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Hello, and welcome to the show.

Today we have invited the press editor, the radio operator and the press director, Anne Lindmo.

She is with the high-ranking, penicillin and well-formulated questions.

For the time being, she will be on the tour building and will be so happy

that she will actually write a book about it.

The book is called My Tour and will be released in August.

Anne Lindmo, welcome.


Welcome to August.

Anne Lindmo, welcome.

Thank you so much.

Now it's your turn to be on the show.

I've been thinking about a little 50 wordsplay.

Oh, that's great!

You have a book called My Tour.


We need to talk about that a little bit.

Have you been to your mother today?

Or do you think you have a gift from your mother?

Yes, I've been to my mother's breakfast.


That's what I do once a week.


My brain, that was eight.

Sometimes it's half past eight.

And then my mother gets up in the morning when I'm ready,

the new shower.

And I have a blanket on the table and a tent light.

And I always think I'm a little too late.

Are you not coming?

Aren't you going to be here?


And then I say, no, we have finally decided half past eight or eight.

Let's talk about Bisha.

Bisha and Bamsa, he loves grandmothers,

high and all the highest parents.


And then he always starts to wake up my father.


Because dad doesn't have to stand up so early.

No, no, no.

To my mother's birthday party.

He's a portionist.

He's 85 years old.

Yes, that's right.

But she thinks he should be up in front of the boys.

Yes, yes.

And then we send Bisha in to dad.


And Bisha wakes up my father.

And it's accepted.

Yes, dad loves you.


And we have our own way of talking to the dog and the dog in the family.

So then he says, no, no, no, no.

Here comes Bamsa.

Do we hear you?


He just calls Bamsa very sweet.


Yes, and then mom often gives me things.


As she thinks I need or as she has gotten from someone else.

Because that never ends even if you moved from home.

She grew up and got in for her own family.


So mom continues to be her mother.

Yes, and Amin is.


And then she's been like this since childhood.

I don't know why, but it became clear to me.

She has a very nice kitchen hanger over her.


In a cleaning project.


I don't know if there's someone who's dead.

It can be.

And then she says, you shouldn't have these.

And then I took them with me.

It was completely random.

But I felt that it was ...

Because it lives here kind of hard.


And then it became very strange that I had them.

Very good.

And then they died.

And I think it's nice that the murderers have their final way to take care of us.

Even the adults.


And is it a gift or is it a small piece?

Correction, what is it actually?

Yes, so mom is not very picky.

She's not such a critical woman.

She's like that.

She's very rude and funny.


She has a very nice look at both her own and others.

But she has made a note of it.

Because she's inside of us and stripping the shirts to her.



Because that's what he gets in the gift.


In July and August he gets a gift card from his mom with a clip card on stripping shirts.


And then she comes inside and strips his shirts.

And then she puts a note thing.

And then she sees that I have ...

Because I'm a little confused about things like that.

So of course I have old clothes and some clothes to wear.

So then she gives me these with the idea of ​​upgrading my shirt there.

Yes, and mom also thinks that you as a person should stripe things like that.

Stripe shirts and striped shirts.

I did it when I was a child.

I had it as a hobby and striped shirts.


I have ended that hobby with.


Because now you have become a stripper.

So now you have got another hobby.

Yes, think about it.

How is it to write a book?

Oh, that's smart to think about.


But I don't think I'm on an F stripper bag either.


I don't know anything about that.

I think they are to break themselves.

Before we talk about books, I want to ask you what kind of relationship do you have with the case?



Do you mean reasonable or physical?

And it can be both.


Yes, I have learned that everything that happens in the world is the case.


Everything else we have to work for.


I am in a family where we work with two things.

One is the soul and the other is the body.


God teaches opera.


My body is my temple, as mom applies to say.


And dad, I hope that what you are going to do happens.


That you have to, God forbid, do it to a main focus of your life.


For self-improvement.

Yes, it is a very urgent process.

If it is the only thing you drive with.


And if you believe that it is what is the focus.

Because I just want to be a usable person.


In my world, we call it norm.

Yes, norm.

And that is good.

I love a good norm.


I want to be usable.

I can describe myself in the fight, after getting it even better and even better.


See those little female female skamshanks that are walking along with yoga mats.


And get on a small raw food bowl.


They are so white-skinned between mindfulness exercises and the next...

I do not know, the hair curl, like...


And there is a bit of an accident in the basic mood for the book, do not you?

You had a period where you let body to body and was a little bit at home.

Yes, yes, yes.

I was...

I grew up in the country.


So that my childhood is very...

It is a kind of gay-al-free-air-childhood.


I grew up a little bit.


Without a grown-up boss.

My brother-in-law, of course, in the gay-al-free-air-childhood.

Had it fantastic fun.

And also more red from my family, which was a lot on the mountain in Voggo, where we have a set.

So that's the kind of raw food bowl.

But then I dive into a chapter with Ihuga Storbiliv.


Where you lie a lot flat and take it easy.

On a roll of smoke and old coffee.

And crumpled awake.


We woke up a lot.


Oh my God, we woke up.

Yes, that was a thing.

It was awake.


Until the morning and evening.

Yes, both in the collective and...

And was in a gang where...

Yes, where it was an over-Trump.

If you were...

I mean, to drive and to be sporty.


It was...

It was a thing.

Your childhood on the toilet was active.


So to your degrees.

And with the father to support someone.

It was probably not the world with the mountains on the toilet.

No, it was to be higher.


Now it's higher.



On the toilet.


But nature has used freedom.


And so you traveled to Cetra.


And it allowed you to know if it was good or not.


It's up in Iliadengagen, over Trägrenza.

It's no longer there.


But it was a place that was beautiful.

And it's like we have the right to look out for a lot of mountains.

But in our family there was no one like you.

For example, in a vocabulary class there was no one who knew what Tinderangeling was.


We had more nature and movement integrated into the world.


And what do we have today?

I lived two and a half kilometers from school.


And it was never something to talk about being driven to school.

No, not on the toilet.

No, no, no.

And my brother is two years older than me.

So we had to take the spark together to school.

And so...

And he was...

He is a very good driver.

He has always been very good.

He is very good at skiing.

He is very fast.



So my task was that we came out of the forest.

So it was first a little flat and then a drop came in the back.


And then my task was to run so...

I had to run really fast and fast.


And then I had to jump on the spark.

Exactly at one stone.


Because there came the wall.


And there he started to push me.

He started to push me like cargo.


But before that I was dead weight.



So then I ran up and down.

And then it came down.

And then we had fox farm.


Mink farm.

Husband's house.

And the father went to the garden.

He lived there.

He ran around and saw that I had to leave at that time.

Because then it was flat.

He passed by Björn Helge.


And then we went down to the church.


Swing with the church there.

Then it was up and down.

Then I had to run.

Oh my God.

It was a crazy training.


It was not the need to mix BMI up in this.

I had to come.

I told you that I have always been a bit on the plus side there.

But that is another story.

But there was no one who ignored me at all.



So that was it.

I had to kiss now.


Then there was the lift.

And then we picked up the stone.


In the spring.


And then we picked up potatoes all autumn.

And we just did it in the summer.

We were going to get some money.


And then we continued on.


Oh my God.

We ran a lot.


And it was an activity all the time.


This is what we get in addition to those who read their books.

Quite a lot of them here.

But then there is one thing that I think is a little bit described in the book.


It is that Anne Lindmo is on a mountain trip.


And comes across a man who is dead.


In all his days.

And there he is.

Yes, but I have it.

Yes, it is.


I am sorry.

You will be sorry for that.

I will be sorry.

Because there is a man who is dead in the middle of the mountain.


And he has also been on a trip.

But in the end his life is to be on a trip.


It is very touching.

Or what should I say?

For me it was not a great experience.


It was a touching experience.

I think it was something like that.

But it was...

No, it was the 19th.

A little bit of love.

No, not a little bit of love.

No, no, no.

It was full of grace.

It was crazy.

And you would have had a kind heart.

Or if I don't know if it was a kind heart.

Because we had not met for a long time.

But he called us and said he wanted to go to the mountains in Norway.

So then he stopped.

Another of the stories is that I had to fake that I had been very wrong.


Because he thought that as a Norwegian man I had known him as my own letter.

Yes, I did not.


So, but...

No, and we went on a trip.

And then we went home after a nice day in the mountains.

And then we suddenly see that he is lying...

It is something like this.

Over something that lies in front of us on the wall.

And it is a man who is dead.

And yes, and he is...

An old man.


With such a nice brown ring on his wrist.


And then he has some slimy anorak.


And he falls in love with the old man.

And then he is just a peace.

He is there with a peaceful look.

He has not stopped himself.

He has not given up or anything like that.

Which would have been much more dramatic.


And then I remember that in his present day.

I took him and listened to Freda and his wife.

And read a book.

And my German friend Stusse and of course that.

So I said, I just...

I'm fine.

And then...

Then we did not know what we were going to do.

But there is someone who is running down to the hut

to get some ice cream and get me up.

And then...

It is perhaps a bit strange to think that I am not...

Because there is no one who went in panic.


Today you may have called.

Today you may have called.


It would have come to the most...

Or I do not know what had happened.

No, but you say that you have grown up with nature

as a completely natural plant.


And then it became a big year.


And then you became involved in the fairy tale of some friends.

And that became a good trip after the village life.


But then...

First there was this village life.

And then the children came.


First he came alone and then he came the other one.


They loved it, I call them that.


You and the other one, where they were with each other.

No, but Ola and Eivind.

And then I and Hasse...

Then we found...

That which is super nice and clean for the family.

And out there it was very short-lived.


Dark tour.


A lot of bowling and surfing.

And then we were...

The thing that you look forward to is that we are on tour with a very good friend.


Who is my...

He has a very big meaning for me.

It's the tour life.



Nice guy.


We have been sick a lot on tour all our lives.

Last summer I and Per went to the Dolomites together.

Oh, so cozy.

Yes, exactly.

Hasse was also with him.

He broke his legs together.


But anyway.

So Per is a nice guy.

But some other people...

Uncle and uncle in his.

And now he's waiting for us.

So we were, I think I'm the only one on this tour.

16-20 people.


And beer and beer and beer here.

And a super nice tour in Påsken in the mountains.


Like a three-way tour.


Quite bad weather and fun.


And then I think...

At that point I hadn't done anything like that.

And then I remember that I reflected.

I wanted this trip to be so good.


It was like in 12-13 seconds.

Right in the fly.


And then you can take a little bit of the pulp.

If I can.



Can I pull the pulp?



I think it's so good to pull the pulp.



It's completely...

What can I say?

I can scream myself.


That's good.


I have my own technique.

Put another one in the pulp drawer.

I have my own technique.

I ramble...

I just use the body weight.

I just use the body weight.

Just pull things up.


And out.

And away.

And then...

We have one day when we have a Christmas day.

And then some of the little teenagers and Per...

who say we should go to the big sky.

That's out there, without the holes we go.

But they are there to lock and pull.

And then...

And then we say, but Jøds, that's what I'm doing.

And it's the first time I try to go to the mountains.



Which is like this.

Now that you've tried it, you realize that this is possible in the world of skiing.

Someone has thought about it.

Someone has thought about it?


It's super fun.

Do you often go down with rocks?

Yes, yes, yes.

It doesn't lie so much.

No, but if you have good rocks, it works.

Then it's better to be safe than sorry, as I said.

So then we go to the zoo, and through it I think, should I just think, or should I just be there, that this trio is really good with.

I think this is 100% fun, but with legs, sitting on the legs, in our team.

It's like you're so dry in the sand that you don't know where you are, and just up, up, up, up, up.

We're not up at the top of the big circle, but we're at one of the top.

Then we go there and take pictures, and I just think, Oh my God, this is so, this is great.

Because this has never seen my eyes before.


This is my body never experienced before.

And then it's so fun to get a kickback, like, yes, on Friday, you just say, oh, okay, and then we stand up there, and then it's suddenly Per loses his foot, and then we understand that we stand on, we stand on blank, we stand on blank, but with a little more enthusiasm, and just understand that, okay, but here it is.

And now, now with what I know now, I understand that it's actually, we shouldn't be there.

If we shouldn't have been there, we wouldn't have been there.

And maybe we should have had a part too, and maybe now we step on it. But there we were, and then we get down again, and then suddenly all of a sudden we get in our groups, because then it's like, then it's all working with one foot, and so on.

And then we came down, and at night it was like, oh, no, that was all too much.

Like some of the adults tried to take a look at it like that, which you don't even do, and so on.

And then I thought, oh, fuck you, I want to hear it again.

And that was it.

Then there was a little light stick that went on, and after that post I couldn't let it be.

So I didn't think about it.

But how often do you get time?

In a cut?


Very often.

No, but I see in my role on mobile with tours, and now after my children are both two adults.

So I have many deaths in the last few years.

Many deaths.

Often, I would say, no, I don't know what to cut there.

Are we two numbers or three numbers?

No, it's two numbers.

And I don't hate this.

99 years of two numbers?

Yes, that's one.

I can have a whole line of days with kayaking on Oslo Fjord.

Or that I'm just sure to jump off and take the train to Movan and go home.

Do you have an adventure?


Because you don't have to be an expedition.

No, no, no.

And I think it's super cool.

Now I've been on a trip with a woman who is 60, who knows how to be incredible with her bang, but that's not the case.

But then I had a trip with her, where we were supposed to go seven kilometers.

And then I said, we can use five hours, that's good.

And we were out in the mountains all day, in the morning and evening.

I didn't take the kilometers, but that wasn't a lot.

But then it's just that we go and then we swim.

And then we go a little bit, it can be one kilometer more, but there comes a mountain road that actually just has to be bathed.

That's the life and the water, and all the baths.

And then I go to Bishah and get a bowl.

That's not what's supposed to happen.

Are you good at bowls? I share that.

There they come who you ask.


What kind of help do you use to get fire on the whole?

Well, I'm not a purist.


But I'm happy if I get a little out of Jokseberg after that.

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Are you alone on a trip?


What kind of dialogues do you have with each other?

Is it a life that you can go through?

I've also written a book to describe what's going on.

I have one story of a trip that I've been alone for four days on that trip.

But it's not that much to see.

It's something that says it's so good to let the thoughts fly.

But they don't fly very high.

It's not so good.

It's not good quality just because your mom is out.

No, it's not.

Could have been useful for now.

What I've noticed is that at the start of a trip I can go alone.

And I can only be sure that I go and go to the market alone for a day.

At the start it's a little bit of a stress.

But when you go out of the roof, I control myself very well.

I understand that very well.

More from where you go.

Yes, everything there.

And refresh a little bit from the scenes that are more in the box.

And then it can be a little bit of a control that I think about planning things.

Or I try to find out what I'm looking for.

But then I put it very quickly on the side.

Or it disappears, it sticks out.

Because then it goes from what I often think about.

Is it now, is it there in the left?

Is it a little weaker now?

Or does it go and think about the body?


And then it's maybe...

I like to go with the roof.

I'm going to think about the roof technique.

And then I can think like this.

No, I actually think that it has to go up.

So it goes up.

Here on the roof that is above.

Because often with women you get 6 feet of flat pubes.

You get so...

And we can just clarify that.

The roof, the chest roof.

It should not be strained in the same way as the roof belt.

It's just so that it doesn't slip from each other.

On the shoulder.

But it's irritated with the pub.

The leg, because...

It's in the same area.

100% irritated with the pubes.

But it's a little unpractical sometimes.

And then it's actually a bit of a BH.

If you have a high BH.

It becomes a conflict.

Then it becomes a conflict with the roof.

Then I can think about the roof.

And then I can start to think about...

Where did Thorstein go?

So he was with that one time.

And then it goes south.

And then I can suddenly think about the next Christmas.


Should we have taken care of the big one?

It's so big.

It's so empty.

But there are so many themes.

And it means that...

Your husband is like Ihuga as you are.

His is...

A lot outside the door.

He is...

We have an arena in the middle.


Where we are on a small tour.

Sky tour.

And then he has...


He has been with VMI Offshore Sailing.


And he is connected to a boat.

That sailing as fast as he can.

The same landscape.

And they are more underwater than water.

Now they have been sailing twice.

So there was a big sail.

And that's not my cup.

It's a huge cup.

When he drives with it.


It's not my cup.

It doesn't bother me that much.

And he has less need to sail in the mountains than me.

So you get permission to sail alone?

It's clear that he doesn't break his foot.

No, maybe not with William.

No, but like the Dolomite tour.

It's a perfect tour to do together.

And all those super tours in the distance.

To get closer.

And not like...

When we were in Romestan.

It was like...

It's not a troll.

He doesn't like that.

He doesn't like that.

No, it's not like that.

But I have found that.

You just have to be able to discuss that.

I don't have that as an ideal.

That you have to be grown up together in Hoftevein.

And just be like that.

For us.

For everything.

I think we have to be like that.

And at the most important points of life.

But I don't have to spend all my time.

Or all my free time.

But again, I feel very lucky.

Because I can...

Now we had a vacation together.

In summer.

And with our children and family.

And family and people who came to visit Hoftevein.

And then he spends 10 days in sailing.

10 days in sailing.

And I have 10 days in sailing in Hoftevein.

And just...

And then you get what you need.

To drive on.

With things that I know that he had been with.

But he didn't have...

He didn't have the thrill of being eleven.

In his childhood.


It would have been better.

A short answer.

Yes, exactly.

Where is Anna when life is black?

Is it also in nature?


You take most of everything you have here.


As much as I am on a trip.

I don't just go and...

Cast in the sails.


Humbra over all the good points.

You have to be over the painful points.

That hurts so much.


And being out there.

And being in a...

It is a parallel...

I often experience it as a parallel universe.

And the story goes on.

The story goes on.

Things that are big, big, big get small.

Things that are big, big.

And one another...

The concern in life gets really small.

But that's good.

You get new perspectives.

New perspectives.

And it's also...

For real, it's also sitting still in a big house.

In a country house.

And it should be based on what is hard and difficult.

Contrary to going out in nature.

And having the same theme.

It often becomes two different experiences.

Yes, exactly.

And the things that I don't like...

It's hard.

And not the best out there.

As usual, I stick around.

And then I go a little bit.

And then I park this place back.

I have a good disposition for that.

And then I stop that.

But very often when I come back.

I roll around in the tunnel.

And when I set off.

That's what I notice as a complicating thing.

Because I think it's completely open.

So I work for that.

And the movement?

I think it's the physical...





Because it's something...

When you're going up on a pretty good slope.

And you have to color it.

The sense of how complicated a slope you can have.

At the same time.

And at least not the biggest question of life.

At the same time that you fight...


It was just as good.

I'm just a machine.

It's not someone who gets you in here.

A night heart beat.

And it produces...



And you are there.

And you get it.

And you get stronger.

Now I notice that we are there.

And this is what we want.

Just get stronger.

5 days.

Fuck you.

Stop it.

I turn over now.

Double as long as possible.

Not at all.

This is a nice contrast to...









Do you have a cold for a long time? Yes, for 7-8 years.

But now I've done it over 10 years.

And I'm pretty sure I haven't done it for so long.

If I had sat down with this other application.

Had you done it? Do you hesitate with your integrity?

Had you become one you don't want to be if you were just going to sit and look nice

and ask intellectual questions?

No, I'm not that kind of person.

It's my program and I have everything I need in that role.

But I have an application for NRK, which is still known for expectations.

So I don't experience what's difficult to understand.

But I think it's fun and I know that.

You have a lot of expectations of yourself.

There are different variants in most of us.

What happens when Anna gets overrun and loses control?

No, I go to humor.

Yes, I do that.

The safe, good humor?


And on a completely basic, big level,

I don't have to spend my life so often.


And that's just because I'm healthy.

Since I was little.

And that's allowed in life to have sex.

Yes, and if you have sex, you have to be kind.

Yes, loud.

You have to be straight kind.

And you have to be happy.

And white.

You have to be healthy.


And that's what...

I was thinking about my mom,

so she gave me a cup of coffee yesterday.

She still takes care of me.

And those two sweet people I met yesterday,

they were...

I have also learned a lot about that,

after I have lived and sat around me

and understood a little bit about how it is.

Having that early age,

that I'm young,




In a way, it's nice that it's like that,

because it's not so difficult to be two healthy,

healthy adults around a child.


So that's nice.

You can know that.

You can do that.


Some of the little children understand that

we take care of you,

and we think it's super nice,

and we are a good gang.

You have a place in the gang,

and we like you to be in the gang.

Just the ones who understand that.

Like, jumping in the beginning.

So it's a simple description.

But at the same time,

if people don't get it,

it's just like...

It's really...

A lot that can be...

Trun and scary.


And then it's a lot that should be in place later,

which costs a lot more

than if you took it from the start.


So those circumstances

are getting higher and higher.

If you save your life,

that kind of thing will happen.

So that's why I think

you have to be kind and happy

because you got it.

Kind, happy and thankful.


And you have to be brave.


I don't mind.

You have to be.

You have found a pretty clear contrast

to the life that you like now.

And it's Storby Ferreira.


It's not your dream weekend.

So bad for you.

Yes, but I think you're writing it quite well.

It's about so many codes

that should be cut,

so many systems

that should be understood,

so many things.


And then you have to follow the instructions

and there's a lot,

a lot of things around Storby.


So that's not a joke or a mistake.

Yes, but that's...

And that's why I've discussed this.

We have friends

who are really good at Storby Ferreira.


They make such amazing experiences,

which is just...

that hotel.

Because it's just a new thing.

It's like he's driven another hotel before,

but now he's made a boutique hotel.

And on the way it's a Neapolitan pizzeria

that the kitchen has opened.

And then there's a pop-up gallery there.

And we're not going to L'Hélo-Marie in Paris

because it's the whole guest-daisen-news.

And they're so good at it,

but it's because they have...

Yes, they've made a part of it.

They've made a great part of it.

And then I feel good.

But then I get happy when I can be with those who can do it.


And then they put me completely in...

Yes, flat in their seats.

And then I think I can be nice with that.


But then I say,

I'm not that good at it.

I feel like...

Oh, it was...

It costed 4,000 and 12,000,

but it was worth it.

It's a setting I don't understand.

Then I completely...

I think I'll have to slap my mouth.

I think I'm too bad at it.

Outdoor, like that.

So, nature rather than a big city.

Waskevansfat or shower.


Yes, that's right.

There's nothing...

Nothing that beats it.

I mean it completely unbearable.

I mean it completely unbearable.

Clean body, free air.

King Kong.

Yes, that's very nice.

It's much higher.

This one.

I like pissing with the view, too.



Not at home.


Then I sit down.

A place where...

I think, where should I sit?

And then I sit down with a good view.



Yes, yes, yes.

Oh, it's so...

It's so nice.

It's an experience that is also difficult to explain.

But we just have to encourage people here at home

to try it out.


Next time, make sure you get a good view, too.


And it's not the same as the view.

No, no, no.

But just...

Yes, think about...

Winning and graphics.






All together.


Yes, because you can be...

You can't...

And Kongkosme can't go so far.

No, no, no.

I'm looking at people who are...

I'm going to pee.


And then you see someone who is peeing out into the rain.


With a map.

Someone is going under the crumbings of the horizon.


Because you're going to come under to pee.


I say, when I'm on tour with my friends,

we pee as close as we can.

Yes, yes, yes.

And we go rando.


Rando down.


In the mountains.


Then it's a bit scary and a bit dull at home.


Then we have rules.

It's not allowed to break the roof.

If you go up there.

Yes, yes.

You just pee in the tracks.

Yes, you keep the dust in front of me.

If you need it.

If you're so tired.

Yes, yes.

And it's magic.

Yes, yes.

It's magic.












But it's magic.


And it's magic.


Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.



There is a devil inside.



Now it's show time.



Go on.











But you also have to change your mind.

Yes, but in the beginning, I started this project with a bit more high quality stuff.

I was very strict about buying something new before I made it.

Because I think it's so cool when people still have this young, new style from the top to the top.

And then they're really bad.

That's what's going on.

So I went through a lot of things in my life.

I think I had it, it was pregnant.

And then I had some children's glasses.

Or it looks like grown-up children's glasses.

And a really strong side of the face.

And an eight-to-tall bag and stuff.

Because I thought it was good.

What do I look like? I don't know what I'm driving with.

And that's true.

Yes, but that's to dress up in the right way.

Very good to dress up in the right way.

Very important when you're on a trip.

Yes, I've been...

I think I've bought something to buy.

So I'm thinking about what they're going to have.

To be on that level?


Now I have, for example, my Go-Stuff.

It's like both with a telescope and a part in the tree.

And that's the carbon.

There's almost nothing.

You can have it in the right way.

I buy expensive models, if I can choose.

Because it's important.

But I'm wearing my old wine glasses.


With a leather cap.

Very good.

And it's not color coordinated.



So it's important.

And it looks stupid, I think.

You take what you have.


Very good.

How are you doing?

I'm not a go-stuff.

I like it simple.

Those who are good enough are good.

And have enough courage to dress up at the same level.


I don't want to have someone who looks like I have a lot of energy.

Because then everything falls apart.

Yes, and I like that.

Because I've noticed that people think...

Yes, it's...

The cousin from TV.

Yes, it's her from TV.

And then I notice that people have a lot of expectations for me.

And then I think it's so nice to...

But it's nice.

To top it off.

So they say, yes, you can do this.

So I'm doing pretty well in the small forest.


53 years old.

I have a lot of expectations for me.

And a little bit.


But happy girl.

Yes, yes, yes.

A little bit.

Smiles in the face.

And that's so fun.


And once I was in the room,

there was this really cruel,

but quite young people.

And a girl called herself for...

Powder bitches.

Yes, exactly.

It had to be.

Powder bitches.



It's quite strange, you know.


It's a lot of sweet protection.

And it's in order, you know.


And then it's so nice to just drive...

In order to drive smoothly.



Just be your master and stand up and...


Break in and keep going.

Welcome, old mother.



Here you go.



Anne, thank you very much.

This has been very good.

And the listeners have gotten some tips,

both with regard to steering.

What the case does for and with us.


And that it's...

That it's a good thing to have an overview

of what you're going to do from yourself...

Yes. the future.

Not least.

Try it.

Try it.

Thank you very much, Anne.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to be here.

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