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Welcome to Sword and Scale Nightmares! True Crime for Bedtime. Your nightmare begins now...This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at



Date Title Status
10/26/23 Sugar Transcribed
10/12/23 No Good Deed Transcribed
9/28/23 Nice Shot Transcribed
9/14/23 Porcelain Transcribed
8/31/23 Paper Thin Transcribed
8/17/23 Doctor Death Transcribed
8/3/23 Spoiled Transcribed
7/20/23 Going for a Spin Transcribed
7/6/23 Peeping David Transcribed
6/22/23 Exorcism Transcribed
6/8/23 Protective Services Transcribed
6/1/23 Kid Van Transcribed
5/24/23 Immaculate Transcribed
5/16/23 Culture War Transcribed
5/4/23 Check Out Transcribed
4/27/23 Three Strikes Transcribed
4/20/23 The Final House Transcribed
4/13/23 Not Recovering Transcribed
4/6/23 The Hole Transcribed
3/30/23 Women's Rights Transcribed
3/23/23 Graphic Novel Transcribed
3/16/23 Dorm Life Transcribed
3/9/23 Second Grave Transcribed
3/6/23 All in the Family Transcribed
3/2/23 All Aboard
3/2/23 Roadkill
3/2/23 One Thousand
2/23/23 Trailer