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Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.



Date Title Status
11/1/23 Bruce Englefield's devilish charm Transcribed
10/31/23 Sandi Toksvig and the school of life Transcribed
10/30/23 How Stephen sang himself to life Transcribed
10/27/23 Shanelle Dawson: the daughter's story Transcribed
10/26/23 Pip Williams: from dyslexia to the Dictionary of Lost Words Transcribed
10/25/23 Penny Moodie's compulsive and compelling life Transcribed
10/24/23 The hunt for deep sea bioluminescence (and a giant squid) Transcribed
10/23/23 The speech collector Transcribed
10/20/23 Champion surfer Jodie Cooper on the breaks that made her Transcribed
10/19/23 Penny's odyssey to Greece and family Transcribed
10/18/23 The caving time lord Transcribed
10/17/23 The lucky accident of Sydney's Opera House Transcribed
10/16/23 Lovemore's left hook Transcribed
10/13/23 Silverchair's drummer grows up Transcribed
10/12/23 The psychopaths among us Transcribed
10/11/23 The chef who changed the world Transcribed
10/10/23 David Marr's reckoning with his family's brutal past Transcribed
10/9/23 Ancestors like aliens: clues from the Cambrian explosion Transcribed
10/6/23 Robyn Davidson, wandering spirit Transcribed
10/5/23 Jessica Cottis — inside the colour of sound Transcribed
10/4/23 Silk, sex, secrets and spiders Transcribed
10/3/23 From Antioch, to Syracuse and Tyre Transcribed
10/2/23 Confessions of a drama kid Transcribed
9/29/23 Suzie Miller: finder of ways Transcribed
9/28/23 Meaghan's connections to family, town and country Transcribed
9/27/23 Xanthe Mallett on skeletons, forensics, crime and body farms Transcribed
9/26/23 Seeing the world through a dog's eyes Transcribed
9/25/23 Dynasties and dynamism Transcribed
9/22/23 Sam Neill's menagerie Transcribed
9/21/23 Smuggled to Antarctica Transcribed
9/20/23 The echidna argument Transcribed
9/19/23 Living to 120 and beyond Transcribed
9/18/23 What happens to us while we're under anaesthesia? Transcribed
9/15/23 Joshua Creamer on family, justice and the long road to Everest Transcribed
9/14/23 Chadden's planet Earth Transcribed
9/13/23 Bronwyn's books Transcribed
9/12/23 George Megalogenis on the stats that tell the Australian story Transcribed
9/11/23 Peter's long goodbye Transcribed
9/8/23 Stories of starting over: Susan Johnson Transcribed
9/7/23 Stories of starting over: Kim Crotty Transcribed
9/6/23 Stories of starting over: Anne Howell Transcribed
9/5/23 Stories of starting over: Charles Lomu Transcribed
9/4/23 Stories of starting over: DJ Hookie Transcribed
9/1/23 Maggie Mackellar on farming, motherhood, and catching sheep Transcribed
8/31/23 The Big Pineapple, The Big Merino, The Big Gumboot: how big things captured Australia Transcribed
8/30/23 Crispian Chan on Perth's forgotten terror Transcribed
8/29/23 Geraldine Brooks and the world in words Transcribed
8/28/23 Craig Hamilton's three lives Transcribed
8/25/23 Robert Waldinger's good life Transcribed
8/24/23 Bertie Blackman's bohemian childhood Transcribed
8/23/23 How Julie became Matilda #1 Transcribed
8/22/23 Kim and the Constitution
8/21/23 John Gaden's golden run
8/18/23 Remembering Michael Parkinson
8/18/23 Maddy, the shipwreck mermaid
8/17/23 The invisible Mrs Orwell
8/16/23 From the meatworks to mending men's souls
8/15/23 Jana Pittman's turning point
8/14/23 David the Seahorse saviour
8/11/23 A Heart in Two Places
8/10/23 Dr Freakman, hippie psychiatrist
8/9/23 The sculptor's son
8/8/23 How Brendan Watkins claimed his birthright
8/7/23 Mark Brandi on compassion, chance and reinvention
8/4/23 Danny Estrin's Eurovision glory
8/3/23 Oliver Twist, the storyteller
8/2/23 The leadership and gentleness of Alex Blackwell
8/1/23 On the trail of the mega-shark
7/31/23 Toby Walsh: the power and perils of Chat GPT
7/28/23 John's wild dogs
7/27/23 Martin Flanagan on exchanging shame for grace
7/26/23 Healing the grieving heart
7/25/23 Maggie Beer: from Bankstown to the Barossa
7/24/23 How Ben's brain changed
7/21/23 The army town, the lodger, and a succulent Chinese meal
7/20/23 Anna McGahan and God
7/19/23 The story of the human voice
7/18/23 The wild boy who became a parenting expert
7/17/23 From Boudicca to the Night Witches: a history of women at war
7/14/23 Marcia Hines the American Queen of Australian Pop
7/13/23 The Bookbinder's Luck
7/12/23 The power and determination of Nas Campanella
7/11/23 Frank’s years of living dangerously
7/10/23 Jessica's life in two worlds
7/7/23 Stories from Gudanji Country
7/6/23 The tin hut that's still standing
7/5/23 Nova Peris shines bright
7/4/23 Leanne's passion for justice
7/3/23 Jimmy Little's daughter tells her dad's story
6/30/23 Mama Piku
6/29/23 Sorcery and salvation in Papua New Guinea
6/28/23 The mythical legends of Dravuni Island
6/27/23 The whistling frogs of Fiji's forests
6/26/23 Meet the Queen of Vude
6/23/23 Michael Trant on writing a farmer’s way
6/22/23 The broken-hearted cure
6/21/23 Sarah Davis: Paddling the Nile and beyond
6/20/23 The flying vet
6/19/23 Fergus, prison visitor
6/16/23 Doctor Sonia, Outback GP
6/15/23 Shirley's secret and a silver angel: the story of Heather Mitchell
6/14/23 An unexpected life in Murderball
6/13/23 Finding a dad, zoology and a life-threatening illness
6/12/23 A Fat Girl Dancing: Kris Kneen
6/9/23 Muzafar Ali: from Afghanistan to Adelaide
6/8/23 Life as a prison philosopher
6/7/23 Charmian, the violin and the zipper man
6/6/23 William Sitwell: a history of the restaurant
6/5/23 Sean Fong dominating life on the jiu-jitsu mat
6/2/23 Asma Khan and the Darjeeling Express
6/1/23 Mandy Nolan: embracing the 'weird freaky girl'
5/31/23 How Deb Wallace became the gangbuster
5/30/23 David Rankin: Gymea, Art and Lily
5/29/23 Lessons from slime mould — a brainless blob
5/26/23 Don Walker: the quiet bloke in Cold Chisel
5/25/23 Letting the tiger out of the cage
5/24/23 Lessons from the Kingdom of Sargon
5/23/23 Bo Seo on good arguments
5/22/23 The wild ride of Di's life
5/19/23 The curious history of sweating it out
5/18/23 Hijacks, heists, and a sinking boat
5/17/23 Being Sharon Stone's stunt double
5/16/23 Love and Loss, in Watsonia
5/15/23 The art of English, according to Benjamin Dreyer
5/12/23 Theologian Pádraig Ó Tuama on making peace and living in poetry
5/11/23 Cows on a plane
5/10/23 Jenny Graves — the curious case of sex cells
5/9/23 Benjamin's epic flight
5/8/23 Raising the Kanneh-Masons
5/5/23 Paul Kennedy on finding his way
5/4/23 Toni Jordan's lucky life
5/3/23 Crossing the continent
5/2/23 Dean Laws: running for his life
5/1/23 Remembering Barry Humphries
4/28/23 My father, Karratha, and me
4/27/23 Teddy Tahu Rhodes and the letter that changed his life
4/26/23 Om's journey home
4/25/23 Jackie Huggins: my father Jack
4/24/23 Surviving Sandakan
4/21/23 A sister's love
4/20/23 On the wing
4/19/23 A work of the heart
4/18/23 Danijel's life between borders
4/17/23 The secrets and generosity of the dead
4/14/23 Maggie Dent - Raising Strong Girls
4/13/23 To Kythera, with my mother
4/12/23 Matt Hall's life at supersonic speed
4/11/23 Family folklore: spies, secrets and suffering
4/10/23 Kate Forsyth on the intrepid and curious Charlotte Waring Atkinson
4/7/23 What the world can learn from Charlie Brown
4/6/23 Billy Bragg — the boy from Barking
4/5/23 Gillian Bell — life and cake
4/4/23 George Williams – the whacky world of micronations
4/3/23 Growing up in a country pub
3/31/23 Becoming a cowboy
3/30/23 How memory works
3/29/23 The alluring aliens of our forests
3/28/23 Keenan's courage
3/27/23 Saul Griffith's electrifying mission
3/24/23 A daughter's unswerving love — Sarah Holland-Batt and her father
3/23/23 Lee Berger & the Cave of Lost Hominids
3/22/23 Rockstar animals and the Orthodox Church
3/21/23 Briana, Max and Freddy: love, trains and mouth music
3/20/23 The Vietnam vet and the Arnhem Land community
3/17/23 The Great Fire of Salonika
3/16/23 Alex and the tree-climbing lions
3/15/23 Louise Kennedy on Belfast, bombs and a disastrous pav
3/14/23 Peter Garrett: rock and roll changemaker
3/13/23 Amar Singh's love for faith, family and country
3/10/23 Judith Heumann - disability warrior
3/9/23 Putting lipstick on a great white shark
3/8/23 Esther Freud's unconventional family
3/7/23 Fintan O'Toole: the evolution of modern Ireland
3/6/23 Is there a cheating gene?
3/3/23 The fastest woman in the sky
3/2/23 Richie Ramone and the record shop
3/1/23 The 700-room nightmare
2/28/23 The poker-playing cardiologist
2/27/23 The forgotten children of the Empire
2/24/23 Ben and the birth of Miss Ellaneous
2/23/23 My mother, South Africa and me
2/22/23 Judy's fight for Victoria's first safe injecting facility
2/21/23 Mark and the rainbow connection
2/20/23 Mammal mania
2/17/23 The vivacious Umberto Clerici
2/16/23 Love and music
2/15/23 Run-away memories: Anne's story of retrograde amnesia
2/14/23 The case of the unknown sailor
2/13/23 The mystery of the travelling Taranaki panels
2/10/23 Nance, Ruby & Nell: the women who changed Australian cricket
2/9/23 Teen mum Melissa Redsell proved everyone wrong
2/8/23 Bronnie and the jaws of life
2/7/23 The boy with op shop fever
2/6/23 How Australia speaks to the world (and spies)
2/3/23 Dr Koppe's new life
2/2/23 Deborah's fight for her wings
2/1/23 Where the Music Began — a story collection
1/31/23 John Grisham: lawyering, writing and innocence
1/30/23 Danielle, Jimmy the pig, and the inferno
1/27/23 How Aunty Val became the 'Afar Angel'
1/26/23 From Croatia to the Canefields: a love story
1/25/23 The ghosts of Babylonia
1/24/23 Tim Ferguson: breaking barriers and taking names
1/22/23 A song connection: Genevieve and the Tiwi strong women
1/20/23 Dave Gleeson needs a damn good lie down
1/19/23 The last keeper of Boston Light
1/18/23 Cynthia's Swans
1/17/23 Edita’s 600 days of longing
1/16/23 Making peace with stuttering
12/16/22 Best of 2022 — Elizabeth Chong
12/15/22 Best of 2022 — Tony Bull
12/14/22 Best of 2022 — Kelvin Kong
12/13/22 Best of 2022 — Lindy Lee
12/12/22 Best of 2022 — Stephen Walker
12/9/22 Ken Done's vivid life
12/8/22 Life on the inside when you're cast out
12/7/22 Niki Savva's brutal assessment of Scott Morrison
12/6/22 The story of English
12/5/22 Cephalopods — magicians of their watery world
12/2/22 Victor Perton and the secret to optimism
12/1/22 Eva's arrested development
11/30/22 Richard E. Grant and his pocketful of happiness
11/29/22 Dee Madigan's precarious early life
11/28/22 Nick Cave and the bruises of experience
11/25/22 What rugby stole from Michael Lipman
11/24/22 Anna Yen, the Nanjing Acrobats and the family stories
11/22/22 How Sarah built a tall ship
11/22/22 The hero of the Zebra
11/21/22 The grief tapes
11/17/22 A rebel on the bench
11/16/22 Heather Rose and the mystery at the heart of things
11/15/22 Paulie Stewart and the punk nuns of Timor-Leste
11/14/22 Surviving two volcanoes — Ngaiire's story
11/13/22 Sandi Toksvig and the school of life
11/11/22 Diana Nguyen on making peace with her mother
11/10/22 Jo Medlin teaches adults to read and write
11/9/22 The most perplexing musical instrument
11/8/22 The untold stories of the Battle of Long Tan
11/6/22 What humans can learn from animals
11/4/22 Lamorna and the sea
11/3/22 Love, power, and my PNG family — Dame Carol Kidu
11/2/22 Jonno Seidler: breaking the silence around men's mental health
11/1/22 Costa Georgiadis: Heart and Soil
10/31/22 Mat Rogers finds his own game
10/28/22 The enigmatic legend of Jimmy Possum
10/27/22 Pub Choir — beer, singing and Kate Bush
10/26/22 The salty sweet life of Aaron Fa’Aoso
10/25/22 A Renaissance scholar on love, power, Florence and folly
10/24/22 Suburban crime and mishap in 1950s and 1960s Sydney
10/21/22 When I am dead I will love this
10/20/22 The making of an epic adventurer
10/19/22 Chris, the lunchbox, and the impossible problems
10/18/22 The life of Angela Lansbury
10/17/22 Dai Le's harrowing journey to power
10/14/22 The secret powers of snakes
10/13/22 Babushka Lena and the Soviet cookbook
10/12/22 The Beatles, Brian Epstein and me
10/11/22 Tim Faulkner's wild life
10/10/22 Lessons from Bali's ground zero
10/7/22 Kyra Maya Phillips: my grandfather's heart was full of poetry
10/6/22 Making and breaking waves
10/5/22 Nicholas Hammond — from The Sound of Music to Cinderella
10/4/22 How a fish with tiny fingers changed history
10/3/22 The leadership and gentleness of Alex Blackwell
9/30/22 Chocolate and the universe in Scott Fry
9/29/22 The mysteries of roller derby and grief
9/28/22 The notorious Lenny McPherson and post-war Australian crime
9/27/22 The Australian Wars
9/26/22 Bill Crews and the Calais epiphany
9/23/22 Mike Moskowitz — the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi who became a trans ally
9/22/22 Fearless Alice Anderson and her all-girl garage
9/21/22 Jarvis Cocker and the Pulp master plan
9/20/22 Pirooz Jafari and the thread of home
9/19/22 Remembering Uncle Jack Charles — not true blue, true blak
9/16/22 A Heart in Two Places
9/15/22 Rick Fenny, Red Dog vet
9/14/22 Australia's secret spy ring
9/13/22 The Babies of Holnicote House
9/12/22 Tom Gleeson: the hard man of Australian comedy
9/9/22 The greatest air race: twenty planes, London to Melbourne, 1934
9/8/22 A league of their own — Breeanna Brock and the AFLW
9/7/22 Sam's education in grit
9/6/22 Simon Longstaff and the ethics of everything
9/5/22 The secret world of the human ear
9/2/22 Sailing solo around Antarctica
9/1/22 Bush chooks, clever crows, and assassin maggies
8/31/22 The rise of the land dragon
8/30/22 Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga
8/29/22 How David was lost, then found
8/26/22 Rebel doctor Caroline de Costa — smuggling condoms and scaring priests
8/25/22 Life and death in the Amazon
8/24/22 The fall of Kabul through Andrew Quilty's lens
8/23/22 The secret life of George
8/22/22 How Kaya's transition unlocked a secret history
8/19/22 Judy Cotton makes her way
8/18/22 Cancer, manhood and me
8/17/22 Chloe Hooper’s hopeful spell
8/16/22 Paralympian Christie Dawes is super/normal
8/15/22 Raising the Kanneh-Masons
8/12/22 La Goulue — from the cancan to lion taming
8/11/22 Tony the Aussie-Vietnamese Gangster Pastor
8/10/22 Platypuses' best friend