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Date Title Status
10/29/23 Reflections on a movement | Eric Ries (creator of the Lean Startup methodology) Transcribed Summarized
10/26/23 What AI means for your product strategy | Paul Adams (CPO of Intercom) Transcribed Summarized
10/22/23 A step-by-step guide to crafting a sales pitch that wins | April Dunford (author of Obviously Awesome and Sales Pitch) Transcribed Summarized
10/19/23 Scaling Duolingo, embracing failure, and insight into Latin America’s tech scene | Gina Gotthilf (Latitud, Duolingo) Transcribed Summarized
10/15/23 Building beautiful products with Stripe’s Head of Design | Katie Dill (Stripe, Airbnb, Lyft) Transcribed Summarized
10/12/23 How to get press for your product | Jason Feifer (editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine) Transcribed Summarized
10/8/23 Inside Linear: Building with taste, craft, and focus | Karri Saarinen (co-founder, designer, CEO) Transcribed Summarized
10/5/23 Brian Balfour: 10 lessons on career, growth, and life Transcribed Summarized
10/1/23 What sets great teams apart | Lane Shackleton (CPO of Coda) Transcribed Summarized
9/28/23 Building Anchor, selling to Spotify, and lessons learned | Maya Prohovnik (Spotify’s Head of Podcast Product) Transcribed Summarized
9/24/23 How to drive word of mouth | Nilan Peiris (CPO of Wise) Transcribed Summarized
9/21/23 Becoming evidence-guided | Itamar Gilad (Gmail, YouTube, Microsoft) Transcribed Summarized
9/17/23 How to become a category pirate | Christopher Lochhead (author of Play Bigger, Niche Down, Category Pirates, more) Transcribed Summarized
9/14/23 Picking sharp problems, increasing virality, and unique product frameworks | Oji Udezue (Typeform, Twitter, Calendly, Atlassian) Transcribed Summarized
9/10/23 When enough is enough | Andy Johns (ex-FB, Twitter, Quora) Transcribed Summarized
9/7/23 An inside look at Figma’s unique GTM motion | Claire Butler (first GTM hire) Transcribed Summarized
9/3/23 Inside Etsy’s product, growth, and marketplace evolution | Tim Holley (VP of Product) Transcribed Summarized
8/27/23 An inside look at Deel’s unprecedented growth | Meltem Kuran Berkowitz (Head of Growth) Transcribed
8/24/23 The ultimate guide to JTBD | Bob Moesta (co-creator of the framework) Transcribed
8/20/23 Monetizing passions, scaling marketplaces, and stories from a creator economy vet | Camille Hearst (Spotify, Patreon, Apple, YouTube) Transcribed
8/13/23 The ultimate guide to Martech | Austin Hay (Reforge, Ramp, Runway) Transcribed
8/10/23 Relentless curiosity, radical accountability, and HubSpot’s winning growth formula | Christopher Miller (VP of Product, Growth and AI) Transcribed
8/6/23 Velocity over everything: How Ramp became the fastest-growing SaaS startup of all time | Geoff Charles (VP of Product) Transcribed
7/30/23 How to measure and improve developer productivity | Nicole Forsgren (Microsoft Research, GitHub, Google) Transcribed
7/27/23 The ultimate guide to A/B testing | Ronny Kohavi (Airbnb, Microsoft, Amazon) Transcribed
7/23/23 The 10 traits of great PMs, how AI will impact your product, and Slack’s product development process | Noah Weiss (Slack, Foursquare, Google... Transcribed
7/16/23 LinkedIn’s product evolution and the art of building complex systems | Hari Srinivasan (LinkedIn) Transcribed
7/13/23 M&A, competition, pricing, and investing | Julia Schottenstein (dbt Labs) Transcribed
7/9/23 How to ask the right questions, project confidence, and win over skeptics | Paige Costello (Asana, Intercom, Intuit) Transcribed
7/2/23 Building minimum lovable products, stories from WeWork and Airbnb, and thriving as a PM | Jiaona Zhang (Webflow, WeWork, Airbnb, Dropbox) Transcribed
6/25/23 Lessons from scaling Ramp | Sri Batchu (Ramp, Instacart, Opendoor) Transcribed
6/18/23 Building high-performing teams | Melissa Tan (Webflow, Dropbox, Canva) Transcribed
6/15/23 Leveraging growth advisors, hiring well, mastering SEO, and honing your craft | Luc Levesque (Shopify, Meta, TripAdvisor) Transcribed
6/11/23 Building a long and meaningful career | Nikhyl Singhal (Meta, Google) Transcribed
6/4/23 Moving fast and navigating uncertainty | Jeremy Henrickson (Rippling, Coinbase) Transcribed
6/1/23 Storytelling with Nancy Duarte: How to craft compelling presentations and tell a story that sticks Transcribed
5/28/23 The power of strategic narrative | Andy Raskin Transcribed
5/21/23 Lessons from scaling Spotify: The science of product, taking risky bets, and how AI is already impacting the future of music | Gustav Söders... Transcribed
5/18/23 Lessons on building product sense, navigating AI, optimizing the first mile, and making it through the messy middle | Scott Belsky (Adobe, B... Transcribed
5/14/23 Frameworks for product differentiation, team building, and thinking from first principles | Ayo Omojola (Carbon Health, Cash App) Transcribed
5/7/23 Mastering paid growth | Jonathan Becker (Thrive Digital) Transcribed
5/4/23 Building a culture of excellence | David Singleton (CTO of Stripe) Transcribed
4/30/23 How to achieve hypergrowth in your business and career | Carilu Dietrich (Atlassian, Miro, Segment, 1Password) Transcribed
4/23/23 The ultimate guide to product-led sales | Elena Verna Transcribed
4/20/23 An inside look at how Miro builds product: Lessons on outmaneuvering competitors, team structure, product quality, and moving fast | Varun P... Transcribed
4/16/23 How to make better decisions and build a joyful career | Ada Chen Rekhi (Notejoy, LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey) Transcribed
4/13/23 How to build a cult-like brand | Laura Modi (Bobbie)
4/9/23 Product lessons from Waymo | Shweta Shrivastava (Waymo, Amazon, Cisco)
4/6/23 Driving alignment and urgency within teams, work-life balance, and the changing PM landscape | Nikita Miller (The Knot, Trello)
4/2/23 The ultimate guide to adding a PLG motion | Hila Qu (Reforge, GitLab)
3/30/23 Thinking beyond frameworks | Casey Winters (Pinterest, Eventbrite, Airbnb, Tinder, Canva, Reddit, Grubhub)
3/26/23 Taxi mafias, cash vaults, and 100% MoM growth: The story behind Southeast Asia’s biggest startup | Kevin Aluwi (Gojek)
3/23/23 Navigating comms and PR | Lulu Cheng Meservey (Substack, Activision Blizzard)
3/19/23 Competing with giants: An inside look at how The Browser Company builds product | Josh Miller (CEO)
3/16/23 The ultimate guide to OKRs | Christina Wodtke (Stanford)
3/12/23 Hot takes and techno-optimism from tech’s top power couple | Sriram and Aarthi
3/9/23 Career frameworks, A/B testing mistakes, counterintuitive onboarding tips, selling to developers | Laura Schaffer (VP of Growth at Amplitude...
3/5/23 Lessons from scaling Stripe | Claire Hughes Johnson (ex-COO of Stripe)
3/2/23 Lessons from working with 600+ YC startups | Gustaf Alströmer (Y Combinator, Airbnb)
2/26/23 Behind the scenes of Calendly’s rapid growth | Annie Pearl (CPO)
2/23/23 An inside look at how CNN builds product | Upasna Gautam
2/19/23 10 lessons on bootstrapping a $200m business | Patrick Campbell (ProfitWell)
2/16/23 Understanding the role of product ops | Christine Itwaru (Pendo)
2/12/23 Mastering onboarding | Lauryn Isford (Head of Growth at Airtable)
2/9/23 Leading with empathy | Keith Yandell (DoorDash, Uber)
2/5/23 AI and product management | Marily Nika (Meta, Google)
2/2/23 How to foster innovation and big thinking | Eeke de Milliano (Retool, Stripe)
1/29/23 Lessons from Airtable’s unconventional growth strategy | Zoelle Egner
1/26/23 An inside look at Mixpanel’s product journey | Vijay Iyengar (Head of Product)
1/19/23 Building your product strategy stack | Ravi Mehta (Tinder, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Outpace)
1/15/23 What differentiates the highest-performing product teams | John Cutler (Amplitude, The Beautiful Mess)
1/12/23 How to price your product | Naomi Ionita (Menlo Ventures)
1/8/23 An inside look at how Figma builds product | Yuhki Yamashita (CPO of Figma)
1/5/23 Leveraging mentors to uplevel your career | Jules Walter (YouTube, Slack)
12/29/22 Countdown of the top 10 episodes of the year
12/18/22 Launching and growing a podcast | Chris Hutchins (All the Hacks, Wealthfront, Google)
12/15/22 Founder-led sales | Pete Kazanjy (Founding Sales, Atrium)
12/11/22 How Notion leveraged community to build a $10B business | Camille Ricketts (Notion, First Round Capital)
12/8/22 The art and science of pricing | Madhavan Ramanujam (Monetizing Innovation, Simon-Kucher)
12/4/22 How to hit revenue targets in a recession | Sahil Mansuri (Bravado)
12/1/22 The ultimate guide to SEO | Ethan Smith (Graphite)
11/27/22 How to be the best coach to product people | Petra Wille (Strong Product People)
11/20/22 What it takes to become a top 1% PM | Ian McAllister (Uber, Amazon, Airbnb)
11/17/22 Leaving big tech to build the #1 technology newsletter | Gergely Orosz (The Pragmatic Engineer)
11/13/22 An inside look at how the New York Times builds product | Alex Hardiman (CPO at The New York Times)
11/10/22 How to fire people with grace, work through fear, and nurture innovation | Matt Mochary (CEO coach)
11/6/22 How Snyk built a product-led growth juggernaut | Ben Williams (VP of Product at Snyk)
11/3/22 Lessons from one of the world’s top executive recruiters | Lauren Ipsen (Daversa Partners, General Catalyst)
10/30/22 Building Substack | Sachin Monga (Substack, Facebook)
10/27/22 Category creation and brand building | Barbra Gago (Pando, Miro, Greenhouse, Culture Amp)
10/23/22 How to build trust and grow as a product leader | Fareed Mosavat (Reforge, Slack, Instacart, Zynga, Pixar)
10/20/22 Humanizing product development | Adriel Frederick (Reddit, Lyft, Facebook)
10/16/22 Building better product roadmaps | Janna Bastow (Mind the Product, ProdPad)
10/13/22 How to build a high-performing growth team | Adam Fishman (Patreon, Lyft, Imperfect Foods)
10/9/22 Developing a growth model + marketplace growth strategy | Dan Hockenmaier (Faire, Thumbtack, Reforge)
10/2/22 Using behavioral science to improve your product | Kristen Berman (Irrational Labs)
9/29/22 Customer-led growth | Georgiana Laudi (Forget The Funnel)
9/25/22 Growth tactics, retention strategies, and becoming a better writer | Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve, Hyper, Webflow, TechCrunch)
9/18/22 Building a meaningful career | Jason Shah (Airbnb, Amazon, Microsoft, Alchemy)
9/15/22 When and how to invest in new acquisition channels | Adam Grenier (Uber, MasterClass)
9/11/22 How to build a powerful marketing machine | Emily Kramer (Asana, Carta, MKT1)
9/4/22 The role of AI in product development | Ryan J. Salva (VP of Product at GitHub, Copilot)
9/1/22 How to grow a subscription business | Yuriy Timen (Grammarly, Canva, Airtable)
8/28/22 Persuasive communication and managing up | Wes Kao (Maven, Seth Godin, Section4)
8/21/22 The nature of product | Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group
8/18/22 The art of building legendary brands | Arielle Jackson (Google, Square, Marketer in Residence at First Round Capital)
8/14/22 The rituals of great teams | Shishir Mehrotra of Coda, YouTube, Microsoft
8/7/22 How to launch and grow your product | Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Weekend Fund
8/4/22 How to own your career growth and become a powerful product leader | Deb Liu, Ancestry (ex-Facebook, PayPal)
7/31/22 How to scrappily hire for, measure, and unlock growth | Crystal Widjaja, Gojek and Kumu
7/28/22 How to create a winning product strategy | Melissa Perri
7/24/22 How to unlock your product leadership skills | Ken Norton, Ex-Google
7/21/22 How to sell your ideas and rise within your company | Casey Winters, Eventbrite
7/18/22 Nickey Skarstad (Airbnb, Etsy, Shopify, Duolingo) on translating vision into goals, operationalizing product quality, second-order decisions...
7/14/22 Manik Gupta (ex-CPO Uber, Google Maps) on how to build consumer apps, why it’s useful to be optimistic about technology, creating inflection...
7/11/22 Merci Grace (ex-Head of Growth at Slack) on PLG, interviewing, storytelling, building a diverse team, hiring salespeople, building a growth ...
7/5/22 Sanchan Saxena (VP of Product at Coinbase) on the inside story of how Airbnb made it through Covid; what he’s learned from Brian Chesky, Bri...
6/30/22 Teresa Torres on how to interview customers, automating continuous discovery, the opportunity solution tree framework, making the case for u...
6/27/22 Brandon Chu on building product at Shopify, how writing changed the trajectory of his career, the habits that make you a great PM, pros and ...
6/23/22 Elena Verna on how B2B growth is changing, product-led growth, product-led sales, why you should go freemium not trial, what features to mak...
6/20/22 Gibson Biddle on his DHM product strategy framework, GEM roadmap prioritization framework, 5 Netflix strategy mini case studies, building a ...
6/16/22 Jackie Bavaro on getting better at product strategy, what exactly is strategy, PM pitfalls to avoid, advancing your career, getting into man...
6/13/22 Gokul Rajaram on designing your product development process, when and how to hire your first PM, a playbook for hiring leaders, getting ahea...
6/9/22 April Dunford on product positioning, segmentation, and optimizing your sales process
6/7/22 Shreyas Doshi on pre-mortems, the LNO framework, the three levels of product work, why most execution problems are strategy problems, and RO...
6/7/22 Julie Zhuo on accelerating your career, impostor syndrome, writing, building product sense, using intuition vs. data, hiring designers, and ...
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