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Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall – three of the UK’s top journalists – host a daily news podcast: The News Agents. They’re not just here to tell you what's happening, but why. Expect astute analysis and explanation of the day's news – and a healthy dose of scepticism and the ability to laugh at it all when needed! Episodes are available every weekday afternoon. You can listen to The News Agents on Alexa, just say "Alexa ask Global Player to play The News Agents" The News Agents is a Global Player Original podcast and a Persephonica production.



Date Title Status
10/31/23 The Covid Inquiry: F**pigs, morons and c**s Transcribed
10/31/23 This week on The News Agents USA: America’s most conservative senator: The Exclusive Transcribed
10/30/23 What is Israel’s endgame? Transcribed
10/27/23 Your questions answered: a listener special Transcribed
10/26/23 What is Netanyahu's next move? Transcribed
10/25/23 Why is pressure mounting on Keir Starmer to call for a ceasefire? Transcribed
10/24/23 A year of Rishi - can he keep the Tories in power? Transcribed
10/24/23 This week on The News Agents USA: Is Liz Cheney coming for Donald Trump? Transcribed
10/23/23 Should it be a crime to shout "jihad"? Transcribed
10/20/23 Are the Tories heading for extinction? Transcribed
10/19/23 The rise and fall of a crypto billionaire Transcribed
10/18/23 The misinformation of war Transcribed
10/17/23 Can there ever be peace in the Middle East? Transcribed
10/17/23 This week on The News Agents USA: Is Biden going to Israel a bad idea? Transcribed
10/16/23 The UK politics of Israel-Palestine Transcribed
10/13/23 Is Israel about to commit war crimes? Transcribed
10/12/23 How does Israel get its hostages back? Transcribed
10/11/23 How far will Israel go in response to Hamas terrorism? Transcribed
10/10/23 Starmer's speech: has he done enough to win a majority? Transcribed
10/10/23 This week on The News Agents USA: A power vacuum in Washington and chaos in the Middle East Transcribed
10/9/23 War in Israel, and an interview with Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves Transcribed
10/6/23 Rishi Sunak’s Great British Train Robbery Transcribed
10/5/23 Sunak suffers a Tory backlash - but what will Labour do next? Transcribed
10/4/23 Will Sunak lose the election over HS2? Analysing Rishi's speech Transcribed
10/4/23 This week on The News Agents USA: MCCARTHY SACKED: Why is the Republican Party eating itself alive? Transcribed
10/3/23 The Radicalisation of the Conservative Party Transcribed
10/2/23 One year on: Are the Tories still Liz Truss' party? Transcribed
9/30/23 The News Agents Investigates: Hunting A People Smuggler Transcribed
9/29/23 Michael Heseltine on Suella, Enoch Powell and saving Liverpool Transcribed
9/28/23 Does Rishi Sunak care about the North? Transcribed
9/28/23 This week on The News Agents USA: Can any other Republican beat Donald Trump? The second debate Transcribed
9/27/23 We need to talk about GB News Transcribed
9/26/23 Is it too easy to be considered a refugee? Suella says so. Transcribed
9/25/23 Is Rishi ditching a tax that would make him and his mates richer? Transcribed
9/22/23 Who is the real Russell Brand? An interview with Gordon Smart Transcribed
9/21/23 Rupert Murdoch resigns Transcribed
9/20/23 Is this Sunak's 'moment of shame'? Transcribed
9/19/23 Can you really cancel Russell Brand? Transcribed
9/19/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Will America continue to make Russell Brand rich? Transcribed
9/18/23 Bringing down Russell Brand Transcribed
9/15/23 Why we need to talk about wealth Transcribed
9/14/23 What is Starmer doing in The Hague? Transcribed
9/13/23 Why do we have to choose between new homes and clean water? Transcribed
9/12/23 Let the election battle begin: can Labour actually win? Transcribed
9/12/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Vladimir Putin: Trump's Russian running mate? Transcribed
9/11/23 What is behind our mental health pandemic? Transcribed
9/8/23 David Lammy on Brexit, Trump and beers with Keir Transcribed
9/7/23 So, how do you catch a prisoner on the run? Transcribed
9/6/23 Suella’s own goal Transcribed
9/5/23 Don't panic! Gillian Keegan says only SOME of our schools are unsafe Transcribed
9/5/23 This week on The News Agents: Could a 'treason clause' kick Trump off the ballot? Transcribed
9/4/23 Why has everyone sat on their arses instead of thanking Gillian Keegan? Transcribed
9/1/23 Broadcasting's past, present and future - with David Dimbleby Transcribed
8/31/23 Is Rishi "rearranging the deckchairs" on the Titanic? Transcribed
8/30/23 1st Birthday Special: Your questions answered Transcribed
8/29/23 It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? The Spanish sexism row. Transcribed
8/29/23 This week on The News Agents: Why are there still racist killings in America? Transcribed
8/25/23 The Donald Trump mugshot Transcribed
8/24/23 Prigozhin dead: Is Putin stronger than ever? Transcribed
8/23/23 Where the f*** is Nadine Dorries? Transcribed
8/22/23 Manchester United's Greenwood U-Turn: The inside story Transcribed
8/22/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - the big debate, coming soon Transcribed
8/21/23 Should Lucy Letby have been made to go to court? Transcribed
8/18/23 Did Covid-19 leak from a lab? Transcribed
8/17/23 Are ministers right to say: don't worry too much about exam results? Transcribed
8/16/23 A financial turning point for women's football? The Lionesses reach the WC final Transcribed
8/16/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Why is Donald Trump being charged like a mafia boss? Transcribed
8/15/23 How many suspected spies are there in the UK? Transcribed
8/14/23 Morality in football: should Manchester United bring back Mason Greenwood? Transcribed
8/11/23 Has 'Small Boats Week' been a disaster for the Tories? Transcribed
8/10/23 How students are getting screwed…again Transcribed
8/9/23 Will Rishi Sunak now tell Lee Anderson to "f*** off"? Transcribed
8/8/23 The man jailed for 17 years for a crime he didn’t commit Transcribed
8/8/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Trump, the law, and The Lord Transcribed
8/7/23 So Suella's putting asylum seekers on a barge Transcribed
8/4/23 Will the indictments actually help Donald Trump? Transcribed
8/3/23 Sunak, Starmer, and the death of the political interview Transcribed
8/2/23 Donald Trump vs. The United States Transcribed
8/1/23 Are house prices about to plummet? Transcribed
8/1/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Has the Republican party become 'a cult'? Transcribed
7/31/23 Is Rishi on 'the wrong side of history'? Transcribed
7/28/23 Andy Burnham on Keir Starmer, Manchester United, and the police Transcribed
7/27/23 How could an innocent man spend 17 years in prison? Transcribed
7/26/23 The climate crisis - is it already out of control? Transcribed
7/26/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Why is Ron DeSantis sinking? Transcribed
7/25/23 Why have Labour changed their position on trans rights? Transcribed
7/24/23 Europe's on fire - so why are politicians scared of green policies? Transcribed
7/21/23 Why is Rishi Sunak acting like he won? Transcribed
7/20/23 Why is Nigel Farage at war with his bank? Transcribed
7/19/23 Three by-elections and a Barbie movie Transcribed
7/18/23 Is Rishi's reshuffle imminent? Transcribed
7/18/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Is Trump about to be charged for citing the January 6th riots? Transcribed
7/17/23 Another pledge broken: will Starmer face a backlash from his party? Transcribed
7/14/23 Wes Streeting on class, trans rights and binge drinking Transcribed
7/13/23 Could Huw Edwards have a case for libel? Transcribed
7/12/23 Why hasn't Boris Johnson handed over his phone to the Covid inquiry? Transcribed
7/11/23 Naming, shaming and a second allegation Transcribed
7/11/23 This week on The News Agents: USA - Is Biden really that 'rock-solid' with the UK? Transcribed
7/10/23 The Sun, The Scandal and the BBC Transcribed
7/7/23 Zuckerberg v Musk: it's war Transcribed
7/6/23 Perverts, weirdos and by-elections Transcribed
7/5/23 The interview Boris Johnson won't want you to see Transcribed
7/4/23 The toxic culture of Westminster: An MP resigns on air Transcribed
7/3/23 Are the 'New Conservatives' a help or a headache for Rishi Sunak? Transcribed
6/30/23 Does Rishi Sunak care about climate change? Transcribed
6/29/23 A nightmare verdict for Suella's dream Transcribed
6/28/23 How water became a dirty word Transcribed
6/27/23 Matt Hancock says sorry for Covid Transcribed
6/26/23 Has Putin lost control? Transcribed
6/23/23 The Titan submersible: when is tourism too extreme? Transcribed
6/22/23 Who's to blame for this mortgage pain? Transcribed
6/21/23 Lost at sea - why are we obsessed with the sunken sub? Transcribed
6/20/23 Will Rishi regret running from the vote? Transcribed
6/19/23 Why are Tories bottling the 'Partygate' vote? Transcribed
6/16/23 Why Boris is the least of Rishi's problems Transcribed
6/15/23 The many lies of Boris Johnson Transcribed
6/14/23 In prison and running for President - is this the future for Trump? Transcribed
6/13/23 The News Agents USA - Trailer - The News Agents USA Transcribed
6/13/23 The Fury of Trump (and Nadine Dorries) Transcribed
6/12/23 Sunak v Johnson: it's war Transcribed
6/9/23 EMERGENCY EPISODE: Boris Johnson Quits Parliament Transcribed
6/9/23 Labour's disappearing £28bn... and Nadine resigns Transcribed
6/8/23 Lords, Ladies, and Boris Johnson's honour Transcribed
6/7/23 Saudi Arabia: The Golf State? Transcribed
6/6/23 Prince Harry takes the stand Transcribed
6/5/23 Why did Rishi Sunak donate $3m to a private school in California? Transcribed
6/2/23 Why is Rishi Sunak taking the Covid inquiry to court? Transcribed
6/1/23 What's up with Boris Johnson's WhatsApps? Transcribed
5/31/23 Keir Starmer: born again Brexiteer? Transcribed
5/30/23 The Phillip Schofield scandal and the future of ITV Transcribed
5/26/23 Sadiq Khan on Boris, Brexit and his PTSD Transcribed
5/25/23 Elon Musk and the man who wants to take on Trump Transcribed
5/24/23 Partygate: Boris Johnson breaks the rules (again) Transcribed
5/23/23 How Johnson's government pressured the Premier League into the Saudi takeover Transcribed
5/22/23 Speedy Suella: How long can she last? Transcribed
5/19/23 Why can't politicians just say sorry? Transcribed
5/18/23 Exclusive: Matt Hancock on NatCon, Covid, WhatsApps and “being human” Transcribed
5/17/23 Why is Liz Truss provoking China? Transcribed
5/16/23 NatCon: fruitcakes, fringe, or future of the Tory Party? Transcribed
5/15/23 Alastair Campbell on war, w**kers and winning elections Transcribed
5/12/23 Ukraine: a war without end? Transcribed
5/11/23 Met corruption and Britain’s biggest unsolved crime Transcribed
5/10/23 President Trump: Sexual abuser Transcribed
5/9/23 Will the Tories move even further to the right? Transcribed
5/5/23 Elections 2023: Are the Tories doomed? Transcribed
5/4/23 The US Ambassador on Biden, Harry and Meghan & Sunak vs Truss Transcribed
5/3/23 Suella's new powers to curb protest Transcribed
5/2/23 Will the real Keir Starmer please stand up Transcribed
4/28/23 Richard Sharp resigns: The Boris loan and the BBC Transcribed
4/27/23 Why is it becoming harder for you to vote? Transcribed
4/26/23 The rental crisis - no end in sight? Transcribed
4/25/23 Prince Harry V Rupert Murdoch Transcribed
4/24/23 The Brits trapped in Sudan's warzone Transcribed
4/21/23 Raab Resigns Transcribed
4/20/23 Queen Camilla's son on The News Agents Transcribed
4/19/23 Fox News Lies - and Murdoch pays millions Transcribed
4/18/23 SNP - it's getting worse Transcribed
4/17/23 Is horse racing becoming the new bullfighting? Transcribed
4/14/23 Abortion in America: Illegal by stealth? Transcribed
4/13/23 Liz Truss, the deep state and China Transcribed
4/12/23 "I’m Joe Biden and I’m Irish" Transcribed
4/11/23 Are Labour's attack ads 'gutter politics'? Transcribed
4/6/23 Why are the police digging up Nicola Sturgeon’s garden? Transcribed
4/5/23 The People v Donald Trump - Part 2: Trump in the Dock Transcribed
4/4/23 The People v Donald Trump - Part 1 Transcribed
4/3/23 Child grooming, 'political correctness' and dog whistle politics Transcribed
3/31/23 Is Donald Trump going to jail? Transcribed
3/30/23 Britain's Rotten Meat Scandal Transcribed
3/29/23 The Government's Ship Idea Transcribed
3/28/23 Will Corbyn get his revenge? Transcribed
3/27/23 Led by Bibi, Led by Humza & Led By Donkeys Transcribed
3/24/23 Why is Paris burning? Transcribed
3/23/23 Our billionaire PM and his £1 million tax bill Transcribed
3/22/23 Boris Johnson Swears He's Telling the Truth Transcribed
3/21/23 The (sexist, racist, homophobic) Met Police Transcribed
3/20/23 Can Boris Johnson defend the indefensible? Transcribed
3/17/23 Is the SNP falling apart? Transcribed
3/16/23 Jeremy Hunt on junior doctors, Brexit and his Budget Transcribed
3/15/23 The Budget: Will the rich get richer? Transcribed
3/14/23 Suella's asylum plan - why dozens of Tory MPs aren't backing it. Transcribed
3/13/23 The BBC vs. Lineker: They think it’s all over ... it isn’t Transcribed
3/10/23 The BBC takes Gary Lineker off air Transcribed
3/9/23 Will Macron block Rishi's small boats plan? Transcribed
3/8/23 Should Gary Lineker be free to speak his mind? Transcribed
3/7/23 Is Suella prepared to break international law? Transcribed
3/6/23 The Johnson Family Honours List Transcribed
3/3/23 Isabel Oakeshott: Why I did it
3/2/23 Will we ever escape Boris Johnson?
3/1/23 Inside Matt Hancock's WhatsApps
2/28/23 Has Rishi sunk Boris?
2/27/23 Sunak's gamble
2/24/23 Bernie Sanders on Biden, Corbyn, and billionaires
2/23/23 Let Them Eat Turnips
2/22/23 Shamima Begum: should we forgive the IS bride?
2/21/23 Putin, the Protocol and the Press
2/20/23 What is Boris Johnson up to?
2/17/23 Is the Union bouncing back?
2/16/23 Nicola Bulley: Have the police said too much?
2/15/23 Sturgeon resigns
2/14/23 Gender Identity, Children and the NHS
2/13/23 Why is Joe Biden shooting down UFOs?
2/10/23 Is it now too expensive to have kids?
2/9/23 Turkey-Syria earthquakes: How do we aid people under authoritarian regimes?
2/8/23 Zelenskyy wants wings: Will Rishi grant his request for fighter jets?
2/7/23 High Drama, Low Politics: James Norton joins the cast
2/6/23 All (Dis) Quiet on the Westminster Front
2/3/23 Jeremy Corbyn on strikes, Starmer and anti-Semitism
2/2/23 The Return of Liz Truss?!
2/1/23 Full-on, dirty political gossip
1/31/23 Is the UK regretting Brexit?
1/30/23 Are the Tories suffering from 'Long Boris'?
1/27/23 Nicola Sturgeon on Gender, Starmer and Prince Harry
1/26/23 Is Britain becoming irrelevant?
1/25/23 Is the job too big for Rishi Sunak?
1/24/23 Is Sunak too weak to sack Zahawi?
1/23/23 Are the Tories running the BBC?
1/20/23 Degrees, Debt, Despair: uni students in 2023
1/19/23 Sir Keir Starmer on Brexit, the Met Police and "being a lad"
1/18/23 Brexit home truths at Davos
1/17/23 The Union and Gender politics collide
1/16/23 Suella, The Home Office and the Holocaust survivor
1/13/23 Is Labour shifting on Brexit?
1/12/23 Northern Ireland: Brexit's biggest headache
1/11/23 Partygate: The Hangover
1/10/23 Rishi Sunak Goes Private (Jet)
1/9/23 Armando Iannucci on the prince, politicians and being a 'spare'
1/6/23 What's Harry's endgame?
1/5/23 Starmer, strikes and Shapps
1/4/23 Channel 4 Privatisation is OFF: The Scoop
1/3/23 The collapse of the NHS
12/28/22 2022 in review, Part II: The King, 3 PMs and a failed president
12/22/22 Christmas Special with Nigella Lawson & Ruth Rogers
12/21/22 2022 in review, Part I: Boris, Ukraine, and new beginnings
12/20/22 Will Trump face criminal charges over the Capitol riots?
12/19/22 Does Suella's Rwanda dream live on?
12/16/22 Inside the final days of Liz Truss
12/15/22 Striking nurses. Squabbling royals.
12/14/22 The truth about Channel deaths
12/13/22 Why is the Government making it harder for you to vote?
12/12/22 Is the NHS beyond saving?
12/9/22 How much worse will strikes get?
12/8/22 Joe Lycett on Beckham, Bake Off and 'being right-wing'
12/7/22 The far right plot to overthrow Germany
12/6/22 Missing millions and Michelle Mone
12/5/22 Is the House of Lords indefensible?
12/2/22 The cryptocurrency con
12/1/22 Why is Trump hanging out with racists (again)?
11/30/22 Should private schools get tax breaks?
11/29/22 Quitters not Fighters? - The Tory MPs fleeing Parliament
11/28/22 Tony Blair on Qatar, Starmer and kissing Tories
11/25/22 Living in a house that might kill you
11/24/22 Jeremy Clarkson: The bird flu crisis and why food prices must rise
11/23/22 Is Scotland free to leave the UK?
11/22/22 NDAs, the Power to Silence and Dominic Raab
11/21/22 Will Qatar regret hosting the World Cup?
11/18/22 Why Britain is so much poorer than you think
11/17/22 Recession.
11/16/22 Piers Morgan on Ronaldo and the return of Trump
11/15/22 Is Westminster full of bullies?
11/14/22 Football's Staying Home: David Baddiel on Qatar
11/11/22 The Renting Crisis: why is it so bad?
11/10/22 The Crown - fact or fiction?
11/9/22 US Midterms: Has Donald been Trumped?
11/8/22 Peerages for pals: The Boris Resignation Honours List.
11/7/22 Does Extreme Protest Work - Just Stop Oil? Or Just Stop?
11/4/22 What is Elon Musk doing at Twitter?
11/3/22 Is American democracy on the line? A mid-terms preview
11/2/22 How Israel's Far Right brought Bibi Netanyahu back
11/1/22 Immigration: what's going wrong?
10/31/22 Gary Lineker speaks his mind on Qatar
10/28/22 What's the cost of political chaos?
10/27/22 How damaging is Brexit?
10/26/22 "Leaky Sue"
10/25/22 RISHUFFLE
10/24/22 Another new PM, Rishi Sunak
10/24/22 Boris Johnson pulls out
10/21/22 Boris Johnson: Our Next Prime Minister?
10/20/22 TRUSS QUITS. Now what?
10/19/22 EMERGENCY POD: "A shambles, and a disgrace"
10/19/22 The Liz and Suella Show
10/18/22 Is 'sorry' enough to save the PM?
10/17/22 'The Lady's not for turning up'
10/14/22 What is the point of Liz Truss now?
10/13/22 Dear oh dear
10/12/22 Just don't call it a U-turn
10/11/22 "Dark arts" at the Daily Mail?
10/10/22 Putin's Revenge
10/7/22 Will the lights go out on us and Truss?
10/6/22 Suella has a dream
10/5/22 Truss does Trump
10/4/22 Ten days to save Liz Truss
10/3/22 The Lady IS for Turning
9/30/22 Is Liz Truss doomed?
9/29/22 Radio Gaga
9/28/22 IMF, BoE, wtf?
9/27/22 Our Next Prime Minister?
9/26/22 Blackish Monday
9/23/22 The Kwasi budget: Have we all just got poorer?
9/22/22 Why are rich Russians 'falling out' of windows?
9/21/22 Angela Rayner on Starmer, strikes and succession
9/20/22 Peter Mandelson on Truss, Starmer and oligarchs
9/16/22 Monarchic, Anarchic, Republican or Unmoved?
9/15/22 Should bankers get unlimited bonuses?
9/14/22 Abortion in America
9/13/22 Police, Power and Protest
9/12/22 Is Ukraine winning?
9/9/22 The King’s Challenge
9/8/22 The End of an Era
9/8/22 The Queen
9/7/22 Truss v Starmer: the first showdown
9/6/22 Liz Truss in Downing Street
9/5/22 Can Liz Truss keep the country warm?
9/2/22 The Energy Crisis: Who's to blame?
9/1/22 The Tories - Live at Wembley
8/31/22 Our next PM’s nightmare inheritance
8/30/22 Trump: Prison or President?
8/25/22 The Emily Maitlis MacTaggart Lecture
8/22/22 Introducing...The News Agents
8/22/22 The News Agents - The Trailer