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The Everyday AI podcast is a daily livestream, podcast and free newsletter where we help everyday people grow their careers with AI. The Everyday AI podcast is hosted by Jordan Wilson, a former journalist who's now the owner of a boutique digital strategy company with 20 years of martech experience.  Our main focus is to help you keep up with AI trends to make your job easier. Get your work done faster. Increase your output.  - Sign up for our free Prime Prompt Polish ChatGPT course: Make sure to sign up for our daily newsletter at: Email us: Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn: the Everyday AI podcast, we'll cover all things artificial intelligence, machine learning, and practical tips on how to use both in your daily life. We'll include a touch on a variety of topics, software and applications. We may be covering the latest AI news from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe and social channels like Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. Or, we may be diving into software like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard, or Runway ML. 



Date Title Status
10/31/23 EP 134: AI in The Communications Industry: How To Stay Irreplaceable Transcribed
10/30/23 EP 133: How AI Will Change Financial Risk Management Transcribed
10/27/23 EP 132: Enterprise AI - Future Careers and How to Prepare Transcribed
10/26/23 EP 131: Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 2) Transcribed
10/25/23 EP 130: Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 1) Transcribed
10/24/23 EP 129: AI Image Generators - The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome
10/23/23 EP 128: AI in VC - Changing the Investment Landscape
10/20/23 EP 127: How AI is Impacting All Aspects of HR
10/19/23 EP 126: Real Business Use Cases for AI
10/18/23 EP 125: FutureCrafting - The AI Creative Revolution
10/17/23 EP 124: 5 Ways Generative AI Shows Up in 2024
10/16/23 EP 123: Will AI Be More Impactful Than The Internet?
10/13/23 EP 122: How Tech Startups Can Grow with AI
10/12/23 EP 121: Faster and More Accurate Results From ChatGPT with ScholarAI
10/11/23 EP 120: ChatGPT Tokens - What they are and why they matter
10/10/23 EP 119: AI in Renewable Energy - Insights from NVIDIA
10/9/23 EP 118: Canva's Magic Studio - What's New in Their AI Suite?
10/6/23 EP 117: Making AI Design User Friendly
10/5/23 EP 116: Using Gen AI in the Enterprise Space - Insights From Walmart
10/4/23 EP 115: How To Make AI Work For Your Product Marketing
10/3/23 EP 114: Canva and AI - A Winning Combination?
10/2/23 EP 113: 5 Simple ChatGPT Hacks To Make It Easier to Use
9/29/23 EP 112: Browse with Bing - The New ChatGPT Feature You Shouldn't Use
9/28/23 EP 111: How AI is (and Will Be) Used in Healthcare
9/27/23 EP 110: How AI is Changing The Tech Industry
9/26/23 EP 109: LLM Showdown - ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, Claude 2 and Perplexity
9/25/23 EP 108: Microsoft Copilot - What's Coming and What It Means
9/22/23 EP 107: How AI Turns Clinical Trials into Medical Knowledge
9/21/23 EP 106: Using AI to Land a New Career
9/20/23 EP 105: AI in Fundraising: Building Trust with Stakeholders
9/19/23 EP 104: Product Management and AI: Insights from a Microsoft Product Manager
9/18/23 EP 103: How ChatGPT Can Give You a Competitive Edge
9/15/23 EP 102: Future of Work - What's Next For Creative Orgs?
9/14/23 EP 101: How To Give ChatGPT Internet Access and Why It Needs It
9/13/23 EP 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Everyday AI
9/12/23 EP 99: AI and Marketing - A Freelancer's Secret Weapon
9/11/23 EP 98: The Art of Storytelling - Experience From a Microsoft AI Ambassador
9/8/23 EP 97: Combining AI + HR: How to do it responsibly
9/7/23 EP 96: ChatGPT and Zapier - A Game-Changing Duo
9/6/23 EP 95: Creating an AI Content Strategy to Scale
9/5/23 EP 94: Boosting Sales with AI Tools - Personalization Tips for Success
9/1/23 EP 93: Revolutionizing Market Research with AI
8/31/23 EP 92: AI in E-commerce - Navigating the Legal Maze
8/30/23 EP 91: Microsoft Copilot is going to shake the economy. Here's why
8/29/23 EP 90: How To Tackle AI Privacy and Governance
8/28/23 EP 89: AI's Role in Responsible Research
8/25/23 EP 88: Back To School: The Students vs. Teachers and ChatGPT Dilemma
8/24/23 EP 87: AI Secrets to Supercharge Your Marketing
8/23/23 EP 86: 7 Amazing AI Tools You've (Probably) Never Heard Of
8/22/23 EP 85: Is AI More Creative Than Humans?
8/21/23 EP 84: How a father-son duo is using ChatGPT to educate others
8/18/23 EP 83: ChatGPT Walkthrough and Q&A
8/17/23 EP 82: Using AI To Grow Your Ecommerce Presence
8/16/23 EP 81: How To Get AI to Read and Write Your Emails
8/15/23 EP 80: When and How To Use Midjourney for Growth
8/14/23 EP 79: The Importance of Ethics in AI
8/11/23 EP 78: Midjourney - A beginners guide to creating AI images Pt. 2
8/10/23 EP 77: How To Use AI For Competitive Insights
8/9/23 Ep 76: Midjourney - A beginners guide to creating AI images
8/8/23 EP 75: How To Make ChatGPT Write Like You
8/7/23 EP 74: Should Schools Ban ChatGPT?
8/4/23 EP 73: The Best ChatGPT Plugins and How They'll Change Your Business
8/3/23 EP 72: How Startups Can Adapt to AI Innovation
8/2/23 Ep 71: AI in Business - Healthcare Use Cases
8/1/23 EP 70: Free ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus - What's the difference?
7/31/23 EP 69: The Most Important AI Company No One Is Talking About
7/28/23 EP 68: AI Chatbots Are Lying About The Internet - How to stop them
7/27/23 EP 67: Making AI Content Not Sound Robotic
7/26/23 EP 66: Runway 101 - Create stunning video in seconds
7/25/23 EP 65: AI-Powered Financial Portfolios: How it's done
7/24/23 EP 64: Big Tech and US Government Reach Agreement on AI
7/21/23 EP 63: Apple GPT - Is Apple coming for ChatGPT?
7/20/23 EP 62: Using AI For Growth: How it's done
7/19/23 EP 61: Using AI to Improve Banking and Financial Services
7/18/23 EP 60: Making More Sales with AI
7/17/23 EP 59: Google Bard Breakdown: Is it better than ChatGPT?
7/14/23 Ep 58: ChatGPT 101 - Getting Back to The Basics
7/13/23 Ep 57: LinkedIn + AI - How to make it work to build authority
7/12/23 EP 56: How To Govern and Properly Use AI
7/11/23 EP 55: How to properly leverage AI in the classroom
7/10/23 EP 54: Winning with ChatGPT, Google Sheets and Automation
7/7/23 EP 53: How to Use AI to Teach Employees New Skills
7/6/23 EP 52: How a Solopreneur Can Grow with AI
7/5/23 EP 51: How To Use AI To Land Your Dream Job
7/3/23 EP 50: State of AI - 50 things you need to know (50th Anniversary Special)
6/30/23 EP 49: AI in Recruiting - How Does It Work?
6/29/23 EP 48: Everything You're Getting WRONG About ChatGPT
6/28/23 EP 47: The Future of AI in Healthcare
6/27/23 EP 46 - Midjourney Secrets Revealed: Keyword Prompt Method
6/26/23 EP 45: AI + No-code: The Future of Web Design
6/23/23 EP 44: How To Replace Google with AI to Grow Your Business
6/22/23 EP 43: Will AI Actually Take Our Jobs?
6/21/23 EP 42: ChatGPT Plugins: How to make them work for you
6/20/23 EP 41: How AI Can Make Social Media More Social
6/19/23 EP 40: How To Improve Your Advertising with AI
6/16/23 EP 39: How To Keep ChatGPT From Lying
6/15/23 Ep 38: Using Midjourney to Unlock New Levels of Creativity
6/14/23 EP 37: Using ChatGPT Across Different Functions of a Company
6/13/23 EP 36: An Entrepreneur's Guide to ChatGPT
6/12/23 EP 35: How Students Can Use AI to Solve Everyday Problems
6/9/23 EP 34: How To Still Use AI When It's Taboo
6/8/23 EP 33 - Driving Business Growth: AI Sales Secrets
6/7/23 EP 32: What Happens When ChatGPT Hosts Your Podcast?
6/6/23 EP 31: Simple Business Solutions with Complex GPT Prompts
6/5/23 EP 30: What Happens When Brand-Building Meets AI?
6/2/23 EP 29: Using ChatGPT to Build Your Business Base
6/1/23 EP 28: Reimagining Media Creativity Through AI
5/31/23 EP 27: Fueling Your Content Creation with AI
5/30/23 EP 26: The Impact of AI on Society: Making Us Smart or Dumb?
5/29/23 EP 25: How AI Can Help You Launch Your Business
5/26/23 EP 24: How To *Actually* Use ChatGPT
5/25/23 EP 23: Using AI in the C-Suite for Human Connectivity
5/24/23 EP 22: Using AI in Medical Education
5/23/23 EP 21: How AI Can Power Your Side Hustle
5/22/23 Everyday AI - Ask Us Anything Edition
5/19/23 A Guide to ChatGPT's Updates - iOS App, Plugins, and Web Browsing
5/18/23 EP 18: What Happens When AI and Supply Chains Collide?
5/17/23 EP 17: Does AI Have a Place in Branding?
5/16/23 EP 16: Chatbots 101 - Difference between ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat
5/15/23 EP 15: Using AI as a First Line of Cyber Defense
5/12/23 EP 14: Infusing Some AI Into the HVAC Space
5/11/23 EP 13: How To Use AI + Data To Understand Behavior
5/10/23 EP 12: How to push personal creativity with AI
5/9/23 EP 11: AI and Digital Transformation: What's Next?
5/8/23 EP 10: Is AI helping or hurting mergers and acquisitions?
5/5/23 EP 9: Is Hollywood Scared of AI?
5/4/23 EP 8: Can Bing Chat now compete with ChatGPT?
5/3/23 EP 7: AI is reading our thoughts now? W/ Derek Sobieraj
5/2/23 EP 6: How AI Changes The SaaS Space w/ Aaron Barreiro
5/1/23 EP 5: Will NeRFs change digital imaging
4/28/23 Ep 4: What is the future of AI in advertising?
4/27/23 EP 3: Will Elon Musk End the AI Boom?
4/26/23 EP 2: Bill Gates hints AI could replace teachers
4/25/23 EP 1: Will AI Take Your Job?