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Sustain brings together practitioners, sustainers, funders, researchers and maintainers of the open source ecosystem. We have conversations about the health and sustainability of the open source community. We learn about the ins and outs of what ‘open source’ entails in the real world. Open source means so much more than a license; we're interested in talking about how to make sure that the culture of open source continues, grows, and ultimately, sustains itself. #mcembedsignup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. */ Newsletter



Date Title Status
10/27/23 Episode 205: FOSSY 2023 with Richard Littauer Transcribed
10/20/23 Episode 204: FOSSY 2023 with Adam Monsen Transcribed
10/13/23 Episode 203: What’s wrong with CVEs? Daniel Stenberg of cURL wants you to know Transcribed
10/6/23 Episode 202: Ben Hutton on JSON Schema Transcribed
9/29/23 Episode 201: FOSSY 2023 with Josh Simmons
9/22/23 Episode 200: FOSSY 2023 with Stuart Geiger
9/15/23 Episode 199: Ben Hur Pintor on BNHR and SmartCT
9/8/23 Episode 198: FOSSY 2023 with Aaron Wolf
9/1/23 Episode 197: FOSSY 2023 with Joe Castle
8/25/23 Episode 196: FOSSY 2023 with Vagrant Cascadian
8/18/23 Episode 195: FOSSY 2023 with Denver Gingerich
8/11/23 Episode 194: FOSSY 2023 with Timmy Barnett & Devin Ulibarri
8/4/23 Episode 193: FOSSY 2023 with Matthew Wild & Stephen Paul Weber
7/28/23 Episode 192: FOSSY 2023 with Erik Benner
7/21/23 Episode 191: FOSSY 2023 with Sam Whited
7/7/23 Episode 190: Karen M. Sandler on Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC)
6/30/23 Episode 189: Otto Richter on Codeberg
6/27/23 Episode 188: Maintainer Month with Ruth Cheesley & Josh Goldberg
6/23/23 Episode 187: Karthik Ram on Research Software Sustainability
6/20/23 Episode 186: Yan Minagawa & Christian Paul at FOSS Backstage 2023
6/16/23 Episode 185: Daniel Stenberg on the cURL project
6/13/23 Episode 184: Omotola Eunice Omotayo & Jan Ainali at FOSS Backstage 2023
6/9/23 Episode 183: Nahuai Badiola on WordPress, W3C, and all of tech sustainability
6/6/23 Episode 182: Wolfgang Gehring & Ana Jiménez at FOSS Backstage
6/2/23 Episode 181: John Robb of React Flow on how we ask for money in open source
5/30/23 Episode 180: Gregor Bransky at FOSS Backstage 2023
5/26/23 Episode 179: Maintainer Month with GitHub's Martin Woodward
5/23/23 Episode 178: Maintainer Month with Predrag Gruevski & Kingsley Mkpandiok
5/19/23 Episode 177: Lisa Caywood from RedHat's OSPO on working with code communities
5/16/23 Episode 176: Maintainer Month with Russell Keith-Magee & Uriel Ofir
5/12/23 Episode 175: Serkan Holat on Agile Public Funds
5/9/23 Episode 174: Maintainer Month with Bob Killen & Navendu Pottekkat
5/5/23 Episode 173: Nick Vidal & Masae Shida at FOSS Backstage 2023
5/2/23 Episode 172: Maintainer Month 2023 with Sarah Boyce & David Blass
4/28/23 Episode 171: Chris Baker & Stephen Jacobs on Open@RIT
4/25/23 Episode 170: Smera Goel & Dotan Horovits at FOSS Backstage 2023
4/21/23 Episode 169: Dawn Wages of PSF on organizing communities, ethical licenses, and more
4/18/23 Episode 168: Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz at FOSS Backstage 2023
4/14/23 Episode 167: Paul Berschick & Oleg Nenashev at FOSS Backstage 2023
4/11/23 Episode 166: Thomas Steenbergen & Josep Prat at FOSS Backstage 2023
4/7/23 Episode 165: Hugi Ásgeirsson, Silona Bonewald & Marco Möller at State of Open Con 2023
4/4/23 Episode 164: Derek Kozel & Abby Cabunoc Mayes at State of Open Con 2023
3/31/23 Episode 163: Ana Jiménez Santamaría & Samson Goddy at State of Open Con 2023
3/28/23 Episode 162: Colin Eberhardt & Eriol Fox at State of Open Con 2023
3/24/23 Episode 161: Aaron Crawfis on Dapr and Sustaining Cloud OSS
3/21/23 Episode 160: Andy Piper, Ana Meta Dolinar & Gemma Penson at State of Open Con 2023
3/17/23 Episode 159: Dawn Foster & Andrew Nesbitt at State of Open Con 2023
3/10/23 Episode 158: Ruth Cheesley & Mike Nolan at State of Open Con 2023
3/3/23 Episode 157: Joel Wasserman on lessons learned with Flossbank
2/27/23 Episode 156: Paul Berschick and FOSS Backstage 2023 in Berlin
2/24/23 Episode 155: Yadira Sánchez Benítez on creating liberatory, pluriversal spaces in Open Source
2/17/23 Episode 154: Clare Dillon of InnerSource Commons on OSPOs and the Open Ireland Network
2/10/23 Episode 153: Kailash Nadh and the FOSS United Foundation
2/3/23 Episode 152: Dudley Carr and Wes Carr on StackAid
1/27/23 Episode 151: Announcement! Sustain Session @ State of Open Con 2023 in london
1/6/23 Episode 150: Dustin Ingram and the Open Source Security Team at Google
12/16/22 Episode 149: Naytri Sramek on the GitHub Accelerator and M12 GitHub Fund
12/9/22 Episode 148: Ali Nehzat of and OSS Funding
12/2/22 Episode 147: Jan Ainali and the Foundation for Public Code
11/25/22 Episode 146: Anjana Vakil on the Recurse Center, Outreachy, and Learning to Code
11/4/22 Episode 145: Ashley Williams on Open Source Software Sustainability
10/28/22 Episode 144: Simon Minton of Ringer on Empowering Individual Contributors
10/21/22 Episode 143: Amanda Brock of OpenUK on Open Source Law, Policy and Practice
10/14/22 Episode 142: Nicholas Zakas on Sponsoring Dependencies, All The Way Down
10/7/22 Episode 141: Melissa Mendonça on being a Developer Experience Engineer for scientific OSS
9/30/22 Episode 140: Courtney Miller and Hongbo Fang on Toxicity and Information Flow in Open Source Communities
9/23/22 Episode 139: Manuel Riel on PikaPods, a container hosting service for open source apps
9/16/22 Episode 138: Ruth Cheesley, the Mautic Project Lead at Acquia, on Building and Growing Open Source Communities
9/9/22 Episode 137: A How-to Guide for Contributing to Open Source as an Employee, for Corporations
9/2/22 Episode 136: Daniel S. Katz on the Research Software Alliance (ReSA)
8/26/22 Episode 135: Tracy Hinds on Node.js's CommComm and PMs in Open Source
8/19/22 Episode 134: Cornelius Schumacher on being an Open Source Steward at DB Systel
8/12/22 Episode 133: Sustain and CHAOSS: A Joint Podcast
8/5/22 Episode 132: Ana Jiménez Santamaría on OSPOs and the TODO Group
7/29/22 Episode 131: Bolaji Ayodeji on Open Source Community Africa (OSCA)
7/22/22 Episode 130: OSCA, Docs, and Burnout with Anita Ihuman and Atinuke Oluwabamikemi Kayode (Bami)
7/15/22 Episode 129: Per Ploug and the Spotify FOSS Fund
7/8/22 Episode 128: Sustain Hosts: What Does Sustain Mean?
6/30/22 Episode 127: GitHub Maintainer Month with Marie Kochsiek of drip and Hélène Martin of ODK
6/24/22 Episode 126: GitHub Maintainer Month with Mike McQuaid of Homebrew and Nina Breznik of DatDot
6/17/22 Episode 125: Astor Nummelin Carlberg of OFE on the Economic Impact of Open Source
6/10/22 Episode 124: Julia Ferraioli on Open Source Stories, and Responsible Recognition for Open Source Contributions
6/3/22 Episode 123: Colin Eberhardt of Scott Logic on Software Sustainability
5/27/22 Episode 122: A conversation with Stefano Maffulli of the OSI
5/20/22 Episode 121: FOSS Backstage 2022 with Cornelius Schumacher, Yadira Sánchez Benítez & Thomas Fricke
5/13/22 Episode 120: FOSS Backstage 2022 with Rich Bowen & Paul Berschick
5/6/22 Episode 119: FOSS Backstage 2022 with Ana Jiménez Santamaría and McCoy Smith
4/29/22 Episode 118: FOSS Backstage 2022 with Florian Gilcher & Silona Bonewald
4/15/22 Episode 117: Mike McQuaid of Homebrew on Sustainably Working on OSS Projects
4/8/22 Episode 116: Álvaro Trigo of fullPage.js, on making a living using OSS
4/1/22 Episode 115: Emily Shaffer: Paid OSS Software Development on the Git project
3/25/22 Episode 114: Chris Coleman and the Clinic for Open Source Arts (COSA)
3/18/22 Episode 113: Jon Gottfried and Mike Swift on the MLH Fellowship program
3/11/22 Episode 112: Mike Saunders on The Document Foundation and LibreOffice
3/4/22 Episode 111: Amanda Casari on ACROSS and Measuring Contributions in OSS
2/25/22 Episode 110: Impactful Open Source: Teaching Open Source Technology Managers at Brandeis, with Ken Udas and Georg Link
2/18/22 Episode 109: Dries Buytaert of Drupal on Balancing Makers and Takers to Scale and Sustain Open Source
2/11/22 Episode 108: Sarah Gran and Josh Aas: Sustainable Digital Infrastructure with Memory Safe Code
2/4/22 Episode 107: Caroline Sinders on building healthy OSS Communities
1/28/22 Episode 106: Rodrigo Mendoza on Quine and GitNFT
1/21/22 Episode 105: John Amaral and Kyle Quest on
1/14/22 Episode 104: Duane O’Brien and Mandy Grover on Investing in Open Source: The FOSS Contributor Fund
1/7/22 Episode 103: Samuel Wein on OpenMS and Mass Spectrometry
12/17/21 Episode 102: Ele Diakomichalis and Radicle
12/10/21 Episode 101: Nicholas Zakas and ESLint
12/3/21 Episode 100: Sustain #100: Only Hosts, on who we are, where we came from, and where we're going
11/26/21 Episode 99: Matt Mankins and giving Kudos to OSS maintainers
11/19/21 Episode 98: Silona Bonewald and her long-term vision for IEEE and open source
11/12/21 Episode 97: Anthony Ronda and the League of Extraordinary Foundry VTT Developers, games, and Open Source
10/21/21 Episode 96: Chad Whitacre and how Sentry is giving $150k to their OSS Dependencies
10/18/21 Episode 95: Marko Saric of Plausible Analytics, the most popular Open Source analytics platform
10/11/21 BONUS - Sustain our Docs Pilot Episode
10/8/21 Episode 94: Josh Montgomery and the Patent Trolls
10/1/21 Episode 93: Dan Lorenc and OSS Supply Chain Security at Google
9/24/21 Episode 92: Niels ten Oever on Human Rights, Open Source, and Digital Infrastructure
9/17/21 Episode 91: Brazil JavaMan Souza on Open Source and the history of Java
9/10/21 Episode 90: Logan Kilpatrick and the Julia community
8/27/21 Episode 89: Leslie Hawthorn, OSPOs, Digital Sovereignty, and Cultivating Open Source Communities
8/6/21 Episode 88: Foundations Roundtable: From Maintain to Sustain
7/30/21 Episode 87: Ewa Jodlowska, Jackie Augustine, and how the PSF managed PyCon during COVID
7/23/21 Episode 86: Kavita Kapoor and HFOSS: Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software
7/16/21 Episode 85: Geoffrey Huntley and Sustaining OSS with Gitpod
7/9/21 Episode 84: Jono Bacon on Building Sustainable Communities
7/2/21 Episode 83: Dominic Nguyen on Chromatic, Storybook.js, and building self-sustaining OSS projects
6/25/21 Episode 82: Steve Helvie and the Open Compute Project
6/18/21 Episode 81: Mae Beale and Using Open Source for Good
6/14/21 Episode 80: Emma Irwin and the FOSS Fund Program
6/4/21 Episode 79: Leah Silen on how NumFocus helps makes scientific code more sustainable
5/21/21 Episode 78: Stormy Peters: Sustaining FLOSS at Microsoft's Open Source Programs Office
5/14/21 Episode 77: Jordan Harband: Being a Sustainable Maintainer of Hundreds of Projects
4/30/21 Episode 76: Tobie Langel on what people mean when they say "Open Source"
4/23/21 Episode 75: Deb Nicholson on the OSI, the future of open source, and SeaGL
4/9/21 Episode 74: Jory Burson of OpenJS on building sustainable open source communities
4/2/21 Episode 73: Anna Pojawis and Tyler Maran on using Bounties for Open Source Software
3/22/21 Episode 72: Eriol Fox on Open Source Design and Sustain
3/11/21 Episode 71: Hong Phuc Dang, founder of FOSSAsia, on how to build communities across boundaries
3/5/21 Episode 70: Avi Press and Scarf
2/26/21 Episode 69: Humanitarian Open Source with Michael Nolan
2/19/21 Episode 68: Introducing A new way of funding open source, by Gitcoin x Sustain
2/12/21 Episode 67: Ryan Sipes and Building Community at Thunderbird
2/5/21 Episode 66: Eric Holscher of Read The Docs, Write The Docs, and Ethical Ads
2/1/21 Episode 65: CHAOSS and Sustain: A Joint Podcast
1/8/21 Episode 64: Travis Oliphant and Russell Pekrul on NumPy, Anaconda, and giving back with FairOSS
12/10/20 Episode 63: Tobias Augspurger on ProtonTypes, LibreSelery, and Environmentally Sustainable Open Source
12/7/20 Episode 62: Richard Fontana on the Legal Side of Open Source
11/17/20 Episode 61: Melissa Logan on Marketing Open Source Effectively and Sustainably
11/6/20 Episode 60: Erik Rasmussen on the hard work of maintaining, marketing, and funding open source libraries
11/3/20 Episode 59: Jenn Schiffer on Satire, Coding, Why Teaching OSS Is Super Important
10/16/20 Episode 58: Joel Wasserman on Flossbank and Sustainably Giving Back to Dependencies
10/9/20 Episode 57: Mikeal Rogers on Building Communities, the Early Days of Node.js, and How to Stay a Coder for Life
10/2/20 Episode 56: Dominic Tarr on Coding What You Want, Living On A Boat, and the Early Days of Node.js
9/25/20 Episode 55: André Staltz on Open Source Going to Zero and Developing Below The Poverty Line
9/18/20 Episode 54: Danese Cooper on the History of Open Source, InnerSource, and What's Next
9/11/20 Episode 53: What the Fork? Shurui Zou on Forking in Open Source
9/4/20 Episode 52: Being Willing to be Open: Twenty Years of Coding at Red Hat, with Tom "Spot" Callaway
8/28/20 Episode 51: Working in Public: Nadia Eghbal and her new book about Making and Sustaining Open Source Software
8/21/20 Episode 50: Gitcoin, Quadratic Funding, and how Crypto can sustain Open Source
8/14/20 Episode 49: What OpenUK Does with Amanda Brock & Andrew Katz
8/7/20 Episode 48: Security and Cryptography with Nadim Kobeissi
7/31/20 Episode 47: People and Relationships with Matt Asay
7/24/20 Episode 46: Commercial Open Source with Joseph Jacks
7/17/20 Episode 45: The Meaning of 'Tyranny of Openness' with Nathan Schneider
7/10/20 Episode 44: Crossing The Chasm with Tobie Langel
7/3/20 Episode 43: Investing in Open Infrastructure with Kaitlin Thaney
6/26/20 Episode 42: Open Sourcing COVID-19 Data with Cindy Wang & Gil Yehuda
6/19/20 Episode 41: The Donut Diet, Commitments, and More Awesomeness with Dave Gandy
6/12/20 Episode 40: How Open Source Maintainers Don't Get Rich with Bogdan Vasilescu
6/5/20 Episode 39: How $2 Million Dollars Helped Build CROSS with Dr. Carlos Maltzahn
5/29/20 Episode 38: Working Group Updates with Justin & Javi
5/22/20 Episode 37: An Open Source History Lesson & More with Patrick Masson
5/15/20 Episode 36: The Open Source Movement Shift with María Cruz
5/8/20 Episode 35: Why The Drupal Community Cares with Rachel Lawson
5/1/20 Episode 34: Staying Hum-Babel with Henry Zhu
4/24/20 Episode 33: Getting Money for Awesome Icons with Dave Gandy
4/17/20 Episode 32: What FOSS Responders Does with Megan Sanicki & Duane O’Brien
4/10/20 Episode 31: Practicing Self-Empathy with Whitney Hess
4/3/20 Episode 30: Silver Linings in The FOSS Community
3/27/20 Episode 29: How License Zero Works with Kyle Mitchell
3/13/20 Episode 28: What "OpenStreetMap US" is with Maggie Cawley & Alyssa Wright
3/6/20 Episode 27: Creating Dracula PRO with Blood, Sweat, and Tears with Zeno Rocha
2/28/20 Episode 26: The Data Behind Open Source is CHAOSS with Georg Link
2/21/20 Episode 25: Creating a Support Network for Maintainers with Don Goodman-Wilson
2/14/20 Episode 24: Securing the FOSS Ecosystem with Gareth Rushgrove
2/7/20 Episode 23: Why Companies Should Invest Money in Open Source with Josh Simmons
1/24/20 Episode 22: Teaching the Future Open Source Programmers with Ibiam Chihurumnaya
1/17/20 Episode 21: How Playing Minecraft Opened a Door to the Open Source World with Justin W. Flory
1/10/20 Episode 20: The Keys to Open Source Sustainability with Gidi Morris
1/6/20 Episode 19: Recovering Software Engineer to a Believer in Open Source with Gunner
12/13/19 Episode 18: How The Python Software Foundation Works with Ewa Jodlowska
12/4/19 Episode 17: How Formidable Supports Open Source With Lorenzo Sciandra
10/29/19 Episode 16: Changing Open Source Culture With Serkan Holat
10/22/19 Episode 15: Open Source Leadership With Abigail Cabunoc Mayes
10/15/19 Episode 14: Funding Open Source With Gitcoin
10/8/19 Episode 13: Elevating Musicians Through Open Source with Robert Kaye
10/1/19 Episode 12: Funding of open source communities with Benjamin Nickolls
9/24/19 Episode 11: Diversity in Open Source with Laura Gaetano
9/15/19 Episode 10: Sustaining Unified with Titus Wormer
9/14/19 Episode 9: The Trade-Offs of Using Open Source with Lou Huang
9/13/19 Episode 8: Writing Good Documentation with Chris Ward
8/12/19 Episode 7: Sustaining Open Source Projects in the International Development and Humanitarian Sector with Heath Arensen
8/11/19 Episode 6: Open Source Software Maintenance Lessons Learned with Bastien Guerry
8/10/19 Episode 5: Trademark Versus Copyright to Sustain OSS with Mehdi Medjaoui
8/9/19 Episode 4: Open Source Community Activities Around the World with Samson Goddy and Vipul Gupta
8/8/19 Episode 3: Greg Bloom discusses the Principles of Commons Governance
8/7/19 Episode 2: Is GitHub Sponsors Good for OSS?
8/6/19 Episode 1: Funding Open-Source Projects