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Discussions over drinks with security, defense, and foreign policy insiders and experts. The original War on the Rocks podcast series.



Date Title Status
10/31/23 Defense and Capital: A Conversation with Raj Shah of Shield Capital Transcribed
10/25/23 A Conversation with the Commandant, Gen. Eric Smith Transcribed
10/18/23 Looking Beyond the Offensive in Ukraine Transcribed
10/13/23 Tech, Ethics, and the City in Israel's Looming Urban Battlefield
10/11/23 Introducing Thinking the Unthinkable
10/9/23 The Meaning of the Attack on Israel
10/5/23 Finding the Floor: Can the U.S. and China Stabilize Their Relationship?
9/28/23 One Tree Line at a Time: Breaching Russian Defenses in Ukraine
9/27/23 Dueling Generals on Training and Readiness
9/18/23 A Chat with Britain's Top Officer, Adm. Radakin
9/8/23 Ukrainian Progress: A Breach or a Breakthrough of Russian Lines?
8/31/23 Debating FISA Section 702
8/25/23 How Ukraine Can Win the Peace: A Conversation with Stephen Kotkin
8/22/23 A Contest of Wills: Ukraine's Summer Offensive
8/3/23 Zooming Out on Ukraine's Offensive
7/27/23 An Inflection Point in Ukraine’s Counteroffensive
7/21/23 Ryan Evans on 10 Years of War on the Rocks
7/20/23 Ukraine Struggles to Scale Offensive Combat Operations
7/11/23 Assessing Ukraine's Three Axes of Advance
7/10/23 Understanding Risk and Redefining Readiness
6/29/23 Ukraine and Lessons Learned for Airpower and Spacepower
6/27/23 Defense and Capital: Venture and Debt
6/24/23 Ukraine's Offensive and Russia's Localized Counterattacks
6/21/23 Managing Chaos: The 2021 Kabul Airlift
6/14/23 Ukraine's Multiple Axes of Attack
6/2/23 The Ebb and Flow of Russian Military Power
5/30/23 Ukraine's Offensive and its Meaning for the War
5/19/23 Why Erdogan Wins
4/27/23 The Calm Before the Storm: Waiting for Ukraine's Offensive
4/25/23 A Conversation with Gen. CQ Brown, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
4/20/23 China, France, and the Shadow of History
4/13/23 Powering American Renewal with Innovation
4/3/23 Russia Will Soon Be on the Defense, But Then What?
3/23/23 The Military and Great Powers: The Latest From Latin America, Part 2
3/21/23 Central Command's Big Technology Bets
3/16/23 The Latest From Latin America, Part 1
3/14/23 How to Think About Bakhmut and a Ukrainian Spring Offensive
2/24/23 Backing Ukraine Against Russia, With Colin Kahl and Derek Chollet
2/18/23 Russia's Winter Offensive
2/7/23 Unfolding Offensives and Counter-Offensives in Ukraine
1/31/23 Talking Strategy with Assistant Secretary of Defense Mara Karlin
1/23/23 Manpower, Materiel, and the Coming Decisive Phase in Ukraine
1/5/23 A Disquieting Winter at War in Ukraine
12/28/22 Nukes, Negotiations, and Lessons From the War in Ukraine
12/22/22 Localized Offensives: The Direction of the Conflict
12/9/22 Winter and Beyond: An Inflection Point in the War Over Ukraine
12/8/22 Cognition and Curiosity: A Conversation with Lt. Gen. Brian Robinson
11/30/22 Josh Wolfe on Investing in American Defense
11/17/22 The Liberation of Kherson and the Next Phase of the War
11/14/22 A Conversation with Ukraine's Special Operations Commander
10/31/22 Southward and Eastward Pressure on Russian Forces
10/13/22 A Chat With Lt. Gen. Andrea Tullos of Air University
10/10/22 What Will Be Ukraine's Pre-Winter Gains?
9/28/22 The Kremlin in Command, Part II: Syria and the First Assault on Ukraine
9/26/22 Russia's Plan to Stay in the War
9/21/22 The Kremlin in Command, Part I: The Chechen Wars and Georgia
9/12/22 Ukraine's Kharkhiv Operation and the Russian Military's Black Week
9/1/22 Into the Breach: Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive Begins
8/20/22 Awaiting a Ukrainian Counter-Offensive
8/17/22 Troubled Waters Around Taiwan
8/11/22 The Task Force at the Bleeding Edge of the Marine Corps
8/8/22 Great Expectations? The Next Phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War
8/5/22 Shinzo Abe's Legacy in Japan and on the World Stage
7/28/22 Ukraine's Window of Opportunity?
7/11/22 Is the Most Important Battle of the War Coming?
6/30/22 Ukraine and Russia Grapple with Relentless Battle and Attrition
6/13/22 The Most Dangerous Phase for Ukraine?
5/30/22 What the Experts Got Wrong (and Right) About Russian Military Power
5/24/22 The Battlefields of the Donbass and Beyond
5/14/22 Counter-Attacks and Can-Kicking in the Russo-Ukrainian War
5/12/22 The U.S. Military Might Be More Like Russia's Military Than You Think
4/27/22 Ukraine's Military Advantage and Russia's Stark Choices
4/22/22 From Ukraine and Beyond: Unpacking the Sino-Russian Relationship
4/13/22 A Conversation with the Counselor: Derek Chollet on Navigating the World
4/11/22 Russia Downscales Its War, But Not in Brutality
3/31/22 Is India “Shaky” on Ukraine? It's Complicated
3/27/22 A New Phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War Begins
3/21/22 In the Fourth Week, Is Russia Revising its War Aims Amidst Attrition?
3/14/22 Into the Third Week: Will Russian Forces Need to Pause?
3/7/22 11 Days In: Russia's Invasion Stumbles Forward
2/28/22 Interpreting the First Few Days of the Russo-Ukrainian War
2/1/22 People At the Center: Talent, Education, and Modernization
1/4/22 Gen. David H. Berger on the Marine Corps of the Future
5/12/21 Oh My, AI
4/19/21 Great Power Cyber Party
1/20/21 Intelligence and the Biden Administration
11/23/20 Lost at Sea
11/16/20 A Whole New World (Order)
11/10/20 Change or Die
11/2/20 Banks and Moulton on Military Might and the American Future
10/30/20 Introducing "A Most Terrible Weapon"
8/24/20 Airmen, Sailors, and the Schoolhouse
8/18/20 Learn Like a Marine
8/10/20 Gearing up for Economic Statecraft
8/4/20 The Army Grapples with Modernization and COVID-19: A Conversation with Jim McPherson
7/13/20 Lies Through Which We Tell the Truth
6/24/20 Are Good Allies Hard to Find?
5/14/20 Scoping the Future of Education in National Security and Beyond
5/12/20 Is Cyber Half the Battle?
5/7/20 Disarming Disinformation
4/13/20 Gen. (ret.) Martin E. Dempsey on Following and Leading
4/6/20 A Chat with the Commandant: Gen. David H. Berger on the Marine Corps' New Direction
3/23/20 The Plague and the Peloponnesian War
3/16/20 Are the Forever Wars Really Forever?
3/9/20 Can America Jaw-Jaw its Way Out of Afghanistan?
2/24/20 A Military Straining Against Civilian Control?
2/17/20 The Fleet, the Fight, and the Future
2/11/20 Who Needs Landmines?
2/3/20 The Method (or Madness) of Counting the Seconds to Doomsday
1/13/20 No, Man: It’s an Island
12/30/19 Fission in Hamburg
12/23/19 Veterans in Congress Come Together 'For Country'
12/16/19 The Army's New Approach to People
12/2/19 The (War)Games We Play
11/25/19 Max Brooks: The Unreleased Interview
11/18/19 A Conversation with Sen. Tom Udall about War Powers
11/11/19 The (Four) Stars and the State: Civil-Military Affairs in 2019
11/4/19 Kings, Presidents, Editors, and People with Tapeworms
10/27/19 The Sense in Syria's Senselessness
8/7/19 Your Ideas Matter: The Making of Marine Strategic Planning and the Future of War
7/29/19 Ask Me No Questions, and I'll Tell You No Lies
6/3/19 How is the Air Force Adapting to Great Power Competition?
5/13/19 The Unmasking of Ned Stark and the Future of Air Force Leadership
4/17/19 Fresh Voices on Grand Strategy
3/18/19 Civil-Military Relations Gone Wild?
2/25/19 With the Caliphate Crushed, What's Next?
2/11/19 Mayhem and Misadventures in the Middle East
2/4/19 Ready to Compete? America's Military and Technological Edge
1/17/19 No Good, Very Bad Ideas in National Security
12/20/18 Full Steam Ahead: Naval Competition with China
11/27/18 Jaw-Jaw: Will Xi's Third Revolution Last?
11/13/18 Jaw Jaw: China is a Funny Sort of Revisionist Power — A Conversation with Dean Cheng
10/18/18 Net Assessment: The China Hand
10/16/18 Two Editors Go Nuclear on Each Other: A Conversation with Gideon Rose
10/4/18 Introducing Net Assessment
9/21/18 Horns of a Dilemma: Vietnam's Indelible Legacy: How the War Changed National Security Policymaking
9/13/18 Training the Military for the Next War
8/29/18 A Chat with the Chief: Gen. David Goldfein on the People and Future of the U.S. Air Force
7/31/18 The 100th Episode: Is a Major War Coming?
7/19/18 A Soldier Showing Us the Hidden Face of War
6/19/18 A Conversation With Clint Watts on Influence and Information in the Social Media Era
6/14/18 The Muslim Brotherhood's Convoluted Relationship with the West
6/7/18 Counterterrorism With Partner Countries: Promise or Peril?
6/4/18 The Future of Force
5/24/18 American Exceptionalism, Transatlantic Ties, and European Autonomy in the Age of Trump
5/21/18 Pakistan Beyond 70: Rivalries, its Neighbors, and the Great Powers
5/14/18 Ain't No Party Like a World Order Party
5/7/18 The Making of a Career Intelligence Official: A Conversation with Michael P. Dempsey
4/24/18 Strikes on Syria: The View From Paris
3/30/18 Horns of a Dilemma: Even Cybersecurity is Bigger in Texas
3/14/18 A Big Debate About a Little Nuke
3/8/18 Horns of a Dilemma: The Last Republicans?
3/2/18 Introducing "Horns of a Dilemma" with a Conversation on National Security
2/19/18 Fear Not the Blue-Haired Soldier?
2/14/18 The Big Cyber Spectacular
2/7/18 To Compete with China, Can America Get Out of Its Own Way?
1/31/18 Grand Strategy from Obama to Trump
12/19/17 Satire and Terror: A Conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of Charlie Hebdo
11/22/17 The Adventures of Intel in Trumpland
11/8/17 Storming Rome with Mike Duncan
10/31/17 The Hard Human Realities that Follow the War
10/23/17 Must the War Go On? Let's Talk About Iraq and the Kurds
10/11/17 Nothing New Under the Sun? Ethics and Service in the Age of Trump
10/2/17 Outlawing War: Did it Work Better Than We Thought?
9/10/17 Trump and Counter-Terrorism, Sixteen Years After 9/11
8/14/17 Our Big Texas Launch Party: UT and WOTR Join Forces
8/7/17 So, Does the National Security Strategy Matter?
3/9/17 In Defense of the Blob
3/1/17 Bombshell: Rage Against Alcibiades
2/28/17 The Promise and Peril of Cyber Operations
2/22/17 Counter-Terrorism from Bush to Obama to Trump
2/13/17 Is the Winston Churchill Bust Weeping?
2/1/17 Bombshell: Ain’t No Party Like an America First Party
1/26/17 You Can’t Always Get the World Order That You Want
1/17/17 Introducing Bombshell: The Explosive First Episode
1/12/17 Is Asia’s Golden Age Already Ending?
1/5/17 He’s Just Not That Into You: Trump, Intel, and the American Presidency
12/23/16 World Wars and the Craft of History
10/31/16 Emails and Influence: Investigating Russia’s Attack on the U.S. Political System
9/30/16 Around the World Over Drinks: The Middle East, Russia, and Big Issues for the Next President
9/23/16 Civ-Mil Relations in the U.S. and Strategy Tales from Australia
7/19/16 Talking Turkey’s Coup: Erdogan, a Fractured Military, and the Gulen Movement
7/15/16 What to Read About the History of Strategy this Summer
6/21/16 The Long Game: How Will Obama’s Foreign Policies Be Judged By History?
3/2/16 A Tale of Two Speeches: U.S.-Russian Relations Through the Lens of Munich
2/16/16 Four Key Leaders in Munich on the State of the World
2/8/16 Hacking Defense and Iraq’s Controversial Security Groups
1/25/16 Journalism, the Military, and America’s Wars
1/12/16 The Obama Administration and the Middle East: An Insider’s View
12/17/15 Fighting Russia in Europe and a Dose of Military Fiction
11/19/15 Ash Carter: The Interview
11/2/15 The Vatican’s Cloak-and-Dagger War Against Hitler
10/13/15 Around the World: Episode 2
9/24/15 Navigating the Islamic State Challenge
9/22/15 The State of Russian Strategy: Ukraine, Syria, and Beyond
9/14/15 NATSEC2016: A Podcast on the 2016 Elections and National Security
9/10/15 Hacking the Defense Industry
9/8/15 America, China, and Xi Jinping’s Visit to Washington
9/1/15 A Relentless Conversation About JSOC
8/26/15 PODCAST: Infantry Combat from Modern Ukraine back to World War I
8/14/15 PODCAST: Drinking Through Naval History
8/4/15 PODCAST: Around the World, Ep. 1
7/28/15 PODCAST: A Novelist and a Historian Walk Into a Bar
6/30/15 PODCAST: The war with China you’ve been waiting for
6/11/15 VP’s National Security Adviser on the Iran Deal: Colin Kahl Gives an Insider’s View
5/20/15 PODCAST: National Security and the Schoolhouse
5/7/15 PODCAST: War on the Rocks goes to Istanbul
4/30/15 The Fog of Peace: Defense and Uncertainty
4/29/15 The State of the World: A Conversation with Lawrence Freedman
4/15/15 PODCAST: The Islamic State’s War in Iraq and Syria
3/5/15 Cybersecurity over Sazeracs
1/21/15 PODCAST: Asian Maritime Security and a Rising China
1/13/15 PODCAST: South Asia meets East Asia
12/23/14 PODCAST: Spitballing Offset Strategy
12/4/14 On Strategy and Strategists
10/21/14 PODCAST: Naval and Maritime Strategy
10/8/14 PODCAST: Asian Security – Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Confrontation with China
9/19/14 Podcast: In Search of a Middle East Strategy
9/11/14 PODCAST: America’s Search for Security with Sean Kay
3/31/14 PODCAST: Bourbon with a splash of counter-insurgency
3/28/14 Broken Mirrors Episode 5: The Operation of Intelligence in a Democracy
2/25/14 A Conversation with the Chairman: General Martin E. Dempsey
2/17/14 PODCAST: Contemporary Nuclear Strategy
1/7/14 PODCAST: Cyberwar and Cybersecurity
12/24/13 PODCAST: Counter-Terrorism, Drones, Syria, & More
12/18/13 Strategic Surprise, Intelligence and Terrorism: Developing a Tolerance for Disaster
12/10/13 PODCAST: Nuclear Strategy and the Cold War
11/7/13 50 years on, can we still learn from JFK’s strategy?
10/31/13 Broken Mirrors, Episode 3: Fear & (In)Security Theatre
10/4/13 PODCAST: The War in your Wallet: The Real Invisible Hand
9/25/13 PODCAST: Pivoting around and around in the Middle East
9/3/13 PODCAST: Broken Mirrors, Episode 1
8/28/13 PODCAST: Syria, Secrets, and Some Snark
8/19/13 Podcast: Talking Terrorism with Pantucci and Simcox
8/1/13 Podcast: War from the Ground up with Simpson and McInnis
7/31/13 PODCAST: More Irregular Warfare Fun
7/29/13 Podcast: Talking COIN with the folks from the Army Irregular Warfare Center
7/8/13 First WOTR Podcast: Bill Rosenau, Will McCants, and Afshon Ostovar