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Welcome to Shared Security, your premier weekly cybersecurity and privacy podcast. Dive deep into the world of digital trust, where we explore the critical bonds shared between people and technology. Join industry experts Tom Eston, Scott Wright, and Kevin Johnson as they deliver the latest news, actionable tips, expert guidance, and insightful interviews with top cybersecurity and privacy specialists. Stay informed and take control of your online security and privacy in today's interconnected world. Tune in every week to discover invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to live confidently and safeguard your digital life.



Date Title Status
10/30/23 How to Opt Out of CPNI Data Sharing Transcribed
10/23/23 Special Guest Jayson E. Street, Phantom Hacker Scams, 23andMe User Data For Sale Transcribed
10/16/23 Educating the Next Cybersecurity Generation with Tib3rius
10/9/23 Your Car is a Privacy Nightmare, Password Creation Best Practices, Sony Hacked Again
10/2/23 Is My Boss Spying on Me, Instagram Painting Scam, Kia and Hyundai TikTok Challenge
9/25/23 Content Creation, Mental Health in Cyber, The MGM Ransomware Attack
9/18/23 The Changing Role of the CISO with Ryan Davis, Chief Information Security Officer at NS1
9/11/23 The FBI’s Qakbot Takedown, QR Code Phishing Attacks, Dox Anyone in America for $15
9/4/23 SaaS Attacks: Compromising an Organization without Touching the Network
8/28/23 Back to School Cybersecurity, Phishing Pitfalls and Strategies, X’s (Twitter) Blocking Overhaul
8/21/23 Business Email Compromise Scams Revisited
8/14/23 The Current and Future State of Email Security with Andy Yen, CEO of Proton
8/7/23 Common Sense Advice for Hacker Summer Camp, AI Chatbot Attacks, What’s a Flipper Zero?
7/31/23 Your Digital Immortality is Coming, Apple and Google Are Data Gatekeepers, Satellite Security Risks Revealed
7/24/23 Microsoft Lost Its Keys, Voice Cloning Scams, The Biden-Harris Cybersecurity Labeling Program
7/17/23 First Ban on Selling Location Data, Prohibiting Password Managers, Real-Time Crime Center Concerns
7/10/23 Meta’s Threads and Your Privacy, Airline Reservation Scams, IDOR Srikes Back
7/3/23 MOVEit Cyberattack, The Problem with Password Rotations, Military Alert on Free Smartwatches
6/26/23 Security Podcasting, Hacking Stories, and The State of Firmware Security with Paul Asadoorian
6/19/23 The FTC’s Complaint Against Ring, Detecting Malware Infected Apps, America’s Most Cybersecure Companies
6/12/23 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Phillip Wylie
6/5/23 Netflix Cracks Down on Password Sharing, AI Legal Research Gone Wrong, Fake Identities and Surveillance Firms
5/29/23 Meta’s $1.3 Billion Fine, AI Hoax Hysteria, Montana’s TikTok Ban
5/22/23 Google Now Supports Passkeys, Risky New Top Level Domains, Twitter’s Encryption Dilemma
5/15/23 Private Tweets Exposed, Unauthorized Tracking Collaboration, AI Risks and Regulation
5/8/23 Juice Jacking Debunked, Photographer vs. AI Dataset, Google Authenticator Risks
5/1/23 Building a Healthy Security Culture: Insights from Kai Roer
4/24/23 Arkansas Social Media Consent Law, Android Malware Invasion, New Method of Keyless Car Theft
4/17/23 Genesis Market Crackdown, Life360 App Misuse, Tesla Customer Privacy Concerns
4/10/23 Clearview AI Facial Recognition Fallout, Hacked and Helpless, Is AI Armageddon Upon Us?
4/3/23 The TikTok CEO Testimony, ChatGPT’s Privacy Risks, Inaudible Ultrasound Attacks
3/27/23 Samsung Chipset Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, AI-Assisted Social Engineering, ATM Fraud with a Twist
3/20/23 Exploring the Role of Empathy in Cybersecurity with Andra Zaharia
3/13/23 Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, BetterHelp’s FTC Fine, Chick-fil-A Data Breach
3/6/23 The LastPass Attack Gets Worse, What is Gamification, Signal’s Encryption Standoff
2/27/23 Twitter’s Paywall 2FA, Mental Health Data for Sale, Meta’s Verified Program
2/20/23 Reddit Hacked, Preventing Accidental Location Sharing, Developer Hacks His Own Company
2/13/23 Layoffs, Recruiting, and The Year Ahead for Cybersecurity Job Seekers
2/6/23 Password Managers Under Attack, Shady Reward Apps on Google Play, Meta Account Center 2FA Bypass
1/30/23 U.S. ‘No Fly List’ Leaks, AI-Powered Phishing, Wi-Fi Used to See Humans Through Walls
1/23/23 Social Zombies Revisited: Your Friends Want to Eat Your Brains
1/16/23 Meta’s EU Ad Practices Ruled Illegal, Twitter API Data Breach, Vulnerabilities in Major Car Brands
1/9/23 LastPass Password Vaults Stolen, Pig Butchering Scams, Okta Source Code Theft
1/2/23 How to Stop Online Tracking: 3 New Ways
12/26/22 The Year in Review and 2023 Predictions
12/19/22 Apple to Allow Third-Party App Stores, Lensa AI App Privacy Risks, Real-Life Invisibility Cloak
12/12/22 ChatGPT Goes Viral, More Trouble for LastPass, Apple’s New Data Protections
12/5/22 SASE: Is it Just Another Cybersecurity Buzzword?
12/5/22 Is Social Media at a Tipping Point, The TikTok Invisible Challenge, San Francisco Police Can Use Killer Robots
11/28/22 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Rob Fuller (Mubix)
11/21/22 The Rise of Mastodon, Twitter in Trouble, Largest Privacy Settlement in US History
11/14/22 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
11/7/22 Cybersecurity’s Role in Combating Midterm Election Disinformation
10/31/22 CISO Liability Risk and Jail Time, (ISC)2 Bylaw Vote and the Value of Cybersecurity Certifications
10/24/22 Attack of the Wi-Fi Spy Drones, How to Destroy Your Old Electronics, Signal Removes SMS Support
10/17/22 Uber Breach Guilty Verdict, Mandatory Password Expiration, Fake Executive Profiles on LinkedIn
10/10/22 Hackers Need 5 Hours or Less to Break In, SMS Phishing Tactics, Strange Ways Employees Expose Data
10/3/22 What are Passkeys, PowerPoint Mouseover Attack, 2K Games Support Hacked
9/26/22 Uber Hacked by 18 Year Old, Morgan Stanley Hard Drives Got Auctioned, Deleting Your Data is Hard
9/19/22 Facebook Doesn’t Know Where Your Data Is, New Hire Spearmishing Attack, Smart Thermostat Lock Out
9/12/22 TikTok Denies Data Breach, Los Angeles School District Ransomware Attack, Fingerprint Scanners in School Bathrooms
9/5/22 LastPass Data Breach, ETHERLED: Air-Gapped Systems Attack, Twitter Whistleblower Complaint
8/29/22 Janet Jackson Can Crash Laptops, Credential Phishing Attacks Skyrocket, A Phone Carrier That Doesn’t Track You
8/22/22 Multi-Factor Authentication Fatigue Attack, Signal Account Twilio Hack, Facebook and Instagram In-App Browser
8/15/22 The Importance of Faraday Technology with Aaron Zar from SLNT
8/8/22 Phone Numbers Used for Identification, Hacker Summer Camp Advice, Samsung Repair Mode
8/1/22 Twitter Data Breach, 15 Minutes to Exploit Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, Resilient Deepfake Traits
7/25/22 Robert Kerbeck Author of RUSE: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street
7/18/22 Apple Previews Lockdown Mode, Another Marriott Data Breach, Smart Contact Lenses
7/11/22 Could TikTok Be Removed From App Stores, HackerOne Employee Caught Stealing Vulnerability Reports, California Gun Owner Data Breach
7/4/22 Period Tracking Apps and Your Privacy, Vendor Impersonation Attacks, LockBit Ransomware Bug Bounty Program
6/27/22 Tim Hortons Privacy Investigation, Social Engineering Kill-Chain, Hospitals Sending Facebook Your Data
6/20/22 Bipartisan Digital-Privacy Bill, Delete Your Data Before Selling Your Car, Firefox Total Cookie Protection
6/13/22 Hacking Ham Radio: Why It’s Still Relevant and How to Get Started
6/6/22 DuckDuckGo Browser Allows Microsoft Trackers, Stolen Verizon Employee Database, Attacking Powered Off iPhones
5/30/22 The State of Application Security with Tanya Janca
5/23/22 Apple Mail Privacy Protection, Government Agencies Reveal Top Attack Vectors, Is Big Brother Watching You at Work?
5/16/22 FBI Warrantless Searches, Passwordless Sign-Ins, Keylogging Web Forms
5/9/22 Cybersecurity for Startups with Josh Feinblum from Stavvy
5/2/22 Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Forgotten BIOS Updates, T-Shirt Outwits Facial Recognition
4/25/22 Rehumanizing Cybersecurity with Lianne Potter
4/18/22 Dumbphone Sales are Soaring, John Oliver Blackmails Congress, Cicada Chinese APT Group
4/11/22 Truths and Myths of Privacy, Fake Shopping Apps, Borat RAT Malware
4/4/22 Google Android vs Apple iOS: Which is Better for Privacy and Cybersecurity?
3/28/22 LAPSUS$ Hacks Okta, Browser-in-the Browser Phishing Attack, Popular Software Package Updated to Wipe Russian Systems
3/21/22 Top 3 Location Tracking Apps: Do They Sell Your Data?
3/14/22 Amazon Echos Hack Themselves, Fraud Is Flourishing on Zelle, Samsung Galaxy Source Code Stolen
3/7/22 Russia Gets Hacked, Microsoft 365 Credential Stuffing, McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Hackers
2/28/22 TikTok Circumvents Privacy Protections, Russian Sanction Attacks, Apple AirTag Anti-Stalking Measures
2/21/22 MoviePass Tracking Your Eyeballs, Shipment Delivery Scams, SIM Swappers Arrested
2/14/22 EARN IT Act is Back, Romance Scams, Like and Subscribe Ransomware
2/7/22 Graphics Card Web Tracking, Fake Job Ad Scams, Hacker Takes Down North Korea’s Internet
1/31/22 Ukraine Invasion Hacktivists, Insta360 ONE X2 Vulnerabilities, Google Location Tracking Lawsuits
1/24/22 Pandemic Surveillance in Canada, Malware-Filled USB Sticks are Back, Kill Switches in New Cars
1/19/22 Digital Wellbeing with Kelly Finnerty from Startpage
1/17/22 Norton 360 Cryptominer, Fake QR Codes on Parking Meters, Facebook Account Deactivation
1/10/22 Phone Scam Targets Psychologists, All My Apes Gone, Supply Chain Skimmer Attack
1/3/22 LastPass Master Passwords, New Cars and Your Privacy, Amazon Alexa Lethal Challenge
12/31/21 Web3 and the Decentralized Internet
12/27/21 The Year in Review and 2022 Predictions
12/20/21 Log4j Vulnerability, Apple AirTags Used by Thieves, FBI’s Encrypted Messaging App Document
12/13/21 Life360 Selling Location Data, NSO Group Spyware Hacks Government Employees, Homecoming Queen Contest Hacked
12/9/21 Business Email Compromise Scams
12/6/21 Is TikTok Listening to You, Apple Warns Activists, UK Government Website Shows Porn
11/29/21 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Part 3 with Scott Wright
11/22/21 FBI Email System Compromised, Ransomware Negotiation, Privacy Crushing Gifts
11/15/21 Robinhood Data Breach, 600 Hours of Dallas Police Helicopter Footage Leaked
11/8/21 Facebook Dumps Face Recognition, Social Engineering Bots, US Sanctions NSO Group
11/5/21 Interview with Dana Mantilia and the Role of the CISO
11/1/21 Federal Data Agency for Social Media, Squirrelwaffle Malspam, Ransomware Hits U.S. Candymaker
10/25/21 Missouri Governor and F12 Hacking, Global Ransomware Meeting, Fake Government Websites
10/18/21 Killware Clickbait, 1Password Password Sharing Feature, Android Phone Snooping
10/11/21 Security Champions Framework, The Great Facebook Outage, Twitch Data Breach
10/4/21 Apple AirTag Good Samaritan Attack, iCloud+, Amazon Astro Dog and Ring Camera Drone
10/2/21 Multi-Factor Authentication and Authenticator Apps
9/27/21 No Password Microsoft Accounts, Facebook Smart Glasses, Security.txt Internet Standard
9/20/21 iMessage Zero-Click Exploit, Leaked Guntrader Firearms Data, 60 Million Fitness Tracking Records Exposed
9/13/21 ProtonMail IP Address Logging Controversy, Fake Bot Disinformation, Correctional Facility Robot Overlords
9/6/21 Election Security and the Packet Capture Controversy with Special Guest Rafal Los
8/31/21 What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts After You Die?
8/30/21 T-Mobile Hacker Identified, China’s New Privacy Law, Tesla Bot Announcement
8/23/21 T-Mobile Data Breach, Tinder Identity Verification, Magnetic Stripe Phase Out
8/16/21 Largest Cryptocurrency Hack in History, $10k For Stolen Network Access, Your Identity and the Metaverse
8/9/21 CISA JCDC Announcement, Apple’s Child Abuse Image Scanning, Amazon Pays You for Your Biometric Data
8/2/21 Reboot Your Smartphone, FBI’s Top Targeted Vulnerabilities, Flirty Account Dupes Defense Contractors
7/30/21 How to Protect Yourself from Gift Card Scams
7/26/21 Pegasus Spyware is Back, Twitter Hacker Arrested, 16-Year-Old Printer Bug
7/21/21 Popular Myths about VPNs
7/19/21 Targeted Dream Incubation, TikTok Data Sharing, Chrome and Firefox Updates
7/12/21 Kaseya Ransomware Attack, PrintNightmare Zero-day, Kaspersky Password Manager Vulnerability
7/5/21 LinkedIn Data Leak, Western Digital NAS Attacks, STIR/SHAKEN Deadline
7/2/21 Asset Discovery with Chris Kirsch Co-Founder at Rumble
6/28/21 Off Limits Critical Infrastructure, Ransomware on Repeat, Cyber Safe Drinking Water
6/21/21 TikTok Collecting Biometric Data, Peloton Bike+ Vulnerability, Nextdoor App Concerns
6/14/21 ANOM FBI Global Crime Sting, Colonial Pipeline Updates, Password Leak Research
6/7/21 Amazon Sidewalk, NFTs and Cybersecurity, Norton 360 Cryptocurrency Mining
5/31/21 Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, Apple’s AirTag, Cyber Insurance
5/29/21 How Gamification is Changing Cybersecurity
5/24/21 Colonial Pipeline Updates, DarkSide Goes Dark, Cybersecurity Best Practices
5/17/21 The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack
5/10/21 World Password Day, Tesla Hacking via Drone, Ipsos Screenwise Panel
5/3/21 Remembering Dan Kaminsky, Apple AirDrop Vulnerability
5/1/21 3 Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe
4/26/21 Instagram Anti-Abuse Tool, Apple Advertiser Restrictions, Terrible Passwords
4/19/21 Data Breaches vs. Data Leaks, FBI Exchange Server Controversy
4/12/21 Best of Episode: Interview with Jayson E. Street
4/5/21 Best of Episode: Interview with Rachel Tobac
3/31/21 SMS Two-Factor Authentication, New Internet Hygiene Model
3/29/21 Top 3 Privacy Tips for Travel
3/22/21 Facebook and Apple Privacy Debate, Employee Phishing Test Gone Wrong
3/15/21 Encryption Backdoor Debate, Microsoft Exchange Attacks, Airline Supplier Data Breach
3/8/21 The Deepfake Dilemma, Microsoft Exchange Zero-Days, IT Security Investments
3/1/21 Card Skimmers Powered by Chip Cards, Silver Sparrow Mac Malware, Accellion Zero-Days
2/27/21 Clubhouse App and Your Privacy
2/22/21 Apple’s Safe Browsing Request Proxy, BEC Attacks, LastPass Updates
2/15/21 Florida Water Supply Hack, Android App Hijack, US Capitol Riot Phone Tracking
2/8/21 Dangerous Social Media Algorithms, A Moral Imperative for AI Powered Weapons?
2/1/21 Cybersecurity Researchers Targeted, Three iOS Zero-Days, Google FLoC
1/28/21 Tanya Janca CEO and Founder We Hack Purple
1/25/21 Parler, Pelosi’s Stolen Laptop, Vaccination Passport Apps
1/18/21 The Capital Riot: First Amendment and Deplatforming, Cybersecurity Lessons Learned
1/11/21 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Part 2 with Rafal Los
1/4/21 How to Break Into a Cybersecurity Career – Part 1
12/28/20 Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips
12/23/20 The Year in Review and 2021 Predictions
12/21/20 SolarWinds/SUNBURST Backdoor, Third-Party and Supply Chain Security
12/14/20 FireEye Hacked, Foxconn Ransomware Attack, Apple’s New Privacy Features
12/7/20 iPhone Zero-Click Exploit, BEC Email Auto-Forward Scams, COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain Attacks
12/1/20 Holiday Shopping Scams and Tips to Stay Safe
11/30/20 Amazon Sidewalk, Federal IoT Security Law, Facebook Messenger Bug
11/23/20 CISA Director Chris Krebs Fired, Common Sense and Section 230
11/16/20 Stolen Source Code, Apple Zero-Days, Biden’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Policies
11/9/20 Privacy Mindset: Europe vs. United States
11/2/20 Government Rumor Control, US Hospital Ransomware Threat, Russian Hackers Charged
10/27/20 Targeted Attacks Part 3 – The Exploit
10/26/20 Voter Privacy and the US Election
10/19/20 TrickBot Takedown, VPN Flaws, Zoom End-to-End Encryption
10/12/20 The Social Dilemma
10/5/20 More Hospital Ransomware Attacks, FBI’s Disinformation Warning, Android 11 Privacy Features
9/29/20 Targeted Attacks Part 2 – Pretexting and Attack Development
9/28/20 Death by Ransomware, Strava Flyby, iOS 14 Privacy Improvements
9/21/20 – The World’s Most Private Search Engine
9/14/20 Schools Under Cyberattack, Chrome Ad Blocking Update, US Election Interference
9/7/20 NSA Data Collection Ruling, Browsing History Identification, Ambulance Chasing
9/1/20 Targeted Attacks Part 1 – OSINT and Reconnaissance
8/31/20 Uber CISO Charged, Facebook Data Portability, Malicious iOS SDK
8/24/20 Audio Recordings Used to Copy Keys, Carnival Ransomware Attack, Social Media Profile Data Exposed
8/17/20 Amazon Echo Exploit, Privacy Shield, Capital One Data Breach Update
8/10/20 Twitter Hack Lessons Learned, TikTok Ban, Rite Aid Facial Recognition Cameras
8/3/20 How Big Tech Collects Your Private Data and How to Delete It
7/27/20 Chinese Hacking Campaign Exposed, BadPower Fast Charger Attack, Instacart Data Leak
7/24/20 Privacy Settings for Amazon Echo and Google Home
7/20/20 The Big Twitter Hack, Critical Windows DNS Server Update, Email Impersonation Attacks
7/13/20 F5 BIG-IP Exploit, WiFi Router Security Updates, Password Reuse
7/6/20 TikTok Privacy Concerns, macOS Ransomware, Bad Passwords
7/1/20 EARN IT Act, Facial Recognition Fail, Can I Be Phished?
6/29/20 Family Safety and Security with Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad Podcast
6/22/20 Largest DDoS Attack Ever, New Dropbox Features, North Korean Cyber-Attacks
6/15/20 5 Tips to Stay Private and Secure During a Protest
6/8/20 Minneapolis Police Website Hacked, Zoom Encryption, eBay Port Scanning
6/1/20 First Amendment Rights and Twitter, Encryption Backdoors
5/29/20 Episode 100 with Rachel Tobac and Kathleen Smith
5/25/20 Apple’s Law Enforcement Backdoor Dispute, Signal PINs, EasyJet Data Breach
5/18/20 Thunderbolt Flaws, WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities, Patriot Act Vote
5/11/20 GoDaddy Security Incident, Fake Downloaders, Firefox Lockwise
5/4/20 Workplace Surveillance, Apple and Google Contact Tracing Tech, Virtual Cybersecurity Conferences
4/27/20 The End of Passwords as We Know It
4/24/20 Contact Tracing Controversy, Fighting COVID-19 Criminal Activity
4/20/20 Zoom Hacked Accounts, North Korean Hackers, Facebook Senior Pictures
4/13/20 Contact Tracing Apps, Business Email Compromise Scams, SPAM Phone Calls
4/6/20 Another Marriott Data Breach, Zoom-Bombing, Economic Stimulus Scams
3/30/20 Staying Secure When Working From Home
3/25/20 Click Armor Demo, Podcast Survey Results, Google Geofence Warrants
3/23/20 COVID-19 Mass Surveillance, New Coronavirus Cyber-Attacks, Encryption Backdoors
3/16/20 COVID-19 Cybersecurity Impact, Hacking the Hackers, Whisper App Data Leak
3/9/20 IoT Device Attacks, FCC Fines Mobile Carriers, Let’s Encrypt Certificate Bug
3/2/20 You’ve Been Hacked! Now What?
2/24/20 Ring Mandates Two-Factor Authentication, License Plate Reader Data Sharing, RSA Conference Coronavirus Fears
2/21/20 Chinese Hackers, Coronavirus Phishing Attacks, How to Stay (Almost) Anonymous Online
2/17/20 Equifax Hacked by China, Israeli Voter Registry Exposed, How the CIA Owned Encryption
2/10/20 Preventing Tax Identity Theft, FTC and Robocallers, Google Photos Incident
2/3/20 Off-Facebook Activity Tool, Ring App Third-Party Trackers, Wawa Credit Card Breach
1/31/20 Voting by Smartphone, Jeff Bezos Hacked, Microsoft Security Breach
1/27/20 Dark Web Fraud and Cybercrime with Emily Wilson
1/20/20 Critical Windows Vulnerability, Dating App Security Risk, Apple iOS Privacy Features
1/13/20 Iranian Cyber-Attacks, Ring Class-Action Lawsuit, Preventing Calendar SPAM
1/6/20 New California Data Privacy Law, Wyze Data Leak, ToTok Spy App
12/30/19 Top 10 Cybersecurity and Privacy Resolutions
12/27/19 Rebecca Herold “The Privacy Professor”
12/23/19 The Year in Review and 2020 Predictions with Kevin Johnson
12/16/19 The Password Reuse Problem, US Government IoT Recommendations, Smart Lock Security Disaster
12/9/19 How You’re Tracked Online, New Mass Surveillance Concerns, Malicious Android App Hijack
12/6/19 Top 25 Most Dangerous Vulnerabilities, Smart City Privacy, DuckDuckGo vs. Google
12/2/19 Phone and Voice Fraud, Twitter Account Purge, Adobe Magento Marketplace Data Breach
11/25/19 Disney+ Hacked Accounts, Black Friday Scams, Android Camera Exploits
11/18/19 Google’s Health Record Storage Controversy, US Border Search Ruling, Zelle Scams
11/11/19 Facebook Data Leaks, Smart Speaker Laser Attack, BlueKeep in the Wild
11/4/19 WhatsApp’s NSO Group Lawsuit, This Week in Data Breaches, Office 365 Voicemail Phishing
11/1/19 Firewalla Review, 15 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids, Rise of the Deepfake
10/28/19 Nord VPN Security Incident, Smart Speaker Phishing, Apple iOS 13 Privacy Features
10/21/19 Pitney Bowes Ransomware Attack, Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Bypass, Top Technology Fears
10/14/19 Hong Kong Protests, Instagram’s Anti-Phishing Tool, Smart Device Fail
10/7/19 Microsoft OneDrive Personal Vault, Google’s New Privacy and Security Controls, REAL ID Deadline
10/1/19 Amazon Smart Glasses, Webkey Social Engineering, Erase Your Old Hard Drives!
9/30/19 DoorDash Data Breach, Voice Assistant Privacy Changes, Limiting Ad Tracking
9/27/19 Aaron Zar, Co-Founder and CEO of Silent Pocket
9/23/19 Apple iOS 13, Venmo Scams, Simjacking Attacks
9/16/19 End-to-End Encryption with Max Krohn from
9/9/19 New Firefox Privacy Protections, Apple iOS Zero-Days, Facebook User Phone Numbers Exposed
9/2/19 Android “Ghost Click” Apps, New Apple Siri Privacy Protections, Credit Card Spying
8/29/19 10 Year Anniversary Episode with Kevin Johnson and Jayson E. Street
8/26/19 New Facebook Privacy Controls, Apple iOS Patching Mistake, MoviePass Data Breach
8/19/19 Biometric Security Data Breach, Critical Windows Vulnerabilities, FBI Data Harvesting
8/12/19 BSides Las Vegas, iMessage Exploit, 5G and Stingray Surveillance
8/5/19 Capital One Data Breach, Equifax Settlement Payouts, Nextdoor App Scams
7/30/19 Medical Device Security with Special Guest John Nye
7/29/19 Equifax Settlement, Android Video File Exploit, Encryption Backdoors
7/22/19 FaceApp Privacy Panic, Facebook’s 5 Billion Dollar Fine, Amazon Brushing Scams
7/15/19 Zoom Zero-Day, GDPR Fines, Google Assistant Recordings
7/8/19 Amazon Alexa Recordings, Facebook Malware Campaign, Top 3 Tips to Stay Private on Vacation
7/1/19 US Cyber-Attack on Iran, Poor Government Cybersecurity, Malvertising Campaigns
6/27/19 The Home Security Episode – Locks, Doors, Cameras, and More!
6/24/19 Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency, Firefox Zero Day, Smart TV Malware
6/17/19 US Customs and Border Protection Data Breach, Sign in with Apple, Leaked Facebook Emails
6/10/19 Quest Diagnostics Data Breach, Google’s Network Outage, US Visa Applicants and Social Media Names
6/3/19 Ransomware Rampage, Mobile Phishing Attacks, iPhone App Ad Trackers
5/27/19 Equifax Downgraded, Huawei Ban, Google is Tracking Your Purchases
5/24/19 Remotely Killing Car Engines, Password Expiration Policies, Facial Recognition at Airports, InfoSec vs. Cybersecurity
5/20/19 Critical WhatsApp Vulnerability, Facial Recognition Ban, Wormable Flaw in Windows
5/13/19 Israel Cyber-Attack Bombing, New Google Privacy Settings, Traditional Mail Blackmail Scam
5/6/19 The End of Password Expiration Policies, Seat-Back Camera’s on Airplanes, Unknown Data Breach
4/29/19 All about VPN’s with Gaya Polat from vpnMentor
4/25/19 The State of Cybersecurity Training and Certifications with Kevin Johnson
4/22/19 Microsoft Email Hacked, Instagram Nasty List Phishing Scam, Facebook Third-Party Data Deals
4/15/19 Amazon Echo Recording Controversy, New Mobile Phone Scam, Hotels Leaking Data
4/8/19 Facebook’s Bad Week, Stalkerware, Tax Season Scams
4/1/19 Apple Card, ASUS Live Update Backdoor, Statistics on Malware Attacks
3/25/19 Facebook Passwords Exposed, Android Q Privacy, Microsoft Office Targeted
3/25/19 Data Breach, Capsizing a Ship with a Cyberattack, World’s Most Dangerous Malware
3/18/19 Equifax and Marriott Data Breach Updates, Facial Recognition at the Airport, Citrix Password Spraying Attack
3/11/19 Google Chrome Zero-Day, Facebook Phone Number Privacy, NSA Phone Data Collection Program
3/4/19 Multi-Factor Authentication, New Attacks on 4G and 5G Mobile Networks
2/25/19 Google Nest’s Secret Microphone, Facebook Login Phishing, Password Manager Vulnerabilities
2/18/19 Preventing Illegal Robocalls, Webcam Spying, Dating App Account Hacking
2/13/19 Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, Apple FaceTime Bug, Nest Camera Passwords
2/11/19 DNA Testing and the FBI, $198 Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Password, Password Checkup Chrome Extension
2/4/19 Massive Apple FaceTime Privacy Bug, Selling Your Privacy for Money, Insecure Smart Light Bulbs
1/28/19 The Lack of US Privacy Regulations, Nest Camera’s Hijacked
1/21/19 Ring Doorbell Privacy Concerns, Recent Password Breach News, Biometrics and Fifth Amendment Rights
1/14/19 US Government Shutdown, Privacy at CES 2019, Mobile Location Data Controversy
1/9/19 Cybersecurity Careers, Recruiting, and Volunteering with Kathleen Smith
1/7/19 Newspaper Ransomware Attack, How Facebook Tracks You on Android, USB-Type-C Authentication
12/31/18 Phishing Attack Targeting Two-Factor Authentication, Amazon Echo Eavesdropping, Netflix Email Scam – WB49
12/26/18 The Year in Review and 2019 Predictions with Special Guest Kevin Johnson
12/24/18 Healthcare Databases Exposed, Facebook’s Photo API Bug, Signal Speaks Out – WB48
12/17/18 Equifax Data Breach Details Released, More Google+ API Bugs, Supermicro Strikes Back – WB47
12/10/18 The Quora Data Breach, Facebook’s Private Emails, Google Location Tracking – WB46
12/3/18 Massive Marriott Data Breach, Secure Holiday Shopping Tips, Phishing Sites Using HTTPS – WB45
11/30/18 Special Guest Tanya Janca, DevOps and AppSec, Women in Cybersecurity – #82
11/26/18 Vehicle Infotainment Privacy, Instagram’s Accidental Password Exposure, Firefox Monitor – WB44
11/23/18 Harry Sverdlove, Edgewise Founder and CTO – Special Edition
11/19/18 USPS Informed Delivery Vulnerabilities, Holiday Credit Card Fraud, Huge SMS Database Leak – WB43
11/12/18 Midterm Election Security, Gait Recognition Surveillance Technology, Caller ID Authentication – WB42
11/5/18 Microsoft and Apple Security Updates, Signal’s Sealed Sender, Girl Scouts Data Breach – WB41
10/31/18 Fortnite Scams, Google Search Privacy, Bloomberg SuperMicro Controversy – #81
10/29/18 Spy Apps and Stalkerware with Special Guest Jeff Tang – WB40
10/22/18 Hotel Room Security and Privacy with Special Guest Patrick McNeil – WB39
10/15/18 Google+ Shutdown, Weapons Systems Vulnerabilities, Voice Phishing Scams – WB38
10/8/18 Chinese Spying, Facebook Shadow Contact Information, iPhone X FaceID Privacy – WB37
10/1/18 Facebook’s Fake Account Crackdown, Privacy Upgrade to HTTPS, New Security Features in Apple iOS 12 – WB36
9/24/18 Mobile Phone Call Scams, Pegasus Mobile Spyware, Newegg Data Breach – WB35
9/17/18 Malware-Less Email Attacks, Equifax Breach Updates, Vizio Class Action Lawsuit
9/13/18 Episode 80 – Special Guest Chris Hadnagy and Social Engineering The Science of Human Hacking
9/10/18 Five Eyes Security Alliance, Google and Your Offline Purchases, Privacy by Default in Firefox
9/3/18 US Federal Privacy Law, WhatsApp Google Drive Warning, Improved Security for Instagram
8/31/18 Election Hacking and Vulnerable Voting Machines
8/27/18 New TSA Body Scanners, Back to School Cybersecurity, Instagram Hacking
8/20/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – ATM Cashout Attacks, Mobile Phone Voicemail Security, Google Location Tracking
8/13/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Facebook and your Financial Transactions, Smart Home Security, Critical HP Printer Vulnerabilities
8/6/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Quiet Skies TSA Surveillance Program, SIM Hijacking and the Reddit Data Breach, Sextortion Scams
7/30/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Bluetooth Vulnerabilities, Malicious Apps Removed from Twitter, Gmail Confidential Mode
7/26/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 78 – Summer Camp Facial Recognition, Dark Web Dangers
7/23/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Lost and Stolen Devices, Instagram and SIM Hijacking, LabCorp Security Breach
7/16/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Polar Fitness App Location Data Exposed, Blocking Scam Phone Calls, Samba TV Privacy Controversy
7/9/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Mobile App Data Leaks, The California Privacy Act, Third-party Gmail Access
7/2/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – New WPA3 Wireless Standard, Malicious Smartphone Batteries, Exactis Data Leak
6/29/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 77 – Personal Risk Assessments, Stingray Surveillance Devices
6/25/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – MyLobot Malware, Updates on Third-Party Location Data Sharing, Fortnite Scam Websites
6/18/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Ultrasonic Hard Drive Attacks, Dangerous USB Devices, Email Fraudsters Arrested
6/11/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – MyHeritage Data Breach, Facebook’s Data Sharing Partnership, Apple iOS 12 and macOS Updates
6/4/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Telegram Messenger in Russia, Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology, Digital License Plates
5/28/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Real-time Location Tracking, VPNFilter Router Malware, Apple’s GDPR Updates
5/21/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Efail Vulnerabilities and PGP Encryption, Facebook’s App Investigation, Nest Password Notifications
5/14/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Recent Windows Vulnerabilities, Exposed Passwords, Credit Freeze Controversy
5/10/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 76 – Special Guest Kevin Johnson (@secureideas), Router Hacking, GDPR, NSA Metadata
5/7/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – DNA Privacy, This Week’s Social Media Privacy News Roundup, Remote Car Hacking
4/30/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Child Identity Fraud, Tech Support Scams, Amazon Key In-Car Delivery
4/23/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Android’s Toxic Hellstew of Vulnerabilities, Facebook’s New Privacy Controls, Russian Router Hacking
4/19/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 75 – Cybersecurity Education with Gotham Sharma (@g0thamsharma) and Dr. Brian Krupp (@briankrupp)
4/16/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Facebook goes to Congress, More Data Breach Announcements, New Hope for Replacing Passwords
4/9/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – The #DeleteFacebook Movement, Cloudflare’s New Privacy Focused DNS Service, Saks Fifth Avenue and Panera ...
4/2/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Facebook’s Privacy Firestorm, MyFitnessPal Data Breach, Ramifications of CLOUD and FOSTA
3/29/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 74 – Special Guest Rachel Tobac (@RachelTobac)
3/26/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica Controversy, Vulnerable VPNs, Siri Lock Screen Privacy
3/19/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – The Insecure Internet of Things, Spectre Patch Updates, Android Malware
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2/19/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Instagram Social Stalking, Cryptojacking, Equifax Breach Updates
2/16/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 73 – Silent Pocket Faraday Laptop Sleeve Review, Password Managers, Smart Glasses
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2/5/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – License Plate Tracking, Jackpotting ATMs, Strava Global Heatmap Controversy
1/31/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 72 – Mobile Phone Emergency SOS, Overview of Meltdown and Spectre
1/29/18 The Shared Security Weekly Blaze – Dark Caracal, Meltdown and Spectre Debacle, Amazon Go
1/4/18 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 71 – Special Guest Rebecca Herold “The Privacy Professor” (@PrivacyProf)
12/14/17 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 70 – Insider Threat Psychology with Special Guest Dr Helen Ofosu
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12/17/15 The Shared Security Podcast Episode 49 – Google Search Privacy, Smart TV Attacks, Internet Router Risks
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