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Good questions. Great guests. Few beers... Steve and Seamus like asking good questions. And they love good answers. After over 20 years of friendship, they bought a microphone and started a podcast, allowing them to sit with, and learn from, the most interesting people they can access. From Olympic rowing legend Eric Murray, to media personality Mike Lane, and events creator David Higgins, Between Two Beers has produced countless hours of incredible stories, career highs, lows and moments of raw vulnerability. And it’s only the beginning. The ACC - The Alternative Commentary Collective.



Date Title Status
10/29/23 Abbas Nazari: Escaping the Taliban, The Tampa Affair, Becoming a Best-Selling Author Transcribed
10/22/23 Sir Wayne Smith on All Blacks Career & Culture, Black Ferns, Future of Rugby Transcribed
10/18/23 HAMBASSADORS #8: Which Guests Need a Follow Up? Steve’s Gambling Problem, and more! Transcribed
10/15/23 Hayley Holt Opens Up About Alcohol, Miscarriage, Motherhood, Politics, CGW, and more! Transcribed
10/8/23 Jemarl Paerata: Finding Purpose After Hitting Rock Bottom (Lowkey Legend) Transcribed
10/4/23 HAMBASSADORS #7: Reflecting on Steve Price and Jack Tame, Seamus in Fiji, Steve cried (again) Transcribed
10/1/23 Jack Tame: The Perfect Interview, Grilling Winston Peters, Lessons from Hosking (Re-Release) Transcribed
9/24/23 Steve Price Reflects on Rugby League Career, Losing his Father, Sonny Fai and more! Transcribed
9/20/23 HAMBASSADORS #6: Remembering Our Football Roots, Our Next Guests, Underrated Episodes Transcribed
9/17/23 Chris Wood: $50 Million Kiwi in the English Premier League Transcribed
9/10/23 Hamish Pinkham: Rhythm & Vines Co-Founder, Crazy Artist Stories, Almost Losing it All Transcribed
9/6/23 HAMBASSADORS #4: Steve gets a Vasectomy, Russell Packer Review, Marc Ellis Live + more! Transcribed
9/3/23 Russell Packer: From Prison to an MBA, 13 Years in the NRL, and more! Transcribed
8/27/23 Sarai Bareman: FIFA’s First Chief Women’s Football Officer, Corruption & Sexism, Eugene Bareman’s Success Transcribed
8/23/23 HAMBASSADORS #4: Low Key Legends, Women’s Football, Do We Have ADHD? Transcribed
8/20/23 Dean Lonergan: Losing it ALL & Rebuilding, Duco Events, Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao, and more! Transcribed
8/13/23 Sonia Gray: Behind the Scenes of Lotto, ADHD Diagnosis, Neurodiversity, and more! Transcribed
8/8/23 HAMBASSADORS #3: We say 'Journeys' Too Much, Fletch & Vaughan Drop F Bombs + more! Transcribed
8/6/23 Josh Komen: Surviving Cancer, Heart Attacks, Climbing Everest, and more! Transcribed
7/30/23 Madeleine Sami: NZ Comedy Royalty, Partying with Taika Waititi, Working with Lucy Lawless, and more! Transcribed
7/25/23 HAMBASSADORS #2: Steve Gets Scammed, Out-Celeb’ing Brodie Kane, Which Guests are Mates? Transcribed
7/23/23 Duane Dalton Reflects on Tania Dalton’s Passing, Bringing Pita Pit to NZ, and more! Transcribed
7/16/23 Josh Kronfeld: Legendary All Blacks Career, Chaos at the '95 World Cup, Life After Rugby (Re-Release) Transcribed
7/9/23 Steve Dunstan: How Huffer Became an Iconic NZ Brand Transcribed
7/2/23 Jeremy Wells: From Newsboy to Seven Sharp Host, Starting The ACC, Troubled Childhood, and more! Transcribed
6/27/23 HAMBASSADORS 001: Interviewing a Sexologist, BTS of Chris Cairns, And Your Q's Answered! Transcribed
6/25/23 Jordan Watson aka How to Dad: Behind the Scenes of Viral Success Transcribed
6/18/23 Rebekah Stott: How I kicked cancer and carried on Transcribed
6/11/23 Izzy Whitley: How I built a $30m business at 28 Transcribed
6/4/23 Tom Sainsbury: Man of many faces Transcribed
5/28/23 Blair Tuke: Epic stories from the ocean (re-release) Transcribed
5/21/23 Cori Gonzalez-Macuer: Finding the bright side of darkness Transcribed
5/14/23 Jono Ridler: The inside story of NZ's longest swim Transcribed
5/7/23 Fletch and Vaughan: 19 years at the top of Kiwi radio Transcribed
4/30/23 Morgan Penn: Let's talk about sex Transcribed
4/23/23 Mea Motu: Fighting back from darkness Transcribed
4/16/23 Detective Inspector Scott Beard: Finding happiness through tragedy Transcribed
4/9/23 Example: 16 years at the top of global music Transcribed
4/2/23 David Galbraith: The ghost in the machine Transcribed
3/26/23 Laura McGoldrick: My life in the spotlight (re-release) Transcribed
3/19/23 Awen Guttenbeil: Lessons from my island Transcribed
3/12/23 Guyon Espiner: Mastering the art of the interview Transcribed
3/5/23 Guy Williams: The wild world of Kiwi comedy Transcribed
2/26/23 Lisa Carrington: Inside the mind of a champion
2/19/23 Paddy Gower: This is the f***in news (re-release)
2/12/23 Marc Ellis: How to walk with Kings
2/5/23 Dave Wood: How to stay calm under pressure
1/29/23 Melodie Robinson: Blazing a trail to the top
1/22/23 Mike Minogue: The big second act
1/14/23 Paul Henry: How I became NZ's biggest broadcaster
1/8/23 Eugene Bareman: Falling in love with fighting (re-release)
1/1/23 Luke Kemeys: How the Boys Got Paid
12/24/22 Our fav bits: The best of BTB entertainment in 2022
12/18/22 Our favourite bits: The best of BTB sport in 2022
12/11/22 Bushwhacker Butch: Inside 35 years of pro wrestling
12/4/22 Ruth Croft: What it's really like to win a 100 mile race
11/27/22 Marcus Daniell: How to make a life-changing impact
11/20/22 Lucy Blakiston: How to get 3.6 million followers on Instagram
11/13/22 Sarah Hirini: From farm-girl to world champion (re-release)
11/6/22 Mitch James: How music saved my life
10/30/22 Chris Parker: What you don't see on Instagram
10/23/22 Carlos Spencer: Life after rugby (and Toffeepops)
10/16/22 The 100th ep: The good, bad and the cringey from the maiden century
10/9/22 Mikey Havoc: The journey of a creative genius
10/2/22 Petra Bagust: 30 years in the spotlight
9/25/22 Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician (re-release)
9/18/22 Kendra Cocksedge: I'm not done yet
9/11/22 Daniel Kereopa: The Ultimate Waterman
9/4/22 Brad Smeele: The ride that changed my life
8/28/22 Dan Hooker: Built to fight
8/21/22 Ross Taylor: My side of the story
8/14/22 Eliza McCartney: My journey back to the podium
8/7/22 Jason Hoyte: Stepping out of character
7/31/22 Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA (re-release)
7/24/22 Chris Moorman: How I won $42 million playing poker
7/17/22 Brodie Kane: Making it on my own
7/10/22 Ric Salizzo: The Forrest Gump of NZ sport
7/3/22 Hayley Sproull: Riding the comedy wave
6/26/22 Grant Fox: The value of vulnerability
6/19/22 Jono and Ben: The journey to prime time
6/12/22 Ryan Nelsen: The truth about life in the EPL (re-release)
6/5/22 Blair Tuke: Epic ocean stories
5/29/22 Dame Susan Devoy: The stories you haven't heard
5/22/22 Dom Harvey: Thirty years behind the mic
5/15/22 Mike Lane: The worst stories broadcast in NZ (re-release)
5/8/22 Mark Richardson: The man behind the act
5/1/22 Chris Cairns: Breaking my silence
4/24/22 Jack Tame: The art of the interview
4/17/22 Josh Kronfeld: Not your average rugby player
4/10/22 Ryan Fox: The best and worst of life on tour
4/3/22 Chloë McCardel: The world's greatest open-water swimmer
3/27/22 Dion Nash: A tale of two careers
3/20/22 PJ Harding: Why I walked away from radio stardom
3/13/22 Lance Cairns: The Story That Could Not Be Told
3/6/22 Kieran Read: The Stuff You Don't See On TV
2/27/22 Eric Murray: What 'high-performance' really looks like (re-release)
2/20/22 Toby Burrows: The king of NZ music festivals
2/13/22 Monty Betham: How to become an effective leader
2/6/22 Shane Cameron: The real story of The Mountain Warrior
1/30/22 Scott Styris: The all-rounder
1/23/22 David Higgins: How to create unicorns (re-release)
1/9/22 Marina Erakovic: What it's really like to be a tennis pro in NZ
12/27/21 Between Two Beers: The best of 2021
12/12/21 Dai Henwood: Life of the party to zen master
11/28/21 Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA
11/7/21 Leigh Hart: A comedy of errors
10/31/21 Tom Walsh: The best stories from out of the circle
10/24/21 DJ Forbes: Secrets from a life of sevens
10/17/21 Ben Hurley: The world of Kiwi comedy
10/10/21 Sir John Kirwan: Mastering the mind
10/3/21 Laura McGoldrick: What you don't see on camera
9/19/21 Pita Taufatofua: After the opening ceremony
9/12/21 Eugene Bareman: More than a coach
9/5/21 Paddy Gower: The Conrad Smith of journalism
8/29/21 Jimmy Neesham: Back from the brink of retirement
8/12/21 Sarah Hirini: Farm-girl to flagbearer
8/1/21 BJ Watling: The 'perfect' test career
7/13/21 Jason Pine: Tales from a life of broadcasting
6/17/21 Ryan Nelsen: The best stories from a career in the EPL
6/3/21 Rebecca Rolls: An exceptional life on and off the field
5/20/21 Jeremy Redmore: Tales from the top of NZ music
5/13/21 Danny Hay: All Whites captain, critic and coach
5/6/21 Honey Hireme-Smiler: 'Punk kid' to cross-code superstar
4/29/21 Scotty Stevenson: Media all-rounder and expert bartender
4/22/21 Paul Ifill: The best stories you haven't heard
4/15/21 Peter O'Leary: The gag-man behind the whistle
4/8/21 David Liti: NZ's strongest man
2/21/21 David Higgins: NZ's most intriguing mind
2/9/21 Kevin Fallon: NZ's most famous football coach
1/7/21 Tim Wigmore: How elite athletes are made
12/27/20 Roger Wilkinson: The best coach with the worst jokes
11/24/20 Eric Murray: The stories you haven't heard
11/17/20 Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician
11/12/20 Bruce Holloway: Steve's dad the perennial pot stirrer
10/13/20 Des Buckingham: Why NZ's best coach had to leave
10/1/20 Emma Twigg: NZ's rowing world champion
9/22/20 Mike Lane: NZ's best (and worst) story teller
9/9/20 Jonathan Gould: Observations from a career with superstars
8/27/20 Jeremy Christie: The face of NZ's 1999 World Cup
8/5/20 Dave Williams: Marathon mountain man, inspiring change
7/28/20 Dylan Cleaver: Probably NZ's best sports journalist
7/15/20 Sarah Gregorius: Ferns centurion, media pundit, global leader
6/30/20 Priscilla Duncan: Football, media, love and sacrifice
6/16/20 Shaun Goldsbury: How I won millions playing online poker
6/11/20 Aaron Clapham: NZ's best amateur footballer
6/4/20 Dwayne Sweeney: Waikato rugby's legendary tales
5/21/20 Ross McKenzie: Life after being a US college soccer superstar
5/13/20 Anton Devcich: NZ cricket's 'maverick'
5/7/20 Chris James: The outspoken All White
4/28/20 Jimmy Pamment: Tales from the top of NZ cricket and football
4/21/20 Jeremy Brockie: From dreadlocks to lockdowns
4/14/20 Mark Fulcher: The world's first player / doctor
4/8/20 Danny Robinson: Mad man on the pitch, nice guy off it
3/8/20 'Ask me anything' with Steve Holloway and Seamus Marten
3/1/20 Declan Edge: NZ's most outspoken football coach
2/25/20 Maia Jackman: The face of women's football in NZ
2/11/20 Kris Bright: Not a football nomad
2/4/20 Chris Rattue: The most divisive man in NZ sport
1/28/20 Cole Tinkler: Peaked at 16
1/21/20 Joe Edwards: DJ, lawyer, footballer
1/14/20 Michael Gwyther: Local legend on and off the pitch
12/25/19 Sam Wilkinson: The Method Man
12/17/19 Roland Jeffrey: Tales from the treatment room
12/10/19 Neil Emblen: One of football’s nice guys
11/17/19 Che Bunce: Making amends with Steve Holloway
11/10/19 Paul Nixon: One of NZ’s greatest football exports
11/4/19 Aaron Scott: Waikato football legend