's most memorable and fiery sideline confrontations, ...why Chris Wood made it when many other talented young Kiwis have failed, why his son Sam never made it as a player, where the relentless joke-telling comes from and why his Hamilton... more
11/24/20 Eric Murray: The stories you haven't heard Eric talks about fighting Manu Vatuvei in the 2012 Fight for Life, com...peting in a TV show to find NZ’s toughest man, nights out in Switzerland – including the time he wrestled a swan into a pub, the infamous meeting when Dick Tonks blew his lid at the... more
11/17/20 Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician Matt’s humiliating experience at Laura McGoldrick’s wedding, refle...ctions on playing Danny Parker in Back of the Y Masterpiece television, How his ‘fake’ band Dejavoodo got a record contract, the time he made Jacquie Brown cry and the realities of... more
11/12/20 Bruce Holloway: Steve's dad the perennial pot stirrer Bruce talks about his controversial match reports and the coaches and ...players he's upset, his relationship with Declan Edge and why they are no longer friends on Twitter, his opinion of the proposed national league change, the time a player physically... more
10/13/20 Des Buckingham: Why NZ's best coach had to leave Des reflects on losing his job at NZ Football and we ask if he’ll return, we talk success and heartbreak at the under 20 World Cup in Poland, How he used Sarpreet Singh’s acting skills to improve team culture, what high performance coaching... more
10/1/20 Emma Twigg: NZ's rowing world champion We talk about the fine line between high performance training and bull...ying, why Emma retired from rowing, and why she came back, sexuality and sport, her roller blading obsession, training with her rowing heroes, cycling home from Switzerland,... more
9/22/20 Mike Lane: NZ's best (and worst) story teller We talk about the worst things the ACC has said on air, what it’s managing Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells, Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, what really happened when the ICC booted Lane’s commentary team from the World Cup, playing high school cricket with... more
9/9/20 Jonathan Gould: Observations from a career with superstars We talk about playing with Henrik Larsson in his prime, winning Old Fi...rm derbies, playing against Man United featuring Cantona, Giggs and the rest of the Class of '92, facing Ronaldo R9 at the World Cup, and we explore his thoughts on... more
8/27/20 Jeremy Christie: The face of NZ's 1999 World Cup We talk about the 'genius' brain of Tim Brown, living with Winston Rei...d for a year in London, playing for the All Whites against Mexico in front of 100,000 people despite not having a club and his new life in Orlando. more
8/5/20 Dave Williams: Marathon mountain man, inspiring change We talk about failure, near death experiences, grizzly bears, 100km wi...nds, mental strength, drama at gunpoint, conquering ego, and asking for help. more
7/28/20 Dylan Cleaver: Probably NZ's best sports journalist We discuss match-fixing, mysterious tip-offs, the state of sport journ...alism in NZ, why he won’t let his kids play rugby, life on tour with the ACC and much more. more
7/15/20 Sarah Gregorius: Ferns centurion, media pundit, global leader Tumultuous times with Andreas Heraf, training with men, retiring twice..., becoming a centurion, walking away from Sky. more
6/30/20 Priscilla Duncan: Football, media, love and sacrifice Priscilla played at one World Cup and worked at seven. We cover all th...e highlights of an incredible career. more
6/16/20 Shaun Goldsbury: How I won millions playing online poker Shaun won over $2 million across a five-year career as a professional poker player. He tells the story of how he did it, and then transitioned his skills into corporate success. more
6/11/20 Aaron Clapham: NZ's best amateur footballer Aaron Clapham is arguably NZ's best footballer never to play professio...nally. We talk about his career highs and lows, tour mishaps, TV career, Ryan Nelsen and much more. more
6/4/20 Dwayne Sweeney: Waikato rugby's legendary tales Sweeney’s epic, emotional tale of Morrinsville’s 2009 Breweries Sh...ield win, making NPC debut as a schoolboy, insane sevens trainings, pushing tin with NZ Rugby's strongest man, Waikato pub crawls and much more. more
5/21/20 Ross McKenzie: Life after being a US college soccer superstar Macca is one of New Zealand Football’s great characters: Passionate,... outspoken, laid-back and always up for a laugh. more
5/13/20 Anton Devcich: NZ cricket's 'maverick' Anton Devcich is one of New Zealand cricket's most entertaining player...s and has played in nearly every T20 comp around the world. more
5/7/20 Chris James: The outspoken All White The All Whites star talks Twitter outbursts, Des Buckingham, Fulham, g...etting knocked out by a teammate, Anthony Hudson, trial story shockers and much more. more
4/28/20 Jimmy Pamment: Tales from the top of NZ cricket and football Jimmy has won the world's richest cricket comp as a coach, played and ...coached national league football in NZ, played first class cricket and coached Northern Districts. more
4/21/20 Jeremy Brockie: From dreadlocks to lockdowns Jeremy Brockie has played over 50 times for the All Whites and is now ...a professional footballer in South Africa, and a social media star. more
4/14/20 Mark Fulcher: The world's first player / doctor Fulcher is a former NZ national league footballer who went to the Club... World Cup with Auckland City as a player/doctor. These are his incredible stories. more
4/8/20 Danny Robinson: Mad man on the pitch, nice guy off it 'Robbo' was named the NZ national league goalkeeper of the decade and now the Burton Albion academy manager. He shares his best stories from a life between the sticks. more
3/8/20 'Ask me anything' with Steve Holloway and Seamus Marten The hosts Steven Holloway and Seamus Marten answer all your questions.
3/1/20 Declan Edge: NZ's most outspoken football coach Declan Edge is one of New Zealand football's best coaches, but also on...e of its greatest characters. more
2/25/20 Maia Jackman: The face of women's football in NZ Maia opens up about her experiences working as a physio under controve...rsial Ferns coach Andreas Heraf, the highs and lows of the John Herdman era, the complicated world of romantic relationships with teammates, and the perks of being a FIFA Legend. more
2/11/20 Kris Bright: Not a football nomad Kris Bright had one of New Zealand's most incredible football careers.... His professional football odyssey spanned 12 years across 13 clubs and 11 countries. And he has lots of stories. more
2/4/20 Chris Rattue: The most divisive man in NZ sport The time Rattue accidentally deleted a match report a minute before de...adline at the World Cup, how much ‘hate mail’ he receives, if he ever manufactures opinions, the time he pissed off a whole country and his battles with alcohol. more
1/28/20 Cole Tinkler: Peaked at 16 We track Cole Tinkler's footballing journey, and uncover the many reas...ons why his career never quite reached the heights of his ability. more
1/21/20 Joe Edwards: DJ, lawyer, footballer Joe Edwards is a partner at NZ's premier law firm Russell McVeagh who ...has won five Northern Premier League titles, played over 300 Northern League games and scored 100 goals. more
1/14/20 Michael Gwyther: Local legend on and off the pitch Michael Gwyther is perhaps NZ football's most entertaining character. ...He's Glenfield Rovers best player of all time, but his collection of off-field stories are unmatched. more
12/25/19 Sam Wilkinson: The Method Man Child prodigy, turned Phoenix coach Sam Wilkinson opens up about his t...urbulent fallout at Auckland City, highs and lows of Melville, playing with Chris Wood and much more. more
12/17/19 Roland Jeffrey: Tales from the treatment room Roland has been the All Whites physio for over 100 games and has an un...matched locker of dressing room stories to tell from the World Cup, Olympics, Phoenix and Glenfield Rovers changing room. more
12/10/19 Neil Emblen: One of football’s nice guys All Whites assistant coach Neil Emblen opens up on Anthony Hudson, Col...orado Rapids, Wolves, All Whites, Ryan Nelson, Tim Howard, Roy Krishna and much more. more
11/17/19 Che Bunce: Making amends with Steve Holloway Former All White Che Bunce opens up on turbulent times with the NZ Kni...ghts, his incredible 15-club career, clashes with Ricki Herbert, coaching frustrations and his difficult transition into the 'real world'. more
11/10/19 Paul Nixon: One of NZ’s greatest football exports In this hour-long conversation with Kiwi football legend Paul Nixon we... chat about his fight with former England skipper Gerry Francis on a Bristol team bus, his fall-out with Declan Edge following the 2003 Chatham Cup final and how the death of his... more
11/4/19 Aaron Scott: Waikato football legend Former All White Aaron Scott talks about playing amateur football with... Roy Krishna, life with four young kids, wasted footballing talent, being mismanaged by the All Whites and lots more. more
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