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From hostile takeovers to C-suite intrigue, Behind the Money takes you inside the business and financial stories of the moment with reporting from Financial Times journalists around the world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.



Date Title Status
11/1/23 Big Oil’s big bet Transcribed
10/25/23 How Microsoft bagged Activision Blizzard Transcribed
10/18/23 ‘Dumb Money’ writers on the GameStop saga Transcribed
10/16/23 Bonus: Michael Lewis on FTX & Sam Bankman-Fried Transcribed
10/11/23 FTC versus Amazon Transcribed
10/4/23 Argentina’s $16bn saga with a US court
9/27/23 Best Of: Why Apple can’t leave China
9/20/23 The push to dominate the battery supply chain
9/14/23 Coming soon: Can AI help us speak to animals?
9/13/23 The Russian Banker, Part 3: Asylum
9/11/23 Bonus: Arm’s race to IPO
9/6/23 The Russian Banker, Part 2: The Whistleblower
8/30/23 The Russian Banker, Part 1: The Raid
8/25/23 Introducing: The Russian Banker
8/23/23 Did Binance miss its chance to rule crypto?
8/16/23 The controversy around share buybacks
8/9/23 How Dubai is reshaping the global oil trade
8/2/23 Institutional investors take to the pitch
7/26/23 A different way to understand the US economy
7/19/23 Macquarie’s grip on global infrastructure
7/12/23 Frances Haugen’s lessons as a Facebook whistleblower
7/5/23 Best Of: Tracking the mysterious rise of a UAE company
6/28/23 How a big biotech’s start-up gamble went wrong
6/21/23 The downfall of a UK hedge fund titan
6/16/23 Is crypto a security, bro?
6/14/23 Is Africa’s debt cycle unbreakable?
6/12/23 Introducing Unhedged
6/7/23 Libor's long goodbye
5/31/23 Best Of: Inside Johnson & Johnson’s bankruptcy two-step
5/24/23 Does anyone want a digital euro?
5/17/23 Why companies don't want to list in the UK anymore
5/15/23 Night School, Class 5: How to read the markets
5/10/23 Can Intel bounce back?
5/8/23 Night School, Class 4: ESG reshapes the boardroom
5/3/23 How EY’s Project Everest collapsed
5/1/23 Night School, Class 3: Big Tech vs the insurgents
4/26/23 FT Weekend: The secret gamblers using AI to hack horse racing
4/25/23 Night School, Class 2: Why high inflation persists
4/19/23 Why Apple can’t leave China
4/17/23 Night School, Class 1: Green energy’s big year
4/14/23 Introducing Behind the Money: Night School
4/12/23 Best Of: How Russia loots grain from Ukraine
4/5/23 Climate crisis: Who should pay to rebuild Pakistan?
3/29/23 Inside UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse
3/22/23 Martin Wolf on why banks fail and what to do about it
3/15/23 Why SVB’s collapse is not a 2008 repeat
3/8/23 Tracking the mysterious rise of a UAE company
3/1/23 What’s causing the US airline chaos?
2/22/23 The costs of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
2/15/23 Europe’s Big Tech trust buster
2/8/23 The US dollar loses its crown
2/1/23 What’s behind the job cuts in Big Tech?
1/25/23 China's reset
1/18/23 A turning point for Tesla?
1/11/23 Indonesia’s secret to economic success
1/4/23 What we can learn from 300-year-old bubbles
12/14/22 Martin Wolf on the economy in 2023
12/7/22 Credit Suisse's last chance
11/30/22 Best Of: Why VC funding is drying up
11/23/22 Qatar’s $200bn bet on the World Cup
11/16/22 What FTX’s collapse means for crypto
11/10/22 Introducing Tech Tonic, Season 5: Climate tech to save the planet
11/9/22 How Russia loots grain from Ukraine
11/2/22 JPMorgan’s internal feud over wealthy clients
10/26/22 How Republicans weaponised climate investing
10/19/22 Did China miss its chance to fix its economy?
10/12/22 An electric truck start-up founder goes to trial
10/5/22 How Wall Street became infatuated with the music industry
9/28/22 Who will pay for the next Covid vaccines?
9/21/22 The next hurdle for unions in the US
9/14/22 Inside the fight to stop an oil pipeline in Africa
9/8/22 Introducing Tech Tonic, Season 4: A sceptic’s guide to crypto
9/7/22 Blockchain seeks a role in fighting climate change
8/31/22 Is Goldman Sachs too big to change?
8/24/22 Afghanistan one year later
8/17/22 Why central banks are baffling investors
8/10/22 Why VC funding is drying up
8/3/22 The rise of the ‘F@$K It’ investor
7/27/22 Is Sri Lanka’s economic crisis a canary in the coal mine?
7/20/22 Are big corporate profits to blame for inflation?
7/13/22 Why companies could soon pay for climate change
7/6/22 How Spacs went splat
6/29/22 How tea plantations are testing private equity
6/28/22 Introducing: Hot Money
6/22/22 The Fed’s big swing at inflation
6/21/22 Inside Johnson & Johnson’s bankruptcy two-step
6/8/22 Blowing the whistle on ESG
6/1/22 Tether’s path to the spotlight
5/25/22 A crypto vibe shift?
5/17/22 We're back!
4/13/22 Introducing Tech Tonic: The US/China Tech Race
11/3/21 5 - Inside ESG: A sceptic vs a believer, our experts face off
10/30/21 Introducing Working It: Can wellness apps fix us and beat staff burnout?
10/20/21 4 - Inside ESG: Sustainable finance and the threat to divest
10/20/21 4 - Inside ESG: Sustainable finance and the threat to divest
10/6/21 3 - Inside ESG: The tiny fund that took on a US giant and won
9/23/21 2 - Inside ESG: Can businesses really marry profit and purpose?
9/23/21 1 - Inside ESG: Is the $1.7tn wave of sustainable investing hope or hype?
9/22/21 Trailer: Inside ESG
7/19/21 Introducing Tech Tonic: You Can’t Always Get What you Quant
12/9/20 Financial services after Brexit
12/2/20 Moderna’s race to the vaccine
11/26/20 Reckoning with a colonial past
11/18/20 The unravelling of the Ant IPO
11/11/20 An economic uncoupling
11/4/20 US election programming note
10/28/20 Direct lending rush
10/21/20 Bank profits in a recession
10/14/20 LVMH, Tiffany and a case of buyer’s remorse
10/7/20 Mafia high finance
9/30/20 We're back with a new season
7/14/20 Wirecard: how to find a €2bn hole
6/26/20 Rent, real estate and the commercial mortgage market in the age of coronavirus
6/13/20 A history of police funding
6/9/20 A programming note
5/26/20 The private equity bet that coronavirus cut short
5/12/20 When coronavirus hit America's meat industry
4/28/20 Missing out on the US small business rescue
4/14/20 Running a small business during a global pandemic
3/31/20 Ford, GM and the corporate dash for cash
3/26/20 We want to hear from you
3/17/20 Barclays and the legal fight over a company’s ‘controlling mind’
3/3/20 Shale's looming credit crunch
2/18/20 How Boeing plans to return the Max to the skies
12/17/19 Season 3 coming in 2020
10/24/19 The state of the Libra project
10/3/19 The repo market
9/17/19 SoftBank’s Masa Son under pressure
9/5/19 Corporate America's new role
8/20/19 Disrupting Big Ag
8/7/19 Luxury's resilient market
7/24/19 Paying for the Caesars empire
6/25/19 Renault, Nissan and Fiat Chrysler's quest for a deal
6/4/19 Warren Buffett's cash dilemma
3/12/19 The unicorn IPO
3/5/19 Encore: how €200bn of ‘dirty money’ flowed through a Danish bank
2/26/19 Encore: Huawei and the fight for 5G
2/19/19 The long courtship between Sprint and T-Mobile
2/12/19 Has the US bank consolidation wave begun?
2/5/19 Suspected £40m fraud at Patisserie Valerie
1/29/19 The leveraged loan market
1/22/19 What next for Detroit's carmakers
1/15/19 Pharma raises its bet on biotech
1/8/19 China's Didi adds finance to the mix
12/18/18 Huawei and the fight for 5G
12/4/18 IBM's next move
11/21/18 The oil sell-off explained
11/13/18 Investors fear 'peak iPhone'
10/30/18 How €200bn of ‘dirty money’ flowed through a Danish bank
10/16/18 The future of dealmaking with Saudi Arabia
10/10/18 The rise and fall of General Electric
10/8/18 Tune in Wednesday
10/2/18 Private equity's debt mountain (encore episode)
9/25/18 Tilray and the cannabis trade
9/18/18 On the front lines of the crisis
9/11/18 Purdue Pharma's 'one-two' punch
9/4/18 Following the cannabis money trail (encore episode)
8/28/18 Khosrowshahi's year at the wheel
8/21/18 Digging into student debt
8/14/18 Taking Tesla private
8/7/18 Tesla’s rough ride
7/31/18 Private equity's debt mountain
7/3/18 Taking a short break
6/26/18 The $100bn SoftBank vision
6/19/18 Trump, trade and the markets
6/12/18 Following the cannabis money trail
6/5/18 The hunt for Fox
5/29/18 The economic crisis in Argentina explained
5/22/18 The dark side of fast fashion
5/15/18 How WeWork really works
5/8/18 How beauty is beating the rest of retail
5/1/18 What happened at Qualcomm?
4/24/18 Coming soon