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The FYI - For Your Innovation Podcast offers an intellectual discussion on recent developments across disruptive innovation—driven by research, news, controversies, companies, and technological breakthroughs. Hosted by ARK Invest, ARK and guests provide a unique perspective on how to best understand disruptive innovation.



Date Title Status
4/13/23 Crypto has been Thriving Amidst A Regional Banking Crisis and Regulatory Uncertainty: A Deep Dive Transcribed
4/6/23 Could Bitcoin’s Price Reach $1,000,000? With Balaji Srinivasan Transcribed
3/30/23 FYI Ep 179 – The Banking Crisis and Crypto with Art Laffer Transcribed
3/23/23 Gene Therapy Could Cure Cancer with Professor Waseem Qasim Transcribed
3/16/23 Bringing Sports Betting to Web3 with DraftKings Co-Founder Matt Kalish Transcribed
3/9/23 The Evolution of the Construction Industry with Noah Ready-Campbell Transcribed
3/2/23 Flying into a New Age in Travel with Dirk Hoke of Volocopter Transcribed
2/23/23 Big Ideas 2023: Technological Convergence Transcribed
2/16/23 Discussing Our Exact Sciences Valuation Transcribed
2/9/23 Introducing Big Ideas 2023 Transcribed
2/2/23 Powering the Next Generation of Games with Justin Hulog Transcribed
1/26/23 The Case For An Allocation to Disruptive Innovation in 2023 Transcribed
1/19/23 The Evolution of AI Models with Naveen Rao of MosaicML Transcribed
1/12/23 The Streaming Wars Transcribed
1/5/23 Year End Q&A with Cathie Wood Transcribed
12/30/22 Best of 2022 – FYI Podcast Compilation Transcribed
12/28/22 ARK Crypto Brainstorm #01: The Aftermath of FTX Transcribed
12/22/22 Innovation Is the Ultimate Leveler with Steve Case Transcribed
12/15/22 Contextualizing Today’s Economy with Jeremy Siegel Transcribed
12/8/22 Designing The Future Of Software Engineering with Amjad Masad from Replit
12/1/22 Disrupting Stock Market Education with Emmet Savage from MyWallSt
11/23/22 Military Defense and Intelligence with Chip Walter from Marlinspike
11/17/22 Has Innovation Bottomed? with Steven Vannelli
11/10/22 The World of DaaS with Auren Hoffman
11/3/22 A New Era in Cancer Immunotherapy with Tom Whitehead and Dr. Alex Marson
10/27/22 Breaking Down Biotech Innovations with Dr. Bob Langer
10/20/22 Talking The Tezos Network with Arthur and Kathleen Breitman
10/13/22 The Future of AI with Manu Sharma
10/11/22 Gilt Trip with Cathie Wood
10/7/22 Inventing Base Editing with Doctors Nicole Gaudelli and Alexis Komor
9/29/22 Personalizing Private Wealth with Titan CEOs Joe Percoco and Clay Gardner
9/22/22 Exploring Big Green DAO with Kimbal Musk
9/16/22 Discussing The Current State Of The Investment Industry with Eric Balchunas
9/9/22 Exploring the Custodia Bank Project with Caitlin Long and Angie Dalton
9/1/22 Making AI Accessible with Scale AI CEO Alex Wang
8/25/22 The Future of Web3 Games and Digital Ownership
8/18/22 The Dust is Settling in the Cryptocurrency Market
8/11/22 Resisting Recession with Cathie Wood
8/4/22 Enabling the Metaverse Revolution with Improbable CEO Herman Narula
7/28/22 E-Commerce in Indonesia with Bukalapak President Teddy Oetomo
7/21/22 Discussing Our Roku Valuation with Nick Grous and Andrew Kim
7/13/22 Exploring Space Laser Communication with Mynaric CEO Bulent Altan
7/7/22 Finding Growth with Cathie Wood
6/30/22 Discussing our Zoom Valuation with Will Summerlin and Andrew Kim
6/23/22 The Future of Blockchain and Healthcare with Dr. Alex Cahana
6/15/22 End to End 3D Printing with Velo3D CEO Benny Buller
6/9/22 Transforming the Moving World with Cyrus Sigari
6/2/22 Stemloop, Biotech, and Rapid Tests with Khalid Alam
5/26/22 The Future of Robotics as a Service with Saman Farid of Formic
5/19/22 Technologies Are Converging
5/12/22 Transforming Medicine with Dr. Agnieszka Czechowicz
5/5/22 Geopolitics, Innovation, and Deglobalization With Peter Zeihan
4/29/22 Discussing Our Tesla Valuation
4/21/22 Enhancing Human Connection in the Metaverse with Philip Rosedale and Angela Dalton
4/14/22 Space, Business, and the Business of Space with Jared Isaacman from Shift4 Payments
4/7/22 The Past, Present, and Future of Genetic Counseling with Emily Fassi
3/31/22 Renewing Home Energy with Kathy Hannun from Dandelion Energy
3/24/22 Financing Space with Chris Quilty and Caleb Henry
3/18/22 Big Ideas 2022 with Cathie Wood and Chris Hayes
3/13/22 Base Editing with Beam Therapeutics CEO John Evans
3/10/22 Ultra-Long-Range Genomic Information with Ivan Liachko
3/3/22 Going to Outer Space with Dr. Christyl Johnson
2/25/22 Optogenetics, RNA Editing and CRISPR with Dr. Feng Zhang
2/18/22 On-Chain Data: A Framework to Evaluate Bitcoin
2/11/22 The Gene-Editing Revolution with Verve Therapeutics
2/2/22 The Strengths of an Innovation-Based Portfolio
1/26/22 The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era of Genome Editing with Kevin Davies
1/17/22 An Outlook on Biotechnology with Sam Kulkarni, CEO CRISPR Therapeutics
12/21/21 Best of 2021 – FYI Podcast Compilation
11/19/21 Meet the Scientists: Dr. Omar Abudayyeh and Dr. Jonathan Gootenberg
11/8/21 The Evolving World of RNA Editing with Dr. David Nelles
10/27/21 The Creator Economy with Sima Gandhi
10/15/21 The Past, Present, and Future of the COVID 19 Pandemic with Dr. Scott Gottlieb
10/5/21 Invisible Technologies with Francis Pedraza
9/22/21 NFTs with Witek Radomski and Caleb Applegate of Enjin
9/13/21 Therapeutic Human Gene Editing with Dr. David Liu
8/12/21 Cross-Border Payment Disruption with Ham Serunjogi
8/2/21 Nifty Gateway and the Significance of NFTs with Griffin Cock Foster
7/27/21 The ₿ Word — featuring Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk
7/13/21 Online Sports Betting with Will Hershey
7/7/21 The State of Robotaxis in China with Prof. X
6/14/21 Competitive Mobile Gaming with Andrew Paradise, CEO and Founder of Skillz
6/7/21 The Future of Genome Editing with Professor David Liu
6/3/21 The Terra Blockchain with Do Kwon
5/10/21 Deep Dive into SPACs with Harry Sloan and Eli Baker
4/30/21 The Future of Oncology with Dr. Mark Lewis
4/16/21 Augmented Reality with Paul Travers
4/5/21 Big Ideas 2021
3/29/21 How Online Education Prepares Us For the Future of Work with Mitch Daniels
3/11/21 When Mobile Payments Become Infrastructural with Hong Shen
3/1/21 Life Science Product Development and Personalized Medicine with SC Moatti
2/16/21 Autonomous Vehicles Powered By End-To-End Deep Learning with Alex Kendall,
2/1/21 Understanding mRNA. Conversations with Moderna and Arcturus Therapeutics
12/28/20 Best of 2020 — FYI Podcast Compilation
12/10/20 ByteDance, TikTok, and China’s Growing Influence in Global Tech with Matthew Brennan
12/3/20 The History of Big Data and the Future of Analytics with Muji
11/20/20 The First AI Chip Startup with Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems
11/13/20 Using Gene Editing to Cure HIV with Daniel Dornbusch
11/1/20 The Digital Economy with Gary Vaynerchuk
10/26/20 Bitcoin As An Investment with Nate Maddrey
10/6/20 Learn Anything. From Anyone. AI talk with Mckay Wrigley
9/25/20 The State of Genetic Testing in The US with Rob Metcalf
9/4/20 Emerging Themes in Fintech with Dan Kimerling
8/20/20 The Different Sides of Precision Medicine with Jo Bhakdi, CEO and Co-Founder of Quantgene
8/13/20 Venture Capital Changes and Business Education with Steve Blank
8/5/20 Esports: Gathering and Growing Communities with Austin Smith
7/30/20 A Case for Earlier Cancer Detection Strategies with Dr. Bert Vogelstein
7/21/20 Automation and Robots in The Manufacturing Sector with Tyler and Colby Stilson
7/9/20 Battery Supply Chain for Electric Vehicles with Simon Moores and Vivas Kumar
6/29/20 Mobile Payments with Alberto Damasso, Founder and CEO of Satispay
6/22/20 The Coming Dawn of Self-Driven Cars with Oliver Cameron
6/12/20 Podcast Monetization Through Subscriptions with Jason Sew Hoy, CEO of Supercast
6/3/20 Innovation Isn’t Voluntary with Jim McKelvey, Cofounder of Square
5/26/20 What Nvidia’s New A100 GPU Means For the Data Center and AI
5/20/20 Supersonic Travel with Blake Scholl, CEO of Boom Supersonic
5/17/20 Be Creative. Together. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jared Geller Talk About HitRecord
5/14/20 The Modern SaaS Industry with Austin Petersmith
4/24/20 The Blockchain Mindset with Dr. Alex Cahana
4/21/20 Embrace The Move To Automation
4/9/20 A World of Contactless Payments
3/31/20 Powering Online Education with Chip Paucek
3/26/20 How Innovations in Genomics and Biotech Can Help Us With The COVID-19 Crisis
3/24/20 Business As Usual During Coronavirus – How Innovation Enables Work Remote
3/19/20 A History of Bitcoin’s Predecessors, Dollarization, and Stablecoins with Nic Carter
3/11/20 Exploring the Infinite Prospects of Computer Vision AI with Matt Zeiler
3/2/20 Coronavirus and the Future of Immunotherapy with Prof. Isaiah Arkin
2/26/20 How Lululemon Broke the Mold, with Chip Wilson
2/19/20 Bitcoin’s Security Model with Hasu
2/12/20 A Proactive Approach for a Pathogen-Free Blood Supply with Dr. Larry Corash
2/3/20 Esports and Gaming Trends with Will Hershey of Roundhill Investments
1/14/20 Introduction to ARK’s Big Ideas 2020
12/22/19 Best of 2019: FYI Podcast with Elon Musk, George Church, and more
12/16/19 The Beginning of Every Deep Learning Exercise With Manu Sharma and Brian Rieger
12/4/19 The Power of Deep Learning with Bryan Catanzaro from NVIDIA
11/25/19 Streaming Wars with Nick Grous
11/19/19 HD Maps for an Autonomous Future with Ro Gupta
11/10/19 A Different Type of VC Firm with Eric Vishria from Benchmark
11/5/19 Asking Different Questions Than Everyone Else, with Sean George
10/28/19 The Future of Cultured Meat Production with Yaakov Nahmias
10/18/19 A Commitment to Bitcoin with Ric Edelman
10/6/19 Steve Forbes on the Market, Policy, and the Evolution of Media
10/3/19 Tissue Dynamics with Professor Yaakov Nahmias
9/25/19 What are Disruptive Innovation Platforms?
9/16/19 Cerebras’ Wafer Scale Engine AI Chip with CEO Andrew Feldman
9/9/19 The Vibrant Online Education Space with Aaron Nace
8/28/19 Building Sustainable Global Trade with Matt Heider, CEO NautilusLabs
8/22/19 Analyzing the Data Center Business with Akram’s Razor (Part 2)
8/14/19 Nvidia and the Crypto Implosion of 2018 with Akram’s Razor (Part 1)
8/5/19 The Capital Market Space within FinTech
7/30/19 Innovative Insights into Semiconductors, with Dylan
7/15/19 A Closer Look at Facebook’s Libra and Calibra
7/8/19 Reimagining the Future of Smart Speakers
6/28/19 The Future of AI Hardware with James Wang
6/18/19 A New Way for Investors to Be Heard, with Zach Hascoe from Say
6/10/19 The Genomic Revolution with George Church, Ph.D.
6/6/19 Additive Manufacturing at the Forefront of Innovation, with Peter Leys
5/29/19 Immunotherapy Part 2, with Dr. Daniel Chen MD PhD
5/21/19 Artificial Intelligence in China with Jeffrey Ding
5/16/19 Analyzing India’s Digital Wallet Adoption After Demonetization, with Nicolas Crouzet and Filippo Mezzanotti
4/29/19 Immunotherapy and the race to cure cancer with Charles Graeber
4/22/19 What’s New In Cloud Computing, with James Wang
4/14/19 Innovation Pipeline with Prof. Steve Masiclat
4/8/19 Israel Innovation with Yishai Fraenkel
4/1/19 Adapting to Fintech, with Nicolas Grous and Max Friedrich
3/26/19 An Exponential View of the Future, With Azeem Azhar
3/19/19 The Future of Food Delivery with James Wang
3/12/19 Evolving Narratives in the Crypto Space with Andreas M. Antonopoulos
3/4/19 How Siraj Raval Built One of the Most Popular AI Channels on YouTube
2/25/19 The Evolution of The Rocket Industry with Eric Berger
2/19/19 On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk
2/11/19 The Effects of Automation and Robots in the Food Industry with Sam Korus
2/4/19 Economics, Trade Relations, And Innovation — Recognizing Investment Potential with Dr. Art Laffer and Cathie Wood
1/28/19 The Bitcoin Centralization Narrative with Yassine Elmandjra
1/23/19 Wright’s Law — Understanding Technology Cost Curves with Brett Winton
1/14/19 Cryptoassets – A review with Chris Burniske of Placeholder
1/7/19 Building a Sustainable Future of Electric Powered Vehicles
12/17/18 CRISPR Controversy – A conversation with Stanford Prof. Henry Greely
12/10/18 Amazon AWS – The Everything Store for Enterprise Computing?
12/2/18 Micromobility and the Future of Transportation with Horace Dediu
12/2/18 Understanding the Autonomous Vehicle Landscape and the Opportunity it Creates for Investors
11/21/18 Welcome to FYI – The For Your Innovation Podcast by ARK Invest