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Two men who’ve been at the heart of the political world - former Downing Street Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell and cabinet minister Rory Stewart - join forces from across the political divide. The Rest Is Politics lifts the lid on the secrets of Westminster, offering an insider’s view on politics at home and abroad, while bringing back the lost art of disagreeing agreeably. Twitter: @RestIsPolitics Instagram: @restispolitics Email:



Date Title Status
11/1/23 187. The Left and Israel Transcribed
10/25/23 186. Question Time: Nigel Farage’s plan to become Tory leader Transcribed
10/24/23 185. Global perceptions of Israel-Gaza, Labour-Lib Dem bad blood, and Chinese economic crisis Transcribed
10/18/23 184. Question Time: Why Britain Needs Shorter Prison Sentences Transcribed
10/17/23 183. Israel-Gaza: What Happens Next Transcribed
10/17/23 182. Palestine, Gaza, and Israel Transcribed
10/13/23 181. Israel, invasion, and the trap laid by Hamas Transcribed
10/11/23 180. Question Time: Is Suella Braverman pretending to be right-wing? Transcribed
10/10/23 179. Is Keir Starmer ready to be Prime Minister? Transcribed
10/9/23 178. Israel At War Transcribed
10/4/23 177. Question Time: A new centrist party, mafia politics in New Jersey, and was Jesus a socialist? Transcribed
10/3/23 176. Can the Tory Party be saved? Transcribed
9/27/23 175. Question Time: The Power of Rupert Murdoch Transcribed
9/26/23 174. Scrapping HS2, ‘Ukraine fatigue’, and 'Vive le Roi!' Transcribed
9/20/23 173. Question Time: Corbyn's expulsion from Labour, Belgium's sex education crisis, and how would Blair fare as PM today? Transcribed
9/19/23 172. Liz Truss returns, Putin's Western puppets, and Rory at the United Nations Transcribed
9/14/23 Politics On the Edge (Extract) Transcribed
9/13/23 171. Question Time: The return of Liz Truss, Slovakia's answer to Viktor Orbán, and Starmer's popularity waning? Transcribed
9/12/23 170. Prison escape, a test for Australian democracy, and spooks in Westminster? Transcribed
9/6/23 169. Question Time: Imagining Labour’s first 100 days in power, Australia’s Indigenous Voice referendum, and compulsory politics in schools Transcribed
9/5/23 168. Crumbling Britain, a ruthless reshuffle, and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘beautiful ears’ Transcribed
8/31/23 Introducing... The Rest Is Money Transcribed
8/30/23 167. Question Time: How to rig an election, Scotland's golden goose, and the least impressive president of all time Transcribed
8/29/23 166. Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, and absolute populist power Transcribed
8/23/23 165: Question Time: Populism in Portugal, texting David Cameron, and a challenger to Trump? Transcribed
8/22/23 164. The Trial of Lucy Letby, the domination of the dollar, and politicians vs. lawyers Transcribed
8/16/23 163. Question Time: Privatisation vs. Nationalisation Transcribed
8/15/23 162. Small boats, Zimbabwe since Mugabe, and Trump's anti-mafia indictment Transcribed
8/9/23 161. Question Time: Rebuilding the Tory brand, Macron’s successor, and the militarisation of Mexico Transcribed
8/8/23 160. White House or jail? The future of Donald J. Trump Transcribed
8/6/23 The Rest Is Football (Trailer) Transcribed
8/3/23 159. Question Time: Sweden's Quran-burning crisis, Farage vs. the banks, and what is 'the establishment'? Transcribed
8/1/23 158. Sunak's net zero culture war, Africa's 'coup belt', and a new strategy for the German far-right Transcribed
7/27/23 157. Question Time: Knocking over Liz Truss, Oxbridge dominance, and life under the Taliban Transcribed
7/26/23 156. Labour on the defensive, Machismo in Spain, and Israel on a knife-edge Transcribed
7/21/23 155. Sunak slides to defeat in Selby and Somerton Transcribed
7/20/23 154. Question Time: Ben Wallace, intellectual PMs, and the fight for the Israeli flag Transcribed
7/19/23 153. How radical would Labour be in power? Transcribed
7/18/23 152. The Power of Prigozhin Transcribed
7/13/23 151. Question Time: Feargal Sharkey on water pollution, drug legalisation, and fishing Transcribed
7/12/23 150. Sunak’s path to victory, Trump’s stance on Ukraine, and the future of Palestine Transcribed
7/6/23 149. Question Time: How to end a civil war, psychedelic treatments, and will the Orkney Islands join Norway? Transcribed
7/5/23 148. France on fire, Thames Water troubles, and NHS privatisation Transcribed
6/29/23 147. Question Time: The next global superpower, a royal panic, and Rory on Austerity Transcribed
6/28/23 146. Putin vs. Prigozhin, the power of Lebedev, and the battle for Southeast Asia Transcribed
6/24/23 145. Putin under threat as Wagner mutiny Transcribed
6/22/23 144. Question Time: The War On Drugs, a Tory Green Party, and Long Covid Transcribed
6/21/23 143. The world looks to Beijing, Putin vs. Africa, and Rory's sliding Brexit doors Transcribed
6/15/23 142. Is this the end for Boris Johnson? Transcribed
6/15/23 141. Question Time: Labour greatest hope, what a Trump presidency would mean for Ukraine, and should we ban vaping? Transcribed
6/14/23 140. Johnson and Sunak at war, Sturgeon's arrest, and the death of Silvio Berlusconi Transcribed
6/9/23 139. BORIS JOHNSON RESIGNS Transcribed
6/8/23 138. Question Time: The Bullingdon Club, democracy vs. capitalism, and overcoming foot-and-mouth Transcribed
6/7/23 137. Government taking itself to court, avoiding war with China, and Polish protests Transcribed
6/1/23 136. Question Time: Johnson vs. Stewart, protests in Serbia, and are think tanks actually influential? Transcribed
5/31/23 135. Spanish politics explained and a deep dive into AI Transcribed
5/25/23 134. Question Time: Solving sewage, building on the Green Belt, and the most intimidating person in politics Transcribed
5/24/23 133. Suella's speeding, Japan in focus, and what's the point of the G7? Transcribed
5/19/23 But What Can I Do? (Extract) Transcribed
5/18/23 132. Question Time: How to reform prisons, Macron vs. Clinton, and what is the Privy Council? Transcribed
5/17/23 131. Erdoğan fights on, 'Clause IV on steroids', and the fall of military rule Transcribed
5/11/23 130. Question Time: Bumping into Boris Johnson, the Hong Kong handover, and One-nation Tories vs. Blairites Transcribed
5/10/23 129. Sunak at a crossroads, weaponising 'woke', and the Wagner Group Transcribed
5/5/23 128. Local Elections: Who's the real winner? Transcribed
5/4/23 127. Question Time: Communists in Austria, the collapse of First Republic, and the political power of Ben and Jerry's Transcribed
5/3/23 126. King Charles III's coronation, the geopolitics of net-zero, and the power of oracy Transcribed
4/27/23 125. Question Time: Murdoch mayhem, the politics of nepotism, and Alastair Campbell MP? Transcribed
4/26/23 124. Politicians vs. civil servants, evacuating Sudan, and Diane Abbott Transcribed
4/21/23 123. DOMINIC RAAB RESIGNS Transcribed
4/20/23 122. Question Time: Leaking Liz Truss, the funniest person in politics, and ‘Killing Thatcher’ Transcribed
4/19/23 121. Chaos in Sudan, Biden vs. Sunak, and the fall of Braverman? Transcribed
4/13/23 Macron and Xi Jinping, the rise of the right, and Tony Blair vs. UFOs Transcribed
4/12/23 Starmer's most controversial move yet, the truth behind Vladimir Putin, and the Good Friday Agreement Transcribed
4/6/23 Democracy under threat, rampant sewage, and campaign songs Transcribed
4/5/23 Trump's indictment, Dover delays, and Sanna Marin loses Transcribed
3/30/23 Corbyn and Cummings, Cool Britannia, and Ofsted Transcribed
3/29/23 France on fire, fake Korean cash, and a new Scottish nationalism Transcribed
3/23/23 Banks in crisis, Imran Khan, and Blair on The Simpsons Transcribed
3/22/23 Iraq: the fallout, Scotland at a crossroads, and ‘sneaky beakies’ Transcribed
3/16/23 Iraq: The Legacy Transcribed
3/15/23 The Iraq War Transcribed
3/11/23 Gary Lineker, BBC in crisis, and small boats Transcribed
3/9/23 Powerful speeches, population control and Isabel Oakeshott Transcribed
3/8/23 Hancock’s humiliation and the end for Johnson Transcribed
3/2/23 Bernie Sanders vs. Michael Foot, Universal Basic Income, and Boris Johnson's NATO ambitions... Transcribed
3/1/23 Sunak’s Windsor win, Labour’s path to victory, and Beijing’s view of Moscow
2/23/23 Foreign ownership in football, the BBC vs. Modi, and conspiracy theories
2/22/23 Ukraine: one year on, the fall of Nicola Sturgeon, and Sunak's biggest gamble
2/16/23 Expensing helicopters, the North-South divide, and Rory's return to politics?
2/15/23 The Secret Brexit Summit, Erdoğan under fire, and the death penalty
2/9/23 Palestine in 2023, Chat GPT, and what do diplomats actually do?
2/8/23 The Revenge of Liz Truss, Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, and China's 'Red Zeppelin'
2/2/23 Missing refugees, the best type of MPs, and are universities left wing?
2/1/23 100 days of Sunak, the art of resigning, and Israel-Palestine
1/26/23 Leaving office, a Labour Scotland, and what's the point of Davos?
1/25/23 Johnson's £800k loan, Zahawi's tax trouble, and Russia in Africa
1/19/23 Combatting Andrew Tate, crisis at the Met, and Johnson standing again
1/18/23 Police power, gender recognition, and women in Afghanistan
1/16/23 Leading: Michael Heseltine
1/12/23 Rishi Sunak's doctor, Rory's Brad Pitt deal, and Iranian regime change?
1/11/23 Prince Harry, Brazil's failed coup, and Myanmar’s criminal junta
1/5/23 Zelensky's message, Netanyahu's return, and Putin's 'mystery woman'
1/4/23 NHS in crisis, the Blair-Brown years, and Mandela on Gaddafi
12/29/22 Where will we be in 2023?
12/28/22 TRIP Awards 2022 (with a special guest...)
12/22/22 Drugs in Parliament, the meaning of evil, and Jeremy Clarkson
12/21/22 Politics in football, Trump under pressure, and Kosovo
12/15/22 Harry and Meghan, the National Anthem, and Latin America
12/14/22 Britain on strike, hostage swaps, and assisted suicide
12/8/22 Votes for prisoners, a united Ireland, and the meaning of 'liberal'
12/7/22 Keir vs. peers, George W. Bush, and $580k in a sofa...
12/2/22 Ex-New Zealand PM Helen Clark on monarchy, extreme poverty, and Jacinda Ardern
12/1/22 How to become an MP, the art of whipping, and NIMBYs
11/30/22 Protests in China, UK strikes, and crypto bros
11/24/22 Nigel Farage, proportional representation, and mandatory ID cards
11/23/22 Qatar, the World Cup, and Sunak vs. Starmer
11/17/22 Food banks, ageing populations, and 'virtue signalling'
11/16/22 Trump vs. DeSantis, Sunak on the world stage, and Iran
11/10/22 Women in politics, AI advancements, and airports
11/9/22 COP, Gavin Williamson, and US midterms
11/4/22 Julia Gillard on Rishi Sunak, compulsory voting and that misogyny speech
11/3/22 Question Time: Elon Musk, Twitter, and regulating 'Big Tech'
11/2/22 Braverman, Brazil, and Hancock in the jungle
10/27/22 François Hollande on Putin, Obama, and Brexit
10/26/22 Question Time: Battle for the National Trust, getting over Brexit and boycotting Qatar
10/20/22 Question Time: Imposter Syndrome, the Commonwealth and fox hunting
10/18/22 Hunt U-turn as Truss goes missing
10/13/22 Question Time: Liberal Democrats, Lordships and Labour's return
10/12/22 "Detested" Tories, the SNP, and Israel
10/7/22 Fear and Loathing in Birmingham
10/6/22 Question Time: Biden, barristers and the Black Watch
10/5/22 U-turns, Ukraine and election season
9/29/22 The Week Everything Changed
9/29/22 Question Time: Prison reform, lobbying, and Alastair on Strictly
9/28/22 The Kamikwaze budget, Iranian protests, and Italian 'post-fascists'
9/23/22 Albanian PM Edi Rama on Putin, Macron, and combating corruption
9/22/22 Question Time: Blair-Brown, the Special Relationship, and official apologies
9/21/22 The Queen's funeral, United Nations, and fracking
9/16/22 Mark Drakeford on Labour success, Tory PMs, and Welsh nationalism
9/15/22 Question Time: King Charles III, Scottish accents, and left vs. right
9/14/22 Queen Elizabeth II, Ukrainian counter-attacks, and Sweden
9/8/22 Question Time: Parents, Austerity, and talking with hands
9/7/22 Liz Truss, lido politics, and Chile
9/1/22 Question Time: BBC impartiality, books vs. newspapers, and Stewart spoofery
8/31/22 Freezing bills, mental health in politics, and Rory's new job
8/25/22 Question Time: Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch, and Mick Lynch
8/24/22 Working for Truss, Blackpool with Clinton, and Sewage
8/19/22 Introducing Empire
8/18/22 Question Time: Classified documents, Eddie Jones, and A-levels
8/17/22 Salman Rushdie, the energy price cap, and Afghanistan
8/11/22 Question Time: Clan Campbell vs. Clan Stewart, Tartan Trews, and Lindsay Hoyle
8/10/22 Amnesty International, cabinet duels, and fuel poverty
8/4/22 Question Time: Scottish Unionism, growth, and cannibalism
8/3/22 William Hague on Boris Johnson, Blair, and Brexit
8/2/22 Al-Qaeda, Pelosi in Taiwan, and working for Truss
7/28/22 Question Time: The last days of Blair and May, carbon footprints, and remaining hopeful
7/27/22 Blue on blue, famine in Africa, and David Trimble
7/22/22 Question Time: Treating addiction, feminism, and a fear of ketchup
7/21/22 Rishi Sunak vs. Liz Truss
7/20/22 Keir Starmer on rebuilding Labour, Tory leadership, and Brexit
7/19/22 Heatwaves, semiconductors, and Johnson's return?
7/14/22 Question Time: Shinzo Abe, Sri Lanka, and 'Big Society'
7/12/22 Tory leadership race: contenders and pretenders
7/7/22 British scandals, global recession, and Elvis
6/30/22 Question Time: Roe v. Wade, military MPs, and Ismail Kadare
6/29/22 Tony Blair on the UK's relegation battle
6/23/22 Question Time: The Queen's toilet, Carole Cadwalladr, and climate crisis
6/22/22 By-elections, strikes, and populists
6/16/22 Question Time: Ukraine, Tony Blair, and foreign languages
6/15/22 Keir Starmer, Northern Ireland, and disagreeing 'agreeably'
6/9/22 Question Time: Austerity, diaries, and impostors
6/8/22 Johnson wounded, monarchy, and the West Bank
6/2/22 Question Time: Hong Kong handover, human rights, and Tintin
6/1/22 Charisma, Portugal, and gun control
5/25/22 Rupert Murdoch, Taiwan, and Burnley
5/18/22 Food shortages, Francois Hollande, and Shireen Abu Akleh
5/11/22 Putin’s blanket, election fallout, and China in Africa
5/4/22 Bad politics, local elections, and toxic debates
4/27/22 Biggest snakes, Basic Instinct, and meeting Miley
4/20/22 Rwanda, Religion and the Return of Trump
4/13/22 Partygate fines, political partners, and voting at 15?
4/6/22 Globalism, Scottish Nationalism, and Rory's new job
3/30/22 Tribal politics, anonymous sources, and Malcolm Tucker
3/23/22 Iraq, brave opposition, and powerful Chancellors
3/16/22 Zelenskyy's humanity, Lebvedev's parties, and Eton
3/14/22 The Rest Is History: Young Putin, the KGB and the Soviet Union
3/9/22 Lying, vanity and friendship in politics
3/2/22 Putin in person, Russian money in British politics, and Bono vs Blair
2/23/22 Trailer