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Previously known as the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, True Sunlight is the intersection of True Crime, journalism and systematic corruption. Welcome to the new face of MMP. True Sunlight is the antithesis of True crime. True Sunlight values accuracy over "access journalism". True Sunlight is shed with empathy — not exploitation. True Sunlight was created as a matter of public service — not just entertainment. While the name of the podcast has changed, our mission, values and team have not. We are simply expanding our horizons while continuing to shine a much needed bright light on crime and corruption wherever it appears. Celebrated journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell are taking their style of reporting beyond Alex Murdaugh and his co-conspirators while pursuing justice for all the victims you've met so far. Ranked #1 and #2 globally in 2021 and 2023 respectively as the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, True Sunlight provides unmatched insight into the crimes and criminals exposed on MMP and dives deep into new instances of corruption across the US. We empower listeners to understand their legal and judicial systems through investigative journalism while providing tools to hold agencies and public figures accountable in order to change those systems for the better.  Listen on any streaming service or visit to learn more.  For current & accurate updates: For current & accurate updates:



Date Title Status
9/21/23 TSP #17 - The Persecution of Becky Hill and What’s Really Going On With Alex Murdaugh’s Defense Transcribed
9/15/23 TSP #16 - Cory Fleming Sentenced To 20 Years for Stealing Satterfield and Pinckney Money + Alex Murdaugh Has a New Trial Date Transcribed
9/7/23 TSP #15 - Sunshine On “A Mountain Mystery” - What Happened to April Jones? Part One Transcribed
8/31/23 TSP #14 - What Happened to Grant and Gracie Solomon? Part Three Transcribed
8/24/23 TSP #13 - “I Don’t Think He Cared”: Cory Fleming Pleads Guilty To State Charges + Murdaugh’s Enablers Get A Taste of Big Creighton Energy Transcribed
8/17/23 TSP #12 - ‘Coyote In A Trap’: Did Cory Fleming Pull a Fast One? Transcribed
8/10/23 TSP #11 - ‘A Monster Like My Father’: What Happened To Grant and Gracie Solomon? Part Two Transcribed
8/5/23 NEW Trailer: True Sunlight, Exposing Crime & Corruption Transcribed
8/3/23 TSP #10 - Russell Laffitte's Sentencing: The Audacity Of Accountability Transcribed
7/27/23 TSP #9 - What Happened to Grant and Gracie Solomon? Part One Transcribed
7/20/23 TSP #8 - Exclusive Interview With Mark ‘The Tiger’ Tinsley After Reaching $15+ Million Settlement In Boat Crash Case Transcribed
7/13/23 TSP #7 - ‘Just Unreal’: Online Hate And The unsettling Reality For Victims and Influencers Transcribed
6/29/23 TSP #6 - Could the Jeroid Price Case Get Worse? More Bad Behavior Outed By Women Attorneys Transcribed
6/22/23 TSP #5 - Why We Need To Speak Up About The Bowen Turner Case Now + A Shocking Similar Case Involving ‘Football Star' Transcribed
6/15/23 TSP #4 - Should Libel Be A Crime? And Why The Latest Odd Connection to the Murdaugh Case Needs a Serious Look… Transcribed
6/8/23 True Sunlight #3 - Team Murdaugh Gets Called Out And The Jeroid Price Situation Gets Worse Transcribed
6/1/23 True Sunlight #2 - What Game Is Team Murdaugh Playing Now? And What’s Going on With Cory Fleming? Transcribed
5/25/23 True Sunlight #1 - Another Twist? Alex Murdaugh and Cory Fleming Federally Indicted Transcribed
5/18/23 MMP #93 - End of An Era And Brighter Days Ahead: The Best (And Worst) of MMP + What’s Next Transcribed
5/11/23 MMP #92 - ‘Enough is Enough': The Big Problem With The Justice System And How To Fix It Transcribed
5/4/23 MMP #91 - Casually Cruel: What Happened to Gloria Satterfield? Transcribed
4/27/23 MMP #90 - ‘We are here to right wrongs’: What’s Next After Murderer Illegally Released + Alex Murdaugh’s Prison Life Transcribed
4/20/23 MMP #89: The ‘Godfather’ of S.C.’s Prisons Gets Out Early and the Truth about the “Stephen Smith Theories” Transcribed
4/12/23 MMP #88: Alex Murdaugh’s Pawn: Eddie Smith Is Out of Jail But Still Caught in the Middle Transcribed
4/6/23 MMP #87: ‘I Can’t Believe It Has Happened’: Stephen Smith’s Body Exhumed Transcribed
3/30/23 MMP #86: Solving Stephen Smith’s Case, Clearing Up Misinformation and What’s Next with the Exhumation Transcribed
3/22/23 MMP #85: Who Murdered Stephen Smith? Part Seven: Stephen Smith’s Death Now Officially A Homicide Transcribed
3/16/23 MMP #84: The Latest on Stephen Smith, SLED’s Investigation into the Murders and Russell Lafitte’s Future Transcribed
3/8/23 MMP #83: Alex Murdaugh Verdict: How We Got to Guilty + Creighton Waters Interview Transcribed
3/2/23 MMP #82: Week Six of the Alex Murdaugh Trial: ‘What A Tangled Web We Weave’ Transcribed
2/22/23 MMP #81: Week Five of Alex Murdaugh's Trial: Maggie’s & Paul’s Last Day on Earth And The Timeline That Traps The Defense
2/16/23 MMP #80: Alex Murdaugh Trial Week Four: How many lies will the jury buy?
2/8/23 MMP #79: Alex Murdaugh Trial Week 3: Trust, Brotherhood & Understanding The Motive
2/2/23 MMP #78: Evidence Stacks Up Against Alex Murdaugh In Week 2 Of Trial
1/30/23 Feed Drop: CUP OF JUSTICE, Now On A Separate Feed!
1/26/23 It’s Finally Here: The Trial of Alex Murdaugh Begins with Big Revelations (S01E77)
1/23/23 Cup of Justice Bonus 14: The Most Aggressive Form of the Truth: Dick and Jim Push the Limits in Latest Motion
1/18/23 Prelude To Murdaugh Murders Trial + ‘Tombstone’ Friends and the Good Ole Boy Enablers (S01E76)
1/16/23 Cup of Justice Bonus 13: Terrified Jurors, Unprepared Witnesses and Dirty Money: Countdown To The Murdaugh Trial
1/11/23 Buster Breaks Free? Details of the Boat Crash Settlement (S01E75)
1/4/23 Dividing and Hiding the Facts: The Self-Victimization of Alex Murdaugh (S01E74)
12/28/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 12: What evidence will be allowed in the murder trial? + What the new charges could mean for Alex’s victims?
12/26/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 11: Days of Bowing at the Altar of the Good Ole Boys Are Over
12/21/22 What Happened To The Money? Part Six + The Only Case Alex Prosecuted (S01E73)
12/14/22 Bad Blood & Bad Dudes - Accusations Fly In Double Homicide Hearing (S01E72)
12/12/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 10: Dick and Jim Win the Headline Game In Murder Hearing But What Really Happened?
12/7/22 Who is Blanca? And What is PMPED Trying to Do Here? (S01E71)
11/30/22 More Lies and Alibis: What We’re Learning Before The Double Homicide Trial (S01E70)
11/24/22 ‘Accountability Happens Here’: Russell Laffitte Found Guilty On All Charges (S01E69)
11/20/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 9: The Vultures Are Circling But Will Russell Laffitte Be Found Guilty?
11/17/22 MMP Live from Charleston 2: Bombshells and Breakdowns in The Russell Laffitte Trial (S01E68)
11/11/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 8: Big Moments and Bad Ideas: Week One of the Russell Laffitte Trial
11/10/22 MMP Live from Charleston: Big Reveal In Double Homicide Case (S01E67)
11/4/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 7: The Truth Behind True Crime Documentaries Plus Russell’s Revenge
11/2/22 Who Killed Maggie and Paul? Part Five (S01E66)
10/28/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 6: Leading Up To The War
10/26/22 Land of No Consequences: ‘Judge Mullen Is Wanting To Make Stuff Up’ (S01E65)
10/19/22 Cup Of Justice Bonus 5: Motions, Motives & Mullen
10/12/22 Cup Of Justice Bonus 4: A Surprise Recording and The Sacrificial Loser
10/5/22 The Curious Case of Arthur Badger (S01E64)
9/30/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 3: Motives and Motivations - What's Up Next For Alex Murdaugh?
9/28/22 Who Are They Protecting? Part One (S01E63)
9/23/22 Cup of Justice Bonus 2: Under Oath, But Above Consequence?
9/21/22 'Rich People Problems': The Victimization of Russell Laffitte (S01E62)
9/14/22 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Six (S01E61)
9/11/22 Cup Of Justice Bonus 1: Will The Murdaugh Murders Trial Happen In January?
9/7/22 The Big Picture Comes Into Focus - What Happened To The Money? Part Five (S01E60)
8/31/22 Judge Newman Orders Full Stop On Dick's 'Carnival Court' (S01E59)
8/24/22 ‘If You Come For The King, You Best Not Miss’: Chaos In The Murder Case (S01E58)
8/17/22 Broken Trust & The Unseen Villains (S01E57)
8/10/22 'The Magic Men' - What Happened To The Plyler Sisters? (S01E56)
8/3/22 What Happened To Hakeem Pinckney? Part Two (S01E55)
7/27/22 Our Entire System On Trial (S01E54)
7/21/22 Alex Murdaugh Charged With Murder And Denied Bond: What’s next? (S01E53)
7/13/22 Alex Murdaugh To Be Charged With Killing Wife Maggie And Son Paul (S01E52)
6/29/22 "Overkill" : Incoming Call From Alex Murdaugh - Part Four (S01E51)
6/22/22 Incoming Call From Alex Murdaugh - Part Three (S01E50)
6/15/22 Incoming Call From Alex Murdaugh - Part Two (S01E49)
6/8/22 Means, Motive & Opportunity - Who Killed Maggie & Paul? Part Four (S01E48)
6/1/22 Overdrawn and Under The Radar - What Happened To The Money? Part Four (S01E47)
5/25/22 Alex Murdaugh’s Ground Zero: The Case That Changed Everything (S01E46)
5/18/22 What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part Six (S01E45)
5/11/22 ‘The Devil’s In The Details’: Russell Laffitte Indicted On 21 Charges + Bowen Turner Arrested (S01E44)
5/4/22 How Many People Will Go Down For This? Part Two (S01E43)
4/27/22 Who Killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh? Part Three (S01E42)
4/20/22 Hutt-winked and Harpootlianed: The Good Ole Boys Strike Back (S01E41)
4/13/22 Bowen Turner & The Two Systems Of Justice (S01E40)
4/6/22 Doubling Down On Duffie Stone - Conduct and Conflicts In The 14th Circuit (S01E39)
3/30/22 Transparency or Trickery? John Marvin And The Murdaugh Money (S01E38)
3/23/22 "Dear Cory": Letters, Lies And The Law (S01E37)
3/17/22 ‘A Golden Day For Justice’: Cory Fleming Indicted On 18 Charges (S01E36)
3/9/22 The Old Guard Is Changing: A Bombshell Deposition (S01E35)
3/2/22 Above The Law? (S01E34)
2/23/22 Incoming Call From Alex Murdaugh: The Jailhouse Tapes (S01E33)
2/16/22 Jellyfish and Moselle - What Happened To The Money? Part Three (S01E32)
2/9/22 Drug Smuggling And Operation Jackpot - What Happened To The Money? Part Two (S01E31)
2/2/22 Who Was Maggie Murdaugh And What About Buster? (S01E30)
1/26/22 How Many People Will Go Down For This? (S01E29)
1/19/22 What Happened To Hakeem Pinckney? Part One (S01E28)
1/12/22 ‘He’s in Trouble’: What Happened At Alex Murdaugh’s Bond Hearing This Week? (S01E27)
1/6/22 TRAILER: Murdaugh Murders Podcast (S01E0)
1/5/22 Who Killed Maggie & Paul? Part Two (S01E26)
12/29/21 Taking On "The Firm" - Part One (S01E25)
12/22/21 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Five (S01E24)
12/15/21 Alex Murdaugh's Bond Set at $7 Million (S01E23)
12/11/21 Alex Murdaugh Charged With 21 New Felonies (S01E22)
12/8/21 Attorneys At War - Part One (S01E21)
12/2/21 What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part Five (S01E20)
11/21/21 Alex Murdaugh Charged With 27 New Felonies And Why That Is A Big Deal (S01E19)
11/16/21 How Many Crimes Will Alex Murdaugh Be Charged With? Part One (S01E18)
11/10/21 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Four (S01E17)
11/4/21 What Happened To The Money? Part One (S01E16)
10/27/21 Was Alex Murdaugh Actually Shot? Part Two (S01E15)
10/21/21 "Another Good Day For Justice" What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part Four (S01E14)
10/16/21 ‘A Good Day For Justice’ - What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part Three (S1E13)
10/11/21 What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part Two (S01E12)
10/4/21 Was Alex Murdaugh Actually Shot? Part One (S01E11)
9/24/21 What Happened To Gloria Satterfield? Part One - (S01E10)
9/12/21 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Three - (S01E9)
9/6/21 Who Shot Alex Murdaugh? Part One - (S01E8)
8/12/21 Who Killed Mallory Beach? Part Three - (S01E7)
7/29/21 Who Killed Maggie & Paul? Part One - (S01E6)
7/22/21 Who Killed Mallory Beach? Part Two - (S01E5)
7/14/21 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part Two - (S01E4)
7/7/21 Who Killed Mallory Beach? Part One - (S01E3)
6/30/21 Who Killed Stephen Smith? Part One - (S01E2)
6/23/21 South Carolina's Chappaquiddick - (S01E1)