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Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.



Date Title Status
yesterday Sam Neill's menagerie Transcribed
9/21/23 Smuggled to Antarctica Transcribed
9/20/23 The echidna argument Transcribed
9/19/23 Living to 120 and beyond Transcribed
9/18/23 What happens to us while we're under anaesthesia? Transcribed
9/15/23 Joshua Creamer on family, justice and the long road to Everest Transcribed
9/14/23 Chadden's planet Earth Transcribed
9/13/23 Bronwyn's books Transcribed
9/12/23 George Megalogenis on the stats that tell the Australian story Transcribed
9/11/23 Peter's long goodbye Transcribed
9/8/23 Stories of starting over: Susan Johnson Transcribed
9/7/23 Stories of starting over: Kim Crotty Transcribed
9/6/23 Stories of starting over: Anne Howell Transcribed
9/5/23 Stories of starting over: Charles Lomu Transcribed
9/4/23 Stories of starting over: DJ Hookie Transcribed
9/1/23 Maggie Mackellar on farming, motherhood, and catching sheep Transcribed
8/31/23 The Big Pineapple, The Big Merino, The Big Gumboot: how big things captured Australia Transcribed
8/30/23 Crispian Chan on Perth's forgotten terror Transcribed
8/29/23 Geraldine Brooks and the world in words Transcribed
8/28/23 Craig Hamilton's three lives Transcribed
8/25/23 Robert Waldinger's good life Transcribed
8/24/23 Bertie Blackman's bohemian childhood Transcribed
8/23/23 How Julie became Matilda #1 Transcribed
8/22/23 Kim and the Constitution
8/21/23 John Gaden's golden run
8/18/23 Remembering Michael Parkinson
8/18/23 Maddy, the shipwreck mermaid
8/17/23 The invisible Mrs Orwell
8/16/23 From the meatworks to mending men's souls
8/15/23 Jana Pittman's turning point
8/14/23 David the Seahorse saviour
8/11/23 A Heart in Two Places
8/10/23 Dr Freakman, hippie psychiatrist
8/9/23 The sculptor's son
8/8/23 How Brendan Watkins claimed his birthright
8/7/23 Mark Brandi on compassion, chance and reinvention
8/4/23 Danny Estrin's Eurovision glory
8/3/23 Oliver Twist, the storyteller
8/2/23 The leadership and gentleness of Alex Blackwell
8/1/23 On the trail of the mega-shark
7/31/23 Toby Walsh: the power and perils of Chat GPT
7/28/23 John's wild dogs
7/27/23 Martin Flanagan on exchanging shame for grace
7/26/23 Healing the grieving heart
7/25/23 Maggie Beer: from Bankstown to the Barossa
7/24/23 How Ben's brain changed
7/21/23 The army town, the lodger, and a succulent Chinese meal
7/20/23 Anna McGahan and God
7/19/23 The story of the human voice
7/18/23 The wild boy who became a parenting expert
7/17/23 From Boudicca to the Night Witches: a history of women at war
7/14/23 Marcia Hines the American Queen of Australian Pop
7/13/23 The Bookbinder's Luck
7/12/23 The power and determination of Nas Campanella
7/11/23 Frank’s years of living dangerously
7/10/23 Jessica's life in two worlds
7/7/23 Stories from Gudanji Country
7/6/23 The tin hut that's still standing
7/5/23 Nova Peris shines bright
7/4/23 Leanne's passion for justice
7/3/23 Jimmy Little's daughter tells her dad's story
6/30/23 Mama Piku
6/29/23 Sorcery and salvation in Papua New Guinea
6/28/23 The mythical legends of Dravuni Island
6/27/23 The whistling frogs of Fiji's forests
6/26/23 Meet the Queen of Vude
6/23/23 Michael Trant on writing a farmer’s way
6/22/23 The broken-hearted cure
6/21/23 Sarah Davis: Paddling the Nile and beyond
6/20/23 The flying vet
6/19/23 Fergus, prison visitor
6/16/23 Doctor Sonia, Outback GP
6/15/23 Shirley's secret and a silver angel: the story of Heather Mitchell
6/14/23 An unexpected life in Murderball
6/13/23 Finding a dad, zoology and a life-threatening illness
6/12/23 A Fat Girl Dancing: Kris Kneen
6/9/23 Muzafar Ali: from Afghanistan to Adelaide
6/8/23 Life as a prison philosopher
6/7/23 Charmian, the violin and the zipper man
6/6/23 William Sitwell: a history of the restaurant
6/5/23 Sean Fong dominating life on the jiu-jitsu mat
6/2/23 Asma Khan and the Darjeeling Express
6/1/23 Mandy Nolan: embracing the 'weird freaky girl'
5/31/23 How Deb Wallace became the gangbuster
5/30/23 David Rankin: Gymea, Art and Lily
5/29/23 Lessons from slime mould — a brainless blob
5/26/23 Don Walker: the quiet bloke in Cold Chisel
5/25/23 Letting the tiger out of the cage
5/24/23 Lessons from the Kingdom of Sargon
5/23/23 Bo Seo on good arguments
5/22/23 The wild ride of Di's life
5/19/23 The curious history of sweating it out
5/18/23 Hijacks, heists, and a sinking boat
5/17/23 Being Sharon Stone's stunt double
5/16/23 Love and Loss, in Watsonia
5/15/23 The art of English, according to Benjamin Dreyer
5/12/23 Theologian Pádraig Ó Tuama on making peace and living in poetry
5/11/23 Cows on a plane
5/10/23 Jenny Graves — the curious case of sex cells
5/9/23 Benjamin's epic flight
5/8/23 Raising the Kanneh-Masons
5/5/23 Paul Kennedy on finding his way
5/4/23 Toni Jordan's lucky life
5/3/23 Crossing the continent
5/2/23 Dean Laws: running for his life
5/1/23 Remembering Barry Humphries
4/28/23 My father, Karratha, and me
4/27/23 Teddy Tahu Rhodes and the letter that changed his life
4/26/23 Om's journey home
4/25/23 Jackie Huggins: my father Jack
4/24/23 Surviving Sandakan
4/21/23 A sister's love
4/20/23 On the wing
4/19/23 A work of the heart
4/18/23 Danijel's life between borders
4/17/23 The secrets and generosity of the dead
4/14/23 Maggie Dent - Raising Strong Girls
4/13/23 To Kythera, with my mother
4/12/23 Matt Hall's life at supersonic speed
4/11/23 Family folklore: spies, secrets and suffering
4/10/23 Kate Forsyth on the intrepid and curious Charlotte Waring Atkinson
4/7/23 What the world can learn from Charlie Brown
4/6/23 Billy Bragg — the boy from Barking
4/5/23 Gillian Bell — life and cake
4/4/23 George Williams – the whacky world of micronations
4/3/23 Growing up in a country pub
3/31/23 Becoming a cowboy
3/30/23 How memory works
3/29/23 The alluring aliens of our forests
3/28/23 Keenan's courage
3/27/23 Saul Griffith's electrifying mission
3/24/23 A daughter's unswerving love — Sarah Holland-Batt and her father
3/23/23 Lee Berger & the Cave of Lost Hominids
3/22/23 Rockstar animals and the Orthodox Church
3/21/23 Briana, Max and Freddy: love, trains and mouth music
3/20/23 The Vietnam vet and the Arnhem Land community
3/17/23 The Great Fire of Salonika
3/16/23 Alex and the tree-climbing lions
3/15/23 Louise Kennedy on Belfast, bombs and a disastrous pav
3/14/23 Peter Garrett: rock and roll changemaker
3/13/23 Amar Singh's love for faith, family and country
3/10/23 Judith Heumann - disability warrior
3/9/23 Putting lipstick on a great white shark
3/8/23 Esther Freud's unconventional family
3/7/23 Fintan O'Toole: the evolution of modern Ireland
3/6/23 Is there a cheating gene?
3/3/23 The fastest woman in the sky
3/2/23 Richie Ramone and the record shop
3/1/23 The 700-room nightmare
2/28/23 The poker-playing cardiologist
2/27/23 The forgotten children of the Empire
2/24/23 Ben and the birth of Miss Ellaneous
2/23/23 My mother, South Africa and me
2/22/23 Judy's fight for Victoria's first safe injecting facility
2/21/23 Mark and the rainbow connection
2/20/23 Mammal mania
2/17/23 The vivacious Umberto Clerici
2/16/23 Love and music
2/15/23 Run-away memories: Anne's story of retrograde amnesia
2/14/23 The case of the unknown sailor
2/13/23 The mystery of the travelling Taranaki panels
2/10/23 Nance, Ruby & Nell: the women who changed Australian cricket
2/9/23 Teen mum Melissa Redsell proved everyone wrong
2/8/23 Bronnie and the jaws of life
2/7/23 The boy with op shop fever
2/6/23 How Australia speaks to the world (and spies)
2/3/23 Dr Koppe's new life
2/2/23 Deborah's fight for her wings
2/1/23 Where the Music Began — a story collection
1/31/23 John Grisham: lawyering, writing and innocence
1/30/23 Danielle, Jimmy the pig, and the inferno
1/27/23 How Aunty Val became the 'Afar Angel'
1/26/23 From Croatia to the Canefields: a love story
1/25/23 The ghosts of Babylonia
1/24/23 Tim Ferguson: breaking barriers and taking names
1/22/23 A song connection: Genevieve and the Tiwi strong women
1/20/23 Dave Gleeson needs a damn good lie down
1/19/23 The last keeper of Boston Light
1/18/23 Cynthia's Swans
1/17/23 Edita’s 600 days of longing
1/16/23 Making peace with stuttering
12/16/22 Best of 2022 — Elizabeth Chong
12/15/22 Best of 2022 — Tony Bull
12/14/22 Best of 2022 — Kelvin Kong
12/13/22 Best of 2022 — Lindy Lee
12/12/22 Best of 2022 — Stephen Walker
12/9/22 Ken Done's vivid life
12/8/22 Life on the inside when you're cast out
12/7/22 Niki Savva's brutal assessment of Scott Morrison
12/6/22 The story of English
12/5/22 Cephalopods — magicians of their watery world
12/2/22 Victor Perton and the secret to optimism
12/1/22 Eva's arrested development
11/30/22 Richard E. Grant and his pocketful of happiness
11/29/22 Dee Madigan's precarious early life
11/28/22 Nick Cave and the bruises of experience
11/25/22 What rugby stole from Michael Lipman
11/24/22 Anna Yen, the Nanjing Acrobats and the family stories
11/22/22 How Sarah built a tall ship
11/22/22 The hero of the Zebra
11/21/22 The grief tapes
11/17/22 A rebel on the bench
11/16/22 Heather Rose and the mystery at the heart of things
11/15/22 Paulie Stewart and the punk nuns of Timor-Leste
11/14/22 Surviving two volcanoes — Ngaiire's story
11/13/22 Sandi Toksvig and the school of life
11/11/22 Diana Nguyen on making peace with her mother
11/10/22 Jo Medlin teaches adults to read and write
11/9/22 The most perplexing musical instrument
11/8/22 The untold stories of the Battle of Long Tan
11/6/22 What humans can learn from animals
11/4/22 Lamorna and the sea
11/3/22 Love, power, and my PNG family — Dame Carol Kidu
11/2/22 Jonno Seidler: breaking the silence around men's mental health
11/1/22 Costa Georgiadis: Heart and Soil
10/31/22 Mat Rogers finds his own game
10/28/22 The enigmatic legend of Jimmy Possum
10/27/22 Pub Choir — beer, singing and Kate Bush
10/26/22 The salty sweet life of Aaron Fa’Aoso
10/25/22 A Renaissance scholar on love, power, Florence and folly
10/24/22 Suburban crime and mishap in 1950s and 1960s Sydney
10/21/22 When I am dead I will love this
10/20/22 The making of an epic adventurer
10/19/22 Chris, the lunchbox, and the impossible problems
10/18/22 The life of Angela Lansbury
10/17/22 Dai Le's harrowing journey to power
10/14/22 The secret powers of snakes
10/13/22 Babushka Lena and the Soviet cookbook
10/12/22 The Beatles, Brian Epstein and me
10/11/22 Tim Faulkner's wild life
10/10/22 Lessons from Bali's ground zero
10/7/22 Kyra Maya Phillips: my grandfather's heart was full of poetry
10/6/22 Making and breaking waves
10/5/22 Nicholas Hammond — from The Sound of Music to Cinderella
10/4/22 How a fish with tiny fingers changed history
10/3/22 The leadership and gentleness of Alex Blackwell
9/30/22 Chocolate and the universe in Scott Fry
9/29/22 The mysteries of roller derby and grief
9/28/22 The notorious Lenny McPherson and post-war Australian crime
9/27/22 The Australian Wars
9/26/22 Bill Crews and the Calais epiphany
9/23/22 Mike Moskowitz — the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi who became a trans ally
9/22/22 Fearless Alice Anderson and her all-girl garage
9/21/22 Jarvis Cocker and the Pulp master plan
9/20/22 Pirooz Jafari and the thread of home
9/19/22 Remembering Uncle Jack Charles — not true blue, true blak
9/16/22 A Heart in Two Places
9/15/22 Rick Fenny, Red Dog vet
9/14/22 Australia's secret spy ring
9/13/22 The Babies of Holnicote House
9/12/22 Tom Gleeson: the hard man of Australian comedy
9/9/22 The greatest air race: twenty planes, London to Melbourne, 1934
9/8/22 A league of their own — Breeanna Brock and the AFLW
9/7/22 Sam's education in grit
9/6/22 Simon Longstaff and the ethics of everything
9/5/22 The secret world of the human ear
9/2/22 Sailing solo around Antarctica
9/1/22 Bush chooks, clever crows, and assassin maggies
8/31/22 The rise of the land dragon
8/30/22 Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga
8/29/22 How David was lost, then found
8/26/22 Rebel doctor Caroline de Costa — smuggling condoms and scaring priests
8/25/22 Life and death in the Amazon
8/24/22 The fall of Kabul through Andrew Quilty's lens
8/23/22 The secret life of George
8/22/22 How Kaya's transition unlocked a secret history
8/19/22 Judy Cotton makes her way
8/18/22 Cancer, manhood and me
8/17/22 Chloe Hooper’s hopeful spell
8/16/22 Paralympian Christie Dawes is super/normal
8/15/22 Raising the Kanneh-Masons
8/12/22 La Goulue — from the cancan to lion taming
8/11/22 Tony the Aussie-Vietnamese Gangster Pastor
8/10/22 Platypuses' best friend